Qu Zhengchao's training is a completely military training method. Although many human bodies can be better than before, they can't stand it either. In the first few days, they fell to bed at night. The next day, they felt that their bodies were not their own. It took a lot of perseverance to get up.

Lele is only six years old, so it is impossible for him to follow the training all the way, but he also tries his best to follow everyone. Lele is sensible, but at first he also suffered a few drops of tears. Jing Lin wiped his tears and said that he should not go back. Lele shook his head instead. After that, he did not shed any tears again. Every day when he returned to the dormitory, he was lying on the duck and carried back by the duck.

As uncles, Jing Lin of course felt extremely distressed, but after Zhu Ren's incident, they knew better what was really good for Lele. They could only endure the anxiety and massage his arms and legs every night before going to bed so that he could sleep better.

So stick to it, also gradually accustomed to.

Among them, Lele is the youngest, followed by Guan Shuangshuang. The little girl's condition is not much better. She follows everyone to grind her teeth every day. During the group confrontation exercise, her opponent was Lele. At first Guan Shuangshuang thought that Lele was small and had to let him go. But when she was really better than her hands, she realized that Lele was much better than her and could not be underestimated at all. If she did not use the power of tendrils, she would not be able to beat Lele even if she showed all her abilities.

When they saw the scene, they were naturally very gratified.

In the middle of the training, Jing Lin began to talk to Qu Zhengchao about the moving attack phalanx he had thought about.

This is more difficult, as the array point of all teammates attack must be unified pace, all people's reaction ability must be able to keep up with, to trust each other, even if there is a crisis situation, shouting slogans didn't say scattered, absolutely can't be scattered.

The first attempt was made only by Jing Lin, who, as the arranger, also existed as the eyes of the array. when the array was completed, everyone waved his whip at a stone.

After the sound of surprises, the rock, which was knee-high for adults, cracked like this.

I didn't expect such an attack array would be so powerful that everyone was excited. However, Jing Lin felt that this array still had its drawbacks, because it needed artificial guidance to form the array trajectory. If there was an emergency, it would be too late to arrange the array.

Jing Lin thought for a moment and taught the pace and formula of the attack array so that everyone could recite it. The most basic requirement for arranging the battle array is that the symbols drawn must have spiritual strength, and the pace and formula can only be effective. As array points, they have array symbols attached to them. They are even a symbol in themselves. On this basis, the pace and formula can definitely bring into play the effect.

In this way, as long as you are the array points of an array, you can remember the steps and formulas you need to step on, one by one, and the array will naturally be formed and become much more flexible. Even if the array is scattered at one time, it is not a problem to rearrange the array as long as the array is pasted again.

Almost everyone took part in the training of this phalanx, which was divided into many phalanxes to practice alone. For this reason, everyone also thought about a series of slogans that need to be shouted during the movement. The slogan-shouting people need to be calm, when to attack, where to retreat and where to retreat, and when to disperse the phalanx to reorganize in a certain situation, etc. Therefore, the person must have a basic sense of overall vision, and the candidates are also selected slowly during the training.

In addition to the basic training of each phalanx, there is also the coordination between phalanx and phalanx, which all need to be explored slowly.

When Shi Lei heard about the attack array of Jing Lin painting, he found Jing Lin directly. His eyes glowed at Jing Lin: "How can you still be such a magic symbol? Can I have some?"

A few, but in the end certainly more than that, Shi lei's so many brothers, even if the hands of a cold weapon, the number is hundreds, he will all to the scene in the attack matrix. After Jing Lin's approval, he began to sell the weapons to Fangbei and Chengguan bases. The price was raised a little. Although it was not much, it could not hold back the demand of Fangbei and Chengguan. Slowly, he earned more than half of the materials he had spent on begging for luck.

Jing Lin did not draw the script until the training was finished on the same day. He tried to squeeze out his spiritual strength before going to bed. Moreover, he also had to practice the divine protection shield when he was tired. Jing Lin thus broke through the fourth floor of Gankun and entered the fifth floor.

During this period, Yan Fei's divine attack also started from piercing the wine bottle to breaking only a small piece and then a small hole. The scope of the attack became smaller and smaller, becoming more accurate and the attack power increased a lot at the same time.

After entering the fifth floor, when Jing Lin was practicing the divine knowledge of the protective cover, it became easier to form it. after the first time, there were the second and third times. as the number of occurrences increased, the time that the cover could hold on became longer and longer. then, he began to study the jade array.

What Jing Lin thinks is that the divine knowledge can be shrunk from infinite divergence into an eggshell shape, and the divine knowledge can also attack, so can we use the divine knowledge to compress the array?

When Jing Lin started to try, he used the first-order array. The range of the first-order array is relatively small, which is enough to wrap it up in terms of the distance his mind can spread. He arranged a complete array on the open ground, taking the spot where jade was placed as the eye of the array, wrapped the array with divine knowledge, and then slowly gathered it in the middle.

Just like a slap slowly closing, two hands must move at the same speed. When the array is folded for the first time, the moving speed of the stressed surface of each array point is the same. After a pause, when the array point moves again, one of the array points has a deviation and moves a little faster toward the center, and the array collapses directly.

Jing Lin tried several times again, and this was the case. He rubbed his forehead, picked up the jade and breathed out a sigh of relief helplessly. His control of divine knowledge was still a little poor. He had to work harder to exercise divine knowledge.


Those who stay at the base go back to get living materials every ten days.

During this period, in order to prevent the weather situation after last year's autumn harvest, the villagers have already picked up the corn in advance, dug up the sweet potatoes in the fields and scattered the rape seeds. The current growth progress can be directly planted after the autumn harvest. The peanuts planted by Jing Lin's family were also collected. Because the germination was not ideal at that time, many families in the village did not plant them. However, the harvest was better than they expected. Although the quantity was not as high as before, the peanuts were large in size, full in grains and more obvious in sweet taste.

When they came home for the second time, Jing Lin took a bag of salted peanuts with them, and they could hardly stop eating.

Because I stay at Dawn Base everyday, Jing Lin will take time to go to the experimental field to have a look at the situation of wheat. When he came to the base for training at that time, some wheat had been artificially cooled down and stopped growing, entering the winter period.

After a few more days of training, Jing Lin packed up their things and prepared to go home, because the rice in the field should be collected.

During this period, rice in other villages only grew and did not grow. This was the case when Reiki was taken away by the land. It was also possible that all the Reiki was used to fight drought. In short, it was not enough for them to blossom. Apart from getting a pile of rice stalks, this is another autumn with no harvest.

"White blind my brothers and I hard water irrigation efforts!" When discussing these situations, Cao Sanye said helplessly patting his knee.

Just before Jing Lin was thinking about how to talk to Cao Sanye about cooperation in the future, when he left, Jing Lin missed out on Xie Gu brothers and Cao Sanye and asked them to help his family cut millet and pay for the food.

"Cutting millet?" At first, Cao Sanye was still surprised, "If there is anything to invite people to do with the pole alone, it will be over in a few days."

Jing Lin emphasized, "It's millet, not poles."

Looking at the calm and mysterious expression in the scene, Cao Sanye several slowly opened his mouth, he gesticulated a gesture, "is that what I want to mean? The millet?"

Yan Fei gave him a definite answer nearby: "Yes, that's the millet, which can be shelled and turned into rice."

They are in the south here, and the millet in people's mouth is usually rice with rice hulled, not the kind of millet that northerners think.

Cao Sanye has never been to Jing Lin's village, so he never knows what's going on in their village. At the moment, seeing what they said was the same as the truth, Cao Sanye had actually believed seven or eight points in his heart, thinking of Jing Lin's skill in arranging the battle array.

If it is true, Jing Lin will definitely trust him if he tells it to him.

Cao Sanye was deeply moved and patted Jing Lin on the shoulder. "Brother, say a time. I will bring my brother with me. Don't worry, anyone I bring is absolutely 100% trustworthy."

If this is true, it is definitely a big secret. King brothers trust him, and he cannot fail to live up to this trust.

Xie Gu brothers, are poised to follow the scene in the dry. Following Jing Lin, there will be meat to eat. Later, there will be not only meat to eat, but also rice to eat. Hey.


Before Jing Lin, the goods exchanged with the three bases were brought home on the first two occasions, so this time the car was quite empty and the journey back was relatively easy.

At home, Zhou Yu hugged Lele and said assiduously that he had lost weight. The three families had a meal together that night. The Yan Ruifeng couple were all right at home now, so they followed Zhou Yu to figure out how to make the food better. When they came back in the evening, Zhou Yu killed a chicken, got a rabbit, and a small black dragon went to catch fish in the lotus pond. It landed the fish and brought it back with a roll of Su Zhen's big tail. The two stayed at home for a long time, but they were in harmony.

In the evening, several adults were busy in the kitchen, matching meat and vegetables with a whole table of dishes. during the training at the base, they didn't pay much attention to what they ate, and their mouths were stale. this table of dishes made them have a good solution to their appetites.

At home for two days, the third day early in the morning, say good time, Cao Sanye came with a dozen people, Xie Jia brothers also came. Jing Lin did invite Long Zhang, but Long Zhang also had so much rice to harvest in his basement that he said he would wait until he was finished.

Cao Sanye and others did not have to say how surprised and excited they were when they saw pieces of golden rice in the village. They said that with their help, it was much easier for the villagers to harvest rice this year than it was last year.

Last year's rice production was reduced because of the variation of the land. However, when the Reiki broke out, rice was able to absorb enough Reiki, which resulted in only a reduction in production and no loss of harvest. But this year, from the very beginning, the village's aura was very sufficient. Rice had a good appetite for aura and its output was much better than last year. It was almost a bumper harvest.

Zhao Chenghuai also specially planted a small piece of conventional rice to be used as seeds. He took care of it very carefully at ordinary times. When harvesting, the yield was also good. Zhao Chenghuai had a great deal of effort and picked out many good ears of rice to preserve before harvest.

However, the weather this year has also changed faster than last year. They only harvested rice a few days ago and suddenly it became cold overnight. Fortunately, everyone had already prepared, winter clothes were all ready, quilts and other things, also took advantage of the hot weather to wash clean and bask in the bitter fleabane, sleep at night cover on the body very comfortable.

The rice in the home is dry because of the big sun. The two suns outside will make it too dry to dry any more. If it is too dry, the rice will be very easy to break if it is ground. What needs to be aired is basically spread on the top floor of the house. It was open for a few days before it was put into the warehouse.

When the grain was loaded into the warehouse, the villagers moved out all the Chen Gu from last year. This was to be taken out for business when going out.

When Jing Lin was busy with their work, the researchers in the wheat experimental field at Dawn Base greatly shortened the growth period of wheat and began to artificially heat it up again. The wheat has entered the green returning period. I believe that after the wheat is planted in their village, the wheat will start heading almost after jointing.

After the rice in the field was collected, Cao Sanye and others left Jing Lin's village without any compensation. They took away more than 100 catties of wheat planted by Jing Lin when they left. Jing Lin also followed them and arranged a gathering array for their village. As for the Xie brothers, they have to wait for the final results of the wheat experiment at the base, but the two brothers saw the hope of harvesting rice in the coming year and did not worry at all. Jing Lin asked them to wait for them.

In the field, everyone gathered the rice stalks home, and the cultivated land began to grow wheat and rape. Just like this spring, most people in the village use the earthworm baby from Long Zhang's family to cultivate land.

Before planting wheat, there was a meeting in the village. The participants included not only the villagers but also the villagers of Long Zhang.

Ma Renshan said: "I've called you all here to tell you that the village is going to cooperate with Mr. Long in planting more advanced mutant crops."

Long Zhang coughed and said he was the dragon.

Zhao Shaogan asked, "What do you mean by more advanced mutant crops?"

Jing Lin answered and explained: "The vegetables now grown in the village and the wheat harvested this summer taste better than in previous years. Do you know that?"

The crowd nodded.

"The taste is really better."

"My granddaughter used not to like steamed bread, but now she likes it very much."

"Although the pumpkin in the field is difficult to cut, it tastes too good and sweet to be bored with."

Everyone said their findings.

After the crowd's discussion became quieter, Jing Lin said: "in fact, the vegetables and flour you are eating now are all derived from the variation of the original varieties. Most of the crops have better taste and higher edible value after mutation. I don't need to say this. If these vegetable flour were sold in the past, the price would certainly not be cheap.

Open your mouth and say: "That's for sure, the more delicious the food, the more expensive it is."

Jing Lin continued: "What the village chief said just now is that higher-level mutant crops will make what you think is better to eat more delicious."

Some people were puzzled: "everyone certainly likes delicious food, but what's the use of this? After the cooperation?"

Yan Fei answered, "of course I exchanged it with someone else. These vegetable flour, besides being better to eat, is also very good for the body. Have you not found that, except for the initial gastrointestinal discomfort, there was basically no illness in the village in the year after that?"

People in this village must have noticed that few of those who have served the fields and worked outside all the year round have no physical problems. But now almost everyone's pain is gone. Jing Lin they know that even though he has arranged the effect of gathering spirit array, but every day to eat vegetables variation effect is not small, the village people's body was recuperated unconsciously.

These things are many times better than the so-called health care products. Good things used to sell at a high price, but now the transaction price will also increase.

Ma Renshan said that if we were to cooperate, we would certainly be willing to do it and become rich. But now, although we all know that these are good things, we are not sure how many people can accept to exchange more materials for an expensive food when most people outside cannot have enough to eat.

Some people think far-reaching, the world has not enough to eat, nature also has every day can be big fish big meat, such as their village Tang Hao and scene in several, and before the two monks, that identity of the people, will be less to eat and drink? Food with better taste is now equivalent to luxury goods. The so-called luxury goods are sold to this kind of people.

Some people are hesitating. People like Zhao Shaogan, who believe in Jing Lin, have directly started to ask about the conditions for cooperation.

Ma Renshan said: "I would like to say that everyone knows the situation outside, right? Don't you wonder why only a small group of us can grow and collect grain in the villages that pass by?"

Zhao Shaogan affirmed: "Is it because of Jing Lin?"

Since Jing Lin can silently protect the safety of the village behind his back, it seems not surprising to arrange some magic array to make the crops in the village grow normally.

Ma Renshan nodded and said: "Since you all guessed, I won't say much. This cooperation is based on the array arranged by Jing Lin and the things provided by Mr. Long to make the fields mutate and then the crops mutate. In the future, they will be responsible for finding a market for the high-quality grain harvested in the village, on the condition that 20% of each household's land per mu will be given to them as rent."

This 20% is 10% for Jing Lin and 10% for Long Zhang.

When the time comes, the foreign exchange price of advanced grain can only be more or less than that of ordinary grain. As long as there is enough reiki to grow grain on the mutated land, the harvest will definitely not be less. For example, this year's harvest per mu of land has achieved a lot, at least not less than 1,000 kg. Even if one mu of land is left with only half of its own, the converted price is much more cost-effective than if they only grow ordinary grain. Then there will be more grain to exchange for other materials needed in life.

This deal is absolutely cost-effective.

Zhao Shaogan, Zhang Kai and others agreed immediately.

When Ma Renshan mentioned it to him from Jing Lin, he had already agreed on behalf of his family. The delicious taste of mutant tomatoes, he aftertaste for several days, Jing Lin has promised him to send him a little after more seeds. Although he promised happily that day, he came out of Jing Lin's home and said nothing. It was also Jing Lin's experiment to show him the variation of vegetables, which made him feel more at ease. When he ate the vegetable garden of Jing Lin's home later, he became more determined to plant more advanced variation crops.

In the end, all the families in the village who were in decline wanted to cooperate.

Then Ma Renshan took out a pen and paper, and under everyone's discussion, he wrote a contract and asked the people in the village who had good handwriting to transcribe more than 60 copies. The head of the household and Jing Lin and Long Zhang pressed their handprints, signed the contract and kept one copy for each of the three parties.

After that, while Jing Lin was busy planting wheat in their village, Long Zhang took Qiu babies and kept collecting black mud. Because there are many fields in the village, it is impossible to make all the fields mutate again at once. It can only ensure that each family has at least one mu of mutated land with black mud added.

At that time, Reiki broke out in summer, so the wheat planted last year was the first generation of wheat, and the second generation of wheat was harvested this summer. However, the wheat planted this time is the second-generation wheat. Even if it is harvested again, it still belongs to the second-generation wheat. Only the wheat field added with black mud is regarded as the third-generation wheat. If you want wheat to mutate into four generations like mutant tomatoes, you need at least three generations of wheat to mutate again. Reiki is slowly changing, and you have to rely on the land to mutate, but you don't know how much black mud you need to add to make the land mutate again.

This experiment, only after slowly groping.

The newly planted second-generation wheat is covered with plastic film because of the cold weather.

Looking at a lot of plastic film stocks missing from the warehouse, Jing Lin looked at Su Zhen, who was not as lively as usual because of the cooling down. Jing Lin took out the secret scripts of the array and the runes and turned them over again, thinking that these arrays were all invented by people. then he could think of an array himself. even if he could not think of it, could he make some small changes to achieve the desired effect on the basis of a certain array?

For example, in the Yan array, Jing Lin wanted to change it to reduce the intense high temperature in the array to a suitable temperature for wheat germination and emergence, and also to protect Su Zhen from low temperature.

If you want to make some changes to the array, you can only change the rune trajectory of its array symbols and the formation trajectory of the array.

Jing Lin has drawn symbols for such a long time. Naturally, he has also studied the formation principle of the array and the array. When he drew Yan array and arranged the array, he cut off a certain track, changed the direction and connected with the track of the next array point, or reduced or added several tracks in it, consuming the whole body's mental strength again and again, and so on and on. Finally, let him change the Yan array as he expected, and it is very stable, basically is a new array.

Standing in the Yan array when the temperature has dropped is like being in the spring when the temperature is the most suitable. After arranging the array around his house, Jing Lin took off his cumbersome cotton trousers and padded jacket, changed into a pair of jeans and a knitted sweater, and walked around the house like this, not cold at all.

Yan Fei, lying on the sofa, looked at Su Zhen, who was as energetic as usual at the edge of the tea table because she was warm again, and said, "Now the house has a refrigerator and heating. Dear, please work harder and study the air conditioning."

He can't, he is now uniting the method is almost stagnant, in front of the law is more general. In addition to the skill response can be comparable with the scene near the flag, feeling where all poor partner.

Yan Fei felt proud of his partner for criticizing him so much, but at the same time he felt that he was useless compared with his partner. The world was so big and there were so many strange people outside. He was so afraid of being seduced by others.

Yan Fei turned over on the sofa and expressed these worries.

Jing Lin came over to give him a kiss. "I'm blind. I can only see you."

Yan Fei was satisfied immediately, and then prepared to have a big fight with Jing Lin in the evening!

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