The time is in August.

During this period, Shi lei asked Qu Zhengchao to come to Jing Lin's house twice with his belongings. he broke off more than half of the tender corn in his house and Jing Lin got a large amount of materials.

Jing Lin thought at first that Shi lei was the only one who ate it himself. later he knew that he had left only a small portion for himself. the others were all exchanged by Xiang Zehua and Cui Li Zhu. The exchange price is much higher than what he took from Jing Lin.

Jing Lin also has no bad ideas. Shi lei has to be a bit profitable if he is tired. His family will not be able to eat so much tender corn for a while and will have to keep the old corn. However, there is no shortage of rice in the house. Old corn is kept in the house and seldom eaten. Instead, it occupies the position of the warehouse in the house.

Shi Lei did him a favor, and it was also quite good.

After the black mud was poured into the ground, Jing Lin's vegetable plots all changed a few days later. Some of the vegetable variations were not obvious. For example, the variation of wax gourd and pumpkin in the ground were all second-generation products. The re-variation of the land had no effect on their appearance. It was only after Jing Lin picked one of them and went back to eat that they found the taste was better. Of course, the skin on the outside of them was also harder. It took more effort to eat it.

It is obvious that the leaves of Gynura divaricata in the field have become larger, and the whole plant emits a sweet and sour fragrance, including its fruit, which is still better smelling. Jing Lin doesn't like to eat agar because she always feels sticky and slippery. After the variation, he picked a handful and went back. he found Su Zhen liked it very much, and ate it one at a time. then Jing Lin tried to stir-fry a dish. it tasted crisp and sweet and sour, just like the taste. although it felt strange, it was still delicious.

Then Yan Fei was curious and ate a dark red fruit picked by Jing Lin. It tasted like sour sugar. He felt delicious and ate several of them in a row. Then he went to talk to Jing Lin and scared him very much. Because after eating the fruit, Yan Fei's tongue was completely dyed red. As soon as he spoke, he felt as if he had a mouthful of blood in his mouth. The color on it had faded for several days. Yan Fei never dared to touch it again.

The taste of the vegetables in the vegetable plot has improved a lot. The changes in appearance have been noticed by the villagers who often go to the vegetable plot. They all run to ask what is going on in Jing Lin and how it is different from his vegetable plot.

Jing Lin told the truth: "doing experiments."

The villagers were curious: "experiment? What kind of experiment?"

"I will not tell you this first." Jing Lin said, but he said: "I think the wooden ear dishes in my house are better than before. anyone of you who wants to taste them can go to my house and pick them."

Yan Fei added, "No other dishes can be picked."

The people who came to question all smiled, "Since Jing Lin said that the wooden ear dish is better to eat, I will go and pick some and try it. Other dishes will not be picked."

Some people echoed: "Jing Lin feels that there is nothing wrong with good things. I heard Chen dajie say that the chili seed powder was eaten from Jing Lin. er, the taste is really good. all the dishes with chili seed powder can be eaten two bowls more with rice. unfortunately, my family doesn't have any."

"My family didn't grow any either. I traded ten catties of new wheat for one catty of hot pepper with her family. My family is almost finished with the pepper seed powder I took out. The day before yesterday, she said she would not trade another catty with her, saying she would keep it for herself."

Everyone said, leaving Jing Lin's house, they all went to his vegetable plot.

Wooden eared vegetables can lead vines. Jing Lin's house planted many around the vegetable plot. After these people picked them back and ate them, they told others in the village more. Later, other villagers came to pick them one after another. However, all of them were very conscious. Although it was very good, what was the taste of other dishes that had changed, they didn't touch them at all without the consent of the host family.

They may not have been so obedient in the past, but Jing Lin now has a different position in the village. The villagers now follow his lead. No one will not listen to what he says.


On this day, Ma Shao-xiao, Ma Chunzheng-jian's daughter, held a one-day banquet for only her relatives in the village. At the dinner table, the little girl burned all her father's eyebrows with a burp of burning flowers.

This has caused quite a stir in the village!

Babies that spit fire, live, not on TV!

When they heard about it, Jing Lin went directly to Ma Chunjian's house. Ma Chunjian, who had no eyebrows, was happily surrounded by the villagers with her daughter in her arms, smiling in his arms, with big round eyes, and looking curiously at her aunt and uncle. Ma Chunzheng is still alive. She gives a pat on the back and burps with sparks.

When the villagers saw her belch, they let out a loud scream.

Laughing was made them giggle, belch with sparks one by one.

Qu Zhengchao said earlier that most of the residents who escaped from several earthquake-hit cities have undergone some changes in their bodies, and Jing Lin did not ask for details. This is the first time that they have seen any changes.

At that time, Sun Lili was pregnant and fled all the way back with the horse family from the outside. She had trouble eating and sleeping. She was scared. The fetus was still in good health. It can be seen that the smile still in her belly at that time had changed.

If children like Shao Shao appeared before, they would certainly be regarded as monsters by the villagers. However, the times are different now. Everyone admires children like Shao Shao.

Since then, Xiao Shao's nickname has spread and everyone called her Huowa.

This nickname was strongly resisted by her grandmother Chen Xuefang. Such a lovely little girl is called Huowa, which is both earthy and ugly. The rest of the Ma family did accept it well, including Xiao Shao himself. Her family took her for a walk in the village and heard people call her that once, she would respond with a smile. Chen Xuefang could only grimace and whisper on his granddaughter's forehead. When you grow up, you will regret it, granddaughter.

However, Xiao Huo Wa still doesn't understand anything. Holding Grandma's hand, she will deliver it to her mouth.

In the middle of the day, the young and middle-aged people in the village, in addition to their daily training, began to sew armor when they were free. The materials were mutant vines and the back shells of centipedes. Just then, Qu Zhengchao sent Jing Lin the finished weapons.

All the foot hooks retain the sharpest parts, with sharp edges on one side and teeth engraved on the back. The centipede's palatal teeth were made into machetes, two tentacles were made into short whips, and two straight tail spines were transformed into four pikes with blood-letting grooves.

Palate teeth, tentacles and tail spines were all owned by Jing Lin and the foot hooks were all distributed to the villagers.

Qu Zhengchao also brought a message this time. The base will start training. Jing Lin wants to let the villagers go, so he will take them two days later. Besides daytime, he also needs training at night, so people must live in the base and the base can provide accommodation. Jing Lin's village is special, and it is basically not under the control of the base after going out, so the food has to be solved by oneself.

Jing Lin said he knew. After Qu Zhengchao left, he turned to Ma Renshan and assembled a kung fu team.

Everyone in the kung fu team knew that there was a trip after it was cold, but not everyone could go out and the village had to keep people on duty. So this time, Jing Lin only plans to take half of the people out. Of course, the remaining half also need to go to the base for training every day, but they have to go home every day, so when they leave the village, these people will also have improved their reaction ability.

Those who go out are chosen by Jing Lin and Yan Fei, because it is the first time to go out, and they must be fully prepared, so they all choose those who are more eye-catching in their abilities, good in temperament and courageous. Li Feiyu, Zhang Kai, Zhao Shaogan, Ma brothers, Zhong Xiaohui, etc. were among the candidates who went out this time.

Before going to the training, Jing Lin surrounded the whole village, and several were arranged in the array. All four cats of Tang Hao's family stayed in the village to guard, and the animals of Jing Lin's family also stayed at home, with the small black dragon and Su Zhen guarding together. This time, even if another Zhu Ren came, it was not enough to fear.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei considered it for a moment, and with the consent of their families, they decided to take Lele out this time, so on the day when they went to the base, Lele followed them with ducks.

Early in the morning, everyone was riding a car, and the people who wanted to stay at the base also had ten days of food and clothing in their cars and went to the county seat together.

Xie's brothers had already greeted Qu Zhengchao. Both brothers went to training, but Xie Shu was the only one who went there. Xie Wen stayed at home. Xie Wen's two daughters did not want to go as hard as their father. But Xie Wen's wife was not allowed to say anything and Xie Wen was reluctant to give up. The two daughters had not done any heavy work since childhood. They came back to eat a lot of hard work and had not been able to eat well for a long time. Therefore, their body was weaker than before and it was still hard to carry a bucket of water together. Besides, his current ability was only enough to protect himself.

Long Zhang also didn't go to the county seat first, waiting for them at home.

After arriving at Dawn Base, Cao Sanye came early with some brothers. Among the last 30 people in the flower extermination campaign, the little girl with the mutated plants and the middle-aged man with spiders were all present. Sun Ge and others in Jinhe Town, who were more capable, were all co-opted by Shi Lei. Shi Lei also notified them of this training.

Everyone is an acquaintance. Because of Jing Lin's ability, everyone came to greet him when they saw him coming. Last time in a hurry, everyone introduced themselves this time: the little girl is Guan Shuangshuang, and the plant on her hand is Manman. The middle-aged man's name is Jiang Hongtao, and his spider son's name is squeak. Sun Ge's full name is Sun Zhouwen.

These people all agree that as long as there is a scene nearby, there will be security when the time comes to travel.

After a simple greeting, Shi lei began to arrange their accommodation in the dormitory of the school, with four people in one room, high and low beds, one bed to sleep, one bed to put the things they brought, quilts and so on, which were not taken away by the students when they left school.

In the whole training team, only Guan Shuangshuang and Yan Lu are two girls, so they are two at a time.

During the training period, Dawn Base also prepared several stoves for cooking outside the base.

After the arrangements were made for the day, everyone had a brief rest. In the afternoon, Qu Zhengchao, as a training instructor, whistled and everyone gathered at the training ground.

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