When Long Zhang left, he said he would ask Qiu Baobao to send black mud at night.

So that night, Jing Lin and Yan Fei squatted beside the walnut tree after eating. Qiu Baobao had dug a hole here, but they had already filled it up.

The two men did not wait long before the earth in front of them gently arched upward. After several consecutive arches, a big head appeared.

Jing Lin looked at baby Qiu's big propped-up head, much more than when he saw it for the first time, and knew that baby Qiu brought a lot of black mud.

Yan Fei quickly took a plastic basin and put it in front of Baby Qiu. After it vomited out all the black mud, it was just a basin full.

Later Jing Lin took a mutant tomato to Baby Qiu and asked him to be careful when he went back.

Baby Qiu rubbed his hand and picked up the mutant tomato and left along the way.

Qiu Baobao has its own way of knowing the road, so it is not worried about the safety of the road, otherwise Long Zhang will not let Qiu Baobao come alone.

The black mud was temporarily collected and poured into the vegetable plot tomorrow.

In the evening, Jing Lin's divine shield finally made progress!

The released divine knowledge no longer showed a divergent state, just as Yan Fei described it to him at that time, wrapping him like an eggshell. Although it only supported for a moment, it was a success after practicing for so long.

Moreover, taking this opportunity to carve the array into jade and then inspire it, it also gives birth to some clues.

This is really a pleasant surprise. Although I am not sure if I can do it, I have a direction to start.


The next morning, Jing Lin poured black mud into several pieces of his own vegetable plot and buried it with soil. After it was absorbed by the land itself, he could see the variation results in a few days.

Before long, Ma Renshan sounded the gong. Today was the date agreed to set up the village kung fu team. All those who want to attend are registered with Ma Renshan. If there is anything in the village or going out to do in the future, all those who are registered must attend. If there is any injury or compensation, the dead family members will be properly arranged. Of course, the benefits will be allocated according to their credit points.

In this case, Yan Fei is the captain and Jing Lin is the vice-captain, and their starting credit points are higher than others.

As for the training place, it is the open space in front of the processing station.

Wu Daxing's family is still inside. As soon as the family was locked up, all their food was confiscated. At first, they shouted noisily to let them out, smashing and scolding them. However, the door that closed them was iron gate and the window was iron window. No matter what way they tried, they could not get out.

The food of their family has always been delivered by Ma Renshan's family. For the first two days, the family also laughed at Wu Yuqiong, Ma Renshan's wife, who delivered the food to them. They said that they had to eat every day as if they were masters. However, after a few days, they couldn't stand it, because every meal was porridge with pickles. Although they weren't hungry, the taste was really bad. In addition, the places where they were kept were all in one room for eating, drinking, pulling, scattering and sleeping. In order to prevent people from dying from heat, the roof of the room where they were held was also covered with thermal insulation. The temperature was not so high, but the taste inside was also endless.

The day before, when the kung fu team assembled at the processing station to prepare for the training, they heard the noise of the ng ka jen outside and cried bitterly to apologize to them.

But it was too late, no one sympathized with them, everyone just waited for an appropriate time to expel the family.

Not only the kung fu team but also some aunts and aunts, old people and children under 10 years old in the village came to the processing station. While Yan Fei was teaching others, the children followed her.

Seeing the children, Jing Lin called Lele out and asked him to take them to practice.

Lele and the children in the village have very little contact with each other. Now every family has strict control over the children and they are not allowed to go out and run around at will. Therefore, many children are so awe-inspiring and foreign-style when they see that they are younger than them. One by one, they learned very carefully, with good looks, and some of them performed actions that were more standard than those of their own adults.

Since then, in addition to the people on duty every day, these adults and children regularly visit the processing station every day to report. The older generation, who are idle, occasionally follows and gesticulates. Although the movements are not standard, they are entitled to exercise.

Before long, Qu Zhengchao came to Jing Lin's village and, in addition to sending him a prepared slingshot, also briefed him on the wheat cultivation in the experimental field.

Wheat has emerged normally. After tillering for some time, the researchers will artificially cool down the temperature, because the wheat here is winter wheat. If it does not overwinter, it will only grow and not blossom, or it will blossom too late, directly reduce production or even completely harvest. Therefore, it must overwinter and grow at low temperature for a certain period of time before its bud tissue can differentiate. For example, in a test field separated by heat, the temperature is relatively warm, and for wheat, it is in spring, which cannot meet their requirement of "vernalization" and cannot grow normally in the future.

However, researchers have also divided them together to see if wheat that does not overwinter can blossom and harvest. After all, this is already a magical world.

When Qu Zhengchao was ready to leave, Jing Lin held out a pile of animal bones. These were the foot hooks, jaws and the like that were decomposed from their village after killing the centipede at that time. Jing Lin had the audacity to ask the other party to do it for him since he had originally planned to do it himself, but nobody was skilled and had to study it slowly.

Of course, it is definitely not the White Gang. Jing Lin drew five vanity defense symbols on the spot and gave them to Qu Zhengchao to take away. One was for himself, one was for Fang Yazhou, and the remaining three were all for Shi Lei.

Qu Zhengchao didn't refuse. Instead, he also asked Jing Lin to draw two more pictures for him. He took them to his grandfather. He has nothing now. He will return them when he has them later. So Jing Lin drew two more pictures, and Qu Zhengchao left.

Then Jing Lin distributed the slingshot he had got to the other three partners.

Yan Fei pulled at the yellow rubber band on the slingshot, feeling that he could not pull it with his fingers. he asked Jing Lin, "did Qu Zhengchao say what this is made of?"It's completely different from the medical hose they used to make themselves.

Jing Lin said: "The tendons of mutant animals."

There are several mountains around the county seat. Shi Lei's knife elder brother will take some people in occasionally and will hunt back some animals every time. At the beginning, the effect of changing animals was only to fill the stomach. After Shi Lei came back, he knew that many places had already begun to study other uses of changing animals. Therefore, the people at Dawn Base paid great attention to the change of animals when hunting them. The whole body was not thrown away, but was collected for research.

This kind of muscle for slingshot is taken from the variation cow. It is very elastic and very strong. It took a little effort to pull it up, but I couldn't get used to it for a while.

Later, on his own upstairs, Jing Lin made a target. There was a precedent of cactus stabbing into a brick wall. This time Jing Lin prepared a stone target. Four of them stood at a distance, taking turns to try their hand.

Yan Fei let go of the rubber band, the bean broke away from it and went towards the target at an extremely fast speed. He only heard a clear "ding". The bean was immediately popped off after hitting a corner of the target, leaving a white mark on the target.

"missed the bull's-eye." Yan Fei said regretfully, "but it feels good and has great power."

After Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu came up, Zhao Zhiwen's beans shot a thin piece of the stone target, and Yan Lu was much stronger. He directly put the beans into the target and embedded them into more than half of the target. He couldn't dig them out at all.

After that, when practicing slingshot occasionally, a few people all hit the beans on the bean. As the firing accuracy got higher and higher, several people almost hit 100 rounds. The beans were hit more and more, and more and more beans were embedded. Finally, in another shot by Yan Lu, the center of the target was directly pierced, and the beans fell ding-ding and dong-dong. This shows Yan Lu's strength, the power of slingshot and the quality of marbles.

Several people had to make another stone target.

However, everyone is not willing to play still life all the time. At this time, the family members came on stage.

Compared with other members, Quack's skin is fragile. Zong Zong does not see any variation in it now. mascot exists. Su Zhen's body is long and big, and her goal is too obvious to play. However, the small black dragon and duck have very hard scales on their bodies, although one looks small. The duck will jump and fly for a short time with its wings flapping, and its agility is enough. It is very suitable for them to practice as live targets.

After a short break-in, everyone found a moderate strength to ensure that the shot beans would not cause damage to the two little guys.

The little black dragon is small and slippery. It runs very fast. It runs as fast as it can. Jing Lin will always be unable to keep up with it. It will disappear for a while and appear for a while. Even if their eyesight is very good now, it will be the same unless Jing Lin and Yan Fei use divine knowledge. However, they will definitely not use this as cheating. Moreover, the role of divine knowledge is only to find it and cannot attack it.

So in the beginning, even if the little black dragon slowed down again and again, the four of them couldn't hit it at all. instead, they were always hit by the beans it tossed back with its tail. there were many green and purple spots on several people. this was the result of the little black dragon's mercy.

And duck is also, with its most precious snow-white wings, fan back I don't know how many black beans, the four of them on the scar is not less than its masterpiece.

However, as a result, in order to get less injuries, everyone has been exercising more attentively and making faster and faster progress.

At this time, everyone also knew the skills of the little black dragon.

The little black dragon can release a mysterious vapor that will not obstruct one's sight, but it is very heavy! The more it attaches to you, the more your mobility will be hindered, as if you are shackled with heavy chains, making you difficult step by step. Even when you cannot bear the weight of this vapor, your skin will rot and your viscera will burst until you are crushed to death.

The whole body seemed to be hit hard.

This result was not deduced by Jing Lin, but by Jing Lin catching a rabbit and letting the little black dragon test it out.

"It's terrible." Yan Fei lit the forehead of the small black dragon lying on his wrist.

However, the little black dragon is still young, and its time to stick to this skill is very short, not more than three minutes. The rabbit will be crushed to death directly, also because it has no variation, small size and ordinary strength. Like Jing Lin, they can hold on much longer than rabbits.

However, as the small black dragon continues to grow, this skill will become more and more powerful.

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