Later, several Jing Lin and Shi lei went to the experimental field together.

For the time being, let the agriculture-related researchers inside avoid it. Shi lei also plans to leave voluntarily. Jing Lin said no, but he can stay and have a look.

Shi Lei smiled, eager to stay and watch.

At the beginning, he had listened to his brother's detailed and detailed statement about the scene of Jing Lin's deployment, and made a conscious attitude to Jing Lin, expressing that he would not be curious about his tactics and would definitely trust them.

It took Jing Lin about an hour to arrange all the empty farmland in the array. Those that had already been planted were specially left out of the base to continue the experiment.

After hearing that Jing Lin said yes, Shi Lei recovered from the mysterious aura that he had just seen Jing Lin's deployment. Then he called in all the people outside. He looked curiously at the experimental plots that had not changed much from what he had just seen, and thanked Jing Lin very sincerely.

Jing Lin left their base after lunch.

When they passed Long Zhang's house, Jing Lin stopped.

There was also a corn in the car, which Jing Lin had left behind specially. The little secret of Long Zhang's Baby Qiu is only known to him and Yan Fei. If you want Long Zhang to cooperate with them, you must show some sincerity first.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei knocked directly on the door of Long Zhang's house.

Long Zhang was taking a nap. Looking down from the second floor window, he was facing a chicken coop with a confused face. He rubbed his eyes, "Why are you here?"

Yan Fei lifted up his head and said, "Can you let us in?"

Long Zhang frowned: "What's the same thing here?"

Jing Lin said in a voice that only a few people could hear: "remember when we borrowed Baby Qiu from you? He sent a lot of sticky black soil to please a little fellow in my family."

Long Zhang's face changed. He looked down at Qiu Baobao, who stood at his feet in a daze. He turned to Jing Lin and said, "I don't know what you mean."

Seeing that there was no one around, Jing Lin threw the sack of corn in his hand to Long Zhang and told him to catch it. "Open it and have a look."

Long Zhang grabbed the sack, opened it and took a look inside. he saw a corn standing alone inside. he frowned and asked Jing Lin, "what does this mean?"

Jing Lin said, "You have a little secret, and I also have a little secret. How about our cooperation?"

Long Zhang touched Baby Qiu resting on his thigh in silence. Jing Lin did not make any noise to urge them either. After waiting for nearly three minutes, Long Zhang finally said, "Good."

Long Zhang quickly went downstairs and opened the door to let Jing Lin and them into the house.

The furniture in Long Zhang's home was very few. Long Zhang said that their father and son had lived in the provincial capital before. He went to school and his father worked. He seldom came back. He also came back after a few days of chaos. He was not very familiar with his neighbors. He happened to be on the side of the road with relatively low safety and had been living with the door closed.

Long Zhang took them directly to the basement.

Upon entering the basement, Yan Fei couldn't help whistling.

Several people felt as if they were entering a small ecological garden. There were many fields with various crops planted on them, such as rice and corn they were familiar with, and some dwarf plants or vines they had never seen. Although it is in the basement, the air inside is not stuffy. On the contrary, the air inside is much fresher than the air outside, which is almost the same as that in the village where Jing Lin has arranged a gathering array of spirits.

Kong Lung disapproved of his son's bringing people in, even though the other party had seen several scenes. He stood aside, his face unshakable, his eyes heavily guarded.

It was not until Long Zhang took the corn that Jing Lin gave out of the bag and told him the source of it that his face looked better.

Long Zhang took the corn in his hand and played with it. he asked Jing Lin, "is your secret the law that allows crops to be harvested? How do you want to cooperate?"

King left for a plant somewhat similar to tomatoes. He looked at a string of fruits the size of a thumb hanging from it. He pointed to a red fruit that looked like it was ripe and asked Long Zhang, "Are you ripe?"

Long Zhang said: "ripe."

So Jing Lin took it off and ate it without hesitation. After feeling the taste carefully, he said to Long Zhang, "The taste is not bad. It is not as good as what my family has harvested now, and the pulp contains less aura. Of course, this one in your family is better than that in my family, but it cannot be compared with that one in mine. After all, you can only be regarded as a second-generation tomato, and mine should be a fourth-generation tomato."

Jing Linxiang's cooperation is nothing more than to make the land mutate again in a large area with the help of Qiu Baobao, and then to plant crops and harvest crops with higher generations so as to enhance their use value.

The cars that the Capital Research Institute can transform must be very popular. Then he is here, whether he can also take advantage of the crops as a way to prepare himself and his friends and family.

Long Zhang didn't know anything about the second generation and the fourth generation, but he understood two of them, reiki.

When chatting with Cao Sanye, I learned that it was these sudden aura that caused the world to become like this. At present, these aura are more harmful than good, but for his beneficiaries in the last days, it has always been more good than bad.

Wei Zhen, who is a slender Taoist, does not rely on reiki? Even the Baby Qiu in his family changed only under the inspiration of reiki and then appeared beside him.

At the same time of Long Zhang thoughtful, scene directly beside him vanity scribbles, drew a few poly spirit blast.

At that time, dure that flower extermination operation, he saw the arrangement of scene, but it was the first time he saw his scribbles. looking at the array of golden streamers hung in the air, Long Zhang's eye streaked with color.

Jing Lin and Long Zhang discussed: "How about changing one array into a ball of black mud of Qiu babies?"


Earthworm babies eat earth and rock, but they are only one of its recipes. Black mud is also on the recipe. It doesn't go out to look for black mud every day. It only goes out once in a while when it is needed. Every time it comes back, it does not forget to prepare a little for Long Zhang and his son. Although they have never seen Long Zhang before, they know they are useful. This habit never stops.

Long Zhang did not know what the black mud was. He only knew that the black mud was only found deep underground, and the quantity was not very large. Long Zhang asked Jing Lin to help arrange the array in his family's basement. he also wanted to go to their village with them to see the situation. you can't all come to my house to see it. I don't know what's going on in your house, do you?

So when Jing Lin returned, they were carrying Long Zhang and Qiu babies. As usual, Kong Lung didn't follow.

After entering the village, Jing Lin took Long Zhang and Qiu Bao directly to his home and asked Zhao Zhiwen to invite Ma Renshan.

Since it is to leave a back road for oneself, Jing Lin will certainly not be silly and will only leave a path for himself to walk with trepidation. He wants to slowly cultivate the common edible crops in the village into the so-called spiritual plants in Zhu Ren's mouth. His family grows too little, which is not conducive to future development. He has to bring the villagers together to do things later.

He not only wants to pull Long Zhang to cooperate, but also Cao Sanye is his next target, even Shi Lei, Xiang Zehua and others. Only when more and more people take this boat, in order not to let the boat capsize and sail further into the sea, will they work together to jointly maintain this boat.

Long Zhang followed Jing Lin all the way to his house and said after entering the door, "Your village is really heaven on earth."

Jing Lindan smiled, "It's a kind of paradise. Once it is known to all concerned, it may be destroyed."

Long Zhang nodded in deep disapproval. Although his days were good after the end of the world, the secret of his family was also a knife hanging on his head. He was worried that he would be found one day and the knife would fall off if the rope broke.

At home, Lele is reading and reading with other small friends. Jing Lin is too busy. he can only take time to teach Yan Fei to read and learn arithmetic every day. at other times, he is basically reviewing and studying himself. because he is too conscious, he can't follow him with Su Zhen, who is the only one who can keep up with Lele's progress.

Baby Qiu saw Su Zhen lying on the edge of the tea table, and jiao rushed past, until Su Zhen threat lit up his thick big tail, Baby Qiu probably remember when Su Zhen gave it the tail whip, suddenly came to a screeching halt.

So Long Zhang knew who Qiu Baobao was courting at the beginning, but he also looked at Su Zhen twice. Although his body was a little scary, he did grow a very beautiful snake.

The little black dragon lying on the tea table saw the black Baby Qiu and looked curiously at it. After receiving a cold reception from Su Zhen, Qiu Baobao turned her eyes to the little black dragon. It froze, perhaps feeling that the two skin colors were the same, so Qiu Bao suddenly felt close to the little black dragon and turned around and ran to the little black dragon.

The little black dragon actually didn't reject it either, jumping directly onto Qiu Baobao's head, standing firmly half on it, raising his head, looking very imposing.

Well, the new mount.

This way, Long Zhang was a little surprised when he noticed the existence of other animals. Because Jing Lin never mentioned it, Long Zhang didn't know there were so many animals in his family, and each one looked very complicated.

Seeing that strangers came to the house, Lele immediately packed up her textbooks, politely called "brother" and took away her friends at the coffee table so as not to frighten people.

Long Zhang sat down on the sofa and Jing Lin gave a brief introduction to the family. At that time, Zhao Zhiwen came with Ma Renshan.

Yan Fei came out with a plate cut into small pieces and steamed with cold air. He put it on the tea table and made a gesture of invitation to Long Zhang and Ma Renshan."Taste it."

Ma Renshan is still confused. Zhao Zhiwen asked him to come and say that Jing Lin has something to discuss with him. He only saw the mutant tomatoes on the plate in the vegetable field in front of Yan Fei's house. because the appearance changed and since last year has been growing till this year, everyone did not know whether they could eat them, so even the naughty children in the village did not dare to pick them secretly. Now I see that Ma Ren was kind enough to think that it was edible.

Long Zhang you're welcome, directly reached for a piece of food, Ma Renshan also carefully took out a piece.

The villagers have eaten raspberries and fruits under insulated leaves, both of which contain traces of reiki, so Ma Renshan is no stranger to the feeling of reiki entering the abdomen, but compared with mutant tomatoes, the latter's warm and hot effect is too obvious.

Long Zhang has been eating the food grown in the mutant land every day for nearly a year. Even if his understanding of reiki is not as good as that of Jing Lin, it feels that he is also no stranger. At the entrance, he does not need to compare, knowing that the mutant tomato is much better than those he planted.

A plate of mutant tomatoes, Long Zhang ate more than half, midway fed Baby Qiu a few pieces. Ma Renshan felt that the food was too delicious. Although he was a little village official with little knowledge, he also knew that it was definitely not ordinary, so he ate two pieces and was not embarrassed to take it again.

Long Zhang wiped his mouth after eating. If he was still a little hesitant before, after eating the mutant tomato, he looked forward to the cooperation between them.

Jing Lin brought a stranger and a mutant earthworm that the villagers had seen before to the village. Because the people on duty saw it, it soon spread to the whole village. They knew Ma Renshan had also gone and several people stayed at Jing Lin's house until evening.

Ma Renshan, who came out of Jing Lin's house, looked the same as usual, but careful observation revealed that his eyes were full of excitement. On the way home, curious villagers asked him what he was doing at Jing Lin's house, but he was very calm and just shook his head without revealing anything to the villagers.

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