In the mountains.

After Jing Lin dug up a rhubarb plant, he saw a familiar creeper plant beside him. The vine climbed nearly three meters along the ground. The leaves were old and there were many plants with black pods on the stems. He put the muddy rhubarb into the basket, picked a pod, peeled it open and looked at it. he felt the black beans in his hand and greeted Zhao Zhiwen nearby: "is this horse peas?"

Zhao Zhiwen came over and looked at it: "It looks quite similar."

Horses and peas played quite a lot when they were young. Remove the beans from the inside and pinch off one end to blow the whistle. Its beans are much smaller than peas and you can also blow with a bamboo tube in your mouth.

In the spring of this year, there were also scattered horses and peas in the wheat fields, which they cleaned out and fed to the pigs and horses in the family. At that time, the horses and peas were still green and not fully mature, so they didn't see any changes. But now, if you look at them again, the shells of the horses and peas will turn black as long as they are mature, but the pods have grown a lot. The beans inside are about the same size as the green peas. The beans are quite heavy and like stones. The most important thing is that Jing Lin squeezed it with his hand and found that it could not be moved at all. He also let Yan Lu squeeze it and it was intact.

Zhao Zhiwen did not believe in evil and found a place with stones. He picked up the stones and smashed them down. After removing the stones, they were as intact as before.

Yan Fei also picked a pod, weighed the black beans in his hands and said, "It's so heavy that it can be used as marbles. Let's take all this back and find time for Shi lei to ask if there are any materials and see if he can help us make some more durable slingshots."

Zhao Zhiwen snapped his fingers: "This is a good idea."

Off-the-shelf marbles don't need to bother.

When it comes to picking, actually just pull up the whole horse pea plant. It's the same when you roll it up and put it in the basket.

However, the amount of marbles is too small. After all, they are consumables. One is less than the other. Therefore, when looking for herbs, the four people paid special attention to the mutated horse peas. They didn't leave the mountain until the afternoon. Many herbs were found and a lot of horse peas were also found.

When they got home, Jing Lin and Yan Fei took a rest. then they carried some herbs back to the vegetable plot. they seldom had time to relax, and Lele followed them out.

Many villagers were busy outside and couldn't help laughing when they saw the Jing Lin family.

Without him, the strange animals in his family are a little too funny, either with hairpins or necklaces.

Su Zhen's body is too thick, with several necklaces around her neck. Every time she talks to her family, her chin is lifted high so that others can see clearly the shiny things on her neck.

At the two corners of the little black dragon, a big circle earring hung on one side. there were also two pendants on the earring. when it moved its head, the two pendants touched and made a sound. it felt very good. after lying on Jing Lin's shoulder for a while, it shook its head and opened its eyes wide at the sound.

This is the first time the villagers have seen the little black dragon. although it is too small, they dare not look down on it when looking at the two horns and the two beards on its head. they really don't know how to change the animals and all of them ran to Jing Lin's house, especially envious.

The villagers did not dare to approach Zhao Zhiwen's lotus pond, so no one knew that the big mullet was missing.

The family soon came to the vegetable plot. Jing Lin cleaned up the aged spinach, and Yan Fei turned the ground over and planted the herbs they brought. After all this work, Jing Lin put on his gloves and picked some chili peppers, then the family went to the corn fields for a turn. Recently, I have been circling around the county seat. Zhou Yu has prepared most of the food and vegetables. Jing Lin in the corn field has not been here for a long time. At the moment, I found that the corn can be eaten in two days.

When I got home, I cut up the water spinach and fed it to the chickens. I also picked out the eggs for today's share. Then Jing Lin and Yan Fei re-planned the vegetable plot space in the home.

Mutant tomatoes and mutant peppers are immobile, as are places where ganoderma lucidum and hyoid grass are planted. Jing Lin released the place where the onion, ginger and garlic were planted. After all, the land had undergone secondary variation. It would be a bit wasteful to plant these again. The herbs were planted in the vegetable plot to compare their efficacy with those planted in the vegetable plot. The mutant horse peas dug back, because they were climbing plants, Jing Lin also planted several plants at the edge of the fence.

In the evening, Jing Lin brought out all the seeds from the picked chili and ate the skin directly for Su Zhen.

These chilies were planted by Jing Lin specially with the seeds of mutant chilies, which are different from those in the village. If those in the village are the first generation of chilies, this is the second generation of chilies in his hand. The chilies added with Yan array are the third generation of chilies, while the second generation of chilies on the basis of Yan array is the fourth generation of chilies.

Facts have proved that the pepper seed powder of the second generation pepper is better than that of the first generation, but not as good as that of the third and fourth generations.

Scene in the hook hook chin, he felt, whether the cheek to find Long Zhang cooperation.

In the evening, as usual, it is after the practice, Jing Lin and Yan Fei are busy with their own affairs.

1 of "pa"!

The bottle on the counter fell to the ground. Jing Lin, who was practicing, opened his eyes and was suddenly embraced by Yan Fei, who kissed him casually on the face. he laughed and said, "Ah Lin, I succeeded!"

Jing Lin, whose face was covered with saliva, patted him on the back with a smile, "well, that's good."

Yan Fei jumped out of bed, went to fetch a broom and came in to clean up the bottle fragments. he said, "it's just not like you, it only punctures a hole."

Jing Lin said, "But you have taken the first successful step."

Yan Fei agreed. With the first step, the second step is not far away.

Find a new bottle, and the two of them meditated and practiced again.

After staying at home for a few days, Jing Lin was going to the county seat. It happened that corn could be eaten. In the afternoon of the previous day, Jing Lin and Yan Lu went to the corn field to break off a lot of tender corn and came back. They left some for their own food and took the rest to the county seat tomorrow.

At night, when peeling corn, Su Zhen sniffed around with a big head. Jing Lin broke off the corn in his hand and handed it halfway to his mouth. "do you want to eat?"

Su Zhen paused, tentatively licked it with her tongue, then took Jing Lin's hand and opened her mouth to bite. Then Jing Lin saw the sharp end of its tail wagging happily, swallowing half of the corn in one bite, and then there was a crunching sound in his mouth.

Jing Lin broke off his mouth and said, "You have to spit out the shaft!"

How even the shaft son also eat!

The result is naturally didn't spit it out, was Su Zhen all eaten.

Su Zhen opened her big mouth and showed Jing Lin her sharp fangs. she looked at her empty mouth and said, "delicious."

And then took the rest of the half.

This is Jing Lin's first time to see Su Zhen like anything but chili, and he cooked a few more corns in the evening.

Then cooked, Su Zhen loves to eat more. He ate five corns alone and did not spit corn cobs.

Yan Fei tidied up the kitchen at night. He looked at the empty rice bowl in front of Su Zhen and said to Jing Lin, "I don't think we can harvest much dry corn in our corn field this year." Can barely supply the amount of Su Zhen.

Jing Lin said that the child loves to eat, can't, don't hungry it.

The next day, Jing Lin took the corn onto the bus and rode to the county seat.

Dawn base at the gate of a few patrol people already very familiar scene in them, know each other a few are capable, base long is also green eyes to them, specially told them these people, scene in they must inform him immediately, so these people saw scene in a few, immediately someone to inform the people above.

Jing Lin four didn't wait long at the door, Shi lei came out.

The fair will be closed in one day and will only be held for two days every ten days. The prospect of their booth is imminent. Shi lei said that it has been reserved for them for a long time. he also said that if anyone in their village wants a booth, he should say so as soon as possible, because many people with access have already booked up the booth and there will be no room for them later.

Jing Lin said that he went back to ask, but because he was in the booth, the villagers were all ordinary people, and he estimated that no one wanted to get it. After all, he had to pay the booth fee.

Everyone went to the base. Shi lei saw that each of them had half a bag of things in their car, which was bulging. he asked them if they wanted to change anything.

Jing Lin said, "I really want to change something."

After arriving at Shi lei's usual office, Jing Lin motioned Shi lei to close the door after they moved in the sacks.

Shi lei jumped in his heart and realized what must be a good thing in this bag. he let all the subordinates behind him go out, closed the door and turned to look at them.

Jing Lin did not talk nonsense either. He opened the sack directly and took out a tender corn with a corn coat and threw it at Shi Lei.

Shi lei watched a green thing fly to himself, caught it all of a sudden and looked intently at it. tender corn!

Is this a fake?

He looked up at several of Jing Lin without saying a word. He peeled off the corn coat and took it to his nose and sniffed it twice. He opened his mouth and nibbled it twice. He stared at his eyes while eating. His mouth was blurry: "It's true!"

It's been a year, and this is the first time that Shi Lei has eaten such fresh and delicious food. Even eaten raw, it is full of sweetness.

It's too appetizing!

Jing Lin they stood there and watched Shi lei finish eating a corn and put the corn cob on his desk.

A piece of raw corn, but let Shi lei have a kind of life in the appetite is unprecedented satisfaction.

He wiped his mouth and asked Jing Lin, "What do you want to change?"

Jing Lin said, "I want to change some more durable slingshots." Said, and he pointed to Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen, both of them are strong, in the eyes of Shi lei these people is no longer a secret, can let both of them feel durable, the material is certainly not ordinary.

Shi lei said that the base was not big, but it was not small either. He has so many people, must be equipped with weapons, the county seat before the two building materials street, was taken by Shi Lei. He can find professionals in agriculture, and there are certainly some weapons in this area. Jing Lin believes it is feasible to exchange several bags of corn for several.

Shi lei considered for a moment and then said, "ok, I'll have someone prepare for you."

This is the end of the deal.

Then Shi lei asked Jing Lin with mirth: "brother Jing, you can see that your village can grow tender corn, but there is still a large empty experimental field in our base. why don't you think about it? Of course, I won't let you work for nothing!"

Jing Lin took the opportunity to ask: "I heard that you will organize people to go out when it is cold. can you add some people from my side when training people?"

Shi lei clapped his hands: "of course!" Even if Jing Lin doesn't say, he will also mention it to Jing Lin. These four people are top performers in the county seat. Wouldn't it be a waste to put them away?

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