So Jing Lin called Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu and asked them to exchange some paper.

The stall owner happened to be an acquaintance, Xiang Zehua.

Xiang Zehua's father used to be the headmaster of Chengguan Middle School. Now he is the base leader of Chengguan Base. Xiang Zehua is also regarded as Prince Ye. At the beginning, some people in their base were dishonest, unconvinced by their father and son, so he just followed them in the last flower killing operation to establish prestige. At that time, he was the one who made Jing Lin feel familiar.

Xiang Zehua saw Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu. He offered to calculate their internal prices and exchanged them more than others. He also helped them move the paper back to the booth and said hello to Jing Lin and Yan Fei before leaving.

The fair was full of people. When it was time for lunch, the rush hour finally dropped.

As Jing Lin prepared their own dry food for lunch, Shi Lei and Xiang Zehua both sent people to give them some packed lunch. However, both sides knew Jing Lin didn't want to attract attention, so the action was not obvious. They put down their things and left. Jing Lin several also didn't refuse, thanks, and others left and then opened the lunch box, a few boxes of steaming meat, a few boxes of brown rice, quite luxury.

The smell of meat and rice staggered against the face, causing people to have a great appetite.

Jing Lin distributed some to the villagers, as did Xie Jia's brother and Long Zhang.

Cao Sanye also came with lunch boxes and several brothers. Feeling that they helped to take care of their grandfather, Qu Zhengchao received a small reward this time, leaving a small portion for his grandfather and most for Cao Sanye. He usually lives and eats at Dawn Base and doesn't need these things. Grandpa also requires them to help to take care of them. These human feelings cannot be little, especially in the last days. So this time Cao Sanye and his family came out, besides their own dry food, Qu Zhengchao also brought them hot food and hot rice. Jing Lin made room for the table. Everyone stood around the table and talked while eating.

Cao Sanye said: "I heard a little song that when the weather gets cooler, Dawn Base may organize people to go out and change some materials to come back."

The county also has grain reserves. When the chaos broke out, those in the upper position in the county began to fight for power and profit. No one else would listen. Instead, Shi Lei took advantage of the situation and combined several bases to divide the grain reserves inside and began to accept the residents in the county.

With grain and the reserves of seed companies, several bases can last for another year. However, other materials will not work. For example, salt is relatively small at present. The salt consumption in the whole county town can last until next spring at most, which will have to be withheld.

So if you want to develop a base, you can't just nest in the county seat. Shi Lei recently had a headache. When he asked about Qu Zhengchao's opinion, Qu Zhengchao said that if he did not take people out, the situation outside is changing at any time. Now communication is not good. If he wants to know anything, he has to go out.

Hearing what Cao San said, Jing Lin asked, "do you want to go?"

Cao Sanye said: "Of course I want to go. I still have so many brothers to raise. Now the fields are closed. There are still some in the grain storage village, but it won't last long."

Long Zhang said, "Is it with Shi Jichang and them? I also want to go out and have a look."

Yan Fei said: "This year will be the same as last year. Winter will come in less than two days in autumn. If you want to travel, you have to prepare something in advance."

When it comes to the weather, everyone started talking and talking. Now this is a year that has shrunk directly into two seasons. It is either too hot or too cold. If it's hot, it's fair to say that they already have heat-insulating leaves. If it's cold, they can only wrap themselves up a little thicker now.

After saying a few words, Cao San asked Jing Lin what he thought: "don't you want to go out for a walk?"

Jing Lin said, "I think so, but this is not something you can say and go out. you should always pay attention to the safety of all the way. travel cannot be planned in a few words."

"Yes." Cao Sanye nodded."Xiaoqu said that training will begin in a while. I plan to put some of my brothers in and let him help with the training."

Jing Lin said, "It is always good to practice more."

After lunch, Cao Sanye and others left, and the fair also welcomed the second wave of crowds. At present, there is no car, and everyone has a limited amount of things to bring out each time. Some people who have finished the transaction go home in the morning and come back with things.

People in Jing Lin's village want to say that they are short of things, that is, salt and toilet paper. Toilet paper, because there is a paper factory in Chengguan base now, should not have to worry about in the future. The only salt to worry about is that there is no source for large amount of exchange at the moment.

In the afternoon, Jing Lin didn't have much on their stall. Usually, they went to other stalls. Cui Lizhu had people send Jing Lin water, which was still chilled. Without electricity and technology, but there were many capable people and they could always find a way.

Take a sip of this ice water and your whole body is cool.

When the water bearer left, he left a small bag for Jing Lin and said with a smile that it was a gift from Cui Jichang to Su Zhen.

Jing Lin opened it and looked, ho! A bag of pearl necklace.

This time take it back, but enough Su Zhen boast.

When the people from Fangbei Base left, Zhao Shaogan sat next to Jing Lin and asked, "Jing Lin, can the villagers follow us out then?"

Xie Gu brothers also looked at the scene.

They can see now that Jing Lin has a good relationship with the leaders of several bases. They are both giving food and drink. If Chief Shi Ji wants to send someone out, Jing Lin will say that it is certainly possible to follow him.

Following Jing Lin, they are safe and have meat to eat. This knowledge has been deeply rooted in Zhao Shaogan's heart, especially the Xie family brothers. So if Jing Lin is going, they say they have to have the nerve to follow whatever they say.

Moreover, when the meeting was held before, Jing Lin said that he would start training the villagers. It was still early in the morning, at least after the autumn harvest. Zhao Shaogan thinks that training should start from now on. By then, it is estimated that the villagers are basically able to protect themselves. It will be much safer to go out again.

Jing Lin said, "should it be ok? If not, we can go out ourselves."

Without salt, you have to go out if you don't want to.

Zhao Shaogan and Xie Gu brothers were relieved.

By the middle of the afternoon, all the things brought by Cao Sanye had been sold out. he said to Jing Lin and left first.

The people in Jing Lin village also began to clean up their stalls. Jing Lin went to Dawn Base with Yan Fei, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu to receive the reward that belonged to them before.

The reward was given directly to them by Shi lei, and Jing Lin gave him the cabbage seeds he brought along by the way.

The reward of the last 30 people is different from those in front of them. The amount is more than the amount signed in the original contract. In addition, Jing Lin and Yan Lu are the key to destroy flowers. The reward is more. They finally received the reward. The reward of the two people is one and a half more than that of Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen.

This was all specifically told by Wei Zhen at that time.

When I think of Wei Zhen, Jing Lin sighs. You can say this person, when it is good, it is really good. When it is not good, it is really unpleasant and contradictory.

When he left, Jing Lin also took a piece of materials from Qu Zhengchao. he thanked him for taking care of his grandfather at that time. there were not many things but they were all good things. some nutriments such as bird's nest, high-grade tobacco and alcohol, some medicines and many sanitary napkins before the end of the day-

Zhao Zhiwen left a little, and the rest went directly to Yan Lu.

Then the four took things to join the villagers at the entrance of the county seat and went home.

After returning home, Jing Lin put things away and began to give small gifts one by one.

Quack's bracelet, duck's butterfly hairpin, brown fluffy doll, small black dragon and Su Zhen's small spoon and sparkling necklace earrings, Su Zhen also has a bag of pearl necklace from Cui lizhu, which should all be accessories of clothes. it is quite large and can completely let its head get in.

Every little guy who got the present was very happy.

When it was all over, Jing Lin touched Lele's sparkling eyes and his head."Sorry, my uncle didn't find a present for you this time. I'll bring it back to you when my uncle goes out next time."

Lele nodded obediently and did not lose his temper. He turned around and helped other small partners to put the gift on him.

At night, Jing Lin took out more than a dozen pairs of jade ornaments that had been traded back during the day and put them all on the bed.

Yan Fei asked him, "How?"

Jing Lin shook his head: "No clue."

Engraving the array on the jade is simple, but how to inspire the array like Wei Zhen did at that time, he can't get a clue at all. There is no information about this on the three secret scripts.

If only Wei was there, although his jade was handed down from above, perhaps ask him what else he could know.

Yan Fei looked at him frowning, stretched out his finger and pressed the button on his brow. he stopped when his brow spread out and relieved him: "take your time and find a way."

Jing Lin smiled at him: "You are right. Before that, I think the first thing to do is to get out the protective cover of God's knowledge."

After all, it is something that can save one's life.

Then, one of them tried to study the shield of divine knowledge, and the other practiced the attack of divine knowledge against the empty bottle.

One night passed like this.

The next day happened to be the day when Jing Lin and Yan Fei were on duty.

After breakfast, the two went to Ma Renshan's house to receive the gong, and several hours of watch was even the beginning.

The two men walked slowly in the village and saw quite a few people moving soil to their homes.

Zhao Shaogan's herbal medicine was very popular at the fair. Others saw it and thought it was also a good source of life. Many people planned to go back and follow Zhao Shaogan to fetch more scriptures and medicine. They would not, however, follow Zhao Shaogan to pick whatever herbs he picked, and they would follow Zhao Shaogan to cultivate what he cultivated. There is nothing wrong with this.

Seeing how busy those people were, Yan Fei said to Jing Lin, "We should also plant some herbs in our family."

"when we are finished on duty today, we will go to vacate a small area." Jing Lin said.

Daily duty is divided into groups and shifts. For example, when the scene arrives, it is the turn of another group. After the other group ends, it is the next group. The daily watch group consists of four groups of people who come round 24 hours a day.

It was nearly noon when Jing Lin and Yan Fei handed over to the next group. Then it was their turn to wait until evening. So they notified Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu, went to Zhao Shaogan's house together, observed the herbs in his house, asked about their characteristics and efficacy, and went into the mountain with a hoe and a basket.

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