The next day, Jing Lin and Yan Fei got up early, one loading the car and the other preparing the dry food for today. Jing Lin packed the frozen venison and bird meat with dyed cloth. Although the ice will melt a little, it will still last for half a day. By that time, the meat will definitely be sold early and will not worry about spoilage.

After breakfast, Lele took several other little guys and watched Jing Lin leave reluctantly.

Xie Jia Cun and Long Zhang and others agreed yesterday to wait at home today. After joining them, everyone entered the county seat together. When they arrived at the square of the fair, Jing Lin saw that Cao Sanye and others had arrived. They also set up a stall and were unloading the cargo.

At the moment, everyone is busy. Say hello to each other and everyone is busy.

Each booth is basically built with a shed and a table provided by the base. There are not many things on it. Jing Lin and the villagers spread the cloth they brought together. The things they brought are basically the same. Only a little of each is taken out as a sample, while the others are left on the edge until others change it.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei unloaded everything in their car first. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu rode empty cars to the temporary warehouse to pull things out.

The first thing Jing Lin took out was the half deer meat. As soon as it was put out, Xie Gu's brother's eyes could not bear to move away. He hurried and hurried Jing Lin to cut them out by 5 jin.

Although Shi lei dislikes meat all day long, some of him have the ability to eat better than most people. People of average ability can't do it, especially some aborigines in the county seat, who have little food and no land, have good noodles and gunk everyday. They dare to think of meat if they are hungry. They live in their village and many people can eat meat several times a month to satisfy their appetites.

The Xie family brothers used to eat gruel with pickles and soy sauce every day. even if they got a new batch of rewards, they would still live with their trousers tied. moreover, there were rewards, but there was no fresh meat. Not only did the Xie brothers, but several other Xie family members who came with them also cut a kilo more and a kilo less.

Some people who passed by their stall saw it and quickly gathered around it. One and a half catties of venison and one half catties of venison were soon divided up. Some people did not buy venison and were preparing to leave. As soon as they saw Jing Lin, they took out a few cleaned wild birds and a basket of eggs of different sizes, and immediately stood firm. So before Jing Lin shouted, there was no meat left on the stall and all the eggs collected were sold out.

Because so many people came, they also brought along other things on the stalls. Some wild vegetables were sold, and there were not many wild fruits left. The most popular among them was the herbs of Zhao Shaogan's family. Not everyone has an array of spirits to support their bodies. More people are in poor health. The dried herbs can be preserved for a long time. Those who have asked have not left empty-handed. When the crowd around the stall is dispersed, there is only a little left of the herbs brought by Zhao Shaogan.

There were so many people in the village, not all of whom stayed at the stalls. Most of them went to other stalls. The Xie brothers brought food besides weeds. After cutting venison, they went to the stalls.

Not for a while, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu came back. They put red wine on the table and took out a lot of clothes. Then Zhao Zhiwen asked Jing Lin and Yan Fei to go to the booth. He and Yan Lu stayed to watch.

Jing Lin also really wanted to go for a stroll. He agreed to come back and exchange with them at the latest one hour, and left his booth with Yan Fei carrying half a bag of grain.

The fair was so hot and noisy that it was like a festival. The constant shouts and shouts made people's ears ache for a long time.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei looked at the stalls and found that they really had everything, clothes and shoes, pots and pans, thermal insulation paint, inferior pirated novels full of stalls, cosmetics and skin care products, and many kinds.

It is better to sell clothes and thermal insulation paint, surrounded by many people, other stalls are very cold and cheerless, after all, is not a necessity.

Jing Lin thought of the two spoons that Su Zhen had hidden. He changed a rice spoon and several iron spoons for soup. He also changed several more spoons and took them back to Xiao Heilong and Su Zhen to play.

Then they looked down and saw bicycles and tires.

Also don't say, bicycle tires this thing, scene near they really need to change a few ready. Before collecting things, many people had flat tires halfway, some had no tire replacement, and finally two iron wheels rolled on the ground, worse than wooden wheelbarrows. People are also forced to hurry. Their village threw the tires into the dye vat just like dyeing clothes. Needless to say, they really met. The dusty color of the heat-insulating leaves will not fall off once they are stained with the tires, which can well isolate the high temperature from the ground and the sky.

After weighing the grain, each family prepared two pairs of tires for replacement. as soon as Jing Lin turned around, he saw a furniture seller.

It was said that it was selling furniture, but the booth was so big that the vendor put out two pieces altogether, two glass counters. It was not these two counters that attracted the view, but the things inside.

Jing Lin took Yan Fei and walked over. The two looked into the counter with their heads lowered. They saw a dozen pairs of jade ornaments such as earrings, pendants and bracelets.

The vendor is a middle-aged man with only one person and should have stayed here for half a day. Although there is a shed built on it to isolate some of the heat, it can't hold the heat coming from around. The vendor is wearing a normal shirt and is already sweating.

As soon as he saw the scene approaching them, he stood up excitedly and began to greet the two of them: "Are you two younger brothers buying jade?"

Jing Lin said, "Can you show me?"

The vendor asked Jing Lin which pair he wanted to see. Jing Lin casually pointed to a Guanyin pendant.

The vendor took it out and handed it to him.

As soon as the pendant was started, it felt cold, and the scene touched twice. I felt that there was a faint aura in it, which was not as good as the one Wei Zhen had bought and was even worse than the one Shi lei had exchanged for him.

Then Jing Lin looked at the rest again.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei were the only guests the vendor met today. The jade ornaments were inedible and inedible. The others passed by him and looked away at the first glance, so although Jing Lin had been looking, the vendor did not feel bored and the smile on his face was more attentive.

Jing Lin rubbed all the jade ornaments once, and each one had aura, the quality was similar, not bad or bad, and enough practice was enough.

However, Jing Lin did not see this thing on the flyer, so Jing Lin looked up and asked the vendor, "How do you sell it in exchange for wheat?"

The vendor's eyes brightened and his mood stabilized. He said, "These are all my wife's collectibles. Everything is real. To tell the truth, these jade ornaments must have cost at least tens of thousands of dollars. The children in the family are still waiting for food. I can't help it either. After watching it for so long, the young man should really like it. I don't want to sell it too high. How about this number?"

The vendor extended a slap and waved to the scene.

Jing Lin looked at the price he quoted and thought for a moment. It was much lower than Shi Lei's. However, the quality of the two is here. The price is about the same. Jing Lin did not lack wheat to eat, nor did he make a counter-offer, so he said, "No problem, I'll take all of these."

The vendor suddenly became happy, and the other party asked for all of them. The wheat that was exchanged was ground into flour enough for his family to eat for a long time.

After the vendor packed all the jade ornaments in the jewelry box and handed them to Jing Lin, the vendor hired a patrol to help him watch the stall for a while. Jing Lin took the vendor to his stall and brought him enough wheat. However, he sold a lot of venison before, and when it was enough, he gave it to him.

The vendor received the food and did not go directly. Instead, he went to find the patrol personnel and hired two base guards to escort him to pull the wheat away.

This trade fair, who knows if there are people with ulterior motives, is waiting to rob those who have traded a lot of goods. Several bases thought of this joint when they held trade fairs, and organized a 200-person escort team, which could hire them and escort the employers home safely provided they paid a certain employment fee. Many people like this vendor did this. Some people bought what they wanted early and hired guards to leave.

After buying the jade ornaments, the time was less than half an hour. Jing Lin still wanted to bring back the gift of lighting Jingjing to the little black dragon and Su Zhen, so the two strolled for a while.

Then he was found by Jing Lin. A stall, the owner of which used to be a small jewelry store, was full of ornaments that little girls liked, dolls, hairpins, hairband, earrings and necklaces.

Although it was bought for little black dragon and Su Zhen, other members of the family could not miss it. so Jing Lin picked out some fluffy little toys for Zong Zong and some butterfly hairpins for duck. little black dragon and Su Zhen bought a bunch of sparkling earrings and necklaces. as for Quack and Lele . . . Lele's toys don't exist here, let's forget it for the time being. Quack, Jing Lin picked up a pair of rings and guessed that they could fit into Quack's claws.

Now, two people also stroll about, back to change the Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu.

When I returned to the booth, the six female rabbits brought by Jing Lin were all gone. There were less clothes and a bottle of red wine was not sold. Also, if it is white wine, a higher alcohol level can warm the body and disinfect it. Some people can't drink red wine. For many people, now is not the time to indulge in luxury.

Other people's things in the village are almost sold out. Zhao Shaogan's family has no herbs left. He returned from the stalls and brought back a pile of white and gray paper.

Jing Lin felt it, the texture was a little hard, enough to go to the toilet.

Yan Fei also looked at it and asked him, "Where did you change it?"

Zhao Shaogan said: "At the booth of Chengguan Base, their base opened a paper factory some time ago, which was completely artificial and separated from machinery. This is the best batch in it. It is said that the technology is still improving and the quality will be better in the future."

"That's good." Yan Fei said, "there should be no shortage of paper in the village."

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