Shi lei is very concerned about the progress of wheat trial planting. he has to make several trips to it one day.

He had been busy with the trade fair just now and discussed with others about the security guard. knife elder brother sent someone to inform him that Jing Lin was coming. He also came running while he was temporarily free.

The people in the planting area told Shi lei the good news of the wheat sprouting. Shi lei was very happy and told them to be more careful. Then he turned his eyes and said to Jing Lin, "well, brother Jing, do you have any vegetable seeds in your family?"

This area of the experimental field is also quite large, and it is not always empty. It is best to plant something else.

On the day when he entered the village, his attention began to be in the field. Later, when he passed through a house, he glanced at it hastily. Suddenly he saw two pieces of small dishes in front of the house, surrounded by ventilated sheds covered with grey cloth. The fields were planted with green vegetables and scallions, and a plant he did not know was full of red fruits.

Shi Lei did not know that he was looking at Yan Fei's home at the entrance of the village. He had one idea at that time. He wanted to rush in and pull out a handful of green vegetables and put them into his mouth to chew.

But somehow to resist.

Jing Lin will consciously plant whatever they plant now. At present, the most common seed in the family is pakchoi seeds. It grows too fast with pure aura. After listening to Shi Lei's opening, Jing Lin did not refuse, nodding: "Yes, I'll bring you some tomorrow."

Shi lei patted Jing Lin on the shoulder twice, "thank you very much!"If you can grow a living, you will no longer have to eat that horrible weed to solve the constipation problem. The most important thing is that you don't have to eat meat every day.

Shi Lei stayed with Jing Lin for a while. He was really busy and left soon. Jing Lin also left the experimental plot and went to the temporary warehouse where they had put the materials.

The items were sorted out in different categories. Jing Lin chose and chose them. They left behind some things they didn't need much, such as red wine. Only a few bottles were left for themselves to drink. The rest were all put out tomorrow.

The street for them to collect was assigned to them after discussion by several bases. If there were bases in front, it would certainly not be much better for them. Therefore, they did not eat much of what they collected this time. Apart from red wine, most of them were all kinds of clothes, shoes, men's and women's clothing, leaving behind what was suitable for them and their families, and the others were also taken out for trading.

When leaving the county seat on the same day, Jing Lin invited the villagers to help him and brought back all the things he could bring back. He also did not let them help him for nothing. He would naturally give some reward when he went back. After all, it would take some effort to go back so far.

When I got home, I waited for all the people to unload the car. Jing Lin gave me some things, all of which were collected in the mountains these days, a handful of wild fruits, a few bird eggs and so on.

Then the three families divided the things and went home.

In the evening, Yan Fei was cooking in the kitchen, while Jing Lin was tidying up the things he would bring tomorrow in the living room. Lele looked at him with his five little family members.

The six little guys in the family said they all wanted to go, but Jing Lin would not have time to watch them tomorrow and would not take them. Su Zhen did not force them to play without them after listening to Jing Lin.

On that day, thanks to ducks and ducks, they dragged a fat male deer back. The villagers saw it and went to the mountain for the next few days. However, the deer herd may have been safe for too long. At first they were killed by ducks and ducks. They were frightened and hid. The mountain forest was not small either. The villagers wandered around the place they said for several days without seeing a single deer hair.

Jing Lin is going to trade things. Apart from dozens of catties of grain, the deer meat accounts for the lion's share. Jing Lin took half of the money out to prepare for the deal and left half of it for the three families to eat. There was ice in the bank anyway and it could be released.

Also, the large wild birds that came back were cleaned up and ready to be taken out, because there were always eggs in the house, so the birds and eggs that came back were all taken with them.

And the rabbit at home.

The parents of the rabbit father and mother were so energetic that when the mother came to Jing Lin's house with pregnancy, she gave birth to a litter of babies. Although she died a lot at the beginning, she survived a dozen or so. The following mother rabbit was pregnant again, and gave birth to another litter for so long. The second mother rabbit gave birth to babies. Jing Lin has been paying special attention to it because she has a long memory and he has been checking it frequently. Therefore, all the babies born by the mother rabbit have survived well.

However, these rabbits, without exception, were rejected by their father and wife, and Jing Lin was kept separately.

This time Jing Lin picked out six female rabbits and prepared to take them to the county seat for trading tomorrow.

The fruits of the heat-insulating leaves in the mountains have been maturing recently. This time the villagers also picked some leaves and brought them to the county for trading. However, due to the trace aura in the fruits, Jing Lin only intends to keep them for his own children.

By the time Yan Fei had prepared the meal, Jing Lin was almost finished.

Yan Fei came in with the bowl and chopsticks and said confusedly, "It's strange that the spoon is missing again. Is there a mouse in the house?"

"There are no mice in the house," said Jing Lin. There is a Quack in the family, who wants to eat mice."That spoon is quite big, and mice can't move."

"I looked everywhere in the kitchen, but I didn't." Yan Fei said, "What should I do if I don't have a spoon to scoop rice and soup tonight?"

Jing Lin spread out the bowl on the table, "it's okay, water gourd ladle is still there? Let's use it first."

This is the only way.

Yan Fei went into the kitchen to fill the soup, while Jing Lin was thinking that everything was fine. Zha's spoon was missing one after another. First, Lele usually drinks porridge with a spoon, then a slightly larger iron ladle for rice, and finally what they just said about soup ladle.

Jing Lin swept through several members of the family, focusing on the little black dragon.

The spoons in the home are all stainless steel and can reflect light. Su Zhen has a small spoon with a handle covered by baiwan in her collection. However, Su Zhen has been at home for a long time and the spoon has been good. However, since the arrival of the small black dragon, the spoon in the home has been lost.

So the little black dragon is the most suspect.

However, when he saw the little black dragon standing on his own bench, his little head popped up and stared at his own rice bowl in front of him all the time. his concentration made Jing Lin hesitate. he cried, "little black dragon?"

The little black dragon turned its head and said "ah" blankly, wondering why Jing Lin called it.

So Jing Lin gave a wave of his hand, saying that he just told you to have dinner and turned into the kitchen to help Yan Fei serve food.

Then at the dinner table, Jing Lin held a ladle and filled everyone with soup. it was very strange-but he also specially told Su Zhen, "you don't usually like to eat these things. this soup has a spirit. drink more tonight."

Su Zhen stretched out her tongue and added a mouthful of soup to the bowl, said thank you, and then drank it with her head down.

Other members also have, but brown and Quack do not have such a long body as Su Zhen, nor does duck have such a long neck, so the other three bowls are all on stools. the brown stools are a little higher. the whole length of little black dragon is not yet Quack high, so its stools are the shortest.

Moreover, the little black dragon has a beard, which will soak in a bowl if he doesn't pay attention to it. For this reason, Jing Lin also asked Yan Lu for two rubber bands. Each time he eats, he ties one of his beards to the corner and puts it down after the meal.

After dinner, Jing Lin tidied up the kitchen, while Yan Fei watched Lele take a bath. Now they have begun to pay attention to Lele's ability to use his own hands. For example, before Lele ate, he used spoons. Now, except for drinking porridge, he used chopsticks and took a bath himself. Parents only stood by and watched, reminding him where he didn't wash it, and then they paid attention to it.

Jing Lin packed the kitchen and put a basin of cold water under the eaves. This is for the little black dragon. it is different from Su Zhen. Su Zhen doesn't like to take a bath, but she wants to soak in the bathtub everyday.

There is also a towel beside the bathtub. Every time the little black dragon comes out of the bathtub, he rolls on the towel and dries up the water drops before leaving.

In the evening, Jing Lin, after the training, drove all the small members back to sleep. After closing the door, he couldn't sleep and took out the jade he had bought from Shi Lei.

This jade can be used as an independent array symbol, but what Jing Lin wants to do most is to carve a phalanx into it, just like the jade that Wei Zhen took out. When necessary, it can be directly stimulated and there is no need to be distracted to arrange the array. And he also has an idea, if he studies successfully, no matter what array, large array, small array, even large array, small array, they can be carved into these jade, and then sold, it is much more convenient than his own running around to decorate, but also a source of income.

Only recently, he has not had time to study. I'm afraid he can't find time for the fair in the next few days.

However, Yan Fei, after practicing in the evening, will try to spread his knowledge to see if he can cover himself up again, but he has not made progress for so long. However, after Jing Lin stabbed Zhu Ren with his divine knowledge a few days ago, he did inspire him. He placed an empty bottle in his bedroom and began to exercise himself to try to break the divine knowledge out of his mind and attack him.

This thing happened once and for all in Jing Lin, and the third time it was even more skillful. When Yan Lu put out the first empty bottle, he stabbed the bottle out of a hole with his divine knowledge. At first, when he agreed, Yan Lu looked at the bottle standing there with good end to end and was still a little stupidly, but Jing Lin said that he did attack the bottle and ordered a little at the place where he attacked. Then Yan Lu filled the bottle with water, and it was discovered that Jing Lin actually stabbed the bottle into a pair of clothes. Not only did Jing Lin point to the place where water began to leak

This is a glass bottle. How powerful is this divine knowledge? No wonder Zhu Ren was stabbed directly.

So Yan Lu more strength.

Jing Lin received the jade and pondered with Yan Fei for a moment. Jing Lin put away the divine knowledge and then suddenly stopped moving.

In his mind, on the second floor of the stairs, the little black dragon was swinging his beard and looking in all directions. a large spoon rolled up on his tail slipped down from the upstairs carefully. the spoon was held high by its tail, for fear of making any noise where it might crack.

The little black dragon went into the kitchen like a thief, climbed up the counter and gently put the spoon on it.

"Shout!" A small sigh of relief, the little black dragon slid down the edge of the chopping table and was ready to go back to sleep. It waited for Lele and duck to fall asleep before secretly opening the door.

Unexpectedly, just as he was swimming into the living room, he saw Jing Lin leaning against the door of his bedroom and looking at it.

The little black dragon suddenly froze. it looked back at the kitchen and then at Jing Lin, stammering, "you, why haven't you slept!"

Jing went over and fished it out of the ground and knocked it on the head."What are you doing with your spoon?"

Being knocked on the head by Jing Lin, the little black dragon awkwardly wagged its tail. It wanted to be hardheaded, but now it is guilty. Its eyeballs are rolling around and it just dare not look at Jing Lin. "I just want to play for a while . . ."

Jing Lin is not to blame the little black dragon, just a spoon, but the inexplicable disappearance of things at home always makes people uneasy. When eating, he thought he should pay special attention to it. Then he remembered that when he was discussing with Yan Fei, he called the little black dragon and its reaction at that time. The little fellow looked puzzled and acted really like it.

Jing Lin asked him, "There are still two spoons in the house. Did you also take them?"

The little black dragon shook his head hurriedly. "I took one. I took it this noon, and I plan to change it back tomorrow after playing." As a result, it was discovered unexpectedly at night, and it was not yet enjoyable.

Jing Lin pondered for a moment, took the little black dragon into Lele's room, put it on the bed, and said, "the spoon is for eating at home. don't take it later."

The little black dragon nodded, swam to the innermost part of the bed, climbed into his small box, and looked at Jing Lin with a small head: "Good night." Since living in this small box, Lele would say good night to Jing Lin every night, so Little Black Dragon also learned.

Jing Lin smiled, "Good night." Then he closed the door and went out.

Jing Lin, who closed the door, did not return to the room directly, but went upstairs softly.

In Su Zhen's room upstairs, Su Zhen coiled herself up into a circle and occupied more than half of the bed, because it was too heavy and the mattress was quite sunken. Brown and brown are beside it, sleeping crazily.

Jing Lin did not disturb the two. He went to Su Zhen's small broken bag in one corner of the room. He turned it over gently and saw the two spoons hidden inside.

Jing Lin was in distress and couldn't understand why these two little guys like things that shine and reflect light so much. They thought they would go to the county seat tomorrow and have to find a way to light Jingjing and give it back to them. Otherwise, it's not the same thing to always throw spoons at home.

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