During Jing Lin's busy hunting and collecting in the mountains, Shi Lei also sent a trip to the market and sent them a flyer. The flyer was hand-written. It was all about some information about the fair and the uniform price of goods. Although the exchange was for things, it could not confuse the market. Common things and corresponding exchange prices were listed on it. Salt, rice, meat, alcohol and tobacco are the most expensive things in it, but the most expensive ones are those vegetables from the past. Unfortunately, it is not the time to take them out. When the villagers saw this, they shook their heads regretfully.

There are things listed in the flyer, and the villagers are also more targeted in their preparations. In the end, the villagers worked in the mountains for several days in succession. There were a lot of things and other things were collected.

The day before the fair began, several Jing Lin went to the county seat. He wanted to set up a stall, but he had to step on the spot first. As soon as they left the house, many people in the village who had to get up early to enter the mountain saw them walking towards the entrance of the village and stopped them at once. They knew that they would not enter the mountain even if they went to the county seat. Many people said they would take one of them.

Zhao Shaogan's family has been paying attention to picking and collecting wild herbs since the end of the world. The family has also cultivated some, and has collected many herbs after such a long time. This time, the villagers went deep into the mountain forest and picked many herbs that had not been picked before. They were waiting for a batch of materials to be exchanged at the trade fair. They were afraid that Jing Lin would wait for a long time. They rushed home and put the basket out as soon as they could. They were still holding the dry food that had been prepared for entering the mountain these days.

Li Feiyu got up early in the morning to patrol. He and Zhang Kai were partners. They happened to be in today's shift. Both of them could not go there if they wanted. The other groups of shift workers were also helpless.

When all the people waiting to go came, a line of people went to the county seat and brought some people from Xie Jia village along the way.

The Xie family brothers looked really different in spirit after the flower extermination. they were not as depressed as they had seen before and both looked refreshed. The two brothers greeted each other affectionately when they saw the scene approaching them.

Xie Shu said: "The reward we received last time is enough for our family to live for a period of time. Yesterday, people from the county town came here to publicize the event of holding a trade fair. The information on the publicity leaflet is relatively small. Today we plan to go and see it in person."

After Long Zhang's house, Jing Lin also shouted at Long Zhang's house. He saw the curtain on the second floor of his house being pulled open. Knowing that he was at home, he asked him if he would go.

"Go." Long Zhang, lying prone on the second floor window, answered loudly. Soon he came out with Baby Qiu. His father Kong Lung didn't go and stayed at home to watch.

While walking, Long Zhang touched Qiu Baobao's slippery head and asked Jing Lin, "I heard something happened to you before?"

Jing Lin: "How do you know?"

Long Zhang's hands slipped and slipped, and Qiu's big head was shining even more brightly in the sunlight. "I heard what Third Master said."

Jing Lin thought, that this is not surprising. Qu Zhengchao hurried to find Li Guihua to lead the way that day. Cao Sanye was not in the village, but they kept some people in the village. He must have known when he came back. Ask Li Guihua, who was sent back that day, and it is basically clear.

Long Zhang continued: "I also wanted to visit you with Third Master, but Captain Qu wouldn't let us go to your village. At first I wanted to call Qiu Baobao to visit your village, but later I didn't come because I was afraid of you thinking much."

Jing Lin said: "Things are almost settled."

However, Jing Lin knows that this matter is not over yet.


The venue of the fair was in a square in front of the county seat, which was once the most prosperous area in the county seat. It was surrounded by high-rise shopping malls, and there was also a cinema on both sides. Tourists gathered during holidays.

However, because of the initial reiki explosion, the square has also become dilapidated before, or because of the trade fair to be held here, a few days ago, after a base has collected all the materials here, it was only called for people to trim it up, at least shoveling off the roots that came out and leveling the ground.

The square is very large. When Jing Lin arrived at the county seat, he went to find Shi Lei first. Shi Lei had many things on his hands and could not find time for the time being. Qu Zhengchao had already gone to the square at the moment. Shi Lei let Fang Yazhou take them.

I followed Fang Yazhou to the square. By the time I arrived, there were already many people there. I saw Qu Zhengchao directing some people to build some suggested sheds. After several pieces of wood were erected and a piece of cloth was built, it was all dusty cloth. It looked a little similar to the color of the heat-insulating leaves. Qu Zhengchao was also busy. He was called away just in time to say hello to them. Fang Yazhou said that most of these people were from various bases and were all setting up stalls here for tomorrow. In recent days, people from several bases have not been idle. Every day, they sent people to the surrounding area of the county town to publicize the fair, send out leaflets and post leaflets. However, the effect is good. Recently, people came to inquire about the specific situation of the fair every day. Starting from tomorrow, there will be stalls in the fair. Apart from the base, there will be people like Jing Lin who are familiar with the base and have access to it, and then there will be people in the villages. The latter will be more, but they will also have to pay for the stalls.

Fang Yazhou took Jing Lin and others to a big tree near the square and pointed to the place where a white square had been drawn. He said to Jing Lin, "This is the booth prepared for you by Chief Keeper. The shed hasn't been built yet, but it will be fine if you come tomorrow."

Jing Lin looked at the other stalls and found himself in a really nice place. A big tree was on top of his head. Even without the insulating cloth, it would be much cooler when the sun went down.

Knowing that Shi lei and his family should have left it, Jing Lin said, "Shi Ji has a heart."

Fang Yazhou said, "This is right. Mr. Jing is very kind."

After visiting the venue of the fair, Fang Yazhou asked Jing Lin if they had any other places to visit. There were no man-eating flowers. Although some other mutant animals appeared from time to time in the county seat, they were no longer afraid. Now several base sites in the county seat are beginning to expand into the city. After the street areas are cleared up, some people will be allocated to move back in. They are more familiar with Shi Lei than Fang Bei base where they were stationed before. Qu Zhengchao and Fang Yazhou stayed this time and went directly to Shuguang base. Fang Yazhou, the territory of other bases, cannot take them to Shuguang base, but it is possible.

At present, this dilapidated county town has nothing to look at. It has been several days since Shi Lei and his family took the wheat seeds. Jing Lin wanted to see how they were doing in the trial planting. He said to the other side of Asia that he would return to Dawn Base and would like to go to the trial field.

"Yes." Fang Yazhou said, but he glanced at the villagers who followed them.

Then Jing Lin turned to the other villagers and said, "You can hang around here for a while. We have to discuss something with Chief Shi Ji."

"It's okay, you go." Zhao Shaogan and others hurried to make a noise. They also didn't see enough of it. They haven't seen such a busy street for a long time. Although they haven't set up a stall yet, it's ok to have an addiction to S*x.

So others, including Long Zhang, stayed behind. Jing Lin and Yan Fei, brother and sister, plus Zhao Zhiwen, and Fang Yazhou returned to Dawn Base.

Shi Lei has been busy most recently, trying out wheat.

It's hot. If you want wheat to germinate and grow, you have to control the temperature. Fortunately, Qu Zhengchao found insulated leaves on Cao Sanye's road, dyed the cloth with the leaves, and put on the ceiling.

The test site of Dawn Base is newly built and is built on the playground. A large blue and red colored steel house with conspicuous colors occupies more than half of the playground. Most of the ceilings are covered with a layer of gray cloth, and many people are on duty. They are also wearing gray clothes and gray hats. Individuals stand guard at intervals of about five meters.

Fang Yazhou said: "Our three bases are all working in secret. Most of the people we are looking for are old farmers or people with professional agricultural knowledge. Because of confidentiality, the accommodation of the people in charge of the trial planting has also been repaired. These people cannot leave this colorful steel house every day, and the base is guarded 24 hours a day."

At present, when there is no electricity, one can only brush one's face with one's eyes in and out of such closely guarded places. One of the people on duty was Shi Lei's confidant knife elder brother, who was with him. After letting Jing Lin sign, he let them in.

After passing through the accommodation area, Jing Lin entered the shanty that was transformed into a test field. The test field was quite large. Some fields were planted with things they did not know, but most of them were empty, with about a dozen people inside. People who were originally scattered around different fields are now heading for one of them.

Jing Lin looked at it and saw a sign next to it: Wheat Planting Area.

The crowd looked excited. Fang Yazhou saw it and could not help walking fast. He asked, "Is there any progress?"

"Sprouting!" A middle-aged man with glasses and full of scholar breath looked up and said excitedly to Asia.

Fang Yazhou slowed down and was not as happy as they were: "Don't forget, although the crops that had stagnated before the spring of this year also grew for a period of time, there was no harvest."

It's no use if you don't blossom. A basin of cold water in Asia has thoroughly cooled those who were still excited just now.

However, some people still hold a strong hope: "It was different. At that time, the crops stopped growing from the beginning and then began to sprout one after another. But this one will germinate within five days after we plant it." These people are basically graduates of agriculture-related majors. They have been studying these things since last year. At that time, the wheat planted in the base was covered with plastic film, and the temperature was the same as now. The same wheat sprouted in different time periods. The difference between the two is still very big.

Hearing this, Fang Yazhou relaxed his expression and looked at these same sallow and emaciated people and said, "If this is the case, it would be great."

At this moment, Jing Lin came up to them and said, "things will get better."

Yan Fei looked at the place where the people were staring before. The soil was turned up a little, revealing the sprouted wheat inside, or the white sprouts did not see green.

The middle-aged scholar carefully buried the wheat back and said hopefully, "Yes, it will get better. There is no way out."

Later on, they visited other things they tried to plant and asked, only to find out that most of the weeds planted here are those that can be eaten but do not taste good. They wanted to improve them to make them taste better, and a few of them were herbs found in the mountains near the county seat.

Later, Asia took them to see the rice planted in the base.

Compared with the rice in Jing Lin's village, these rice plants are thin and short, their leaves are a little yellow, and they look very malnourished. Moreover, the one they saw in Jing Lin is still good. There are several small pieces of rice, which are even worse than them.

This is all rob reiki didn't rob, don't have enough to eat.

Jing Lin they stayed inside for a while, Shi lei came in.

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