Jing Lin took Qu Zhengchao and others and went directly into his own house. Although the villagers have not seen Shi Lei and others, they also know that this is from the county base.

They are worried that these people are related to Zhu Ren and others. They all gathered in front of Jing Lin's house. However, it is not good for Jing Lin to let them know what they are discussing now, so they were not allowed in either.

Shi lei they entered the scene in the home, they found the sitting room door still squat down five animals are eyeing up to look at them, especially the big white snake, eyes cold, cold, all dare not disorderly walk. Jing Lin let them in, let them sit down, the rules are very good.

Cui Lizhu's most feared animal from childhood is snake, which makes her hands and feet weak at the sight of it. As soon as she was sitting on the sofa, she saw the big white snake swimming in its direction. She clasped her fingernails tightly in her hand and restrained her screaming * *.

Su Zhen's big head was swaying in front of Cui Lizhu, her eyes tightly fixed on her stomach.

Jing Lin is helpless to help her forehead. If you stare at her like this, she will not panic and will panic. He dragged Su Zhen over and said to Cui Lizhu, who turned pale, "It likes shiny things."

Cui Lizhu looked down and today she specially wore a silver decorative necklace to match her clothes. The pendant occasionally reflected light when walking around. No wonder she felt that the big white snake was always staring at her when she entered the room.

Cui Lizhu quickly took down the necklace and handed it to Jing Lin. "Send it, send it."

Jing Lin looked at her throwing a hot potato, then looked at Su Zhen's eyes glowing. He could only thank Su Zhen for taking it and handed it to Su Zhen.

Su Zhen motioned Jing Lin to pull the necklace away and drill his head into it, but his head was too big and he didn't even drill it at that time. Jing Lin insisted on drilling into it, and with two points of strength in his hand, he put his head into it. Su Zhen's head is mainly a little big in the eyes. It got stuck at that point and will be smaller later. However, its size is not small, so it looks like a big decorative chain. It just gets stuck under its head a little and will be broken down further down.

Finally successfully put on the necklace, Su Zhen shook the pendant around her neck, looked at it after two flashes of light, moved her tail with satisfaction, then looked up at Cui Lizhu, eyes flicking around her ears.

Cui Lizhu voluntarily took off her two earrings and wiped them on her body before handing them to Jing Lin.

"You have no ears!" In the scene helpless, song refers to knocked on Su Zhen's head.

Su Zhen didn't care. He rolled up his big tail and dragged away the earring. He also called it brown and was ready to put the earring he couldn't wear into his precious bag.

Su Zhen's move embarrassed Jing Lin. He said to Cui Lizhu, "Sorry, the children in the family don't understand." With that, he was even more ashamed. He was completely conniving at Xiong Haizi's bear parents.

Cui Lizhu hurriedly motioned with her hand, "It's good to like it." As long as you don't stare at her, she will be thankful.

Su Zhen left and the rest of the living room relaxed. Shi lei was also in a mood to laugh and joke: "they are all quite human."

Jing Lin said, "Not bad."

Not wishing to talk more about the small members of the family, Yan Fei poured boiling water for several people. Jing Lin also brought the topic back and said, "you have seen the situation in our village and guess that all this is related to me. What happened yesterday should have been heard by everyone sitting here. Zhu Ren's men we caught said that at first he simply wanted to arrest my children. Later, because of this situation, he wanted to arrest my family and threatened me to submit to his will and give him a slave. I used to hide it from people like Zhu Ren, but I let you in today because I think you and Zhu Ren are not the same kind of people and want everyone to have a peaceful and long-term development. In fact, when I saw you coming, I also put down a burden in my heart."

Several people in the seat understood and said, "We understand this."

A powerful skill, often is to help, but sometimes is also a drag. The arrangement of the array is completely different for people with background like Wei Zhen and Jing Lin.

Jing Lin took a sip of water and asked, "Tell me what you think of coming to me."

Qu Zhengchao looked at Shi Lei. Although this cooperation was proposed by Qu Zhengchao at Wei Zhen's behest, he was really not good at it, so he handed it over to Shi Lei, a veteran businessman.

The news of the land variation together, Shi lei actually heard Wei Zhen say a few words and got a general idea on the way back with support. The Capital Research Institute has worked out some answers. Shi Lei is respectful to Wei Zhen and Zhu Ren. One is that the other party is not the person he can offend at present. The other is also trying to make a good relationship. He wants to study all the methods that can solve the problem of crop failure in the future. Because of this relationship, it will be easier for them to get such help.

Now, they have a view here. They don't have to grovel or beg for distance.

Shi Lei said, "Well, I'd like to ask you first, is there any harvest in your village for this year's summer harvest?"

"Yes," said Jing Lin truthfully.

In addition to Yan Fei, everyone who was sitting was in a good mood.

Shi lei also did not ask how much he had gained. he knew that the county was completely closed this year. he said, "have you ever tried the growth of your newly harvested wheat this year?"

"Well, there isn't." Jing Lin said, and then think about it.

The new wheat harvest in their village this year is actually two different varieties compared with the previous ones, because the newly harvested wheat is basically irrigated by pure nimbus and, to some extent, has been successfully advanced. Because of the timing of the food collection, although the wheat they eat now is still the old grain from last year, the newly harvested grain has also been tasted. The taste is the same as that of vegetables, which has improved a lot.

Shi Lei said: "Let's see, Brother Jing, you have given us ten catties of newly harvested wheat this year. We'll take it back and try it out first, then we'll discuss the follow-up according to the situation."

Each of their bases has transformed a large area of farmland. Before coming, they discussed that they would plant various crops that can be reserved for planting. What Jing Lin needs to do is to arrange these farmland with this magic array, and they will also give corresponding remuneration. After harvest, they will open an exchange point in the county seat and send someone to inform the villages around the county seat to exchange the seeds with goods, but all this can only be implemented if the seeds can grow normally.

If it is always possible to do so by arranging the scene in front of the array, their base will not develop well and they will be subject to too many restrictions. There are also great hidden dangers for the personal safety of the scene in front of the array.

So when they left, Shi lei and others each took the ten catties of wheat seeds given by Jing Lin and left. Of course, this is not for nothing, they will send someone to send something.

Shi Lei also said: "Recently, various bases have begun to accept various streets and districts in the county seat. In a few days, a trade fair may be held to exchange things for things. All kinds of things are available. If you are interested, you can come and see it."

Xiang Zehua said: "If you want to set up a stall, we can reserve a stall for you in advance without charge."

Jing Lin smiled, "Thank you very much." Many people in the village should supplement their living materials again. They did not collect anything from the collection a few days ago. The fair came in time and the villagers can be notified to go and see it together.

Shi lei, after they left, all the people who had been wandering around the village gathered around.

Ma Renshan anxiously asked Jing Lin, "These people will not have any bad heart, will they?"

"No." Jing Lin tone guaranteed, song, party two people don't say, is for the people to consider more soldiers, Shi Lei is not so short-sighted, can be seen in the eyes of Shi Lei xiang Zehua several people, character nature is ok, so for them, Jing Lin or more at ease.

Then Jing Lin told the big guy about the trade fair held in the county town in a few days. The crowd cheered at once and began to ask for specific information around Jing Lin.

In the next few days, the villagers were busy. In addition to preparing some old grain that could be exchanged, more villagers went to the mountain, hunting, digging wild vegetables and picking top weeds.

Affected by the variation of the land, there are not many new wild vegetables growing in the mountain now. Many of those that have not been picked and dug up by others have been developed by the previous reiki explosion. Fortunately, however, there are those who rob reiki but not mutating land, and naturally there are also those who rob it too much, that is, the quantity is not large, and the growth direction is rather strange, the most obvious is the bad taste.

It is better than nothing, and now there is nothing to choose from. After asking about the animals in the village, people in the village picked them back for what they could eat without poison.

Jing Lin they naturally didn't idle, early in the morning, carrying a basket with a few sacks.

This time, besides Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei staying at home to watch the family, the three families, including Lele, followed out and sat on the duck's back. The journey was very fresh, but they were quiet and did not give any trouble to the elders.

Quack walked in front, Su Zhen and Brown walked on both sides of the duck. Su Zhen still hung the robbed necklace around her neck.

The little black dragon lay prone on Jing Lin's shoulder and looked curiously at the mountain forest. This is another mountain forest. Its divine knowledge has not been here yet. Moreover, it feels completely different from walking in it with its divine knowledge. Therefore, it is also very strange.

This time of year, the birds have already started laying eggs. Along the way, Zhao Zhiwen light found many bird nests in the grass and picked up a lot of bird eggs, which also spared him the hard work of climbing trees and digging out bird nests. Some bird nests still had young ones, but they did not move. After all, it had few meat for such snacks. When I arrived at the small lake I had been to before, I found many wild duck eggs around me and they picked them up one by one.

Then a line of people squatted on the small lake and beat a lot of wild birds. I didn't expect that during their squatting, they also met the deer herd that they had seen before. After several months, the deer herd actually grew a lot. The approximate number was almost 30. It seems that they also changed, the production cycle was shortened, and no fewer babies were born.

When everyone hesitated whether to go hunting for one, brown and brown whispered to the duck, and he saw the duck rush out flying, flapping its wings with two long legs, its feet running very fast, while it was still running, its voice quacking, and the deer suddenly scattered and ran for their lives.

At last, the duck stared at a male deer and caught it with its two sharp claws on its throat. The centipede's hard back shell couldn't bear it. The deer looked more vulnerable. The duck's big claws went directly into its skin and turned it upside down. After lying in the grass for a few twitches, it did not move.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei were completely dumbfounded. I never thought it was so cruel that a goose chased its prey, killing it directly.

Brown and brown danced excitedly nearby, circling round and round.

So Jing Lin understood that brown and brown had suffered losses at the hands of these deer before. It was too small for revenge and did not dare to bother its Su Zhen sister. It was called duck.

The duck's long legs kicked the deer, and when they saw that it was completely motionless, they came back slowly, patting their wings. The two long legs dipped into the lake water and washed, then let out a cry to brown and brown. Brown and brown pettish seemed to rub against the duck and were pushed aside by the duck's wings, looking at some stray hairs on their white feathers with abandon.

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