When Jing Lin returned home with the little black dragon, he was soaked to the skin. Yan Fei was standing in front of the gate of the wall with the oil lamp waiting for him.

After a shower, the best thing for the whole family to do is to croak, the smallest, and just wipe the towel. Unlike ducks, which are big and have more hair on their bodies, they are still tidying up their hair with Lele's help, while Su Zhen has already taken care of herself quickly.

Jing Lin took off his raincoat, and the little black dragon jumped off him and stood on the tea table, looking curiously at Jing Lin's home.

Su Zhen has been waiting for Jing Lin to come back. at the sight of the little black dragon, she dumped her tail unhappily. Jing Lin touched Su Zhen's head, and it swam upstairs, followed closely by brown and brown.

The little black dragon jerked its tail twice and snorted a little.

The existence of the little black dragon, Lele and Yan Fei have listened to the duck that came back first. After Jing Lin went out, Yan Fei was so anxious that he found something to do for himself and burned a pot of water. Now Jing Lin went to take a bath. Lele, on the other hand, took a clean towel and carefully leaned over to the little black dragon and said, "shall I wipe it for you?"

The little black dragon looked up and down at the cub in front of him, and saw him looking at himself with ingratiating eyes, so he held his head high, straightened his upper body, swam to Lele's side, and tilted his side to make it easier for Lele to wipe his body.

Lele looked at the little black dragon's beard playfully and pulled it mischievously. The little black dragon felt it and glanced at him with amber eyes. Then he leaned his head against Lele's towel and motioned for its two corners to be wiped.

So Lele touched its horn like a treasure.

After washing away all the rain, Jing Lin arranged a place for the little black dragon to stay. the nightstand and small box that used to belong to duck became the little black dragon's now.

The high temperature weather continued, even if there was a heavy rain last night, I couldn't see any trace when I got up the next morning.

Jing Lin and the little black dragon went to the lotus pond again and looked at the three black lotus flowers, which were still in full bloom, but there was no black fog around them. This black fog also doesn't know how to use the small black dragon. Like yue longmen last night, the small black dragon can use the plundering power released by the black lotus to fight against it every day after the disaster. It is a ready-made sharp weapon.

Because of the attack on the village yesterday, none of the villagers went to town today. After breakfast, Ma Renshan sounded the gong and called the villagers to a meeting.

Through the previous flower extermination and the counter-attack by Jing Lin yesterday, everyone knew that the security guard Jing Lin in the village had been quietly arranged. When they were surprised, they were extremely grateful and showed more kindness to him. In addition to the mysterious means they don't know, there is also a bonus to the force value of Jing Lin. After all, even the fierce monk can't beat him.

However, during the meeting, Ma Renshan also proposed that the safety work in the village should not be entirely confined to Jing Lin, nor should they rely on only a few mutant animals to patrol. Now, each family in the village should have one person to patrol the village in pairs and in turns.

In addition, a series of related punishment village agreements have also been drawn up. At present, this village agreement is not standardized. Everyone thinks of adding one by one, and only a small group of them are bound. The village indicated the seriousness of the villagers' mistakes and gave them corresponding punishment, while the lesser punishment was the confiscation of grain. Heavy, such as ng ka-jen this practice, only for their own interests and sell out the people in the village, nearly caused disaster, will be expelled from the village.

In front of everyone, Ma Renshan wrote out a handwritten copy of the newly-established village agreement and copied it out. All signed their names. In the near two days, they prepared to make a notice board in the center of the village and put up a copy so that the villagers could see it. The other copy was kept in Ma Renshan's hand as a sample for later copying and modification.

Moreover, Jing Lin also proposed to set up a kung fu team in the village. At ordinary times, Yan Fei is responsible for teaching them general attack defense actions. After they have a certain foundation, Jing Lin will begin to test the mobile attack array he envisioned before.

For this, the villagers said that they have not only exercised their bodies but also saved their lives, which is naturally desirable.

When Jing Lin and others were involved in making the village agreement, one large and one small car slowly drove out of Fangbei base.

On the bus, Wei Zhen frowned and looked at Zhu Ren, who was sitting next to him with a dull face.

Zhu Ren is stupid.

The thorn of Jing Lin's divine knowledge was an all-out blow in his anger. At that time, he only thought that Zhu Ren could not go out of the village so safely. Unexpectedly, it would completely destroy the foundation of Zhu Ren's order and make him a fool.

Wei Zhen didn't want to pursue Jing Lin's specific means of injuring Zhu Ren into this appearance. He felt a strong uneasiness at the thought of returning with such Zhu Ren, and he didn't know what kind of censure means he would face the old man.


The village increased patrols and security. Jing Lin stayed in the village for several days until Qu Zhengchao brought people to the door.

Ma Mingliang said, "It's Captain Qu."

Today, it happened that Ma Mingliang was patrolling with another partner. When he was patrolling at the entrance to the village, he heard shouts from outside the gate. On the day of the meeting, they passed Jing Lin's science popularization. They already knew that as long as there was a law in the village, ordinary people could not enter the village. If they wanted to enter the village, they had to be brought in by the villagers.

Ma Mingliang asked the identity of the other party and learned that Qu Zhengchao, whom he had seen once, came to Jing Lin, but he did not dare to open the door casually and hurriedly went to inform Jing Lin.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei came to the entrance of the village together. They didn't open the door first, but explored it with divine knowledge. There was not only Qu Zhengchao outside, but also Fang Yazhou, Shi Lei and knife elder brother. They had met Xiang Zehua and the young man behind him before, and there was also a strange middle-aged woman dressed in very fashionable clothes.

Confirmed that Qu Zhengchao was there, Jing Lin opened the door, and Yan Fei went out and blocked the door.

Jing Lin asked Qu Zhengchao, "Where are Wei Zhen and Zhu Ren?"

Qu Zhengchao looked at him with a complicated expression: "Zhu Ren . . . has become a fool, and Master Wei has taken him away for several days."

Jing Lin was stunned: "Silly?"

"Yes." Fang Yazhou answered, "I woke up that night, but I didn't recognize anyone."

Jing Lin and Yan Fei didn't expect such a development. They stayed in the village and were always on guard against Zhu Ren and Wei Zhen coming back for revenge. But they didn't expect Zhu Ren to be silly directly. Wei Zhen took him straight away.

Jing Lin did not feel sorry for Zhu Ren just because he was injured to be a fool, because if Wei Zhen had not appeared at that time, Zhu Ren would have been fed fish by them by now. Moreover, if it weren't for his skill Gao Zhuren, now become a fool may be them. So his heart is still a little uncomfortable, although Wei Zhen has been very good to them before, but also because of the array reason he is closer to one or two points than others, thought he was a kindred spirit, but I didn't think he would protect Zhu Ren, from then on, Jing Lin to Wei Zhen senses. According to Zhu Ren's arrogance, lawlessness and despotism, I also don't know how many such things have been done before. Such a person Wei Zhen still protects and makes Jing Lin very unhappy.

Qu Zhengchao said: "When Master Wei left, he specifically asked the two of us to stay."

Fang Yazhou also said: "The expression of Master Wei at that time was not very good."

Yan Fei shook his injured arm twice and laughed coldly: "My family is coveted, I am injured, and I am not in a good mood." You know from the Wu population, Zhu Ren wanted to capture all the animals in the village. Although Yan Fei was not happy because of Su Zhen's delicate voice that it was always close to the scene, he felt it was too cheap to let Zhu Ren become a fool if he thought that if Su Zhen and them were caught, would they also be cramped and skinned like the centipede and be poached by them.

Fang Yazhou saw Yan Lu so impolitely, expression shan shan.

Qu and Fang had nothing to say, and Shi lei came out of his own accord: "brother Jing and brother Yan, why didn't you come to the county town to receive your reward and reward? there are only four of you left, and you still have a lot of materials in my place."

Jing Lin was not right about things. Qu and Fang helped Wei Zhen speak. Jing Lin was angry, but he would not be angry. Jing Lin eased his expression and smiled at Shi lei: "please let me stay for another two days."

Shi Lei said: "Brother Jing can keep it for as long as he likes, and he is afraid that the materials will deteriorate after being kept for a long time. After all, the man-eating flowers in the county seat have been cleaned up and the temperature is very high."

Jing Lin did not intend to let a few people in, so he asked, "I don't know what's the matter with you here?"

Eyes on the strange woman without trace turned a circle.

Shi lei rubbed his hands and said, "in fact, we have heard a little news about Jing brothers village."

The scene in the two people look a cold.

Shi Lei was busy: "We have come to cooperate with you. We have very sincere cooperation!"

Wei Zhen and Zhu Ren are of high status. I don't know how many people are staring at them in the county seat, but they are not close to each other easily, so I put my eyes on the people who serve them at ordinary times. Zhu Ren went out for a trip and came back with the silly news. Wei Zhen wanted to keep it from him, but he let the cat out of the bag and was found out by a few people.

Wei Zhen left Qu Zhengchao and Fang Yazhou for fear that they would be implicated when they went back this time. On the other hand, he also discovered the abnormality of crops in Jing Lin village. Thinking of so many people outside who could not eat, Wei Zhen intended to let Qu Zhengchao contact with Jing Lin.

After Wei Zhen left, Qu Zhengchao knew that this matter could not be implemented by him and several people in Jing Lin alone, because there was no background behind them. Qu Zhengchao also contacted with the heads of several bases in the county seat. He had a good friendship with Shi Lei, and he also trusted his character. So Qu Zhengchao consulted with Fang Yazhou and found Shi Lei. However, Shi Lei is not the only one in the county seat, so he proposed to find the leaders of Chengguan and Fangbei to join together. The leaders of the two bases are relatively kind. Because there is no food source, the more people in the base, the heavier the burden. When Qu Zhengchao rescued the refugees all the way back, they didn't want any other bases. The three of them took them in together.

Qu Zhengchao said directly to Jing Lin and Jing Lin. Jing Lin was silent for a moment and then opened the door.

This is also what Jing Lin has been considering since the flower was destroyed. Now that it has been forced to put on the table, Jing Lin simply does not hide it.

A line of people followed Jing Lin and Yan Fei into the village, looking at the rice growing well in the field, and Zhu ren's reaction was exactly the same, eyes straight.

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