It was late into the night.

Suddenly there was a thunder in the sky, pulling the villagers out of their deep sleep.

Outside the house there was a strong wind, lightning flashed across the sky, and thunder was striking, as if the gods were angry.

With a click, the sky seemed to be split open and the long-lost rain poured down from above.

The front door of the living room that Jing Lin's family had closed before going to bed had been opened. The wind was blowing them back and forth, patting the walls with thud.

Jing Lin came out carrying the oil lamp and found that the living room had been wetted by more than half of the rain. He quickly closed the doors on both sides and brought Lele, who was awakened by thunder, to his bed with Yan Fei.

"Duck is missing." Lele pulled Jing Lin's skirt and said.

"Don't worry, I'll look for it," Jing Lin said. Then handed Lele to Yan Fei, the injured, to watch.

Jing Lin walked around the house, including upstairs, and found that not only ducks were missing, but also brown and brown, and the other two members of the family were also missing.

"I want to go out and have a look." Jing Lin said to Yan Fei.

The weather outside is very bad. Yan Fei is not relieved that Jing Lin is going out alone, but his arm is injured. Such heavy rain cannot guarantee that his wound will not soak in water. Now that the medical environment cannot keep up with him, he can only try his best to keep his wound free from infection. Besides, Lele has to keep people to take care of him. He can only take Lele to wait in the living room.

"then you must be careful." Yan Fei said.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." Jing Lin caressed him and Lele, who did not say a word but was obviously upset. "I will be back soon, for half an hour at most."

The wind was so strong that Jing Lin gave up his umbrella and went out wearing his raincoat.

Because of lightning, the dark surroundings were illuminated from time to time, which was convenient for the scene to leave. He was carrying an oil lamp, calling the names of duck, Su Zhen and Quack as he walked.

But the thunder was accompanied by the rain, and Jing Lin's voice was almost completely covered up. I don't know where the three of them went or whether they could be heard.

After walking for two minutes, Jing Lin suddenly discovered the strange thing about this weather-the lightning that has been appearing all the time, actually only appeared in one place.

Standing in the rain curtain, Jing Lin hesitated for a moment, then walked up to the lightning spot, which happened to be the site of the big mullet, which had been closed for a long time.

Before he got there, Jing Lin saw several crouching little guys lined up at a distance from the lotus pond. Three members of his family were there, and the Mimi of Tang Hao's family was there.

In addition to Quack and Su Zhen, the hairy duck and Mimi have been drenched to the ground by now. At the sound of Jing Lin's footsteps, four Qiqi turned to look at him. The green light bulb had a red light bulb in it. After wandering around Jing Lin, the four turned to look at the direction of the lotus pond.

As if waiting for some mysterious ceremony to come.

Because the lightning was only concentrated in one place, the place where they crouched was quite far from there, within a safe distance, so Jing Lin also walked over and crouched beside them.

Borrowing the light of lightning, Jing Lin found that the black fog locked in one corner by the big mullet suddenly churned up and flew over the lotus pond in the shape of a dragon.

The lightning, one after another, with great energy, all split on the dragon. The dragon seemed to be in great pain, tumbling desperately in the air.

Jing Lin was a little worried about the big mullet in the lotus pond, and he did not know whether the big mullet would be affected by the lightning strike.

The thunder shook as if the earth were shaking.

Every time you chop it, there is less black fog. Gradually, the dragon formed by the black fog began to appear incomplete.

Lightning continues, from the previous one by one, into one by three, three by five. All did not fall, all split on the black fog.

Seeing less and less black fog, I have lost more than half of my body, and only one faucet is still floating on it to fight against lightning.

But at this moment, a piece of thick black suddenly leapt out of the lotus pond and passed by the black fog. A large tail fin swung fast and straight up.

"Big mullet!" Jing Lin could not help but exclaim in his heart.

After the big mullet appeared, the lightning that appeared after that no longer split on the black fog, but split towards the big mullet.

The skin of the big mullet breaks up with every flash of lightning. However, it seems that it does not feel pain, and the upward speed is faster and faster. With the increasing distance, it seemed to pass through a strange barrier, the broken body disappeared, and a small swimming snake appeared there.

A sound of dragons resounded through the whole world.

Feeling the imposing manner in the meantime, Jing Lin trembled in his mind, and a sudden thought of submission rose in his mind. He looked around and found that the four beside him had been excited by the Long Yinyi and were already lying on the ground.

Jing Lin looked up again at the sky above the lotus pond and suddenly found that the black fog was gone and the swimming snake was gone.

With the disappearance of the black fog, thunder and rain stopped and the wind disappeared.

The heavens and the earth returned to peace and were again occupied by night.

Jing Lin was carrying a lamp and asked the four around him uncertainly, "Is it over?"

By this time, the four seemed to have truly discovered the existence of Jing Lin. Su Zhen raised her tail and wiped the water on her head, saying, "It's over."

The duck also jumped on its feet and shouted, "Oh my feathers! Why are you all drenched like this!"

Mimi shook her body, dumped several nearby bodies including Jing Lin, and ran to the lotus pond. Soon, a small black snake appeared in her mouth.

The little black snake was spitting out words and swearing: "you hairy monster, put down this statue! How dare you do this to me?"

The sound of milk and the breath of milk are still children's immature voices.

The little black snake was spit out by Mimi and put on the ground. It was with its belly up. It was added several times by Mimi. Finally, it turned over and looked up at the scene with the oil lamp in its hand.

The amber eyes blinked twice and suddenly glowed, "Jing Lin, this statue is looking for you!"

The familiar tone, awkward voice, and the corner of Jing Lin's eye, "Big mullet?"

The little black snake shook its head, and the two black whiskers with long fingers on both sides of its nostrils also shook. it had two short horns above its eyes. it looked like a dragon. it had already leaped over the dragon's gate. after listening to Jing Lin, it still talked about the "big black fish". due to its black history, it suddenly complained, "what big black fish, how many times have you said that people are dragons? It's a dragon!"

"Well, well, you are a dragon, and I will call you little black dragon." Jing Lin thought of the visions and asked, "Were you in . . . Du Jie?"

"sort of." The little black dragon said triumphantly, "I took a lot of effort to carry through the disaster in yue longmen!"

When Jing Lin heard this, he felt that he was going to start a long speech. He guessed that his time out was not too short. He hurriedly said, "Are you coming home with me? Let's listen to you as we walk."

The little black dragon's eyes glistened, "well, I've long wanted to go to your house."

Then, he saw the little black dragon looking left and right, and finally fixed on Su Zhen.

As we all know, the little black dragon must be black, while Su Zhen's favorite color is white, and the most annoying color is black because of the earthworm baby. seeing the little black dragon staring at it at the moment, she immediately warned: "why?"

The little black dragon took it for granted, as if he were condescending and said, "you squat down, and then you will be my mount."

Small black dragon this just say that finish, scene near Su Zhen, can almost see Su Zhen eyes spewed fire, he just stretched out his hand to stop, Su Zhen has raised his big tail to the small black dragon "pa" down.

The voice was clear, crisp and crisp, so loud . . .

"Humph!" Su Zhen moved her tail and snorted angrily. She swam in the direction of home for two times. She saw the duck and Quack still standing where they were. She urged loudly, "Why are you two still standing there? Go!"

The duck called twice at Jing Lin, patted its wings, and Quack pattered away on the water.

The rest of Jing Lin looked at the little black dragon, which was knocked unconscious by a tail, and rose from the ground in a daze. He stood half-way up staring at Su Zhen's direction of departure. "You, you, you, you impudence!" he said angrily.

Jing Lin listened to it's voice wrong, put the oil lamp to its eyes and saw that the little black dragon had already wrapped up two tears.

It looks like a miserable wretch who has been bullied. It's too much injustice.

When Jing Lin saw his strong outside and strong inside, the little black dragon, angry and aggrieved, raised his tail to cover his eyes and said, "Don't look!"

Jing Lin reached out a finger and touched its head. The hand feeling was similar to that of Su Zhen's scales, probably because it was still young. The texture was not as rough and hard as Su Zhen's scales, and it was more slippery.

Once upon a time, the big mullet was arrogant and awkward, and now the small black dragon is the same. Jing Lin picked up the little black dragon that was about to cry and put it on his shoulder, saying, "Well, I don't want to see it. Let's go home."

The little black dragon is really small. its body is only as thick as Jing Lin's thumb, and its length is shorter than his arm. it probably just can make three turns around his wrist like that.

At this time, the little black dragon was placed on Jing Lin's shoulder, his head resting on his small body, and he said indignantly, "hum, when I grow up, I will choose a horse more imposing and beautiful than it, and grieve it!"

This "it" refers to Su Zhen.

When in yue longmen, the little black dragon used the predatory power of the black fog released by the three black lotus to confront heaven. The black fog was completely split, but it also resisted more than half of the damage for it. However, the small black dragon is not an orthodox black dragon blood line. This blood line has only a weak trace in its body. Although it has helped it change its image as a fish and left the lotus pond that may imprison it for a lifetime, it has not completely succeeded in transforming the dragon. This is also why it only has to grow whiskers and two horns. The following four dragon feet have to look for opportunities.

It still has Rowen on it. Once upon a time, perhaps it can use Rowen to suppress Su Zhen, but Su Zhen is proud of her nature and will yield for a while but will not yield for a whole life. Just like the little surrender that Jing Lin inexplicably gave birth to at the moment when he heard Long Yin, this is the subconscious reaction stimulated by Long Yin under his unsuspecting condition. When Jing Lin wakes up, he is a man of dignity. He will not be willing to surrender to anyone at that time. If he disobeys his will, he will fight to the death.

The same is true of haughty Su Zhen. The small black dragon wants to mount it. The natural tone will definitely make Su Zhen very unhappy.

In their eyes, this is not a question of courtesy or disrespect. In Su Zhen's view, there was a hint of insult in it and it was an act of total contempt for it.

The little black dragon is too weak now. Su Zhen will take revenge on the spot if he has any enemies. who do you smoke?

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