Wei Zhen's face turned red. He looked at Jing Lin and others with a hand and said, "Zhu Ren must leave with me alive. I'm sorry, everyone. I will tell Fangbei Base about the losses you have suffered and will definitely compensate you."

Zhao Zhiwen lashed the dead centipede. Sen looked at Wei Zhen coldly: "Compensation? If it weren't for our ability, I'm afraid the whole village would have been eaten by the animals he brought before you came here."

Wei Zhen knew that he was wrong this time, but Zhu Ren would not give it to Jing Lin at any cost. Now, there is nothing more to say, which would be a minor problem. Wei Zhen will leave with Zhu Ren now.

At the sight of this, the angry scene, like before attacking man-eating flowers with divine knowledge, condensed a bunch of divine knowledge and severely stabbed Zhu Ren in the head.

Zhu Ren instinctively felt the danger approaching. However, before he could make any response, his brain suddenly felt a sharp pain, as if it were about to be torn. A force rushed on the rampage in his mind. He rolled and howled on the ground with his head in his arms, and soon passed out under the sharp pain.

Wei Zhen was caught off guard by Jing Lin's skill. he picked up Zhu ren, who had fainted, and looked at them angrily: "what are you doing!" He did not feel the existence of Jing Lin's divine knowledge and did not know who attacked Zhu Ren.

Jing Lin took a step forward and said coldly, "As Master Wei said, you must take Zhu Ren anyway, but as a victim, I can't let him leave like this anyway."

Both sides have offended Zhu Ren. To let him leave like this is tantamount to letting a tiger return to the mountain. In this case, Jing Lin can also collect some interest first, and must not be cheaper than Zhu Ren.

Wei Zhen wanted to say something else, but looking at Zhu Ren, who was already spitting blood, he finally left with Zhu Ren's sleeve disheartened.

Qu Zhengchao will also leave with Wei Zhen at the moment. He looked anxiously at Jing Lin and said, "Zhu Ren is one of the most beloved disciples of the Xiuzhen Association, and Master Wei is also afraid of reprisals against you."

But really speaking, it is also the reason why Wei Zhen is a little worried about being involved.

Jing Lin and others thanked Qu Zhengchao for his kindness in reminding him. After all the people brought by Wei Zhen were gone, all the people who had strained most of their nerves suddenly collapsed to the ground.

No one said Jing Lin hurt Zhu Ren on his own initiative. For them, Zhu Ren and others who broke into the village with centipedes were their only enemies.

Jing Lin, taking advantage of his strength, rearranged the high-level magic array for the village, and when the rest was settled, he struck the gong to inform the people hiding in the mountains to return to the village, which was agreed upon when they separated.

Others began to help Jing Lin clean up the damaged gate and yard. His Yan array at that time took the gate as its eye. The eye of the array was broken and the gate was broken. kill array's range was in the whole courtyard. Although he could not feel or see it in the array, he felt that the array was infinite, but in fact the cabbage inside and so on were trampled to the last.

The four people who were still alive and caught by these people were tied up and thrown into a pile, which will be dealt with later. There were also Wu Chia-jen, all of whom were thrown into one place.

At the moment Liao Shufen and Wu Meili were dying to admit their guilt and beg for mercy. Wu Jianxiong looked at the villagers walking around with hatred. Wu Daxing had a face with a closed mouth.

When the Wu sisters and brothers betrayed the villagers, the villagers came out and knew that the Wu Daxing couple also knew. This is the most infuriating point for the villagers. It's just that the younger generation can do such a thing. However, after all these years of getting along with each other, the two couples did not obstruct it. The Wu sisters and brothers brought such a great disaster to the village because of their selfish desires. Although they were stopped by the villagers, the four of them were still unforgivable.

Therefore, no one paid any attention to them at all. Even if they were answered, they would still be angry curses from the villagers.

In the voice of swearing and crying for mercy, the rest of the people began to deal with the big centipede.

To be honest, this big centipede died a little too fast, which is entirely attributable to the several powerful animals in Jing Lin's house. Apart from the small fox, the others looked at it without striking a hole, but their strength was not small. Especially duck, the pair of claws scratched the back of the centipede, which even Su Zhen did not dare to confront. They were easily scratched, and they also cooperated well. For this reason, many people who think Su Zhen is amazing and ferocious look at it and feel lovely.

The material of the centipede's foot hook and tail sting is very hard and sharp. The villagers pulled them off, thinking that they could make weapons for all villagers and its hard back shell. They could also pry off the intact ones and clean them up to make armor for everyone. Because centipedes are long and big, the materials pried off are enough to make a set of armor for most people.

There is also the pair of tentacles of centipede, which are soft and flexible, and can be made as short whips. As for the pair of huge palatal teeth, which still contain venom, they have been packed by the villagers. The palatal teeth need to be packed again, ready for Jing Lin and Yan Lu.

As for the centipede's meat, although it looks very tender and tender, it is all raised by human blood. The villagers can't get off their mouths and throw it into the toilet for composting. In the end, they also dug up an egg-sized lux stone on the head of the centipede.

As soon as the stone was dug out, all the animals became restless, including Mimi and her three children. They did not stay in the village before, protecting the villagers and hiding in the mountains.

Jing Lin took over the stone, just like the one of the leopard last time, which had fluctuation of psychic force and was a great supplement to the animals.

However, Jing Lin looked at the strange animals that surrounded him in a difficult way and did not know who to give it to this time.

"Can you give it to me?" Su Zhen suddenly said that its voice was seldom softer than usual, and said to other animals that had become strange, "I'll exchange my treasure for yours."

Su Zhen's treasure in his mouth is naturally the two grasses he was carrying when he came down from the mountain.

Su Zhen swam into the room very quickly. After a while, a grass with mud in its mouth was pulled out rudely.

He put the grass in his mouth in front of the animals and said, "This baby can grow hyoid bones and can talk after eating."

Jing Lin watched it wag its tail twice. now he knew what Su Zhen meant by some little tricks. this action was not finished, so he said, "what else?"

"and …" Su Zhen hesitated, "it's only necessary to keep up with the state." In other words, if you don't keep up with your strength, even if you eat this grass, you won't be able to grow your tongue and speak.

It is no wonder that both the duck and the duck did not respond to the grass before they croaked. They should know that their strength is not good enough, and the excitement is also white.

Look at Su Zhen's desire. Everyone is a kind-hearted little partner who gets along in harmony. A few different animals gather together. You speak meow, I speak Quack, then Quack a few times. Then Qi Qi turns his head and says that since Su Zhen wants it this time, give it to him. As for the grass, they will need it sooner or later, so I changed it this time.

Then Su Zhen happily got the red stone and entered the house with it in her mouth. The little fox followed with its big tail. The duck and Quack gathered at the edge of Jing Lin's leg. You said a word and I said the grass would be left to you to watch. You must watch them carefully and let them grow a few more plants. Otherwise, there will not be enough points in the future.

Lele and Sweet Tang are doing translation nearby.

Jing Lin can only come down one by one.

In the evening, all the villagers who entered the city came back. Wei Zhen didn't disturb them when he came to the village. They didn't know what Jing Lin and others were doing on the way back, so they also waited to go back to the village and listen to their families and neighbors. Only then did they know that their village had survived a near miss.

After dinner, it was time to deal with the four arrested people and the Wu family.

The four men didn't have to say anything and threw them directly into the fishpond to feed the mullet that had been hungry for a long time. As for the Wu family, everyone has made a mistake.

Because everyone is all right now, so to say the truth, I threw them to feed the fish, somehow they are neighbors who have been getting along for so many years. We really can't do this. Finally, we discussed and discussed. We decided to take back all the fields of the Woo family and confiscate them for the public grain in the village. When planting, the villagers planted them together, and the harvest was the same. In the future, if anyone has any inconvenience, they will use the grain produced in their fields to help. The houses were also confiscated, and they were shut down in the processing station first, and then expelled from the village, depending on the situation.

Gone with the times with heavy standard, although really say weren't to that extent, but they were expelled, no land, life is a problem, the punishment is not light.

Liao Shufen, hearing the punishment result of the village, even though he was bound with his legs and feet, angrily scolded him: "My family built the house by itself and the land is also owned by the country. Why do you confiscate it? Our registered residence is here. Why do you drive us away!"

Ma Chunzheng is sneering: "Do you want to be fed fish?"

Liao Shufen's lips trembled at the news of the fish feed: "No, you are killing people and breaking the law." But she had seen it with her own eyes when she was pushing people to feed fish in the village. Where is the law now, she said so, is also a bluff, give yourself courage.

Silent Wu Meili could not accept the result.

She has seen a lot of people in the county who live in the base and have no fields recently because she goes to the city every day. I have also talked with some people. In the base, the planted fields are transformed from the base and belong to the base. They want to live in a security base with patrol and watch. At ordinary times, they can only use labor to replace them. They can plant fields, move bricks and build walls to expand the base. If they want not to starve to death, they have to do all the hard and tired work. They cannot refuse either because they want to live.

In the village, although it is necessary to work and cultivate land, it is only when the farming is busy that it will be busy for a period of time. At ordinary times, it is very leisurely, eating much better than the people in the base, and living more comfortable than the base. Because the villagers consciously protect the young, the old and the weak, including these women, they will not be allowed to do anything dangerous. This is not the case in the county seat, where everyone is equal except the elderly and children.

Promised to help Yang Er and Zhu Ren open the gate of the village, Wu Meili had never thought about what would happen to her if the villagers found out. Before, she was completely blinded by her own imagination, and only then did she regret it.

But it was too late to regret. Her heart was filled with remorse and she had nowhere to vent. She could only stare at Wu Jianxiong and lambaste, "It's all you! If it weren't for you and Jing Lin, we wouldn't have come to this end!"

Yes, it's all Wu Jianxiong. If he hadn't bullied her with his parents, she wouldn't have agreed to Yang Er's request for a better life away from the family. Thinking about the bitter days that might occur when leaving the village, Wu Meili kicked Wu Jianxiong with his bound feet like mad.

Liao Shufen's son was bullied and helped Wu Jianxiong kick Wu Meili away together. He also vented his anger on Wu Meili: "If it weren't for your love of ease and want to run to serve Zhu Ren, we wouldn't have promised you to open the door for them. You encouraged us to agree!"

As she said this, she held out her last hope and said to the villagers who looked at them, "it's all her, it's all her fault, you have to punish her, it's enough to punish her, ok? She is the culprit!"

However, let her say skyshatter, the family skyrocketed, the villagers also just coldly looking at.

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