"ah!" The man rolled on the ground with his right leg in his arms.

Zhu Ren squinted and said, "What a vicious array!" It seems that he had underestimated Jing Lin before.

Zhu Ren opened the folding fan again and gently pushed it toward the front. Invisible spiritual force waved and rushed to the place where nothing was visible to the naked eye. Then Zhu Ren discovered the magic array in Bizhi Village. At present, the difficulty of breaking the array has increased. The array before entering the village was successfully broken with a fan. This time Zhu Ren fanned the array three times and added the attack to break the array.

After the battle was broken, before Zhu Ren could show his pride, he found that there was suddenly more aura ahead. He tucked up the folding fan and tightened his fingers holding the fan's bones. His heart began to feel a little anxious.

Although his folding fan is a very good magic weapon, it is not omnipotent. Because of its limited psychic power, it has a fixed number of attacks. Once the fixed number of attacks is exceeded, the folding fan will become an ordinary fan. Apart from its better appearance than the ordinary folding fan, its greatest function is to fan the wind and relieve heat.

This folding fan was given by his master when he left. Up to now, it has not been used many times.

Seeing that the man who had his right leg broken was already in a coma, the frozen wound had begun to thaw and kept bleeding out, causing the centipede beside him to rush up and swallow the man. In the current situation, Zhu Ren did not want other men to make unnecessary sacrifices. He ordered Yang Er to point to the man and said, "Throw him in."

Others were afraid that Zhu Ren would order another person to go up, and then the hapless may be himself. Smell speech immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Liu Erkui took the initiative to stand up and raise the man with Yang Er. The two of them threw him forward and threw him into the Yan array.

Before the faint voice could be heard, the flesh of the whole body was like fruit that had lost moisture. It began to wither and atrophy, soon became scorched black, and then began to burn. Soon there was only a pile of ashes and a suit of intact clothes left.

The people present saw their legs tremble.

The scene in the room did not know what was happening outside. These arrays were his first attempt and he did not know what effect they would have on ordinary people. Now, he is standing by the eye of the last kill array, dripping blood from his fingertip. Once the blood drops entered the array and were still in the air, they suddenly disappeared, as if they had been absorbed by something.

After Jing Lin finished these, he stepped aside, and others followed his example, dripping blood from fingertips.

When everyone was finished, Jing Lin said, "If the magic array is broken later, we will go in."

Everyone answered in chorus: "Good!"

Outside, the Yan array was broken, and the magic array in the array appeared in front of Zhu Ren. Zhu Ren was livid. He had just broken one array after another. There was no end to this!

In the hands of the fan bone has begun to slightly fever, Yang Er and others will focus on Zhu Ren. Zhu Yan 'ai is proud, and he suffered losses here in Jing Lin today. After he is captured alive for a while, he must be tortured before he can get out of his anger.

The folding fan was opened again. Zhu Ren stimulated the power of the folding fan with his own spiritual power and pointed at the front fan.


Zhu Ren looked down and saw a crack in the fan bone.

Zhu Ren breathed deeply and knew that this treasure was useless. Before it was completely reduced to waste, Zhu Ren fanned several times in a row toward the high-order magic array ahead.

With a crash, the fan bones were shattered.

Zhu Ren picked up the pendant that fell to the ground, looked at the spiritual fluctuation that appeared again in front of him, his anger rose, his face muscles twitched grimly twice, took out the sword at his waist, and said to Yang Er and others, "Follow me in."

At the same time, Jing Lin led all the people, including his four animals, into kill array.

Like through an invisible door, with the step, everyone's body quickly disappeared in the array, leaving only an empty living room.

At present, there is a thick fog, visible distance is only one person's arm is long, don't want to get lost, can only huddle together, centipede walk in front of all, it is next to Ren Jiang, then Zhu Ren et al.

In addition to Zhu Ren, Ren Jiang and Yang Er are relatively calm. Others are jittery. Although they know that the world has changed a long time ago, they still think it is too mysterious as a witness.

A whiplash emerged from the thick fog, swept the last person's legs, rolled them up and dragged them back.

The man was dragged away off guard and disappeared into the thick fog before he could make a cry of fear.

Everyone stayed where they were, holding their breath.

The centipede in front turned around and crawled in the direction where the towed person made a sound.

However, the fog was so thick that it not only blocked their sight, but also the centipede, which could only walk forward with its sensitive sense of smell.

A little smell of blood came, centipede excitedly fiddling with the tail sting, accelerated the speed to climb to the place where the smell came.

The green light lit up in the crowd. Zhu Ren looked down and saw that it was the pendant that had now split into two halves. It can be seen that the attack power of this array is greater than that of it, which makes it unable to withstand direct fragmentation.

"Be careful, everyone." Zhu Ren warned.

"Yes." Ren Jiang replied, then he felt wrong and looked around. Liu Erkui and others, who had followed them, had disappeared.

At the same time, Yang Er, who had been following Zhu Ren all along, suddenly attacked Zhu Ren. He seemed to see the blood feud and said grimly to Zhu Ren, "Return my brother's life!"

At this point, the dagger in his hand was thrust at Zhu Ren, but Zhu Ren kicked it away. Before he could make any moves, Ren Jiang's centipede's tail pierced Yang Er's body when it moved, then threw it on the ground and opened its mouth to eat.

Yang Er Zhu Ren used it more conveniently. This boy is smart and he will come and die. Zhu Ren gave Ren Jiang an uncomfortable look, "Watch your centipede."

"Yes." Ren Jiang answer, frowned in Zhu Ren invisible corner, and then glanced at the centipede defensively.

In one corner of the array, Jing Lin said to all the people around him, "the first attack of the array has been launched. now everyone should be careful."

The crowd shook their arms and said they knew.

Every once in a while, kill array will launch an attack that will create an aura in everyone's mind that no one else can see. The aura will become an illusion. From now on, in the eyes of those who have been successfully guided, there are no friends in this array, only enemies, and they will not stop until they die.

However, due to the drop of fingertip blood in the eyes of the array, all of them are not attacked by the array.

What they have to do now is to wipe out the enemies in the array one by one, because the fog affects their vision, so it is also dangerous.

When did the others disappear, with Zhu Ren perception he didn't even notice. Just attack Yang Er directly hit, jade pendant help Zhu Ren blocked the attack, and Ren Jiang didn't hit, the root cause is still on the centipede, centipede is too strong, his master was sheltered.

Ren Jiang was calling Liu Erkui's name, but there was no response. He looked at Zhu Ren nervously. "They are gone."

Zhu Ren frowned and said: "The array has always been a world of its own, but it is also too strange, as if all sounds would be cut off by thick fog."

At this time, Jing Lin and Yan Fei left the person in their hands. This person was the first person to croak and drag with his long tongue. They don't know how many people Zhu Ren brought this time, but Su Zhen said it felt a big guy with a bloody smell and was on the verge of manic. So Jing Lin cut a hole in the captured man's hands and dragged him carefully through the array for a while, hoping to stimulate the big guy to become manic and stupid.

Scolopendra is accustomed to human flesh and is especially sensitive to the smell of blood. Although there is a thick fog cover, but if there is no bloody smell in the air is still captured by it, it excitedly climbed to the place where the smell came out, as a result, there was nothing in the place. The centipede lashed its tail twice impatiently, almost stabbing Zhu Ren who had been following it. Zhu Ren beat it open with a long sword.

Pain came from the tail sting. The centipede turned its big head and its eyes glowed with ferocious light. When it saw Zhu Ren, it looked at him gloomily. Then it scattered its anger on Ren Jiang beside it. It lowered its head, opened its mouth and let out a loud roar at Ren Jiang. The foul mucus sprayed Ren Jiang on his face.

Then the tentacles on its head moved a few times, and once again caught the scent of blood, it excitedly ran after it.

Ren Jiang was not changed to erase the face, quickly follow up.

The centipede emptied every time and became more and more anxious.

But Ren Jiang is going to hold on.

Even after taking the pills given by Zhu Ren, his body is still very weak. Before, in order not to be noticed by others, he took the centipede and set out from the county seat early in the morning. He walked around the village very hard.

He should have had a good rest, but he kept walking and running in such hot weather. The centipede got up very fast. He ordered the centipede to climb slowly in his mind, but the centipede now basically did not listen to such orders. So when the centipede ran around in the array, Ren Jiang could only trot behind with his body propped up, fearing that if he slowed down, the centipede would disappear in front of them.

After another empty air raid, Ren Jiang finally could not help but sit down on the ground and gasp for breath, clutching his chest. He said to Zhu Ren intermittently: "Immortal, Immortal Master, I don't, I can't."

But I didn't see the centipede stopping with them, and cunning flashed into my eyes.

Zhu Ren, although he did not like taking office, did not want him to die like this. At present, Ren Jiang is the only one who can command centipede. So he took out the jade bottle and prepared to pour a pill for Ren Jiang to eat.

As soon as the jade bottle was taken out, when the strong wind hit, Zhu Ren dodged nimbly. The "wind" was hitting Ren Jiang nearby.

"poof!" Ren Jiang vomited one mouthful blood, and immediately the whole body feebly lying on the ground, looked up horrified and looked at the centipede standing in front of him in despair.

Zhu Ren looked at the centipede, then at Ren Jiang, who looked like paper. He gave a sharp drink: "Evil animal, what do you want to do!"

Nie livestock made a strange sound, unexpectedly seems to be laughing, and then it under Zhu Ren stare, in Ren Jiang shrieks, sharp fangs pierced Ren Jiang whole body.

Ren Jiang body spasm, he stared at a pair of eyes kept looking at Zhu Ren, blood is low, just fell on his hand hanging around, he raised his hand to Zhu Ren, issued the last call for help, mouth moved, but only issued the voice of the wind.

In front of Zhu Ren, Ren Jiang was bitten to death alive.

"Evil Livestock!" Zhu Ren burst to drink. The centipede injured the owner and himself, but Ren Jiang was killed by it, but the centipede was still good. It can only be said that the blood pact between Ren Jiang and his servant was broken by it before he bit Ren Jiang.

Ren Jiang's one mouthful blood is actually an omen of the broken blood pact.

He didn't react until then. They only thought that the centipede was a great help and wanted to subdue the animals by its force, but they didn't consider that its current ability itself was faster than Ren Jiang. The weaker Ren Jiang was, the weaker the blood pact was, and it was easier for it to destroy the blood pact.

The broken blood pact proved that the centipede had either been hiding its strength and secretly looking for opportunities to attack Ren Jiang, or it had just taken advantage of Ren Jiang's weak will to attack him unprepared. However, in front of the centipede, its strength was no longer what Zhu Ren had seen before.

The centipede held a grudge against Ren Jiang for so long. After killing Ren Jiang, it tore up Ren Jiang's body in front of Zhu Ren and ate it into his belly bite by bite.

Zhu Ren was forced to watch its bloody eating picture again. The evil animal raised its head and made a ferocious sound at him, as if it were him again later. He clenched his sword in his hand and glanced at Ren Jiang, who died unsatisfied. The centipede was out of control now. He knew that staying with the centipede would definitely not be any better than Ren Jiang, so he turned and disappeared into the thick fog while the centipede was eating with all his heart.

The centipede stopped in its place and ate Ren Jiang completely. Even after eating two people, it was very satisfied. Then its tentacles moved in the air, picked a direction to climb, and soon disappeared in the thick fog.

On the other side, Jing Lin looked at another stranger whom he had laid down and looked up at Yan Fei: "This is the fourth one."

Although they are all ordinary people, they are also mostly ordinary people here. If the four hidden dangers are removed, the danger will be less.

As soon as he had finished speaking, the thick fog around him suddenly dispersed and all the surrounding situations were clearly presented to them.

At a distance of less than one meter close to them, Zhu Ren, armed with a sharp sword, was coming from this side. When he saw Jing Lin, his heart was furious and his sword stabbed Jing Lin.

The array broke suddenly, Zhu Ren's sword also came suddenly, and the scene was not as good as he could hide. He could only meet it, gathering his spiritual strength in his hands like a scribble. His right two fingers caught the tip of the sword, and his left hand bent on the body of the sword to point to a bullet. The spiritual strength collided violently.

The body of the sword was bounced off, with Zhu Ren's attack also deviating from the direction. Jing Lin also retreated back quickly, avoiding the impact of spiritual force oscillation.

All this is a long story, but in fact it was only a blink of an eye.

Don't give Zhu Ren reaction time, scene in the back, Yan Fei flicker on the moment.

Jing Lin looked at the huge centipede standing at the eye of the array swinging its tail and said to other people, "This array is broken by centipedes. Be careful." Then also holding a weapon to meet Zhu Ren.

They all took cactus spines that patted the attacker and drew Zhu Ren's sword. This is also the prospect of impending and Wei Zhen in the county seat to recruit when they all know, Zhu Ren is not ordinary people, weapons are also, ordinary weapons to go up can only suffer, only variation of thorns can match a thing or two.

On the other side, when the fog dispersed, everyone appeared in front of the centipede. For it, these were all food.

"He is too ugly." Su Zhen's big tail clapped on the ground and looked at the many animals on the other side. She also said, "I smell so bad."

The duck, who is also fond of beauty, said that it has never seen anything so ugly. It has no matter how many feet it has. Compared with it, the Quack sitting beside them is simply too beautiful.

The two decided unanimously that they would never say "Quack and ugly" again.


The centipede saw the four animals in front of it and its eyes flashed greedily. In addition to the two-legged food, the taste of these four animals will be more delicious, and their food will be animals before they are forced to recognize as strong.

Zhang Kai looked at the centipede, which was one floor high, and said nervously, "It's too big . . ."

Li Feiyu, on the other hand, had a stiff face and made two quick laugh: "Much smaller than crocodiles." However, the crocodile was stupid at first sight, otherwise it would not have been walked to death alive by them, but the centipede would break the ranks, which proves that its IQ is online.

Zhong Xiaohui, on the other hand, stared at the tentacles of the centipede with hatred and clenched his weapon. "It is it, it is it that killed my mother!"

Among the people who stayed this time, he and his father stayed with the people in the village. Unexpectedly, they met her mother's killer.

At the sight of the centipede, the sight of mother Zhong's body was pierced again, and the eyes of father and son of Zhong Xiaohui suddenly turned flush.

The centipede saw the food and after observing it in situ for a while, it rushed up eagerly. towards the approach, the centipede swung its tail and attacked the past.

Su Zhen usually looks at people who are lazy and loose, but now he is the first to face the centipede's attack. when the big tail collides with the centipede's tail, the centipede bounces off. it also retracts its tail and swings twice on the ground. jiao sheng complains: "its shell is so hard, my tail hurts!"

The centipede made a second attack and Quack shot out his long tongue. Its tongue was thin and long. It directly rolled up a foot hook of the centipede, slowing down the attack speed of the centipede. At the same time, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu, who were nearby, waved their long whips. They also entangled the two foot hooks of the centipede from the other side. The two sides tug of war, coupled with the centipede struggle, three strength stalemate, the three foot hook was forcefully pulled down.

The centipede gave a loud roar of pain.

"Go to hell!" With a loud roar, Zhong Xiaohui pricked out the weapon he made after entering the village. It was a wooden stick with a dagger tied to the front. It was really a pike.

But his attack was only average, and the sting fell through. Instead, the pike was thrown away by the tentacles of the centipede.

While the centipede was in pain, the duck suddenly flapped its wings and flew up. It landed directly on the hard back shell of the centipede. Its sharp two claws opened and directly scratched the hard shell where it was standing, penetrating deeply into the centipede's body.

The centipede was painful to eat, and the whole body was beating in the same place. However, the duck's feet were tightly hooked. It also flapped its wings to keep its balance. It took time to peck the centipede's back shell with its hard big mouth, pecking one hole at a time, pecking a place badly, and moving forward a little. Sometimes, I also pecked the foot hook of centipede and tore it off a lot.

The centipede struggled so hard that many people did not dare to come forward, but they could not help with their weapons. It was Li Feiyu, holding a slingshot, who kept shooting stones at the centipede. Other people saw it and quickly reacted. Several people went out from the back door of Jing Lin's house and moved a lot of rotten bricks on the wall of his back door. Each one shared a little and grabbed the chance to hit the centipede from time to time.

Also don't say, now people in the village have consciously exercised their bodies, their hands are up, and their timing is fine, which does not cause fatal injuries to centipedes, but it is very useful to interrupt its return stroke.

Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu and Quack cooperate with the foot hooks that pull out the centipede one by one. Duck stays at the top to divert the centipede's greatest attention. Su Zhen's attack speed is the fastest. From time to time, she leans out of its big head to bite the centipede.

As for brown and brown, the little fellow jumped on his feet and cheered for everyone. He barked like a dog, and his voice was sharp and sharp. This was an undifferentiated sound wave attack. At last, Su Zhen's tail patted him honestly. The big fluffy tail immediately replaced the voice and shook him incessantly.

Under the attack of many parties, the centipede suffered many fatal injuries, the hard shell of its head was pecked open by ducks, and more and more foot hooks were removed. Finally, the centipede fell to the ground exhausted. Zhong Xiaohui, who regained his weapon, excitedly climbed up the centipede's body and stabbed it down to the spot where its head was pecked.

The centipede gave out its last scream, shook its body, and then lay down on the ground completely without any movement.

Zhong Xiaohui knelt in situ and wept bitterly. Zhong Wei also squatted on the ground burying his face in his hands. Tears were left in his fingers.

Although Zhu Ren has a bad temper and looks down on ordinary people, he is the "fairy teacher" in his population. He is a person whom Wei Zhen dare not annoy easily. He still has certain strength. Although Jing Lin and Yan Fei are both powerful, any one of them may not be able to beat the other. However, when two people work together, it is enough to deal with one Zhu Ren.

At the moment when the centipede was killed, Yan Fei took advantage of Zhu ren's distraction and stabbed Zhu ren in the throat.

"Wait a minute!"

A loud explosion came from far away, then Yan Fei felt the thorn in his hand was shaken by an invisible attack.

Zhu Ren heard the familiar voice and immediately raised his spirits. With a backhand sword, he scratched Yan Fei's arm, dodged back and hid behind Wei Zhen, who had just arrived.

Yan Fei's blow just now was opened by Wei Zhen.

Looking at Yan Fei covering her bleeding arm, Jing Lin's eyes were very cold. he looked at Wei Zhen without emotion: "master Wei, what do you mean?"

Wei Zhen was ashamed, but he was especially firm: "Zhu ren is wrong about this, but he is not the one you can provoke. I did it for your own good."

Wei Zhen was surprised out in a sweat. In the morning, he consulted with Zhu Ren about returning, but no one was found anywhere in the base. However, Zhu Ren himself did not cover any tracks with his big spine. Only then did Wei Zhen find someone to ask where he was going.

Then out of the city, just saw the scene in their village into the city, in which did not see the scene in the four of them, Wei Zhen talkative asked 1. At that time, he didn't think the worst, but Qu Zhengchao, who had already got up to visit his grandfather in the village, knew immediately that Zhu Ren's route was the one near Jing Lin's village.

At that time, his heart jumped and told Wei Zhen the direction of the route.

Wei Zhen didn't know Zhu Ren's intention to go to the countryside, but he immediately felt that he was going to suffer.

Unable to find Jing Lin's village, Qu Zhengchao drove the truck and first went to Team 2. He found Li Guihua, the only one who knew the way, and rushed to Jing Lin's village together.

All kinds of weird in the village they have no time to think about, heard the roar of the animals, they came to the scene in front of the house, just saw Yan Fei stab to Zhu ren, Wei Zhen didn't want to also want to sell.

Zhu Ren proudly stood behind Wei Zhen at the moment, looking at them defiantly and defiantly.

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