Ma Renshan woke up in a daze, touched the back of the head pain place, a touch good big a bag, immediately yi tooth "HSS", looking at squatting in front of concern looked at his son and others, he also remembered before Wu Meili told him to go out.

Ma Renshan asked, "What is wrong with me? What about Wu Meili?"

"You were knocked unconscious by them. Now we knocked them unconscious. They are lying outside." Ma Chunzheng was saying that he blamed himself in his heart. His father's accident was totally accidental, and he didn't expect that the Wu sisters and brothers could actually attack the villagers.

Ma Renshan was shocked: "What do they want?"

Ma Chunzheng was saying, "It's not a good thing."

Ma Renshan was helped out of the hut and saw Wu Meili's two siblings tied up.

Yan Fei, who was nearby, pointed to several people and said, "Go and inform all the rest of the village, bring your weapons and gather at Jing Lin's house." He also pointed out some other people, "Please work hard and bring the Wu family's parents here. Remember to tie them down."

Later, Jing Lin kicked up the Wu sisters and brothers on the ground. In fact, stunning them is totally unnecessary, but Jing Lin just wants them to taste the feeling of being stung.

When they woke up and saw Jing Lin, they knew that their actions might have been exposed, but they still bluffed and asked Jing Lin what they were doing with them.

Jing Lin they are too lazy to talk nonsense with him, bring people home to direct interrogation. Don't say beat, but only beat Wu Jianxiong, ask a Wu Meili did not answer, Wu Jianxiong was slapped. At first, Wu Meili was still stubborn, but when did Wu Jianxiong suffer this kind of crime, he could not bear the first move soon.

Wu Meili's teeth itch with anger.

When they heard that they wanted to unite outsiders to deal with Jing Lin, Ma Renshan, touching the back of his head, could not help jumping up and slapping each other, pointing to them and sharply reprimanding them: "What is Jing Lin sorry for you, you hate him so much!"

Wu Gufu's wife, Zhang Er, and the two monks who were tied up were confused. Liao Shufen saw her son kneeling on the ground tied up, his face swollen like a pig's head, and immediately rushed up like a Huduzi, cursing at Jing Lin while loving her son.

Jing Lin several but didn't mind to fry with her, asked the question, learned that Zhu Ren they will come soon. Jing Lin asked Ma Renshan and his family to leave the village with the weak and weak. They hid in the advanced mountain and realized that they had the ability. They would stay if they wanted to. They would not be blamed if they did not leave Jing Lin. After all, his goal was bigger.

But to Jing Lin's relief, all the people who came back with him stayed.

Seize the time to write a few pieces of kill blast character, and then take their own as the array eye, reverse launch each array point, in the only way to enter the village set up the kill array, a person entered, kill array will be activated immediately.

After this, Jing Lin returned home and began to photograph attackers and defenders on everyone.

If he can, he really wants to arrange a mobile attack small array, but this array is more difficult than defense small array, without special training, it is impossible to keep it.

I have survived this time, but I can try it if I have the chance in the future.

After that, Jing Lin used all the tricks. In front of the gate, an ice array was set up in the open space, and then a Yan array, large and small, was set up. If people who know the array come here and see the reiki tracks of various flow directions, those who are not proficient only feel extremely disordered and proficient. Naturally, they can see that these reiki, although chaotic, always have a fixed flow direction and hidden customs inside.


At the entrance of the village, Zhu Ren got off the bus and looked at the high-built wall in front of him. "Is this it?"

Yang Er said, "This is it." The last time he came, he was able to enter the village directly. Now there are walls.

Zhu Ren asked again, "Where is Ren Jiang?"

Yang Er said: "they left before us. I found someone to show him the way and should be there soon." Just then, behind came the rustle of voices, a look back, it was now ugly Ren Jiang came with the centipede, side also follow Liu Erkui helped him.

Yang Er frowned: "Where is the guide?"

Ren Qiang said with a straight face: "It was eaten."

So Yang Er stopped talking and jumped onto the high wall. Looking at the water in the lake, he turned to Zhu Ren and said, "As you guessed, the array is set up in this village."

Zhu Ren asked, "What do you see?"

"The waves and surging water." Yang Er said.

Zhu ren snorted softly: "how could the king's pro-Council not have arranged it for his village? it used to be a defensive array, but now it is a magic array. his skill is not small." It is even more impossible to let him live.

Then Zhu Ren looked at the closed door and frowned. "Didn't you tell the sister and the brother to wait for us at the door?" He didn't want to break this array, which is why he needed the sisters and brothers in the village to take them in. Yang Er jumped down and walked to the door. He pushed and the door was closed.

Zhu Ren suddenly took one discontented look at Yang Er. He slipped a folding fan out of his sleeve, opened it and aimed it at the wall. The invisible ripples swung from it. The two forces collided in the sky. After a while, the folding fan was closed by Zhu Ren.

"All right." Zhu Ren said casually.

Yang Er and others immediately complimented him: "The Immortal Master is really good."

Zhu Ren caressed the fan bone in his hand. The fan bone was cold and contained mysterious power. It was given by his master and ranked fifth among the spiritual soldiers counted by the Association. It is more than enough to break a law.

Yang Er jumped into the wall, opened the door from the inside, invited Zhu Ren in first, followed by Ren Jiang and others.

As soon as he entered the village, Zhu Ren felt very different. There are two worlds outside the village. The village is full of aura. He was surprised and said, "It's a good place to practice." The aura here is more and purer than the place where he usually lives. There are such reasons. Apart from something underground, but more, it should be said that it is the result of what array Jing Lin has arranged.

Other people can't feel the aura, and their eyes are all on the green fields.

Zhu Ren saw this and his eyes flashed, "This is really a good place . . ."  Then he said to Yang Er and them, "I changed my mind. I want to capture the scene alive."

Yang Er's heart immediately warned, "Why?" He didn't want Jing Lin to live. Only when King died was he to avenge his eldest brother and them.

Zhu Ren pointed to the field in front of him and said: "At the beginning, the reiki broke out, causing most of the land in the world to mutate. At present, crops in the country are basically not growing. Although there are some weather reasons, more are caused by land mutation. The mutant land no longer supplies any nourishment to the plants planted on it, but also competes with the plants for reiki. Where the reiki is not sufficient, the crops, either not long or even long, cannot be harvested. However, the reiki in this village is abundant and continuous, which is fully enough for the common absorption of the mutant land and plants. moreover, with the absorption of the reiki, the mutant land will be advanced and the plants will be advanced. in the later period, the two will maintain a balance and complement each other. then the land can grow anything and plants will be advanced into spiritual plants."

At the end of the speech, he was also excited. "This array is absolutely wonderful!"

Because the capital has already begun research, with the help of several monks of the association, the cause of crop stagnation has been found before. when they came out, an experimental field had been successfully tested and he had the honor to visit it. However, in his view, the results of that experimental field are far inferior to those of this village.

If he takes Jing Lin as his own use, let him arrange the array and plant plants to make it advanced, then he will have endless spiritual plants, and there will certainly be a place for him to speak in the Association for the Restoration of Truth in the future!

Hearing this, Yang Er said, "In this case, first keep his family and use them as blackmail. If you don't believe the situation, you won't submit."

Zhu Ren nodded and smiled, "That's very good."

The village was silent. Zhu Ren and his family stood at the entrance of the village for a while and started walking towards the village. Zhu Ren wondered: "Didn't you say that their village is constantly patrolled by strange animals?" But they came in for a while, and nothing happened.

Yang Er said: "that's exactly what the two sisters and brothers told me."

As a result, they almost turned the whole village around and did not even see a single image, and even saw no sign of any animals.

"This is not the case." Zhu Ren's voice just fell and a green pendant under the folding fan he had been holding suddenly flashed.

Zhu Ren immediately became alert. This pendant is also a treasure. It will give off light to remind when it is attacked invisibly. He was not stupid either. Starting from the disappearance of the sisters and brothers who had promised to meet them, when he entered the silent village, he guessed that the sisters and brothers might have leaked out their plans, thus causing the villagers to hide.

Zhu ren's index finger and middle finger were brought together, wiped on the pendant, then suddenly threw it forward, shouting: "go!"

A line of green silk thread, which Yang Er and others could not see, broke away from Zhu Ren's hand and floated in the air, rapidly heading to the left of the village.

And there, it is the direction of Jing Lin's house.

Zhu Ren hooked his lips and smiled. The pendant can remember the attacker's psychic information. As long as they follow this thin thread, they can find the person who just attacked.

Zhu Ren walked forward without saying a word, while Yang Er and others hurriedly followed.

At Jing Lin's home, the living room was packed full of people left behind. Jing Lin looked at the broken low-grade paper in the middle of the week and looked grim: "The array was broken."

From the moment the magic array in the village was broken, he knew that the kill array estimation would not work. Now he only hoped that the high-ranking kill array around his home could play a role.

Zhu Ren took several people to the road in front of Jing Lin's house soon. Zhu Ren is sensitive to reiki. He sensed the danger ahead and stopped immediately.

Zhu Ren ordered one of his men and said, "You go first."

The men looked at the empty place in front of them and clearly there was nothing, but because of Zhu Ren's cautious attitude, he did not dare to go there. After being stared by Zhu Ren, he moved over carefully step by step. Fortunately, he did this, he is an ordinary person, the body does not have the spiritual strength to support the confrontation, ice array such violent array is he can go in at will, so when his right foot just stepped into the ice array, the whole right leg was frozen immediately, and there is a tendency to delay to his body.

He cried out immediately in pain.

Yang Er was shocked at the sight of this. He pulled the man out with one hand, but he might as well have missed his footing and screamed and fell back. His frozen leg knocked against the ground and turned into ice, which was covered with flesh and blood.

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