Hearing Zhu Ren's question, Yang Er's eyes flashed clean and stepped forward. "I really found something unexpected," he said.

Then, Yang Er gather together to Zhu Ren side, in a low voice will find out what he said to Zhu Ren.

After hearing this, Zhu Ren's eyes lit up: "How can he have so many different animals?"

"Yes." Yang Er's eyes were hidden with malice. "The two sisters and Jing Lin had a bad relationship. I asked casually and promised some benefits. The two sisters and brothers all said it. It doesn't look like a fake."

If it's true or not, just look at it. Zhu Ren thought for a moment and said happily, "In this way, when I leave, I can make a profit, which just makes up for my loss this time."

After that, Zhu Ren returned to Fangbei Base, called all the younger brothers who were needed and kept their mouths shut to his side. He gave orders like this and finally said to Yang Er said: "Call the man named Ren and the centipede with you tomorrow. You can discuss with the two sisters and brothers again and tell them not to let the cat out of the bag."

Jing Lin, they don't know what Zhu Ren is planning. When he left the county seat on the same day, he asked Shi lei to change a jade to go back. in his base, a jeweler from the county seat came to him just before. besides jewelry, he also had some jade. although the quality was not as good as that of Wei Zhen, it was not bad as that of Jing Lin for the experiment.

On the way back, the two sisters and brothers took the empty car, but their eyes were filled with inexplicable excitement. They knew how to restrain themselves when others threw strange eyes at them. However, as far as their moods and moods were concerned, how could a little restraint be unnoticed?

When they got home, Jing Lin unloaded the things. The Ma brothers, Li Feiyu and Zhao Shaogan came.

Jing Lin called several people to sit casually, poured water for several people who came in a hurry, and Yan Fei gave several people tomato fruit to eat.

After sitting down, Jing Lin asked, "how are they? do they have anything strange today?"

Li Feiyu shook his head and said, "I haven't found anything." After that, he took a bite of a piece of fruit, his eyes widened and he felt that it was simply too delicious. Then he finished eating three or two times and looked at the rest of the tea table and fruit plate with great satisfaction, but he was embarrassed to reach for it again.

Zhao Shaogan and others were much more reserved than he was. They only looked at him and then moved away. First, they got down to business. He said, "There are no other abnormalities. However, although we have not collected anything in the past two days together, the attitude of the two sisters and brothers is much weaker than before. They are absent-minded, as if they don't care whether they can collect anything."

Jing Lin wanted to think about the empty car of the two siblings and nodded clearly.

But Ma Chunzheng hesitated and said, "It's a coincidence. I looked at the two sisters and brothers for a long time and found nothing unusual, but on the way I had a stomachache and found a toilet casually. When I came out, I saw the two sisters and brothers separated from a man."

Jing Lin asked, "Do you know that man?"

Ma Chunzheng said: "I don't know if you still remember Shi Lei who was cast into the fish pond by us."

The name is similar to Shi lei's pronunciation. Jing Lin asked uncertainly, "Shi?"

Ma Chunzheng explained: "It's not Shi, it's Shi. That's the little leader who came into your house in the middle of the night to rob, the 12th squad."

At that time, Jing Lin did not remember the names of those people at all, but when it comes to throwing fish ponds and robbing in the middle of the night, he naturally remembers them vividly, "is it related to those people at the beginning?"

"It should be." Ma Chunzheng is a little worried, "because they are all from a village. although they are different teams, I know young people about my age. At the beginning we cast the fish pond, in addition to a small number of other teams, most of them are with a team in Shi Lei, there is a man named Yang Dalong, his brother called Yang Xiaolong, nicknamed Yang Er, is the man I saw, gone with before is also a restless small bludger, the disappearance of those bad bandits, their families must also worry about. So I guess it was Yang Er who knew what his eldest brother was doing at the beginning. After his eldest brother disappeared, he certainly doubted us. This time he approached the Wu brothers and sisters and wanted to retaliate."

Li Feiyu said, "I don't think so. O elder brother in the county this time out of such a big limelight, he must also know that king elder brother skill is not small, he dare to casually find?"

When the man-eating flowers were destroyed, Jing Lin explained the process simply. They also arrived at the county seat and listened to word of mouth. Only then did they know that Jing Lin and Yan Lu, who destroyed the flowers this time, were still the great heroes. The people in their village even know that Jing Lin can still use magic array, and the breakthrough is being wooed by several base bosses! However, because of Jing Lin's skill in arranging the battle array, everyone was very curious, so the credit of others did not show.

Ma Chunzheng said faintly, "Why not? I think he was very close to the fairy teacher named Zhu Ren. When I first saw him, he stood beside Zhu Ren. At that time, I only thought he was familiar. I knew whether he was close to the Wu sisters or the reason why I remembered his clothes."

Zhu Ren drove around in a high-profile car. Can drive the car, the first few days almost open to where was onlookers, not only in the scene they saw, Ma Chunzheng they also saw, most of the time with Yang Er beside Zhu Ren nature will not be missed by him.

Yan Fei speculated, "Then he is backed by Zhu Ren and feels that he has a big supporter. He wants to seek revenge from us?" Zhu Ren's temper is specific. Judging from his behavior, one can guess one thing or two. Different from Wei Zhen's low profile, Zhu Ren's words and deeds are very high profile. Wei Zhen treated them as volunteers with courtesy, but Zhu Ren did not come to see them once. After all, they rescued him. No matter what, thanks are basic. With this, Yan Fei's impression of Zhu Ren is not good, and so is Jing Lin.

Yan Fei's guess is exactly what several people were thinking.

Jing Lin said, "Soldiers are coming to stop us. Water is coming to cover us. The Wu sisters and brothers don't know what they will say to Yang Er. Let's all be careful and don't startle first."

"We will all pay attention to this." Ma Chunzheng and others are all ready to observe.

At the thought of weren't selfish, got up and left a few people are surly. To say, their entire village is Yang Er's enemy. If Yang Er really intends to retaliate, the Wu sisters and brothers will certainly not escape in the end. I hope they can think of this and will not do anything bad to the village.

But at the thought of the intelligence quotient of the two sisters and brothers, everyone basically gave up hope.

The next morning, as usual, the crowd gathered at the entrance of the village. They waited a long time to see the Wu sisters and brothers. When the last person arrived, they happened to bring a message from Wu Meili and could not say.

Knowing the inside story, Jing Lin's face suddenly became strange. Yesterday, they also said that they would look at it again. Unexpectedly, there was an action so soon?

"Then what shall we do? Still going?" Ma Chunzheng approached Jing Lin and asked in a low voice.

"Go first." Jing Lin Road.

Ma Chunzheng and others got on the bus uneasy.

Soon after they left Jing Lin, Ma Renshan, an early riser, also came to the walled hut with a book in his hand. Since the villagers went to the county town to collect things, he would take turns on duty every day with several healthy old men in the village and stay here after they left.

After reading a book for a while, Wu Meili suddenly appeared in front of the hut and said hello to him stiffly with a smile: "Uncle Ren Shan, please come out and I have something to ask you."

Ma Renshan closed his book and wondered, "Beautiful, did you not go to the county seat today?"

Ma Chunzheng did not tell Ma Renshan about the abnormality of the two sisters and brothers. It was also because the old man was not able to hide his emotions and was afraid of revealing them. Another one did not expect that the two sisters and brothers would suddenly stop going. He did not give a message the day before. Therefore, Ma Renshan went out of the hut without any precaution against Wu Meili.

He went out of the hut, haven't heard what Wu Meili said, a sharp pain in the back of the head, his eyes flashed incredible, eyes closed, suddenly fell to the ground, passed out.

Behind him, Wu Jianxiong stood nervously with a wooden stick in his hand. He was a unintelligent, even if he knew that his former brother-in-law had brought a woman back and wanted to hit people angrily, it was just a bluff. At the moment his hands were shaking a little, and he said to Wu Meili, who was still standing still, "Look at him and see if he is still angry."

Wu Meili crouched down, sniffed out Ma Renshan's breath and patted his chest: "Still alive."

Then the two sisters pulled out the rope they had brought, tied Ma Renshan together, stuffed his mouth with rags and tied it to both sides, and put the man back into the hut.

Wu Meili grabbed his finger nervously and asked Wu Jianxiong, "Are you sure Zhu Xianshi and his team will come in a little while?"

They dare not take Ma Renshan to hide elsewhere, because there are big cats patrolling. These cats are very smart. If they find Ma Renshan's abnormality, they will inform others soon, and then their actions will be discovered. Yesterday, they told Yang Er about the duty in the village, because Zhu Xianshi wanted to take advantage of their absence during the day to get rid of the strange animals in the village first, and when Jing Lin came back in the evening and caught turtles in a jar, they could stun one Ma Renshan, but not necessarily the second, so yesterday he said it was best to come as early as possible.

Speaking, Yang Er came to ask them about Jing Lin on the first day. They were still a little hesitant and did not say anything. But when they left, Yang Er said Jing Lin had offended Zhu Xianshi, who would definitely retaliate back before leaving. At that time, all the people around them would not be able to get well. He also said that the Xianshi would soon leave here and there was no servant to wait on him.

Yang Er said that he was also a servant. He said that his career as a servant has a bright future. It is not a problem to live a long life after he follows Master Zhu. Because the status of the Master is high, many people admire and yearn for him. These servants who serve the Master are also highly respected. In a word, he just said that his job of serving people was a high-level job. This job was mostly done by people. They had the same qualifications as brothers and sisters. However, if they showed sincerity and their own recommendation, 100% of them could be selected by the immortal teachers. From then on, they would leave this small mountain village, no longer worry about food and drink, and rise to the top.

The Wu sisters and brothers were short-sighted, and they did see that Yang Er, who was close to Zhu Ren, was somewhat proud. In addition, they had already had a bad relationship with Jing Lin. They were delighted to learn that he had offended Zhu Xianshi and that he, including his family, would suffer a bad fate. So in a few words, Yang Er let Wu Meili, who was looked down upon by his family, and Wu Jianxiong, who always felt frustrated and looked down upon by the villagers, soon became passive.

Wu Meili thinks more than Wu Jianxiong. She knows Wu Jianxiong's lazy nature. He certainly can't do this job of serving people. Both of them stay with the Immortal. He estimates that he will be rejected by the Immortal within two days. And she, as a woman, looks much better than most women now because she does not lack food and drink in the village, her life is fine, and her appearance is fine. If the Immortal sees her then, it will be better to live with the Immortal. At that time, mom and dad will compliment her hard, Wu Jianxiong had to look at her life, she wants to how Cuo Cuo Cuo Cuo, they still can't resist.

Dreams are becoming more and more beautiful. If no one wakes up, they will only sink deeper and deeper. Wu Meili seems to have seen the day when she will turn over and dominate over her family.

The two sisters and brothers stood trembling at the door, unaware that they had not been able to leave the village for a while. They let the rest of the village go to the city as usual. He and Yan Fei, the Ma brothers and Zhao Shaogan all turned back, hid the car in a bush, quietly came to the front gate of the wall and jumped in.

The place where they jumped was just a distance away from the hut, and it was on the back of the hut. Jing Lin, a god, looked over and saw the Wu sisters and brothers peering through the wall gate, and Ma Renshan, who was knocked unconscious and tied up and thrown to the ground.

Scene in the face a cold, quietly walked up. His footsteps were silent and he came to the back of the two sisters and brothers. He took his hand as a knife and lifted it up and dropped it. The two siblings, like Ma Renshan, did not respond to anything and were stunned with an incredible expression.

Ma Chunzheng was looking at the father who fainted and kicked the sister and brother bitterly."I'll settle accounts with you when it's over!"

Zhu Ren, who was already on the way, sat in his rickety car and asked lazily, "Are you sure they will still go to town in Jing Lin?"

"Sure." Yang Er said with absolute certainty that his tone was full of contempt, "How can you not collect more for such a large area?" In his view, Jing Lin is still a small family. He has so many skills in his hand. Why should he work so hard to join a force casually? Why should he worry about not having a good day? He refused to be wooed by others on the high side. However, if Jing Lin is a hypocrite, and he is fishing for big fish in the long run in order to retreat, then his ambition is quite big.

Zhu Ren smiled coldly. He and Wei are really enemies. For those who make friends with Wei Zhen, they are enemies in his eyes. Since Jing Lin chose Wei Zhen, he doesn't mind killing him before he grows up completely.

The car lurched to Jing Lin's village, probably accustomed to arrogance, and Zhu Ren's route did not make any cover.

He wanted to catch turtles in a jar, but he did not know who was the jar and who was the turtle in the end. They were the only ones to blame. It was not good who to look for, but the Wu brothers and sisters.

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