The next day the big guy went to the county town to collect things. Separated, Wu Jianxiong took the heart has unwilling eyes staring at the scene in the back.

The Ma brothers looked at each other without trace.

Jing Lin met people who came to woo him almost every day in the county town these days, without exception he politely refused.

No matter when, he just wants to keep his family alive. He doesn't value power or anything.

On the way, they also saw Zhu Ren driving his car around the county seat, causing others to envy him.

As a co-opted member, Shi Lei prepared lunch for the four of them from the first day. For the first time, they could not refuse directly, but after eating, they took the corresponding materials to Shi Lei's people to exchange for lunch. After that, Shi lei understood and did not prepare lunch for them without any more self-determination.

However, at noon this day, Jing Lin's four lunches were not dealt with with with dry food just like before. Today, they were invited by Wei Zhen to have lunch at Fangbei Base.

When Jing Lin entered Fangbei Base, Fangya was already waiting at the door, and he took them directly to the dining hall where the base managers ate.

Into a private room, there has been a table of food, a pint of meat and wild herbs. Wei really stood by the door, watching them coming and guiding them to their seats.

They had been busy all morning and were in a hurry in the afternoon. Wei Zhen said, "let's eat first."

Jing Lin they also you're welcome, said the sound start began to concentrate on eating. They don't eat slowly, but the way they eat is not ugly. Although this table is not seasoned with delicious green vegetables, it is also good for several people who are not happy with meat.

Instead, Wei Zhen dropped his chopsticks after eating a few mouthfuls. People like them used to be needed by the country, but now the country needs them even more. They basically have high-quality special supplies for food and clothing. Over the past few years, for master's running around, he hasn't eaten any ordinary food. it's just that the table in front of him is very rich in food, staple food, condiments and side dishes. although it hasn't deteriorated, it has been put for a long time. compared with the past, it tastes much worse and contains more impurities. he really can't force himself to eat more.

When several of Jing Lin began to drink soup, Wei Zhen opened his mouth and asked Jing Lin, "I don't know what Mr. Jing learned in the array and what kind of school did he follow?"

Jing Lin put down the soup bowl, wiped his mouth with the paper towel beside him, and said truthfully, "I don't know about this. I was taught by an old man."

Hearing this, Wei Zhen's eyes brightened. "I beg your pardon, but I don't know what the surname is?"

Jing Lin hesitated, thinking of the three secret books and the experience of grandpa Zhang's transformation, he did not answer.

When Wei Zhen saw this, he did not ask, but said: "I studied in Xuantianmen, and my family teacher is the 86th generation disciple of this discipline. I used to hear my family teacher say that he had a younger brother named Zhang who was stranded among the people and had not been seen for many years. more than ten years ago, my family teacher asked him to calculate his divination. the divination teacher said that he had passed away."

In the scene to make micro, exactly didn't speak.

Wei Zhen saw that Jing Lin was cautious and stopped talking about this topic. Instead, he began to discuss with him some knowledge of array. In terms of talent, Wei Zhen is not as good as Jing Lin, but in terms of experience, Jing Lin has a lot to learn. the more they talk about it, the more speculative they are. but for Jing Lin's busy afternoon, Wei Zhen would not have let him go.

When he left, Wei Zhen looked at Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen again and said, "I see you two have entered the martial arts, and are already forged. Martial arts are acquired. if you want to enter the Tao, you can go to m province. the martial arts families in m province are the major inheritors of martial arts. they have a martial arts college. the two of you are qualified and can earn a place in the college."

The two Yan Lu didn't understand it very well, but they also recognized that there are more than two powerful people in the world. The martial artists in M province are specialized in this and went to learn from others. In short, it is beneficial.

Zhao Zhiwen said: "Thank you, Master Wei. We will go and see if we have the chance."

Wei Zhen nodded and sent four people out.

When Jing Lin and his entourage left, Wei Zhen called Fang Yazhou and said to him, "Go and see where Zhu Ren is and remind him that he will leave the day after tomorrow and stop running around."

The threat of man-eating flowers has been removed, and the vines brought back are almost collected. They do not need to stay any longer. Zhu Ren always goes his own way. This time the two work together, he has little request for Zhu Ren, so he just needs not to make trouble for him.

Fang Yazhou answered with a bitter face. Zhu Ren had a bad temper and had to be ridiculed every time he faced him. Captain Qu's body is not as good as Zhu Ren's. He was abducted for a few days and his body is still recuperating. Before these things were done by Captain Qu, they all fell on his head now.

Zhu Ren was standing in a dirty old warehouse at this time. If Jing Lin was here, he could see that this was the factory warehouse where they collected plastic films.

In one corner of the warehouse, a man was lying. The man's face was scratched by some sharp weapon. From his left forehead to his right chin, an oblique cut cut cut across the bridge of the nose ran through his entire face. The whole face was swollen and deformed. The bloody cut was exposed to the air.

In the other corner of the warehouse, a huge centipede lay prostrate. Its fierce eyes looked at the man bitterly for a while and then at Zhu Ren defensively.

After Zhu Renjin entered the warehouse, he looked away from the man in disgust at a glance. Instead, he kept staring at the centipede. His eyes were full of interest.

Liu Erkui knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Zhu Ren, begging in his mouth: "Immortal Master, please help Brother Ren? He is dying."

Zhu Ren snorted and laughed: "It's okay to save him, but what can he give me in exchange for his life?"

The weak hand of the man called Ren Ge slowly lifted and pointed to the centipede quiveringly. He is naturally a wise man. Although it is good to be spoiled by beasts, it is nothing compared with his own life. What's more, he will be like this. It is all caused by this beast.

So Zhu Ren raised his eyebrows, waved his right hand casually, and Yang Er standing behind him handed up a small green bottle. Zhu Ren took it, poured out a white pill from the bottle and said to Ren Ge, "Open your mouth."

Ren Ge opened his mouth.

Zhu Ren pointed a bullet and the pill entered Ren Ge's mouth smoothly. Pills entrance, Ren Ge against the tongue haven't feel the taste, feel the pill has changed, down his throat into his five zang-organs, originally groggy head, suddenly awake a lot, as if hands and feet have strength.

His eyes suddenly became hot and he looked at Zhu Ren with burning eyes.

Zhu Ren did not know how much he looked at this kind of look. He lifted his chin and pointed to the centipede as if he had not felt it."This beast has extraordinary strength. How did you, as an ordinary person, let him recognize the Lord? Now that it has recognized you as the Lord, how did it hurt you?"

Ren Ge has taken Zhu Ren as a potential follower, and when he heard this, he said it out in full detail.

Ren Ge was originally just a person from a small village under the county seat. Because of his always powerful ways of doing things, he did not show up before. After the world went wrong, the villagers gradually followed him in their plight. Once he led the villagers into the mountain to look for food and came across this centipede, which was injured in the spider war and could not move. He wanted to kill the centipede at that time, but in the process of capture, the struggling centipede stabbed him. A drop of his blood fell on the head of the centipede, and the blood immediately disappeared into its head. At that moment, Brother Ren felt that he had a very strange connection with the centipede. It was the fetter from deep in the blood. Subconsciously, the weak one suddenly stood on top of the centipede. He can command centipedes, centipedes can only obey him.

Later, with this centipede, Ren Ge's prestige grew in the surrounding villages. Some people who were afraid of him left the village, and naturally others came to him. The latter was more than the former. So he no longer satisfied with a few small villages, he took several men and a large centipede into the county seat, killed the person who occupied the most powerful primary school at that time, and took over the entire base.

Scolopendra is very bloodthirsty. Its food is mutant animals, but Ren Ge can't take it to find mutant animals every day. So when a base crowd rushed to him and shouted at him one day, he had the man dragged away and fed him to the centipede.

After that, the centipede went out of control and became addicted to eating people. In this troubled time, the most important thing is probably people. The centipede found "food" that could be eaten. Ren Ge also felt that it was convenient not to run outside every day. He always prepared food for the centipede in advance. He was like an elder who spoiled the younger generation and let the centipede choose what he liked to eat.

As the centipede eats more people, its strength is higher. Later, Ren Ge felt the centipede's impulse to resist him from time to time in his blood, and felt a faint tendency to overwhelm him. He wanted to stop feeding it.

But it's too late to stop. Scolopendra needs to eat regularly every day. A little later, it will become manic and even crazy. Several of his own people have been eaten, including his most loyal younger brother.

At that time, the people in that primary school had been suppressed by him for a long time. Finally, under a management mistake, several people took advantage of the loopholes to upset the balance of the base. A large-scale conflict broke out in the base. Many of his people were killed, and the people in the base had almost escaped. Moreover, when he suppressed the centipede, he was scratched on the face by the manic centipede with its tail.

The injury almost killed him without medical treatment or medicine. Some of the men collected halfway also switched to others. Yang Er was one of them. He was lucky enough to follow Zhu Ren's path.

Liu Erkui urged him to go to Yang Er when he was desperate and dying, but he still hesitated. He was brought here by Liu Erkui. After the centipede once again tried to resist him and was pressed down by his will, he finally listened to Liu Erkui's advice and decided to go to Zhu Ren.

Zhu Ren, after listening to this, did not expect this person named Ren to be so ruthless, but such a person is also a good knife if he uses it well. Then he turned his eyes on the centipede, looked at its red eyes and the bully in its fundus, and smiled with satisfaction: this centipede, which is fed by human flesh, is hostile and can't be underestimated. once it is used properly, it is also a god killer.

However, he frowned again, thinking in his heart that those members of the association all claimed to be decent. centipedes are naturally evil and should be killed. if they are to be used later, they can only be used secretly.

The musty smell in the warehouse was mixed with bloody smell and very unpleasant. Zhu Ren could not stay for a while and left the warehouse soon.

On the way, he happened to meet Fang Yazhou who came to see him. When he heard that he was leaving the day after tomorrow, Zhu Ren frowned crossly. This time out, his role is only auxiliary, in business he will listen to Wei Zhen, don't listen to the words of the Wei Zhen back supposed to make a small report to the association, now everywhere is the time of choose and employ persons, if he said for no reason want to stay for a few days, but easy to cause Wei Zhen doubt.

After Fang Yazhou left, Zhu Ren turned to Yang Er and said, "What have you done about what you were asked to inquire about?"

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