Although the two streets gave them ten days, the next day, except for the furniture and other things that were not easy to move out of the streets, all the other things that could be collected were collected almost by the people, and the people began to move to the community left behind.

When they were busy collecting materials in Jing Lin, Zhu Ren also led people around the street where man-eating flowers once took root.

He is looking for Nedan, the man-eating flower.

Experience is on the one hand, Zhu Ren agreed to come to this county, the biggest reason is also because the severe variation of animals and plants are basically have Dan, like man-eating flowers, the Dan level is top grade, whether it is back to the association of refined pharmacists refined into Dan medicine to eat, or to auction, can get good returns.

When I first came, Zhu Ren discussed with Wei Zhen about Neidan's problems, half of them alone.

But when he woke up, Wei Zhen told him that Neidan, the man-eating flower, had been blown to pieces.

After searching for two days in a row, Zhu Ren had to give up. At the same time, he was bitterly disappointed. For Wei Zhen, Zhu Ren naturally did not believe it. Neidan had to be cut with psychic force. Even if the grenade had substances aimed at mutating animals and plants, it would be impossible to crush Neidan with this force. Therefore, he believed that the Neidan was actually possessed by Wei Zhen. The accomplishments of Wei Zhen's master have been stagnant for decades, and the life expectancy is only two years. If it is not advanced, it will only be reduced to a few pieces of loess. However, if the medicine refined by Neidan of good quality is used, it can help him advance and prolong his life again. Before the end of the world, Wei Zhen had been wandering around all the year round looking for spiritual plants for his master. However, he found nothing. It was also this time that he heard that man-eating flowers were so powerful that he came with the aim of having top-grade Neidan.

For all these reasons, Zhu Ren thinks it is absolutely normal for Wei Zhen to take Neidan privately.

"Xianshi, what are you going to do now?" A man with a slender small eye and an unsophisticated face gathered around Zhu Ren and asked him carefully.

When I saw the younger brother who had just been admitted these few days coming up gallantly, Zhu renzheng was in a bad mood when he kicked people down with one foot and said gloomily, "ask the last 30 people again. does he not know how to do it? He and Wei Zhen look like a family and may have been embezzled by him."

The man with slender eyes has already got up from the ground. He is hanging his head. Hearing Zhu Ren's words, he clapped his dusty hand for a moment and then replied, "I'll go and find out."

Zhu Ren impatiently replied, then ignored the small-eyed man, thinking about how to compare with Wei Zhen. Just like the people who took part in the flower extermination, they were also paid, but they were not living materials. Even in the last days, they would not be short of these things. There were more gifts handed over by people who please them. Their rewards were all things that could help them to practice. These were also distributed according to the credit. This time, he was nearly killed. He might not get the reward, but he was saved by Wei Zhen. I have to say that this made Zhu Ren very unhappy.

Besides, after leaving Zhu Ren's side, the little-eyed man went to the streets where the villagers were concentrated. On the way, he met a man with a full face. The man saw the little-eyed man and immediately ran to him: "Yang Er, where is this going?"

Yang Er squinted: "Liu Erkui, why are you here? Where is Brother Ren?"

Liu Erkui said: "Brother Ren has a fever again. I'll come out and find him some antipyretic."

When Yang Er heard of it, he said, "I have it there. You wait for me at the gate of the base in the evening and I'll show it to you. Also, you still advise brother ren again. although he has a big guy, that guy is crazy and even bites him. he can't tame it. he might as well give it to the fairy master, who will certainly treat him well."

Liu Erkui said: "I've been trying to persuade him. The animal wants to hurt him again today. He has shaken up a bit. I think he will be able to make up his mind in a few days."

"Well, tell me when the time comes and I'll introduce you." Yang Er said, "I have something to do for the Immortal Master. I'll go first."

After saying goodbye to Liu Erkui, Yang Er went directly into a residential area and saw a man and a woman quarrelling.

The woman was yelling at the man, "why don't you go fight with that Jing Lin because you are so good? If you are compared with others, you will know that you are in a rut. What's the use of bullying me except by your parents?"

Hearing this, the man angrily pushed the woman to the ground: "you are a woman abandoned by other men and have the face to say me? Even his own men can't keep it, and he runs back to his mother's family to eat and drink for nothing every day!"

The woman got up from the ground and went up to pluck up the man's messy hair. hysterically, she said, "I eat for nothing and drink for nothing? Did I feed all the food I brought back to the dog?"

The reason for their quarrel is unknown to Yang Er, but it does not prevent him from learning from their words that the two knew Jing Lin.

Find the person you are looking for, Yang Er maliciously hook corners of the mouth, strode towards the two.

Wu Meili and Wu Jianxiong are on the ground into a ball, suddenly saw a pair of leather shoes stopped in front of the two people, immediately stopped action, involuntarily have to move up the line of sight along the pair of leather shoes.

"Excuse me, do you know Jing Lin?"

When Wu Meili and Wu Jianxiong looked at each other, Wu Meili straightened his tangled hair and said, "Yes, what happened to our village?"

Yang Er's eyes are smiling, but the smile does not bring any temperature: it is good to know him. He has never forgotten his eldest brother's hatred.


After the streets were closed that day, Jing Lin and other villagers were still waiting at the entrance of the county seat. Everyone went back together. On the way, Jing Lin was disturbed by the sight of the Wu sisters and brothers who had been sneaking around.

The two men also don't know why, always staring at him, when he looked at the past, they quickly move their eyes, eyes still have some thoughts he doesn't understand.

Because Jing Lin frequently raised eyebrows, many people in the same trade discovered it. Everyone knew the feud between Wu Guhe and Jing Lin. Many people crowded out the two siblings and blocked Jing Lin's view with their cars and bodies.

Wu Meili and Wu Jianxiong look even worse.

Yan Fei looked at the two men with a straight face."What are you looking at?"

Wu Jianxiong is a little afraid of Yan Fei, but so many people have emboldened him. He is not afraid of what Yan Fei dare to do to him, so he said with a strange voice, "I didn't look at you again. I can't see the way."

Zhao Zhiwen glared at him and turned to Jing Lin and said, "Ignore them, you two mental derangements. I guess you are jealous." When Jing Lin was admitted to university, the ng ka-jen looked so gloomy every time he saw Jing Lin during that time.

Jing Lin nodded, but his heart was still uncomfortable. The two siblings' malice was too obvious.

After pulling things back, after eating, while Yan Fei was burning bath water, Jing Lin went out. He went to Ma's house and asked them who the Wu sisters and brothers had contacted during the day.

"I didn't pay attention to this." Ma Chunzheng was saying, "Everyone is busy collecting things, and there are too many moths between the two sisters and brothers. The Mi Chong in Wu Jianxiong is too heavy to take an empty box and it takes too long to collect things. Wu Meili quarreled with him and everyone looked at him with annoyance and didn't want to go with them."

At the beginning, Ma Chunzheng and the Wu sisters and brothers were not far from each other. Listening to their quarrels and headaches, they went to another place and met once at the end of the day when they came back in the morning and at night.

Ma Chunzheng is asking, "Do they have any questions?"On the way back, they all saw the little movements of the two siblings.

Jing Lin frowned: "It's nothing. Well, in the next few days, please ask Brother Ma to work hard and watch these two people for me."

"This is no problem." Ma Chunzheng is a promise, although hinder him to concentrate on collecting materials, but by Jing Lin so many help, this little help is must help.

Jing Lin thanked him, then went to Li Feiyu's house and Zhao Shaogan's house, asking them to help him too. He found these houses with tight mouths and close ties with him. After he made the request, the other side also agreed.

After returning home, Yan Fei was bathing Lele. Jing Lin stood at the edge of bathroom door and looked at him. He told him the situation by the way.

However, Jing Lin was still not at ease and said, "I'll try higher-order array symbols later."

Yan Fei said, "Well, I'll watch over you." By the way, practice how to get the divine shield out again.

The last time Jing Lin practiced vanity high-order array symbols, the aura would collapse at the first array point. Now he has entered the fourth layer. His perception of aura is more sensitive than before. His range of divine knowledge has not increased, but he is much stronger. This made it especially easy for him to hit high-order array symbols this time, but after trying it again, a high-order array symbol was completed.

Then Jing Lin found a problem, Vanity High Order Matrix, which he can now complete. After he took out a piece of paper with a small stock, the paper was damaged because it could not bear its spiritual power when it was halfway through the painting.

"What is going on?" Yan Fei watched Jing Lin's things at any time. It was strange to see that the paper was suddenly broken.

"The quality is not good." Jing Lin said, then he remembered Wei Zhen's jade, touched his chin and said, "I don't know where is the jade shop in the county town? I want to collect some and try to use jade as a medium.

Yan Fei thought for a moment and said, "We don't have any. We should collect them at other bases. If you don't ask Shi lei tomorrow, you can exchange things with him."

Jing Lin also nodded: "Well, if there is one, please change one and try it back."

After hitting the high-order array symbols, Jing Lin drew a set of high-order defensive array symbols, and then drew a set of frequently practiced killing array symbols, ready to surround his own house and set up a large array medium array. When the defensive array is broken, those who break the array will be immediately surrounded by kill array.

Kill array Jing Lin has been practicing some low-level techniques. In fact, kill array is almost the same principle as the dreamland created by man-eating flowers. However, because this array is lethal, Jing Lin generally does not want to arrange it.

This world has aura, and naturally it has evil spirit. Like Jing Lin, the process of seizing aura during their cultivation is actually a process of selecting Qi. The Qi in each person's body is a mixture of spirit and evil. The body is good or bad, but it depends on which has the upper hand. After entering kill array, people with evil spirits will be stimulated and guided by the special track of the array, thus creating illusion in their minds and affecting the whole person's mind.

The Wu sisters' eyes in the evening always gave him a feeling of uneasiness, so he could not help but draw this symbol for the safety of his family.

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