On the way to the county seat today, it was not as quiet as the last time. I could not see any other people before, but today I met several strangers who were driving to the county seat, either riding bicycles or carts, and were driving to the county seat with grunts and grunts.

When we got to the county seat, the places where the materials were collected were different. Jing Lin four separated from the others in the village.

Before, because of man-eating flowers, it had eaten all the mutating plants and animals that existed in the territory covered by it at the beginning, but they were not covered by it. Also, because several bases in the county town were to be developed, dangerous mutating plants and animals were almost destroyed, so now the county town, in fact, is still quite safe, and Jing Lin they don't need to worry about the safety of the villagers.

Looking at some of Jing Lin's retreating figures, Ma Chunzheng said, "Er, my father did not allow me to go at all, otherwise I could go with them now. I heard that the streets left for the volunteers had much more supplies than ours."

The amount of materials in each street is different, and when several bases are divided, they are divided according to the amount. The bases are all the best. The scenery is a bit inferior to theirs, and the other villagers are much worse. Moreover, the number of people they can go in to collect materials is 100. Which like them, a street a district, the surrounding villagers can come.

This is also the reason why several bases in the county have set aside streets for the people who took part in the flower extermination. It is hoped that if there is any crisis in the county next time, more people will take part in it. Therefore, the people who did not take part in it will be envied.

When Jing Lin and Yan Fei arrived at the street reserved for volunteers, many people were waiting there. The time to enter the streets has not yet come, many volunteers have not come, and several entrances are still being guarded. Although the guards are from Wei Zhen faction, they are actually from several bases and come from different forces. Wei Zhen did this also to protect the interests of the volunteers and prevent the base from stealing, so that they can supervise each other and this situation can be avoided.

Some of the 100 volunteers who took part in the campaign were replaced by their families because of serious injuries. After the personnel arrived and the guards checked the list, the streets were opened, and the people who had been rubbing their hands for a long time rushed in in an instant.

These streets are only open to them for ten days. After ten days, they will be divided up and taken over by some bases. They will begin to assign the county residents to live in and redistribute houses. Then they will become the objects of ownership. Therefore, the big guys will seize the time to collect as much as they can.

Soon after they entered Jing Lin, Fang Yazhou came in with people in his car. The car jumped off more than 20 people and began to clean up the man-eating flowers and vines scattered in the street. These vines remained fresh after the death of the man-eating flowers and did not wither in the hot weather. When Wei Zhen leaves, he will take some of them with him to the Capital Research Institute for research. Others will be collected and stored in Fangbei Base. If it is useful, he will send someone to pull them back.

This matter was really entrusted to Fang Yazhou. After Fang Yazhou wanted to think about it, he let people drive to this street directly. When the people were unable to walk because of the vines on the ground, they were very grateful to see the road surface cleared by these people.

Fang Yazhou warned: "Hurry up, this place will have to be shut down in the dark."

When Jing Lin was halfway through their collection, Shi Lei suddenly arrived.

He is here to look for Jing Lin.

When Shi Lei and knife elder brother appeared in front of several Jing Lin, they both had sweat on their heads. Shi Lei, as the actual ruler of Dawn Base, was also very busy. As soon as Jing Lin arrived, the men who had been paying attention to the movement came and told him. He and Dao came by bike, but cars entering the street can only be put outside. In order to find Jing Lin as quickly as possible, they ran along the road to find it.

After he came in, he took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed one to each of the three men except Yan Lu.

It is rare to smoke now. Although Jing Lin does not smoke, he did not refuse. He can bring it back to Zhao Chenghuai.

Shi lei could not have come to him for no reason. this gesture of handing out cigarettes was meant to show kindness, so Jing Lin directly asked, "what can I do for you?"

Shi Lei smiled and pointed to several tricycles they had placed in the shade of the store door. He said, "Your home is not close to the county seat, is it? This car is so small, how much can you pull back and forth on one trip?"

Jing Lin looked at him with incomprehension.

"In this way," said Shi Lei, "I heard Dao say that you have come to our base to trade goods and materials. We are also acquaintances. I can temporarily make room for you to put goods and materials. You can collect them and put them to me first. When the street is closed, you can slowly pull them back." He also promised, "Don't worry, I won't move anything if you leave it with me."

"why?" Jing Lin asked.

Shi lei himself took a cigarette in his hand and didn't light it. "nothing, just want to make friends with some people," he laughed.

At the end of the day, he and Dao didn't succeed. they were both knocked out of their dreams, but one of his men followed them in. from his mouth, he knew that the four men in front of him were all of first-class and first-class skills: the couple was extremely strong, the tallest man was the best in fighting skills, and the most handsome one, that is, the young man who was talking to him in front, was also able to use magic array. It was mainly because of him that everyone finally survived.

At the thought of the array, Shi Lei's eyes flashed when he heard that Wei Zhen admired him very much.

This news is not only known to him, but also to people in other bases. Today, he will find them one step faster than others. I believe that after a while, other bases will send people to woo them.

However, there are only a few of them. In fact, the focus is still on the scene.

When Shi lei was thinking like this, two people suddenly came in at the door. Shi lei turned to look at him and said, "hey, Xiang Shao is here."

Xiang Zehua smiled: "Uncle Lei is still a step faster."

Shi lei smiled, "hurry up and take exercise."

Xiang Zehua walked up to the four and said, "Hello."

When Jing Lin looked at each other, Yan Fei said, "What can I do for you?"

Xiang Zehua said what he had come for, meaning exactly the same as Shi Lei.

"Isn't this cheating?" Zhao Zhiwen said. The reason why people are sent to guard and open and close the streets regularly is to ensure everyone's fairness in material collection to the greatest extent possible.

Xiang Zehua said, "But the journey is far and near, and people who are far away spend more time on the journey, so it is not very bad?"

The young man behind Xiang Zehua said: "You don't have to worry about this. The guards only care about the opening hours in the morning and evening. They don't care about the way. You may not know that although some volunteers came by themselves, their friends and family have been watching in another place. They just need to pull the supplies there and turn back. This saves a lot of time and is not very different from our proposal."

After listening to his words, Jing Lin immediately felt that they were still too stupid. It turned out that they could still do this.

However, Jing Lin and others have no intention of being involved with various forces in the county seat. Dawn Base is the only one that has dealt with this area recently and has a good impression. Shi Lei alone has given him many bonus points for requesting support for this point. And they don't know Xiang Zehua, don't know how his character, they also really need such a temporary place to put supplies, so a few people to discuss, finally decided to choose dawn base.

Shi Lei then smiled slightly, glanced at Xiang Zehua's regretful expression, and said to Jing Lin, "Then I'll have people guard outside the street. When you go out, he will take you straight there."

In addition to these volunteers and people from Wei Zhen's side, other people in this street are generally not allowed to come in, and it is also because he was put in as a base ruler.

"Please." Yan Feidao.

Perhaps it is the reason why the vines of the man-eating flowers covered it before. When the flowers were destroyed before, when people entered the place covered by the man-eating flowers, they felt as if they had entered the air-conditioning room. Also because of this, Jing Lin found a lot of bagged and canned food, which had not deteriorated, and most of the things collected could be used.

They also found a shop selling red wine in Jing Lin. The decoration on Gaoda has been destroyed to pieces. The upturned floor and broken wine bottles have been scattered all over the floor. They picked out and collected the intact ones.

The three men's car soon filled up, especially Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu. Their strength was great. Both sides of the car were blocked with boards, and everything was piled high. If it weren't for fear that the tires wouldn't last, they still wanted to put things on it.

A few people went out along the way when they came, and as soon as they got out of the street, a boy who looked smart and middle school student came running up and greeted Jing Lin respectfully: "Is this Mr. Jing Lin?"

Jing Lin replied, "I am."

The middle school student knew about Jing Lin, so he went through the formalities and asked, then introduced himself: "it was chief Shi Ji who asked me to wait here for some people, and let me take some to the temporary warehouse."

Jing Lin nodded: "Please lead the way."

"Please follow me, several."

The middle school student was so respectful to them that they all felt very uncomfortable. Jing Lin sighed in his heart, knowing that this was the reason why he exposed the array.

Jing Lin they followed the middle school students to the temporary warehouse in the base, immediately surrounded by a dozen people, while helping them unload materials, while registering the materials. Within a few minutes, the three cars were neatly packed into different categories.

Then the middle school student handed the brochure to Jing Lin and smiled, "next, a few will just pull the supplies here directly. they will stay here all the time to sort out and register for a few."

Although it is a good thing to be respected, several people, especially Jing Lin, looked at the middle school students' respectful and courteous smile, and their hearts were still a little bitter. This is how old a child is.

They are all forced by life.

After leaving Dawn Base, Jing Lin said to several people, "Do you think Shi Lei is reliable? How about I tell him about the reunion and cooperate with him?"

Yan Fei knew that Jing Lin had always felt guilty about hiding the gathering of spirits. When he heard this, he said, "We'd better look at it again."

Jing Lin also knows, afraid that when this matter is said out, people with heart will know that the family will be destroyed. This matter can only be said after careful investigation. We cannot be so hasty.

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