After the break, when determining the number of people to move forward, the Xie brothers confirmed that they would follow everyone.

The total number is less than 30.

Out of the defensive array, with vines immediately launched an attack to all. The Xie family's two brothers reacted the slowest, and they also blocked countless attacks for them along the way.

Everyone walked on like this for about half an hour and came to the place where Wei Zhen and his family met last time.

Perhaps it is the reason that most people have spider toxins in their bodies. People look at me and I look at you and find that their expressions are quite normal.

Wei Zhen has been walking in the front, blocking most of the attacks for all. Seeing that everyone was still sober, he led everyone on. After passing here, he led the crowd to the right.

Fang Yazhou only knew that the man-eating flowers were rooted in a street in that area, but the exact location was not clear. Xie Shu did, because he had a close contact with the man-eating flower once, so he has a deep memory. He can still recall the street at that time. He watched Wei Zhen take them all the way to the right. He was puzzled and whispered to Jing Lin: "This is not the right way. I ran this way with my family to escape. This is the two opposite directions to the root of the man-eating flower. If we continue, we will only get farther and farther away from the man-eating flower. Aren't we going to go deep into its root?"

Hearing this, the scene in the immediately alert. He made a gesture and all the people around him stopped at once.

Jing Lin looked at Wei's back and called out to him, "Master Wei, you are going the wrong way."

Wei Zhen's dancing sword suddenly stopped, and the vines that had bared their teeth to him just a moment ago all quieted down, aiming at Wei Zhen's flower heads and moving all in one direction, looking in the direction where they were.

Everyone's pupil is a shrink, see the back to their motionless Wei Zhen, close to him all alert to retreat.

Wei Zhen turned around, eyes Yinzhi, corners of the mouth with a sneer, gentle looks no longer, gloomy strange, the whole person's temperament has changed.

Fang Yazhou stood in front of the crowd, his eyes wide open: "Master Wei?"

"He is in a dreamland," said Jing Lin. However, he was more inclined to believe that Wei's mind was really controlled by man-eating flowers than by falling into a dreamland.

I don't know when, Wei Zhen is no longer Wei Zhen.

Yan Feize said: "Without saying a word, he led us away from the street where the man-eating flowers took root. What is his intention or exactly what is the intention of the man-eating flowers?"

Yan Lu said, "Fear? Guard?"

Meanwhile, Wei Zhen had already moved. The sword that should have faced the man-eating flowers turned its direction and pointed at them.

He swung his sword to Fang Yazhou, the closest to him. Fang Yazhou knew the magic of his firm but gentle, and could hurt people from a distance, so he did not dare to be careless. He immediately dodged, but his arm was cut off a piece of meat, and he screamed with pain.

Many people knew that Wei was really good, so they ran away in a hurry and the team became confused.

Jing Lin drew out his dagger to meet him and said to the people around him, "Calm down and cover us."

After a brief panic, they returned to their original positions and continued to fight the tangled vines. Yan Fei withdrew from the team and went up to help deal with the vines that wanted to attack Jing Lin.

At this time, Wei Zhen seemed to have lost his sanity and had completely taken orders from the man-eating flowers. He is a monk, but after Jing Lin fought with him for a few moves, he knew that his body was as sensitive as his own, but because of the sword in the other hand, even though he was also very sharp in judging danger, but because Wei Zhen had countless vines to help him at this time, Jing Lin suffered a lot and looked a bit flustered. But this kind of situation, after Yan Lu come over, is much better.

Without Wei's help, others felt a lot of pressure when facing the vines. Everyone was attacked by more than a dozen vines in front of them at the same time. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu showed their true skills. After the whips in their hands were thrown off, the surprises were heard, and often a dozen vines were caught in a draught. Then they were dragged to the front with the stench. The flowers were all torn off when the other hand pulled hard.

Barbaric, violent, but very effective.


The dagger in Jing Lin's hand was swept away and thrown to the ground by the vines. He quickly pulled out the cactus thorn at his waist. An attacker took it down, and cold light swept through his eyes. He raised his hand against a block. Iron collided with a bone weapon, making a crunchy sound. The strength of the two men collided with reiki and were separated at the same time. However, Wei Zhen wanted to retreat even more. When he was looking at falling to the ground, the vine resisted his back, propped him up and launched another attack on Jing Lin.

Scene in the air mass between the eyebrows unconsciously spin up, a little and a little spirit force was he unconsciously pulled out from the body attached to the cactus thorn, faint flashing light, silvery white, green, purple but like red.

Holding such cactus thorns, Jing Lin felt that Wei Zhen's sword was no longer a threat. He trusted Yan Fei with his back and his ability to protect himself. He concentrated on dealing with Wei Zhen.

Perhaps Jing Lin, with the help of God, played Wei Zhen back again and again, or perhaps he manipulated Wei Zhen to the limit of cannibalism. When Jing Lin stabbed him again, Wei's body suddenly became convulsive. His sword fell to the ground suddenly, covering his head and shouting painfully.

Jing Lin's wrist turned over and changed the sting to a split, trying to knock Wei Zhen dizzy. But before his hand fell on Wei Zhen's neck, a few vines suddenly caught Wei Zhen's legs and threw them into the sky. the mid-air Wei Zhen was supported by layers of vines. they moved rapidly and soon disappeared in front of the crowd with Wei Zhen. at this time, the vines seemed to reveal their real fangs. they no longer launched attacks or counterattacks, and the vines with flowers cut off no longer shrank. they crisscrossed each other, forming dense nets one after another, and began to close quickly toward the center of the crowd.

At the net, Long Zhang slashed down and the net broke, but another net came up again. In this way, regardless of whether they will be eaten by the flowers, the net alone will be enough to strangle them.

A net came close to Xie Wen, and a flower wrapped his head in an instant.

"ah!" Xie Wen shouted in fear, reaching for the petal, but could not tear it.

"Eldest brother!" Xie Wen was surprised and immediately waved his knife and cut off the flower.

Jing Lin heard Xie Wen give out a slight "snow" sound, is that piece of defensive character pieces.

The concerned Xie Shu touched his eldest brother with his head still in existence and pulled out the flowers on his head with the help of others. He saw several tooth marks on his forehead and also in his scalp.

The surrounding net is more and more thick, and the vines begin to twist themselves into strands and weave into nets one after the other. once they are cut down, they cannot be easily cut off.

"Are we going to die here?" A man suddenly said softly, "Master Wei is gone."

When everyone looked distracted, they saw a young man, wait for a while, standing there calmly. Face a little familiar, scene in can't remember where I met.

Jing Lin split open the net and pounced on him. "Don't be stunned."

Then scene in sip sip lip, under the cover of Yan Fei, he took out a stack of vanity defense. This symbol is made of reiki. Some people present can see it, while others can't see anything. The people who saw it looked at him with amazement, but what they could not see was a blank face.

Jing Lin look particularly grim, "I know a kind of defense array, need eight people to do array point, a person to do array eye. These nine people, no matter how dangerous the situation is, must stick to the position I drew and keep their legs still. But I must tell you, this is my first attempt." His eyes swept quickly over everyone. "Do you believe me?"

"I believe it." Yan Fei said, no one knows better than him the ability of the scene.

"I believe it too." Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu said.

Xie Jia brothers and Cao Sanye, who knew Jing Lin well, also expressed their belief in his ability.

The middle-aged man with the spider said, "It doesn't really matter whether you believe it or not. Dead horses should be treated as living horses."

Many people agreed to nod.

So Jing Lin said, "Then, who would like to be one of these nine people?"

During the crisis, everyone looked at each other. The young man who made Jing Lin feel a little familiar said first, "I do."

"I'd love to." Cao Sanye said.

Long Zhang and Qiu Baobao resisted the net and shouted, "There is me."

"I'll come too." Liu blacksmith said.

"Count him in." The little girl pointed to the tall Han who had not said a word from beginning to end.

In the face of life and death, whenever there is a glimmer of hope for life, everyone does not want to give up. One after another, people keep saying that they are willing to be that one.

Jing Lin chose nine of these people who were more impressive and firm in temperament. Xie Shu was one of them.

When the personnel were selected, Jing Lin said, "Wait a minute, whoever I call will stand at the position I have designated. Remember, stand where you are and do not move. Now I'm going to start laying out the array and the others will cover us."

The space for the people to stay is constantly approaching by the net, getting smaller and smaller. The outermost area is the people who cover them. The nine people stand in the middle of the crowd, while the scenery is in between.

The defensive array to be arranged in Jing Lin is a small array with multiple independent defensive symbols. The defensive effect is doubled. This is his first attempt. The familiar rune trajectory has been transformed into the array trajectory. Jing Lin guides the aura, recites the pithy formula silently, and quickly calculates the first array point.

He gave a sharp drink: "Long Zhang!"

"here." Long Zhang reflexively replied, and then walked to the point designated by Jing Lin to stop. Later, Jing Lin slapped a defensive symbol on his back. He immediately felt a mysterious energy in his back, and his eyes widened slightly.

Soon, the second array point was calculated, Cao Sanye stood in the past.

Then the third, the fourth . . . the eighth, with the last tall fool standing in his own position, the array eye was completed, and the array was instantly formed.

The net made of vines cannot get close to them at once. Clearly, they are less than a finger away from the people on the edge, but they just cannot get close.

Everyone was relieved, but there was another problem. Don't they just stand here all the time?

At this moment, Jing Lin added: "If you believe me, I'll count one later. Everyone will take a step forward together, and the other foot will follow. I'll count two, continue to move forward, and the other foot will follow."

Long Zhang asked, "Which foot should I take first?"

"Whatever." Jing Lin said, "Have you all remembered?"

Everyone said in unison: "Remember."

"Good, ready!" Jing Lin commanded, "One!"

All of us, whether we stand as array lattice eyes or those who are surrounded by the nine people in turn, have taken a step together.

Law, also follow a step.

Jing Lin finally breathed a sigh of relief, "It's done."

Other people are also very happy that the array can move like this, which shows that as long as they keep doing so, they can definitely get out.

But thinking about the purpose of the trip, many people hesitated.

Jing Lin asked, "Now, are you going forward or backward again?"

After a moment of silence, Fang Yazhou, with his arm tied to a cloth torn by blood, said, "I want to move forward."

The middle-aged man said, "Back off at this moment, then we are not wasting our time these days."

As a result, the present scene has replaced Wei Zhen and become everyone's reassurance. Once again, everyone chose to go deep into the root of the cannibal flower.




In the county town occupied by man-eating flowers, there was a firm voice from men in the open city. The vines that had been wrapped around the floor buildings heard it. Some stayed where they were and some rustled like the tide ebbed away, winding away in the direction of the voice.

A street in the county seat, which had already been completely covered by man-eating flowers, showed its broken face, with a green ball moving constantly in the middle of the street.

They were standing in the sphere, surrounded by nets, and their sight was completely blocked. The identification of the road has been completely handed over to Xie Shu, because only he has been to the street where man-eating flowers take root, but he does not know the road sign and cannot tell the people what the name of the street is. He can only recall it through the appearance of the street shown by the limited distance within the sphere.

Suddenly, Xie Shu said excitedly, "I have found it!" He pointed to a tattered billboard that appeared at his feet." Li Ge noodle, I remember when I entered the street with my wife and children, the first one was this shop, looking for something to eat."

"Are you sure?" Fang Yazhou asked.

On the contrary, Xie Shu was not sure, "if this store has no branch, it should be."

"It should be here." The familiar young man said, "The birthday cake made by Li Jia is delicious. I ordered it once and there is no branch."

"Then walk another 20 meters and you will almost reach the place where the man-eating flowers take root." Xie Shu said.

"Keep going for ten meters." Jing Lin said.

After walking nearly ten meters, the crowd stopped and Jing Lin released his divine knowledge.

The gods passed through the vine net silently. Jing Lin saw the "ball" that wrapped them. One end of the ball was connected with countless vines. A few meters further along the vines, he saw the root of the vines.

It was a black and red meat ball, its surface was full of mucus, and countless worms crawled on it. The meat ball collapsed on the street, stirring regularly, and its front is countless bones, has been piled up into a hill, on the hill, there are still three people lying-Qu Zhengchao, Wei Zhen, and a scene in the don't know the young man.

They all remained motionless and did not know whether they were unconscious or dead.

Jing Lin's divine knowledge was suddenly covered by a layer of cold air. He was a tingle and quickly pulled it back and told them what he saw. He said: "I saw Captain Qu and Master Wei."

Hearing this, Fang Yazhou asked hastily, "How are they?"

"The body is in good condition." The man-eating flower loves to twist people's heads. Before he knew that Qu Zhengchao was waiting for his death, Jing Lin could only say so.

Yan Fei said, "Have you arrived nearby? But how do we get out?"

They were completely wrapped inside and the net could not be cut.

Fang Yazhou suddenly pulled out a grenade and said to everyone, "This is improved by the research institute. Some substances in the grenade can also cause great damage to the mutating plants and animals when it explodes. At present, I only have this one left."

Everyone was shocked by the grenade. Zhao Zhiwen said: "You don't want to use this to explode, do you? Then we have to all follow?"

Hearing this, Fang Yazhou had to withdraw the grenade in distress.

Jing Lin leaned out of his divine knowledge again. Jing Lin tentatively wandered around the meat ball. The meat ball obviously felt the temptation of Jing Lin's divine knowledge, but ignored him. Then Jing Lin felt that the meat ball's attention was all in the coma of the three men.

A vine suddenly appeared beside Qu Zhengchao, holding him up and slowly delivering him to the meat ball. Then Jing Lin watched the meat ball suddenly open its mouth and the red flesh rolled in it. Its mouth is very wide, just wide enough to swallow the shape of Qu Zhengchao.

Seeing that Qu Zhengchao was going to die, Jing Lin was in a hurry: it must be stopped!

He spread around the gods quickly closed, was compressed into a very fine, and then ruthlessly stabbed the meat ball.

Qu Zhengchao suddenly fell back to the bone heap mountain, shrill screams came along, Jing Lin brain feeling was severely beat, he quickly withdrew the gods, wobbly has been unable to stand. Or Yan Lu has been watching him, see this busy took him, found in the scene has no strength.

Yan Fei simply took him and sat down on the ground. He looked at him anxiously and anxiously: "Ah Lin?"

However, Jing Lin had fainted and did not respond to him. Yan Fei's nervous and worried heart suddenly ached.

Other people also don't know what happened, just look at the surrounding net kept shaking, middle-aged man with a knife, originally tough net immediately appeared a big hole, vines like broken rope, directly fell to the ground, follow-up to fill up the net.

"You can go out." Middle-aged man said, casually with thoughtful eyes glanced at faint scene.

The surrounding net was cut off one after another, and everyone finally saw the light again. Then everyone could see the situation clearly. The whole street was torn by vines. At the feet of the street were layers of scattered vines. Not far from the pile of bones, the black and red meat balls did not move.

Everyone saw clearly the appearance of the meat ball, which was disgusting. It was completely a mass of rotten meat with maggots on the surface, emitting a thick rotten smell. Several people could not help but start retching after smelling the smell.

The meat ball is like a radish growing out of the ground. The few remaining vines without flowers on the top are still waving at the crowd.

Is that it?

In the face of this situation, everyone stood blankly, looking at the scene near the coma, curious about what he had done.

"shua! shua!"

The two whips were thrown back and forth and hit the meat ball. The place where they were hit immediately spattered with mucus.

The meat ball stirred twice and seemed very angry. Then, as those in the array, they felt an invisible force constantly hitting themselves.

The body kept shaking, and finally Long Zhang was the first one who didn't stabilize. He leaned to one side, but others didn't hold him back. Without an array point, the array suddenly became unstable. With the continuous impact of that force, the tall Han, as an array of eyes, was finally thrown off.

The array collapsed and everyone was exposed to the unsafe environment at once.

Although the meat ball lost so many vines, it should not be underestimated. Only this moment, everyone's facial expression is confused, like I don't know when and where this evening.

A vine without flowers suddenly drew up at Yan Fei, aiming at the scene in his arms.

Yan Lu eyebrow eye winds, unarmed grabbed the vines, the two sides fighting even creak sound.

"Yan Fei." Fang Yazhou threw the grenade to Yan Fei while he was finally awake. Then he could no longer control it and collapsed to the ground covering his head with a face of pain.

After Yan Fei caught the grenade, another vine was drawn to Jing Lin's legs from another angle. Yan Fei rolled on the spot, grabbed it again, then held the two in the same hand and hung the grenade on his waist.

If changed Yan Lu, at this time the vines must pull but her. But Yan Lu already delirious, at this time is both hands powerless choke Zhao Zhiwen neck, again later, Zhao Zhiwen estimated strangled by her.

Other people also have more of this kind of situation, he is sometimes awake, sometimes trance, mind constantly struggle.

Xie Shu squatted on the ground with a full face of pain, but his mouth kept chanting: "I want to live, live . . ."

Even the animals showed a fierce look and attacked their delirious companions. The only ones who remained awake were Qiu Baobao and the tall fool except Yan Fei.

"You!" Yan Fei pointed at him, "Separate the fighters and knock them out if they don't obey." Then he said to Baby Qiu, "baby, stop dogs and cats and don't let them hurt others."

Seeing the grenade at his waist, Yan Fei added: "Take them away."

Han Gao Leng paused, stared at the little girl he held, then held her in his arms and walked to the distance. He put her down gently and walked towards some people who were in a ball. When he passed Yan Lu, he slipped her away with one hand and threw people away at a distance to the little girl.

Qiu Bao shook his tail and separated the fighting animals. He was afraid at first. When the big dog of Liu's blacksmith's family bit his tail, he became angry. He swished his tail a few times, beating all the disobedient animals up. Finally, he was pushed to Yan Lu's side with his tail.

This way, Yan Fei grabbed the vine, suddenly his eyebrows were hot, and he felt something rushed at him. He subconsciously released his divine knowledge to fight, immediately came into contact with the cold air, felt his existence, and it soon stuck up.

The eyebrows began to swell, it kept approaching, Yan Lu guess is this thing let Jing Lin coma in the past. His eyes were colder. He pulled the vine aside and picked up the whip Yan Lu had dropped there.


Whip out, caught a vine, Yan Fei will be closer, and then into the other hand, the rest of the several, Yan Fei all like this, all the vines on the meat ball tightly in his hand.

His arms were swollen and painful, and he had to resist the attack of invisible forces on his brain. Yan Fei's head began to ache like a needle under the high concentration of his spirit.

In less than a moment, he turned pale and covered in cold sweat.

He swung the whip again, rolled up all the vines he held, and then shouted to the tall silly man, "go back to the three men!"

The meat ball could not move. Invisible force had no effect on tall Han. The vines that could cause danger had been pinned down by him. At the moment, the edge of the bone pile was safe.

Hearing this, Han Gao walked over without any doubt, put Qu Zhengchao on his back, then left and right hands one by one, took his feet, dragged Wei Zhen and the other back all the way, and put them together with those who were knocked unconscious by him.

Yan Fei saw that he had put it away, and told him to carry Jing Lin back to him. Finally, he stopped at the same place, opened the grenade with his mouth and threw it at the meat ball.

The meat ball was aware of the danger, and the vines shook desperately, trying to strike their hands open, but Yan Fei grabbed them and could not escape.

The flames lit up and the rushing heat rushed straight at Yan Fei. Yan Fei had no time to run and could only turn around and throw himself on the floor. His back was so hot that he thought he could never die.

An invisible transparent cover enveloped him.

The fire disappeared and the dust cleared away. Yan Fei raised his head from the thick dust. He looked at his mask in surprise.

This was formed by his divine knowledge.

At this critical juncture, I didn't think he actually used his divine knowledge to protect himself.

When his heart was loosened, the cover suddenly burst and a sharp pain hit his head. He shook his head and it hurt even more.

"Ah Lin!" Yan Fei stood up unsteadily and walked towards the people buried in the dust with vain steps. He accurately pulled Jing Lin from the inside, brushed away the dust on his face, reached under his nose, felt his breath, and held him tight as usual.

"There they are!"

A loud cry, a corner of the street emerged many people. Yan Fei looked at the past. Many familiar faces inside were those who had stayed in the defense under Wei Zhen's arrangement.

When I saw them, I knew that the man-eating flowers were finally destroyed by them, and Yan Fei passed out safely.

When Yan Fei woke up again, two days had passed.

The last people they took part in were all placed in Fangbei Base. Among them, Yan Fei and Jing Lin slept for the longest time, which once worried Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu whether they could not wake up.

Yan Fei woke up and saw Jing Lin sitting beside him.

"Ah Lin!" Yan Fei hugged Jing Lin, "You scared me to death before." Without saying a word, Yan Fei passed out. Yan Fei was very frightened.

"I was startled by you, but I never woke up." Jing Lin stretched out his hand and hugged him, smelling the familiar smell belonging to his lover, and felt at ease.

At that time, he accidentally attacked the meat ball with his god's knowledge, causing the flowers and vines to die, but in this way, he also fainted due to the will of the meat ball. Not to mention Yan Fei's gods are weaker than he is, listening to Han Gao's words, finally he is alone to tangle with vines and resist the will attack of meat balls. I don't know how Yan Fei fought down at that time.

Because he knew at that time that the retreat was timely, and it would be good to keep him for a few days. He also returned to every cloud has a silver lining. After he woke up to run the mental method, he entered the fourth floor directly.

I don't know whether Yan Fei will be the same as him.

This time, Jing Lin and Yan Fei have made great efforts to eradicate flowers. However, because of this, people in the past know about the array of Jing Lin Hui.

Including Wei Zhen, who woke up long ago, sighing at crouching tiger and hidden dragon, to find a time to have a good discussion with Jing Lin.

Wei Zhen was completely unclear about what happened after he was controlled by the will of the man-eating flower. He said that he only remembered a sharp pain in his mind at that time and had been vague ever since. Wei Zhen speculated that because he had met with the man-eater flower twice, the man-eater flower knew that he was the leader, so he left the others alone and only attacked him with all his strength, which led to his situation and hurt Fang Yazhou behind him.

The reason why the man-eating flower controls Wei Zhen to take them away from the root is also because it feels dangerous and wants to devour Qu Zhengchao and others to advance quickly, but Xie Shu did not think of it. The meat ball of the man-eating flower is actually its newly evolved heart. Although it has a high will, the heart is very fragile. The strike in Jing Lin has already been materialized and directly penetrated into the heart, which led to its serious injury and subsequent attacks on them are powerless.

Also by this time, Jing Lin didn't know they saved Qu Zhengchao and others are still alive, but the body is weak temporarily can't come over, the strange man, is to come with Wei Zhen another brother-Zhu Ren.

For the rescued Zhu Ren, Wei is really very grateful. Based on Zhu Ren's background, if anything happens to him, it is really not easy for Wei Zhen to return. Zhu Ren's safe return has spared his worries. It was also because of this worry that Wei Zhen's will was flawed and he was hit by the cannibal flower.

After the man-eating flower was killed, the area it occupied during its lifetime had been jointly guarded by several bases. Before the second flower killing operation, they had divided their own interests. Each base had five to six streets, and the materials inside could not be touched except them.

Jing Lin volunteers who are not base personnel also have two streets and a small area for them to collect materials. The base personnel will not come in. There is also a street and a small area left to the residents around the county seat for them to collect. Of course, they have to collect. First of all, you need to know the news, how much can be collected, and it depends on personal ability and luck. If it is slower, it is not impossible for people from other bases to fish in troubled waters.

Now these two streets and communities have also been guarded by Wei Zhen's troops, waiting for Jing Lin and Yan Fei to wake up.

Now the two men wake up and Wei Zhen walks another day before they can enter.

Jing Lin and others rested for another day at the base. Yan Fei did exactly as Jing Lin had suspected. He took another step. Then Yan Fei told Jing Lin that he had accidentally discovered that the divine knowledge could form a protective cover, and he also wanted to perform on the spot. However, it was possible that the situation on that day was special and it was a matter of life and death before it was successfully stimulated. At the moment, no matter how hard Yan Fei tried, the divine knowledge was scattered.

Jing Lin tried and failed, which should be the reason why his body has not recovered.

Jing Lin several people in the county seat for so many days, the family are worried. When they got up early and returned to the village, their families had been waiting in the hut. Jing Lin heard Zhou Yu's excited voice: "are they Zhiwen and Ah Lin? Is that you?"

Zhao Zhiwen grinned and shouted, "Mom, it's us!"

Jing Lin quickly opened the door, and immediately his calf was caught. Lele's eyes were shining with tears and looked up at him.

Jing Lin rubbed his head and smiled: "Uncle is back."

Zhou Yu hugged Zhao Zhiwen and cried, "If you don't come back, your father and I will have to find you."

Zhao Zhiwen looked at his mother crying like this and blinked.

Yan Ruifeng and Zhou Feifei were more restrained, but their eyes were all red. Yan Ruifeng felt his son and his daughter and said heartily, "They are all thin."

Yan Lu smiled and said, "I think I have succeeded in losing weight."

The family was very happy to have them back. Zhou Yu said that they had eaten at her house at noon and had a good time.

The villagers were also concerned about the situation of Jing Lin. When they heard that they had returned safely, many people ran out of their homes to see them. Others regretted not following them. It was nothing but a reward.

Wu Jianxiong and his sister drew back from the crowd. When Yan Fei answered the neighbor's question, he caught Wu Jianxiong's envious eye.

Thinking of what he saw in the magic array, Yan Fei now felt extremely bad about the Wu Jianxiong family's senses. After returning to his cold sight, Yan Fei moved away indifferently.

Wu Jianxiong spat on the nearby ground. "Why not just make a mutant plant?"

Said, swearing to go back, Wu Meili also want to stay for a while he is not allowed, must force people to go together, "what's the good!"

Wu Meili choked back, "I don't see why you followed me out. I'm angry with you. I'm not jealous! If you are capable, then you should follow, or else a lot of people will compliment you at the moment."

Wu Jianxiong looks more ugly.

Wu Meili followed him slowly, staring at Wu Jianxiong's back. His eyes were full of pleasure of revenge. She had brought the food is almost finished, recently her mother's attitude to her is getting worse and worse, stay at home she does everything, all day long treat Wu Jianxiong as a big ye and don't have to be choosy. Now looking for a chance to stab him, the in the mind suddenly relaxed a lot.

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone has arrived at the same time, Jing Lin has given everyone the news that the county has specially reserved streets and residential areas to collect materials for the surrounding villagers, so that everyone they want to go to is ready to start tomorrow morning.

Everyone didn't expect to have this kind of welfare. They thanked the people who brought them the news and went back to prepare some things.

After lunch, Yan Fei went back to his home. Jing Lin went back with Lele. as soon as he opened the door, in addition to the duck that was always with Lele, the other three little members were waiting at the door.

At the sight of Jing Lin, Brown and Brown stood up on their hind feet and threw themselves into his arms like a little doll. They cried and cried. In the absence of Jing Lin these days, they want to die of it.


Quack squatted beside him, not as enthusiastic as brown and brown, but he followed each step of the scene, which was rarely sticky.

"but it's back, you're not here, these guys are turning over the roof." Su Zhen's tone was light, but the tip of her wagging tail honestly betrayed her true feelings.

Jing Lin held Su Zhen's big head and looked at it. then he shook his head: "didn't you take a bath after I left?"

Su Zhen immediately froze, the top of her tail did not move, and her face was struck by lightning. Can she still love each other?

Lele raised her hand beside her: "I help sister Su Zhen wipe with a towel every day."

Jing Lin pointed to Su Zhen's gray scales. "How is that still dirty?"

Su Zhen, who always prided herself on being very clean, widened her eyes and said, "You are dirty!"

Jing Lin looked at himself. "I am really dirty." After taking two baths on such a hot day in the county seat, he felt that he smelled rotten. he walked into the bathroom with his heavy Su Zhen in his hand. "I'll clean you up before I take care of myself."

Su Zhen, who was dragged away, hated bathing very much and felt that the snake was in darkness.

In the end, Su Zhen, who was washed clean by Jing Lin, was unable to stand on the mat, and the same Zong Zong washed clean by Jing Lin licked its hair beside it-Zong Zong was also a small dirty ghost. After Jing Lin washed himself clean, Su Zhen carried her big head to look at him, and her small eyes were very sad.

Jing Lin put aside the towel to wipe his hair and handed the pepper to his mouth. "ok, don't be angry?"

Su Zhen's tongue rolled up and the chili was swallowed by it. She moved her tail and said, "I forgive you for the time being."

A little while later, Yan Fei also came back. Almost all the clothes he wore in summer were on Jing Lin's side. Jing Lin said, "There is hot water in the pan."

Yan Fei rubbed his semi-dry hair. "I'll take a shower first."

In the evening, the two eat at home.

After Lele fell asleep, Yan Fei took Jing Lin into the room and rolled her arms onto the bed.

Yan Fei stripped the people clean. this time he entered especially fast. after moving a few times, he could not help but close his eyes and frowned. he kissed her and said in a low voice, "open your eyes and look at me."

This reminds him of the scene when Jing Lin was unable to fall down in front of him.

Jing Lin opened his eyes after listening to his words, Yan Fei continued to move, softly and softly. Jing Lin was dawdled by him and soon felt, his hands clasped his shoulders, lifted his body close to Yan Fei, his legs clasped his waist, his eyes aglow and urged him silently.

Yan Lu couldn't help but lower the head to bite on his lips, the strength is a bit heavy, Jing Lin was bitten by him stuffy snorted, Yan Lu this just relaxed the strength, the tongue leaned in, hook his gentle entanglement, body is a bit more than malicious.

The two men did not fall asleep until after midnight.

When I got home, the atmosphere around me was reassuring. The two were tired in the middle of the night, and the nerves in the county seat did not relax much. Therefore, the sleep was extremely heavy. When Lele got up, she saw that the two uncles' doors were closed and said good morning to the other members of the family. After washing, she went to practice her moves obediently. When he finished his practice, he saw that the two uncles' doors were still closed, touched their flat bellies, pulled out two mutant tomato fruits from the refrigerator, washed them clean and cut them open, and called the family to come and eat them.

This time, Jing Lin and Li Lin got up in a hurry, estimated the time and did not have time to prepare breakfast. they told Lele to go to Zhao's house with duck later. after they washed, one took a fruit and rode out the door.

Going out, I happened to meet Zhao Zhiwen who came to find them.

Zhao Zhiwen looked at them curiously: "Aren't you two always getting up early? Today everyone is here, just waiting for you two."

Jing Lin and Yan Fei looked at each other one by one, and their eyes were a little embarrassed.

The villagers were in short supply, and almost everyone who could be dispatched was dispatched. But now the village has to keep people on guard, so Ma Renshan guards the hut, and several cats of Tang Hao's family also stay in the village and patrol everywhere.

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