The first test of magic array eliminated more than half of the people. These people will go back to the big classroom to wait, and will be sent back together with those who will be eliminated later.

Generally speaking, the screening is divided into three steps, first the mood, then the physical quality and reaction ability. After these three steps, the remaining more than 100 people went to more than 50, and the final number of people was exactly 100.

Among the people Jing Lin knew, except for Cao Sanye's brothers, everyone else stayed, including Xie Jia's two brothers. These two people surprised Jing Lin quite a lot. At the level of physical quality, the two men felt like they were going to fall down in the long run, but they all held on.

Wei Zhen stood on the rostrum and said to the remaining people, "The training time is only three days, so the time is relatively tight. Please come to the playground again after dinner tonight."

After an afternoon of heat and physical torture, the crowd finally relaxed and returned to the big classroom along the route.

Looking at all the people who left, Wei Zhen looked at their back thoughtfully. Just before he was ready to remove the magic array, someone broke the array one step ahead of him, which surprised him very much.

Before the end of the world, as far as he knew, among the monks of China, the only one who knew the array was the Xuantianmen. I didn't think this small county town was still hiding someone who could break his array. He arranged the array for nearly a day, but it was cracked in half an hour. This person's array attainments were much higher than his. Even his master took so long.

Wei Zhen is a nine-year-old beginner. He has been studying the array method for nearly 30 years. In the past, he was no one but the master. He may be able to comfort himself after encountering the magic array of man-eating flowers. This is the reason why the variation is too severe. However, when meeting this person, Wei Zhen began to reflect that he may have been too confident in the past. I didn't think there was someone outside the person and there was another day behind.

However, who is this person? He has just observed all the people present. Everyone looks like that person, but nobody looks like that person. I only blame him for taking a rest because he was too tired after arranging the array. I only let Fang Yazhou and others stare at the array. After the array was broken, I called them to ask carefully. They also said it was normal. They were all human eyes and saw completely different things from him, so I couldn't tell why.

When they returned to the big classroom, all those who had been eliminated had disappeared.

Jing Lin didn't react until then, asking Yan Fei: "why did we both appear in the same small world of the magic array at that time? it was the human consciousness and brain world that the magic array created the illusion to invade. Also, how come those pictures only see mine, not yours?"

Yan Fei also froze, then said: "I don't know, maybe it's because so far, nothing has left a shadow on my heart." Otherwise, he could not explain why this happened. Even if he was blackmailed when he was a child, he would have avenged himself later, and the shadow would not have been mentioned.

"It shows that I am a very healthy person." Yan Fei returned.

Jing Lin wanted to think, can only be attributed to although his divine knowledge is stronger than Yan Fei, but the shadow in my heart was still magic array took advantage of the loophole will appear this kind of situation, as for Yan Fei, perhaps as he said, the in the mind is too healthy, magic array nowhere to start.

This incident, two people discussed also calculate, soon forgotten.

When Fang Yazhou delivered the meal at night, he also brought with him a 100% contract, which was about the compensation for the volunteers after eliminating the cannibal flowers and some compensation for his family after Wanyi died.

These contracts are all written by hand, and the handwriting is close to print, which looks convenient. Everyone checked the contract while eating. After eating, the contract was almost checked. After both parties felt that there was no problem, Fang Yazhou already signed the contract with Wei Zhen and the head of the base. Fang Yazhou also signed the name in front of everyone at the moment.

Now that there is no legal restriction, whether this contract will take effect depends on whether the two parties can restrain themselves and keep their morality.

Time is tight, and training starts in the evening. The playground was originally paved with earth, because the training was only cleaned up together. In the evening, the people at the base surrounded the area and inserted a torch at intervals to make the surroundings bright.

Because of the particularity of Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen's strength, from the very beginning Jing Lin told them to try their best to behave like the others. The reason for this is also that they are afraid of being too prominent in their performance, in case the bad guys see what bad thoughts they have. Therefore, Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen carefully did not show any signs of strength training during the training.

Three days passed quickly.

The fourth day early in the morning, Jing Lin they came to Fang Bei base door. Here, Fang Asia distributed self-defense weapons and dry food. Most of the weapons are long knives that have been sharpened very sharply. Some of them are short knives with kitchen knives inside . . .

Each person has two weapons, one for a long time and one for a short time. Those who bring their own weapons will still be given two.

Fang Yazhou saw Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen hanging their weapons on their waists and holding a whip."I suggest you use knives," he said.

This time out, Jing Lin four people besides brought cactus thorn, dagger, he and Yan Fei also brought firewood knife, Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen two people is a whip. Yan Lu's axe has been used for so long, the gouges where whole pieces were missing have become more and more sharp, and she has retired with honor. When she met a leopard in the woods, she felt that the whip was quite useful, so she started to use the whip just like Zhao Zhiwen.

After listening to Fang Yazhou's words, Zhao Zhiwen put the two men's whips on their waists and put on their hair weapons.

Apart from weapons, the base has also prepared some protective vests of average quality, which is better than nothing. At this time, the scene in the four people is particularly conspicuous. Because they are wearing two layers of waistcoats, one on the base and the other on their own, that is, the grey alligator skin armor. Alligator skin armor protected all the vital parts of their bodies, not to mention the envy of others. Even the last Wei Zhen couldn't help but look at them a few more times and his eyes flashed with admiration.

Wei Zhen is still wearing a white Tang suit today, but the pattern has changed. He also held a sword in his hand. A piece of jade hung from the spike of the sword. Jing Lin was sensitive to the aura and felt that the jade was abundant and was a good jade.

After confirming that the personnel were well equipped, Wei Zhen gave an order and the temporary volunteer team began to move.

Today's man-eating flowers don't need to run and look around specially. Standing in front of the base, one can look up and see the vines and flowers in the city.

For such a large clump of man-eating flowers, it is absolutely impossible to rely on more than one hundred of them alone. Several other bases in the county also participated in the flower extermination operation. During their training in Jing Lin, several other bases in the county also trained their own members.

They followed Wei Zhen and man-eating flowers for a parallel walk, and finally stopped at a fork in the road where several teams were already waiting.

Cao Sanye walked in front of Jing Lin. Seeing the procession stop, he couldn't help saying, "I remember here was the territory of blood python."

Fang Yazhou heard this and said, "The blood python was captured before we destroyed the flower for the first time."

Cao Sanye suddenly, no wonder can let them careless to stop here.

Wei Zhen represented Fang Bei base this time. He went up to him alone and the leaders of other bases stood up to talk to Wei Zhen. However, in front of Wei Zhen, the momentum of these leaders was obviously shorter.

"Is that knife elder brother?" Yan Lu looked at dawn base there, eyes slipped past one of them.

When Jing Lin looked over, he saw knife elder brother standing at the top of the first row."It's him."

Cao Sanye pointed to the man knife elder brother followed and said to the two neighbors, "See, that's Shi Lei. I chatted with other people last night and heard that Shi lei initiated and requested support for this flower killing operation."

Shi Lei is an ambitious man. The county seat is his birthplace and his stronghold. His power is rooted here. Once the base moves, it can only merge other forces. He does not want his own forces to be destroyed. He wants to expand his power, the only way is to invite people to destroy the man-eating flowers. At that time, the people in other bases were muddled along and did not want to go all the way to his province to ask for support at the risk, so Shi lei took his brother and went. This is also why Jing Lin only saw knife elder brother when they went to Dawn Base.

After all the supporters came back, all the bases did not participate in the first operation. They placed their hopes on the soldiers and the two monks. At last, they failed. Seeing the man-eating flowers approaching day by day, the flower extermination is imminent, so they had to take part in the second flower extermination.

Jing Lin they stand far away, also don't know what Wei Zhen and those leaders said, but not for a while, Wei Zhen came back, with the team began to change direction, officially entered the cannibal flower sphere of influence.

The closer you get to the man-eating flowers, the deeper the fear that they will cover up the sun. Their movements may have entered the eyes of man-eating flowers long ago, and as soon as they entered its monitoring range, large bowl-shaped flowers began to pull vines to appear nearby.

Many people are so nervous that they swallow saliva.

Their initial plan was to go directly into the heart of the man-eating flower. They did not want to tangle with its fragmentary vines on the periphery. As they went deeper, more and more flowers were sticking out of their heads. The roads were blocked by vines in all directions, including behind them.

In fact, if the people in the county seat are willing at the beginning, they can completely unite to drive away the three flowers and the blood python that used to live on both sides of the county seat, advancing day by day from the inside, and all forces will cut down the territory of the man-eating flowers from different directions at the same time. At that time, the growth of the man-eating flowers was not enough, which can fundamentally curb its development and will not make it so severe.

But, after all, it was the interests that caused the trouble. At that time, several bases in the county were so busy collecting materials that they were forced to look like this by man-eating flowers.

All around have been surrounded by man-eating flowers, they entered the closed space it built, the light is not bright, bring torches were lit.

The man-eating flowers seemed to know their intentions and began to try to attack them. The flowers attacked quickly and caught them unprepared. Many people were not careful. The better thing was that the weapons or torches in their hands were taken away by the flowers. The worse thing was that some people began to get injured. They were all standing at the very edge. Several people were caught in their arms and pulled by their teammates at the moment of being dragged away. The two parties tore off their hands. Those people were torn off by the man-eating flowers directly and blood was sprayed far away.


Bellow shrieking sounded in this space, faint scent filled with tip.

"Stop the bleeding." Some people drink.

The smell of blood stimulates the nerves of all people and makes other vines more and more stirring. One after another, each team began to be attacked continuously.

Because they are tall, they all stand at the very edge of the team, and they are the first to be attacked by vines. Some weapons sent by Fang Yazhou can be seen to be targeted at this time. They are light and of appropriate length. Cutting up vines is both quick and beneficial. A swish can cut down a flower. As long as the flower leaves the vines, the vines will immediately shrink back and will not launch a second attack.

Because of god's knowledge, Yan Fei and Jing Lin are able to serve several purposes at once, guard against the vines attacking from around them and take care of the Xie family brothers. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu are more sensitive to danger than others, but they are much weaker than Jing Lin. However, on the way, Jing Lin quietly patted the attacker on their weapons, so it is not difficult to deal with them for the time being. At present, they do not need to worry about Jing Lin.

As for Cao Sanye and Long Zhang, because there have been changes in animals around them, they can handle it with ease. Cao Sanye also has to take care of his brothers. Long Zhang only needs to take care of him and Qiu Baobao. Sometimes he helps a group of others, plus there is Wei Zhen in his team. Therefore, it seems that the team with the best and the worst is the one with the least number of injuries.

Wei Zhen walked in the front, the sword was drawn at this time, and they could not see how he did it. They only felt that when the sword "shua" flew out, it would drop several man-eating flowers. Obviously, he was still quite far away from the vines.

Jing Lin thought, probably is the legendary firm but gentle.

Some people have been injured continuously, but the team has been advancing slowly, and the number of man-eating flowers and vines is also increasing. Its speed has been very fast, and many people are unable to respond.

A dozen flowers attacked Jing Lin at the same time. He took a flower with a long knife in his hand and cut off several flowers on the way. Finally, the knife body was wrapped by several flowers and the knife was pulled away from him at once. At the same time, two man-eating flowers attacked from his side. He could only abandon the knife, hide sideways and raise his hand to grab the vines under the flowers.

A turn, a stench hit, Jing Lin was the stench spray a face to face, almost no stink passed out. He held the two flowers in his hand. The outside of the flowers was a tight circle, revealing a sharp circle of fangs inside.

In the face of the scene flashed disgust, then pulled out the waist dagger, neatly a row, then cut off the two flowers, abandon to throw away.

Yan Fei cut off the last one in front of him. Before the next attack came, he distracted and asked Jing Lin, "Are you all right, O Lin?"

"nothing." Jing Lin replaced the dagger and continued to use the kitchen knife, the weapon sent by the base.

Although he is a kitchen knife, he still dances like a tiger.

All of a sudden, Sanhua let out a cry, and Jing Lin's divine knowledge also suddenly fluctuated and felt like being spied on. His intuition was dangerous and he immediately looked around. Then at a glance I saw Cao Sanye and Xie Gu brothers and others standing in situ shaking their heads, ignoring the man-eating flowers that were constantly attacking me. They looked like they were trying to wake up and felt bad.

Just as he was trying to move over there, he saw a brother of Cao Sanye suddenly raise his knife to the nearby Long Zhang, who was originally dealing with flowers. Seeing this, he dodged nimbly, but unconsciously left the phalanx and was suddenly entangled in several vines behind him.

"Long Zhang!" Jing Lin ran to pull him, but his hand was not enough. Seeing Long Zhang being dragged away, a green vine suddenly jumped out and suddenly caught Long Zhang's wrist.

Jing Lin couldn't help looking over, he saw the little girl was grabbed by the big man beside her in one hand and pulled by tendrils in the other. Tendril tendril willing to pull Long Zhang to the side, the top of the pale green kept shaking, seems to have exhausted his strength.

When the little girl saw the scene approaching, she immediately shouted, "Why are you standing there? Help!"

However, before Jing Lin moved, Qiu Bao, who nearly lost his master, rushed up angrily. For the first time, Qiu Bao was so bold that he swung his tail all the way to open the flowers that attacked him. Then he bit off the dragon Zhang and took him back.

Long Zhang survived and was soaked with sweat. He touched Qiu Baobao and thanked the little girl: "Thank you."

The little girl curled her lips and joined the battle again.

The man who attacked Long Zhang has already been pinned down by others. He is very angry and puzzled about his sudden attack on his own.

Because the team has not been quiet, so the situation here has not been found for the time being, but one after another, people began to attack their companions, and everyone felt wrong. All the members of their team responded by screening what Fang Yazhou explained to Phantom Array after the first pass.

Soon, chaos appeared in the phalanx, which had been well defended even though some people were injured constantly. Many people raised their weapons to their companions, but they were quickly stopped when they wanted to hurt others.

"Knock him out!"Fang Yazhou shouted. His face was badly beaten and his forehead was beady with sweat. He turned to Wei Zhen and shouted, "Master Wei, the situation is wrong!"

Wei Zhen, who was originally a sage like type, was also in a mess at this time. He has been paying attention to the situation behind him. Seeing this, he could not help gnashing his teeth and bitterly saying, "This beast has advanced again. I don't know how many people he ate."

The team had to stop when people raised knives at the people around them and were knocked unconscious, causing a massive loss of combat effectiveness.

"Master Wei, what is going on?"Shi Lei approached him breathlessly.

Wei Zhen calm face, while cutting off the flowers around him, said: "This flower can enter people's brains unnoticed to create a dreamland. A little bit of willpower will sink in. It wants us to kill each other and reap the benefits of others. The last time this kind of situation occurred, there is still at least half an hour's distance from here, unexpectedly . . ."

Shi Lei frowned. It is not difficult to think of the source of this situation. It must be because those who lost their trace in the first flower extermination were eaten by man-eating flowers. He asked, "What now?"

Wei Zhen looked down at the crowd and suddenly pulled out the jade on his sword spike."Don't let those flowers and vines disturb me," he said to Shi Lei.

Shi lei did not know what Wei really wanted to do, but he replied, "ok."

Later, Wei Zhen put his stunned companions together, cut the middle finger with his sword, dropped blood on the jade, and then shook hands with the jade sandwiched between the fingertips of the index finger. After he recited a pithy formula in situ, his hands suddenly spread out. The jade was suspended in this way. A gust of wind blew quickly and the jade disappeared.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this is just a gust of wind, but in the eyes of Jing Lin and Yan Fei, the missing jade has turned into an array to surround those who fainted.

Jing Lin felt the spirit force released from the array to the surrounding area. He had a feeling of familiarity and strong spirit force, which was stronger than any array he could arrange now. It was definitely a high-order array.

Shi lei saw that after the gust of wind blew, Wei Zhen actually told the people around him to withdraw. After everyone hesitated to withdraw, they saw that the vines immediately attacked their companions who collapsed to the ground, but when they were about to come into contact with them, they suddenly bounced off.

"This is a defensive array." Wei Zhen reassured the crowd, "It was handed down by my ancestors. It is the third generation in my hand. It was originally a life preserver I left for myself. It must not be used until it is absolutely necessary." He said with a sigh, "It's all right. If we can save them and build merit, it will not become a nightmare to stop me from thinking."

Fang Yazhou, who heard him say this, looked at him in a complicated way. If he also released this array that day, wouldn't captain Naqu and his team . . .

Wei Zhen felt something for his gaze and only turned to look at him lightly. Last time I didn't take this out, it was because when they came all the way in and came here, the number of people had already lost a lot. After the others in the back had dreamland, the remaining number was even smaller. Zhu Ren was abducted by flowers and disappeared.

He knew that he underestimated the man-eating flower and would come for the second time. This jade was originally prepared for this time.

Cannibal flowers have no choice but to use the array. They keep rushing up and then being bounced off.

Wei Zhen observed the expressions of the rest of the people and said: "Further down, the attacks in the dreamland will only be more severe. Those who have no confidence in themselves can go in and stay. This magic array can last for 24 hours. However, I will continue to move forward, and I am not sure whether this man-eating flower can be eliminated within 24 hours."

If so, then these people who stayed in the same place will live. If not, once the array loses its effectiveness, what awaits them is still a death.

Wei told the truth clearly and immediately many people went into the array.

Zhao Zhiwen hit Jing Lin's arm and asked him what he meant.

"Forward." The scene in the small track.

Cao Sanye let several brothers in, but he hesitated. He wanted to move forward, but he almost didn't hold on. He was afraid of going on, and he would not hold on.

At this moment, the middle-aged man with Spider next to him pulled the spider into the defensive array, rolled up his long sleeve to reveal his arm, reached to Spider's mouth and said, "Son, come on, stab Dad."

All hands kept busy cutting flowers, and were attracted by his movement in the past.

I saw the spider stab the man's arm lightly with a small thorn under its huge tooth. The man's face changed immediately, and the spot where he was stabbed was also blackened and spread over a large area.

The man came out of the array again. After cutting off a flower, he said to all the people who looked at him, "Do you want to come and refresh yourself? There is no side effect except a little pain."

"It is poisonous? What's the use?" The little girl asked.

Wei Zhen looked at the spider thoughtfully and said, "Does it hurt to be stabbed? This is all right. It is also a kind of willpower to concentrate most of one's mind on fighting against pain. The probability of hallucination is really lower."

Hearing what he said, Cao Sanye immediately got into the array, rolled up his sleeves and walked to the side of Spider. "Come on, let me come too."

That Spider looked at Mao Mao very scary, but very obedient, let's talk about it.

Cao Sanye, who was stabbed, came out with a white face.

"What does it feel like?" Long Zhang asked.

"Pain." Cao Sanye only said one word.

Successive, want to continue to go forward, put his arm under the mouth of Spider, including Long Zhang and the little girl, followed the little girl's big man did not come forward, only wait for a while stood there.

Scene in them, because there is a defensive character, is from the sin.

The Xie brothers looked at the spiders and saw the array. At last, the two of them gnashed their teeth and walked towards the spiders.

As a result, the two were unlucky enough to be stung by a spider and felt nothing.

"What happened?" Xie Shuwen.

The middle-aged man patted his head and said, "Oh, forget, my son doesn't have much toxin in this little thorn. It will take many days to store some. It is estimated that it is all used up by now."

Xie Wen looked at Spider's huge teeth. "What about this?"

The middle-aged man walked with mirth: "If this stung you, you will die directly."

The Xie brothers were all green in the face. Finally Xie Shu turned his eyes to Wei Zhen and asked him, "If you go forward and get caught in the dreamland, will you have to die?"

Wei Zhen looked into Xie Shu's eyes and smiled gently: "Yes, if you want to follow us down, you must not be in the dreamland, because you will die if you win, so, absolutely not."

The Xie family brothers lingered in the array between going and not going. Wei Zhen was not in a hurry and said to the crowd, "let's all go into the array and have a rest. we'll start again when we have enough strength."

After such a long battle, many people are really going to lose their bearings.

As more and more people entered the array, the array continued to expand, enclosing everyone inside.

They sat on the floor and took out dry food to fill their stomachs.

Seeing Xie Jia's brother's indecisive appearance, he went to their side with a defensive symbol attached to his hand. Zhuang seemed to pat the two casually. seeing the symbol paper disappearing, he said, "you don't have to force yourself."

This is not normal, life and death are at stake, and a wrong choice may result in death.

Feel back a force, Xie Gu brothers at a loss for a moment, hear Jing Lin, immediately turned the mind.

Xie Shu looked at Jing Lin but stood firm: "Jing Lin, I want to cross over, do you know? I have family to take care of when I cross my own barrier. They are weaker than me. I have to go ahead. I have to cross that barrier."

Xie Shu said a little incoherent, but Jing Lin understood. That's the same meaning. He wants to be strong. Before that, he may always feel timid. If he follows the past today and survives, he will have confidence and will not be timid or afraid of shrinking in the future.

It seems that I want to build up a belief for myself, so as to urge myself to keep moving forward and move forward on the powerful road.

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