Xie Shu Xie Wen was very nervous.

The two skinny men were flashing light in their eyes when they saw Jing Lin getting on the bus.

They know that man-eating flowers are terrible, but they can't help it. There is not much food in the family, and the rations of the eight people in the family all point to the two of them. However dangerous it may be, of course, there are also reasons for the county to advertise monks when recruiting volunteers. After all, the big one is the top one.

But still nervous.

Before I saw Long Zhang and Qiu Baobao, they only nodded because they were not familiar with each other. Now I feel relieved to see Jing Lin. Many times they went out with Jing Lin. Although they all took them by the way, they did help them a lot. Their family actually took gratitude to Jing Lin several times, so they were much closer than others.

Jing Lin, on the other hand, looked at Xie Shu and Xie Wen, wondering if they could survive the screening. Xie Wen is fine. He is a crop man at home all the year round. His body is stronger than Xie Shu's elegant and gentle man, but he can't stand their thin appearance now.

The Xie brothers whispered to Zhao Zhiwen and others. Yan Fei turned to greet Liu blacksmith. Jing Lin waved to Baby Qiu, "come on."

Baby Qiu suddenly swam to his side, is very intimate with bare head ceng ceng scene in the knee, Long Zhang also told scene in the people next to them said the next change of position, sit up.

Jing Lin whispered to Long Zhang, "Why did you bring it out?"

Long Zhang asked, "What's the matter?"

Jing Lin told him the news outside that animals are easy to be killed. Qiu babies can drill into the ground. They may not be able to catch it, but instead, those monks outside or some people who specialize in catching animals for a living have many means. Qiu babies may not be able to escape.

Long Zhang was silent for a moment. Finally, he touched Qiu Baobao's head, welcomed his ignorant and naive eyes, and said, "However, it must be strong."

He is definitely the first person to love Qiu babies. Even his father's love for Qiu babies is more based on the side that Qiu babies can bring them benefits. Every time I see the earthworm baby playing the woman to him, his heart is soft, such a lovely earthworm baby, even if it is just a common variation earthworm, Long Zhang will love it as much as now and treat it as his family.

Before the end of the day, Long Zhang was a student who only worried about not being able to sleep late, not wanting to attend class, not wanting to do homework. Compared with the existing problems, these worries are not worth mentioning at all. The ordeal of nearly a year has made him grow up quickly. Without the earthworm baby, he will not live more wantonly than he does now. Without his earthworm baby, perhaps life is no different from now. After all, he is an ordinary person, his ability is not as good as Qiu Baobao, and his life span may not be as good as it is. Now he is still there, and he can stand in front of Qiu Baobao and cheer it up, but he is not there, so Qiu Baobao has to face everything by himself.

Such a timid Baby Qiu is easily bullied. Therefore, what Long Zhang can do now is to teach him not to be afraid, not to be afraid, and to exercise his courage and fighting ability as much as possible.

Long Zhang said, "That's why the cat in your village didn't follow?"He didn't know there were four animals in Jing Lin's house. He only had an impression of Mimi.

Jing Lin nodded without saying much.

Long Zhang disagreed and said, "You can't always rely on being an exotic animal."

These words, Jing Lin they all agree, like Tang Hao their family is the idea of ordinary people muddle along, dependence on the four variation cats in the family is too strong.

After briefly saying a few words, Jing Lin also said hello to blacksmith Liu in the past. Liu blacksmith, after all, had changed a basket of fresh Chinese cabbage from Jing Lin's hand, and now he still has a deep memory, so he naturally remembers Jing Lin. Since pakchoi, blacksmith Liu has never tasted such delicious vegetables. every day it is either meat or disgusting grass leaves.

In addition to Cao Sanye and his dozen brothers, not many people came to every other village, like Liu blacksmith's village, he came to one, the little girl's village came to two, the other is a strong young man, looks silly head silly brain, has been sitting in silence beside the little girl. Long Zhang took Qiu Baobao with him to Jing Lin's four villages. At present, they all depend on something to participate in the volunteers. They either have mutated animals and plants, or have force and array symbols like Jing Lin. However, Xie Jia's two brothers in Xie Jia's village are all forced by the problem of food and clothing to come.

The car did not go directly to the county seat, but also went to other places to go around for a circle. Finally, Jing Lin also saw Sun Ge and others getting on the bus in Jinhe Town. It was probably that the people on this side finally finished taking the bus. The car turned back to the county seat, and there were still people getting on the bus on the way, each time in twos and threes. Everyone in the truck was sitting huddled together, the temperature itself was not low, and all the people huddled together were as miserable as soaking in hot water. Until it was almost full of people, the car finally stopped on the way.

Wanting to enter Fangbei Base from the south of the bridge in the county seat is no longer possible. The road has been completely occupied by man-eating flowers. The car drove a long circle around the road that Jing Lin did not walk through, and finally stopped in front of Fangbei Base.

The little soldier's name is Fang Yazhou. This time he came out to pick up the volunteers. He is the main person in charge. After arriving at the base, he led the people in and said: "You are the last group of volunteers to enter the base. Volunteers from all places have arrived. In the afternoon, a preliminary screening will be conducted. Those who have passed the screening will stay and train at the base. During the training, they will eat and live at the base. If they are eliminated, we will drive you back."

The Fangbei base is similar to the Shuguang base that Jing Lin and they have been to. They are all school renovations. In addition to the necessary places, other places are all bare with high temperatures and no one is working in the fields.

Fang Yazhou first took them to a classroom where many bunks were laid. Many people were already lying or sleeping inside. There were also several animals lying inside, including cats and dogs, and a Spider.

Sanhua cat and the cat yelled at each other when they met, while the two dogs sniffed each other's flavor and finally dispersed uninteresting, um . . . it seems that although they have changed, their habits in some aspects still remain.

Fang Yazhou said: "It's almost lunchtime now, and the base will deliver food later. After lunch, we will start screening, and everyone will have a rest here first."Then point to the last piece of empty floor in the corner and tell them where they are.

Fang Yazhou was very busy and left after saying this.

They didn't know each other in the classroom and Jing Lin didn't say hello. they chose their own positions and sat down. Xie Shu sighed, "alas, I still know how much I weigh and how much I weigh. I guess I can't pass the screening."

In fact, his heart is very contradictory, because there is no way to become a volunteer, nature is don't want to be eliminated, but thinking about if you don't have to face such a dangerous man-eating flowers, the in the mind and faint rejoice.

There are many people who share his thoughts. Not all of them come voluntarily. Some are forced by their families. Some who are sure they will be eliminated also smile and say that they can have a free lunch.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei sat for a while and then went out. Without going anywhere else, they walked on both sides of the classroom. They found that several other classrooms had the same arrangement, with many people inside. Many of them should be volunteers like them, and some of them should have come to join us because there are many baggage beside the floor.

Jing Lin and the two did not stay outside for long, because they suddenly started to make a scene in the classroom. The reason was that two plants and animals that looked at each other and were not pleasing to the eye were fighting. One side of the fight was Spider, who had black hair and long legs. The other side was the green vine called Manman.

Other spiders spin silk from behind. This spider spit it out from its mouth. When Jing Lin entered, the spider was biting a white silk and wrapped it around the vine. The other end of the vine had been in the little girl's hand. The two sides were in a tug-of-war and desperately pulled each other to their side.

The owners of the two were both very calm and sat still, watching with interest.

Finally, the spider lost. Its silk seemed to be not very strong, and it broke into two pieces directly. The spider turned back a big somersault. The vine brushed it back into the little girl's long sleeve, and it took half a day to emerge again in a daze. It was triumphant to rush at the spider and put its body in place.

The owner of the spider is a middle-aged man. he was not angry when he saw his spider lose. he also smiled and praised the other party: "the little girl has a nice pet."

Instead of praising spiders in turn, the little girl said directly, "My family has no other kind of spider, just great strength."

The middle-aged man smiled and touched Spider lying in his arms.

Cao Sanye touched Sanhua's head and whispered to Jing Lin, "If it weren't for this trip, I really didn't know there were so many mutant animals."

Long Zhang leaned against the wall and said, "So, I'd better go out and have a look."

Because I took the other people along the way, the delay on the road was already too long, so the people stayed in the classroom for almost an hour or more, and the base sent food.

Rice is brown rice porridge with coarse flour steamed bread, each with a bowl of porridge and two steamed buns. The vegetables are salted vegetables with diced meat, more meat and less oil. Soup is also a common weed soup.

However, everyone still ate delicious food, and even many people devoured it, not everyone could eat enough.

After eating, everyone rested for an hour, and then Fang Yazhou called them out.

All the people in several classrooms came out, adding up to nearly 300. The gathering place was on the playground. They followed Fang Yazhou in the past.

When the steps into the playground that moment, Jing Lin immediately noticed something was wrong, Jing Lin only had time to hold Yan Lu, after they completely entered the playground, the people around you are gone, including walking in the lead Fang Yazhou, and has been walking around them Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu, foggy around.



They called several times in the scene, didn't get an answer.

Yan Fei knew something about the match. He immediately asked Jing Lin, "Is this a magic array?"

Jing Lin: "Yes."

Before they could say another word, the fog suddenly spread out in front of them, revealing a small village with uneven mud roads and shabby tile-roofed houses.

Yan Fei wondered: "I feel a little familiar."

Jing Lin thought for a moment before he said, "This is the village I remember when I was a child. At that time, the villagers were not very rich and the houses and roads had not been built."

A little boy suddenly appeared at one end of the road. He walked with his head closed and only stared at the road below. Around him, some strangers began to appear, men and women, pointing at the little boy with disgust.

"hoodoo, his parents are all killed by him!"

"I don't associate with people in the village all day with a sullen face."

"He has no parents!"

"They said no parents is B*stards! We won't play with B*stards!"

"You stay away from Jianxiong in my house. You are covered in bad luck. Get out!"

Walking, the little boy gradually grew up, and the faces of those people also changed.

"Life is really hard. He killed his parents and grandfather. Even his sister and brother-in-law were killed."

"Have pity on his nephew. With such an uncle, I don't know how old I can live."

"This kind of person can't marry a wife later? Marrying somebody else is also a curse!"

Yan Fei looked at the familiar face, opened his eyes wide, listened to the evil words of those people, looked at the calm expression of the people around him, and could not help but clenched his fist."Did they all say that about you when you were young?"

Language is also a killing knife. How can these adults speak to a child of only a few years old?

Seeing that he was livid and angry, Jing Lin smiled, broke his clenched fist and thrust his palm into it, saying, "there is more vicious than this. Oh, have you seen the little boy? Wu Jianxiong, I had a fight with him when I was a child."

Yan Fei looked carefully along his finger. The picture returned to the original time. The little boy pulled aside by the fat woman did have the shadow of Wu Jianxiong. After spending so long in the village, he remembered all the faces of the villagers. What's more, Wu Jianxiong went out with them several times.

"Did you win?"

"Won, tzu chi wen helped me. His mother came to make trouble with my grandfather, but he blew her out."

Yan Fei snorted: "With these people, you are still secretly helping them. If I were you, I would remember this revenge for the rest of my life." Want him to know these early, at the beginning of the scene in the layout of poly spirit array, directly suggest scene in the exclusion of them.

At this point, the picture turned again, just a few years old Lele suddenly appeared in front of them.


Alone Lele stood on the empty road, behind him was a car speeding towards him. He held out his hand to Jing Lin and cried, "Uncle, help me!"

Scene in the face a white, body movement can't help but rush up-


Lele was quickly hit by a car and her body fell to the ground twisted. The "he" in the picture was extremely sad, holding his arm around Lele covered in blood. However, there were still people around him pointing fingers at the "he" and gloating: "Look, his nephew is really dead, so he said that those who followed him will not get a good end."

Before Jing Lin and Yan Fei rushed over, the picture changed again, returning to the original mud road. The childhood Jing Lin reappeared, repeating the words just now.

The picture kept repeating, as if trying to arouse his anger and drag him in through the repeated harsh words. At the beginning of the scene in the heart is really very calm, those words in his heart can't arouse any ripples.

But when he saw Lele, he could not help but get angry at last. He did not give birth to the vicious neighbors, but the people who arranged the magic array.

Yan Fei knew this was the cause of the magic array. Being in the magic array, Yan Fei certainly didn't want Jing Lin to do irrational things because of anger, but when he saw the last scene, Yan Fei was also furious. When he looked at Jing Lin again, the other party finally showed a changed expression on his face. He asked, "Is this what you were worried about?"

Jing Lin eased his breathing and nodded slowly: "Yes." He knew in his heart that this kind of worry started when his sister's brother-in-law had an accident and intensified when Lele developed red spots on her body. At that time, he was almost restless all day long. He didn't seem to care about the language, but he had already written it down in his heart. He only waited for one day and suddenly turned into a devil's paw to pull him into the abyss.

"Not afraid." Yan Fei drew him closer to his arms, stroked his back and patted him gently like a child."We will always be with you, always."

Jing Lin nodded to him as if to confirm himself: "Yes, you will always be with me."

When Lele appeared in the picture again, Jing Lin rushed over and found himself passing through the pictures."Lele" died in front of him again "I want to break the array!"Jing Lin squeezed his fist and said.

"I am watching over you." Yan Fei said.

The array is formed along with the track. It is maintained by the array symbols and can be arranged. Of course, one must know how to break the array. There are two ways to break the array. One is to reverse the track formed by its reiki. The other is to find its array point according to the flow direction of reiki, calculate its array eye and break it by force. However, the force here is not human, but spiritual.

After studying the array symbols for so long, Jing Lin knew that the magic array was at least in the middle rank, and it was only a matter of time before he wanted to break the array.

Jing Lin stood and meditated for a moment, feeling the flow of reiki around him. From nothingness to existence, but one breath. When he opened his eyes again, Jing Lin became extremely focused. His eyes were streaks of thread. These threads had no source and no end, like a mass of chaos wrapped in front of his eyes. However, Jing Lin was not anxious or impetuous. He leaned out his spiritual power and slowly extended along these tracks. When he encountered difficulties in dredging channels, he immediately turned around and started from another place.

In Yan Fei's eyes, the scene at this time is moving at a strange pace, but its steps are full of mysterious charm, which makes people immersed in it. Yan Fei watched intently. With the concentration of his spirit, he saw some silvery white silk threads in the footsteps of Jing Lin. He knew that it was the path of the array.

Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, or more.

In this mysterious world of tracks, the two men are completely unaware of the existence of time. Such as scene in the last step, repeated images, misty fog, suddenly all disappeared.

Yan Fei also instantly regained consciousness. He looked at Jing Lin and said, "It worked."

Scene left to his side, two people look around. I saw Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen standing not far away from them. Seeing them, they shouted and shouted at them. While others, a lot of people curled up on the ground groaning in pain, and some people became a ball, next to the people can't pull open, also beat up the cheerleaders.

"My God!"Xie Jia's brother walked beside them trembling. Xie Wen said, "I saw the people who bullied me when I was a child when I entered this place."

Yan Fei said, "What then?"

"Then he hit me again." Xie Wen looked innocent.

Seeing the situation of the people around him, Jing Lin thought that the magic array really entered his mind. he simply wanted to arouse the anger of the parties concerned and asked, "hit you? You didn't call back?"But look at Xie Wen well, it must have been no fight.

However, Xie Wen looked helpless: "I can't beat it! The other side is about the same height as Yan Fei. I'm trying to hide."

They never thought would be the answer again, suddenly a full face of black line.

Jing Lin they stood still and said to each other what everyone had just seen.

Zhao Zhiwen saw the scene where he was treated unfairly when he was working. He was also angry. He grabbed the collar of the other party and was preparing to fight with his fist when he suddenly saw the weak chicken-like physique of the other party. It was estimated that with his current strength, the other party would have to be beaten into an idiot with a fist. I suddenly lost interest and relaxed my hand. Instead, I sat watching the play, watching myself at that time and commenting: Alas, you shouldn't have reacted this way and that, and then you were right.

In fact, after his initial anger, he immediately woke up and knew that this was a thing of the past and should not appear at this time.

Yan Lu saw some scenes about her being pushed out by other girls because of her strength. She used to worry because she could not control her strength. When she saw those girls spitting out, she laughed on her hips: "Sister, I am strong now, but I can save my life to eat. Can you chew your tongue behind your back to eat?"Then I commented on XX girl's taste at that time. The expression of bad-mouthing people turned out to be so grandiose.

Cao Sanye and Long Zhang, they are also some of the things that made them angry before. In short, they all left a shadow in their hearts. However, they all survived successfully and didn't start work. Otherwise, they don't know who they are still fighting with at the moment.

Fang Yazhou came quickly. He looked at all the people who were still standing with an odd expression and then said to everyone, "Follow me to the rostrum."

The podium was in the middle of a square on the playground. For the sake of good eyesight, from a distance, I saw several people standing on the platform, led by a young man in white, looking at their direction.

When they got closer, Fang Yazhou said, "Master Wei, everyone is here."

Is this the more approachable Master Wei mentioned by Fang Yazhou?

Jing Lin looked at the man who was called a master but looked too young. He was dressed in white Tang suit and stood with his back straight. He looked at the crowd with a gentle smile on his mouth, but his eyes looked at him with some scrutiny.

Many people present did not know Wei's true identity. Seeing that he seemed to be the real leader, they all whispered and many people thought he was too young.

Some people immediately questioned each other's Asia: "Do we have to screen through him? Is he also the team leader when he leaves the mission?"

Before Fang Yazhou could answer, Wei Zhen smiled and said, "It's really me."

He spoke calmly and quietly, and his voice was not loud. However, when everyone started talking more and more loudly, he strangely made everyone clearly hear his answer.

The crowd suddenly quieted down.

Wei Zhen said, "The place you entered just now is actually a magic array that can create illusion for people, allowing you to experience it as bystanders."

The previous picture, but now they have had different development due to various opportunities. Many people face the past again and have the capital to resist. When they are affected by magic array and lost in anger, they will change from onlookers to themselves at that time. Whether they resist, retaliate or ignore depends on each person's state of mind.

It turns out that the screening has already started from the moment they step into the playground.

"This is your first test. Now, there are casualties, please exit."

As soon as Wei's words fell, many people were stunned and unwilling to move.

Wei Zhen repeated it again, raising his voice a little: "Please exit if there are injured."

Some people felt that they had been eliminated inexplicably, but Wei Zhen looked approachable, but in fact he was so imposing that he had to leave the crowd and stand aside. he felt the wounds on his body and felt very uncomfortable. the volunteers could not take part in the competition and got a beating for nothing. it was really unlucky.

Some people are not satisfied: "Let's just quit, must give a reason?"

Fang Yazhou looked at the man and said, "Our first group of people who lost their lives inside started to attack the people around us for no reason at all. At that time, they, like you, saw in their eyes people who made themselves disgusted and angry and raised their fists against each other. But in fact you also saw later that the people you really hit were only the people standing beside you, many of whom did not even know them."

Wei Zhen said, "The world today cannot treat each other with ordinary people's eyes. Cannibal flower can mutate to such a degree that its skill is not small. One of the points is that it can create such similar illusion for you. And the illusion it creates is more severe than mine."

The implication is that he can't even pass the illusion he created and still wants to destroy man-eating flowers?

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