"Let me think about this." Ma Chunzheng is saying.

But look at his expression, I knew he would not go. Even so, Jing Lin actually did not want the villagers to go.

In the end, Ma Chunzheng was informing the whole village of the news, just as Jing Lin thought. Except for a few of them, none of the villagers offered to go. Even if there was a stir, the family persuaded him to give up the idea.

Yan and Zhao's family have always supported them, but they are worried. Even if they know that Jing Lin will draw a defensive symbol, Zhou Yu took advantage of the fact that before they went to the county seat, he found some iron sheets and sewed a waistcoat for several people, with iron sheets on the back and chest to keep them safe.

And Jing Lin them, according to what Uncle Qu said, mashed the heat-insulating leaves, threw all the clothes and shoes they often wear into the dye, and all the dyed ones were dusty. However, Jing Lin they were tall and handsome, and looked as good in their bodies.

During dyeing, Yan Lu also took out the crocodile skin they had beaten before. after so long practice, Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen doubled their strength, especially Yan Lu. when they first hit the crocodile skin, she still had difficulty tearing it up. now, just give her a cut and brush a few times to tear the skin to the size she wants. It is impossible for a common needle to thread a needle through the alligator skin. At this time, the mutated cactus thorn exchanged at Li Feiyu's house was useful. It was used to drill a hole in the alligator skin, and then a slightly thinner vine was selected to make the thread, so it was easier to sew the alligator skin. Several people pondered for two days, and everyone made a set of crocodile armor, from the foot to the neck. Although it was a little ugly, the protective effect looked good.

Besides, there is still a lot of crocodile skin left. They are going to make a suit of armor for the whole family when they come back from the county seat.

If you want to go to the county seat, you have to arrange your home.

Jing Lin does not intend to take small members. He wants to protect them. From now on Jing Lin does not want them to appear in front of outsiders unless he is strong enough to completely protect them from harm in case of conflict. Moreover, his divine knowledge has been growing slowly. Now he can observe places ten meters away. Yan Fei's divine knowledge is not as good as his, but he can also observe places five meters away. Therefore, in terms of early warning, they are not required to take risks.

In the evening, Jing Lin sat on the sofa and began to try higher-order defensive symbols.

Jing Lin felt very strange. His accomplishments have now been staying for a long time in the third layer of Gan Kun's article. The fourth layer seems to be far away, but he can feel that the quality of Nihili character reiki he practices every day is slowly rising. After the mid-level magic array, the array character he practices behind him has been separated from the low level, and the mid-level array character is becoming easier and easier.

He remembered that it was still very difficult when he first tried Vanity Fair, but when he broke through that point, everything seemed to be easier after that.

After the first time he was able to complete a middle-order array, he finally aimed at the long-cherished high-order array.

The array is large and small. For example, a medium-order magic array is a large square matrix, while defense symbols and attack symbols are small square matrices. In the former, a symbol is generally a matrix point and a matrix eye, while in the latter, a symbol can form a matrix, which includes the matrix point and the matrix eye and is also an independent matrix symbol.

There is also a kind of special, called large array in the array, small array in the array. In the large array, the large array is sleeved with the large array, with one buckle holding the next;The small array medium array is a large array composed of independent array symbols, and is also an enhanced array. The array points and array eyes are independent array symbols. For example, if Jing Lin wants to arrange a reinforced defense array, he only needs to calculate how many array points are on an independent defense symbol and the positions of the array points and the array eyes, and the defense function of a large square array arranged according to the array track after drawing a plurality of defense symbols can be superposed according to the number of array points.

Such a small array in the array, than Jing Lin will directly overlap the role of paper, but also a little larger.

Higher-order array symbols have more complex symbolic trajectories and require higher reiki density. When Jing Lin faced the void a little, everything around him became blurred. Yan Fei and Yue Le, who had been sitting beside him, disappeared, including the noisy croaks who had been squatting around the tea table.

Ear is the whirring of the wind, countless white mist aura gathered at his fingertips, the bottom of my heart has a voice in telling him, not enough, these are not enough. Unconsciously, the scene in the operation of the center method, the vortex between the brow also rapid rotation, inside a little bit of reiki left the vortex, began to flow out along the meridians, also slowly gathered to his fingertips.

Still not enough!

However, the reiki floating around was not willing to approach him any more, so his fingertips began to draw tracks in the void.


The painted track is crumbling and seems to collapse at any time. The aura gushing out from the whirlpool starts to become intermittent, the body gradually becomes weak, and the brain aches faintly. Even if the aura of fingertip keeps gathering continuously, Jing Lin knows that the extent to which he can carry out at present can only be here.

Sure enough, when he forced himself to continue again, the track had just reached the vicinity of the array point, and the previous track had collapsed all the way from the beginning to under his fingertip and finally turned into nothingness.

The scene in the whole person also collapsed on the sofa. Ear to have a voice, lift eye is Yan Fei their worried face.

This may be the reason why he has only reached the third level at present. His control of reiki is still unsatisfactory. Even after barely starting, the reiki completely disintegrates at the first array point. Therefore, Jing Lin knows that he still lacks some heat to hit the high-order array symbols. At least, he cannot continue to try until he enters the fourth level.

High-order array symbols cannot be drawn. Jing Lin has been working for a while. After the body has regained strength, he will begin to prepare other array symbols, such as defensive symbols, which are essential. He has also prepared a large number of attack symbols.

After everything was ready, he and Yan Fei sat on the mat in the living room and began to practice with their eyes closed.

When practicing in the future, the duck will crouch beside him to rub the aura. when Su Zhen and Zong Zong came, neither of them would come at first. until recently, when they practiced every night, they would open the door to let the duck in. Su Zhen and brown said they wanted to come in, too. But Su Zhen was too big, so Jing Lin and Yan Fei chose to practice in the living room.

The only person in the family who doesn't rub the aura is Quack.

Jing Lin was curious, so Lele asked Quack, Quack said that reiki was not delicious and wouldn't come. Therefore, Jing Lin speculated that Quack and duck are similar in appearance and belong to a kind of variation and mild temperament, but in fact they should have mutated in two different directions.

This also explains from the side, why Quack doesn't like to stay at home or even in the village, because there are nimbus everywhere in the place where the spirit gathering array is arranged.

But now Quack was ordered by Jing Lin not to go out casually. he was obedient, but Jing Lin could not wronged him in other places. when he got up the next morning, he chose a small area in his home and arranged a magic array. Quack could stay there if he had a rest at ordinary times.

The members of the family did not know how dangerous Jing Lin would face when they went out this time. When sending Jing Lin and Yan Fei out in the morning, Lele told the two uncles to be careful like a little adult. Duck said beside that it would help the little master to look after the house. Quack would try to catch mosquitoes. Su Zhen reassured Jing Lin that even if he was not at home, he would not steal chili. He would also watch Zong Zong to stop scaring chickens and rabbits in the house. Mother rabbit was pregnant and could not stand scaring at present.

Zhou Yu and several of their parents distributed the dry food prepared early today to the four of them, saying that they should pay attention to safety and be careful.

Send them out of the village, also came the others, Ma Guren, Zhao Shaogan, Li Feiyu, etc. , all stood not far away, also told them to be careful when going out.

After leaving the village, I joined them on the road and a car from the county seat will pick them up.

According to Cao Sanye, these two days the small soldiers were driving around in the nearby villages, and the artificial horn seemed to have been promoted to recruit volunteers from the county seat. So when Jing Lin saw the car appear, and when they got on the bus, they found that there were already many strangers sitting inside, all villagers from far and near.

Inside, Jing Lin accidentally saw Long Zhang and Qiu Baobao, Xie Shu and Xie Wen's brothers were also there, as well as Liu blacksmith, who had first dealt with them, holding his fierce-looking big dog in his hand. Other, Jing Lin did not know.

But so many people, in addition to Yan Lu, they even found a 14-or 15-year-old girl.

It is impolite to stare at others. Jing Lin was curious about the little girl, but he only glanced at her in a hurry. Unexpectedly, he caught sight of the little girl at the first glance, and the other smiled at him. Jing Lin also responded with a smile, looking away, he glanced at the green vine wrapped around her hand.

The vine was alive. It stood up like a snake, shaking its body gently and turning its head to look around like a tender tip. At last, it focused its attention on the big dog of Liu's blacksmith's house next to it, and then slowly leaned over.

The big dog did not move. When the vine reached its nose, it suddenly opened its big mouth and exposed its sharp fangs. It bit hard at the vine and the vine "whooshed" and shrank back. The big dog barked at it. Some of the people in the car frowned and some of them shrank back in fear. Blacksmith Liu patted the big dog on the head but could not find it quiet. The vine suddenly fell into the big dog like lightning again, as if a whip "snapped" at the big dog's face.

The big dog immediately unintelligent, they cried to Liu blacksmith side shrinkage, immediately honest.

The little girl touched the vine again and smiled at blacksmith Liu."the vine is too naughty, I'm sorry."

Liu blacksmith motioned with his hand: "this is too noisy in my house. it is just right to be quiet." It is to see the vines eyes.

The vine moment also idle, just beat the big dog, now saw Long Zhang Baby Qiu around again. Long Zhang saw the vines begin to gather around him, picked his eyebrows and said, "Baby, who is stronger than it?"

Qiu Baobao's watery eyes brightened, then his tail turned up and swung softly in the air.

It is also a "whip". Its speed is not slow at all. If a whip goes down, its strength is much greater than that of vines.

The little girl pulled the vine back and touched its tender tip with one finger."Be good and stay with your sister."

On the other side of the movement, Jing Lin they have noticed as soon as they get on the bus, but they and Long Zhang after greeting, have talked with Xie Gu two brothers.

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