In the middle of the afternoon, Qu Zhengchao left the second team. He still had tasks on him and could not stay much longer. After seeing his grandfather safe, he simply told everyone about the situation he knew outside and left soon. Jing Lin left with them, riding the big truck and getting off halfway.

Looking at the far-away rear of the car, Zhao Zhiwen sighed, "It's been a long time since I took the bus. It's still quite novel to me that I feel so wobbly."

Yan Lu said, "I don't know how much it costs to change a car."

Yan Fei said: "That is definitely not cheap, at least we can't afford to change it now."

Qu Zhengchao said that the car was developed and modified by the Capital Base Institute using the body materials of mutating animals and plants. At present, the number is not very large, and it is mainly in the hands of the upper management and those monks. Ordinary people like them want it. It is estimated that the car will have to be popularized in the future. Qu Cheng Chao's large truck was used to transport goods and materials along the way, to travel or not.

Back in the village, Jing Lin hurried to find Quack, mainly due to duck's strength.

After all the members of the family had arrived, Jing Lin said to them very seriously that they could not leave the village, enter the mountain or run away because there were bad people outside and they would be caught.

Hearing this, the whole family reacted differently and Lele was very worried. Quack said he was not afraid. He had iron claws to catch people. Quack said that he was not afraid of it. Once he bounced up and down, he was too far away for others to catch. Su Zhen said, oh, many people saw that I was going to faint, so they should be afraid of others. Brown and brown are not afraid of me either, because Sister Su Zhen will protect me.

Seeing that they were completely indifferent, Jing Lin was extremely helpless to this group of courageous people.

At last Su Zhen was really worried when he saw Jing Lin. Only then did he look lazy but seriously said, "We won't go out." This village is so comfortable that I don't want to leave after staying. I went out only after being stupid.

In the next few days, Jing Lin will go to the second team every three days to ask Qu Zhengchao about their elimination of man-eating flowers. For the first two times, Jing Lin didn't hear any news from them, and Qu Zhengchao didn't send anyone to the second team to talk about it. The worried expression on Uncle Qu's face grew heavier every day. The third time, when Jing Lin arrived at the second team, they found the atmosphere inside was not right.

A small soldier who had been with Qu Zhengchao before and had eaten at the same table was sitting in the dining hall with a full face of dejection.

Qu Zhengchao is missing.

The task of destroying the man-eating flowers failed. More than 100 members of the team who went deep into their occupied territory were completely wiped out on that day. One of the monks also lost his whereabouts.

The soldier's eyes were red and swollen, his head bowed and he shook his head: ". . . it was okay to go in. two masters opened the way in front, and we put out a phalanx and followed. But gradually, the brothers around me began to look wrong. Master Zhu suddenly attacked Master Wei and some brothers pointed their weapons at the other brothers. I felt more and more dizzy. I didn't know what was going on behind me. When I woke up, Master Wei dragged me out. He was covered with injuries at that time. He said that if he hadn't left with a clear mirror, master would not have been able to get us all out."

When Jing Lin arrived, Uncle Qu already knew the news of his grandson's disappearance. The old man's back looked more rickets, and his eyes were tears for you, but he endured it all the time. His grandson is a soldier, and he has been prepared in his heart for so many years. He has not yet collapsed without knowing the exact news of his grandson.

Jing Lin asked, "Master Wei is still alive. What will happen after that?"

The soldier said, "The territory of Petunia has expanded to the edge of the county seat, threatening several bases in the county seat. All bases are ready to retreat or relocate. Master Wei meant to try again, but due to the scarcity of monks, it was too late to go to other provinces and cities to ask for support. Even if he did, he did not know when he would send someone down again. So next, Master Wei wants to recruit volunteers from several bases and nearby villages."

"I'm afraid few people are willing to go." Yan Fei said that regular soldiers and a monk were folded inside, and ordinary people would die just like entering.

The soldier said, "Our reward for the previous task was all the materials in the territory occupied by morning glory in the county town. This time, we will divide the materials inside into rewards for volunteers. If morning glory is eliminated, the materials inside will be rewarded with credit. If the victims are unfortunate, the volunteers' families will move with the base and settle down in the place, and there will be corresponding compensation."

However, the relocation is not to say that it can be done simply. The number of several bases in the county town adds up to more than 50,000. Some people do not want to leave their hometown, and the management of small bases do not want to work hard to merge with other bases. They prefer to eliminate morning glory flowers and take charge of the bases themselves and keep developing. When the country stabilizes, I hope I can have a seat to speak for myself in the future.

At present, it is difficult to collect materials. The place occupied by morning glory is the most central and developed place in the county seat. There are several hospitals, several large supermarkets, several shopping malls and many residential quarters. Many people store materials at home because the expansion of morning glory is too late to move away.

In a word, there are a lot of materials in it. If morning glory is eliminated, it will be all the people they went to attend.

Under the precondition of settling down relatives, it seems not difficult to recruit volunteers.

For example, Cao Sanye and some of his brothers were moved almost immediately.

Their stock of grain is running out. If they don't eliminate the morning glory, sooner or later they will have to move out, and the move is nothing more than to take refuge in other bases. It will not be much different from the daily life of destroying mutant plants and animals in the county seat. They will face the threat of death every day, but they will live with trepidation.

If the morning glory is eliminated, they will be able to stay. Even if there is no food in the field, the backers will still be able to eat the mountain. They have become accustomed to living here, and the three flowers around them cannot be exposed to people casually.

Cao Sanye thinks that living in this age is just gambling, and it depends on whether you dare or not.

So he chose to gamble and became the first group of volunteers with his brothers who were also willing to gamble.

The soldier looked at Sanhua and said, "if you really make up your mind, I suggest you take this cat with you. most mutant animals have faster intuition of danger than we have. it reminds you that you have a better chance of escaping."

In some previous cities, they saw many animals that were originally pets to assist their owners in hunting. These people are also the kind of people who have a better life.

As for Jing Lin and Yan Fei, they hesitated.

Among the people present, their force should be regarded as the best. However, they have gathered together to fight for food, and there are fields that are not short of food. It is reasonable to say that they do not need to take part in this risk. But just as Cao Sanye feared, if morning glory is not eliminated, they will not have a day of peace.

At last they decided to go.

The soldiers told them to go to Fangbei Base in three days, where they would conduct a personnel screening and those who stayed would undergo a short-term training.

Farewell to the small soldiers, Jing Lin they had just returned to the village, the horse brothers came to the door.

The Ma brothers watched Jing Lin go out for a few days, three days and two ends. They wanted to ask Jing Lin what they were doing and if they had found anything good.

Yan Fei said, "It's just the right time to come. I'm going to your house to find your father." This is what Ma Chunzheng is saying.

On the way, Jing Lin also hesitated whether to tell the villagers about it. After all, it was very dangerous. When something happened, it would be their fault. However, if the villagers are not notified, they will be able to eliminate the morning glory and get the materials, and the villagers will be unhappy again, saying that if they don't want anything, they just want to eat alone.

When Ma Chunzheng heard this, he suddenly came to his senses."What's the matter?"

Yan Fei said flatly, "I have found a job these two days. the morning glory in the county town knows that the county is organizing people to destroy it. we have already become volunteers. failure means death. victory means material."

The Ma brothers did not expect this to happen and immediately fell silent. They have all seen the horror of morning glory. The average person really can't do this job.

"Do you want to go to such a dangerous thing?"Ma Chunzheng just doesn't understand, their village has food and drink, special scene in them, others somehow lack meat to eat, they don't have this problem, how to also go to such a dangerous thing, they had an accident, what about their family?

Jing Lin just smiled faintly.

The reason why he went was that he had the array of symbols as a bargaining chip, and that he thought of Qu Zhengchao and the little soldier whose eyes were swollen with tears today.

Leaving aside their military status, they are just ordinary people. Among those who came with Qu Zhengchao that day, several people were actually under 20 years old, but they were full of vicissitudes. When rescuing people, they often fell into a life-and-death situation. During the mission, soldiers died almost every day, and new recruits were added in every day. In fact, many of them didn't know each other very well, but they fought side by side.

What is it for? For those people who are weaker than them. To create a safe living environment for them.

However, Jing Lin did not compete with these soldiers, but he thought he had the ability and was above them. He can't bring it out for the time being, but at present he can.

Another, he and Yan Fei, etc. , are also for their own sake.

Now monks have appeared. They have traveled to various cities to train themselves and increase their strength. When soldiers can only walk, they can already get on the bus.

They live above many people.

The last days are not temporary. The world is ultimately human. When they settle down and all the cities return to the original, what will they encounter in the future? Will it be like the stable life before?

Jing Lin's intuition told him that he would not. Judging from the four small members of his family alone, his life would definitely not be stable. At that time, it was already the world of the strong. After that, it will only continue. The weak can only be looked down upon by the high above like ants.


Jing Lin thought that no matter where he is, only when he is strong will he not become an ant that he can run over at any time.

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