Qu Zhengchao stood in the middle of the dining hall where the second team was transformed into a house. He bowed 90 degrees to Jing Lin and Cao Sanye and said earnestly, "Thank you for taking care of my grandfather."

After meeting Uncle Qu, Qu Zhengchao already knew from his grandfather that he is still alive, thanks to Jing Lin and the people who live in the second team now, especially Jing Lin. His grandfather now eats all the things Jing Lin gave him at the beginning. This love cannot be repaid by a word of thanks.

Jing Lin they this is the first time to see soldiers after the last days, are very want to know the situation outside and the country's response, especially everyone is too curious about the big truck from them. After the meal was only half eaten, Cao Sanye proposed to eat the meal first and wait until later. He also asked Qu Zhengchao and his brothers to come to the table.

Qu Zhengchao said: "No, you eat first, and I'll talk to you when you finish."

Because of the military's style, they are not allowed to eat whatever the boss's surname is. What's more, in the current situation of food shortage, Qu Zhengchao refused even though he was hungry at the moment.

However, Cao Sanye forced him and several others onto the dining table. The clever shunza had already washed out several rice bowls. Cao Sanye divided two corn cakes by himself and handed them chopsticks to let them eat meat and vegetables.

Qu Zhengchao sat beside his grandfather with a pair of chopsticks stuffed in his hand. He glanced at the bowl of corn flour cake and the dishes and soup on the table. Vegetables are pickles and meat. Soup is a common weed soup on their roads. This kind of weed is now almost the life-saving food for refugees. This is the kind of green vegetable they eat most along the way. It is not good in taste, and if they eat too much, their mouth is astringent and numb. However, they cannot die, and they can also improve gastrointestinal problems.

These days, there are no fresh vegetables. He knew that now because there are more exotic animals, those who are capable do not lack meat to eat, but because crops are not long, food is in short supply, vegetables can be eaten by people like Wei Zhen and Zhu ren. ordinary people do not even think about it. if they want to eat green vegetables, they can only try to find such mutated and non-toxic weeds to eat.

I've already served the table, and if I go down again, I won't give the main family face. Besides, they came back with the task this time. After the task is completed, they will reward a lot of materials, and then they will give some to the second team.

In this way, Qu Zhengchao took the lead in taking a bite of the corn cake and asked his brothers to eat it.

Everyone was hungry, everyone did not speak at the dinner table, it was all the sound of chewing food.

After the meal was full, Shunza and Li Guihua and others tidied up the bowls and chopsticks. They were responsible for logistics. Shunza and several brothers took turns to change. When cooking, they did not need to go hunting. Before Li Guihua took out half of the food and helped to cook every day. Cao Sanye also had a share of the prey they hit, including the two children. Everyone got along well.

"It's quite cool in this room." Qu Zhengchao said.

Cao Sanye said, "Found a plant on the mountain that can be used as an air conditioner."

Qu Zhengchao nodded: "Now many plants have changed, and there are also many plants that have not been seen before. Some plants have really special uses."

Later, Qu Zhengchao told everyone about the outside and their mission back this time.

Qu Zhengchao's troops, originally field troops stationed in G province, were occupied by mutating plants and mutating animals when the last days came. The mutating plants and animals in these cities seemed particularly fierce, mostly feeding on human beings, and very brutal. During this period, Qu Zhengchao's task was to take his troops to several cities to assist the local government in rescuing the trapped residents and eliminating the mutating plants and animals with potential safety hazards.

As a result, many of their brothers, including Qu Zhengchao, were killed and injured. Several times they also survived, with large and small wounds overlapping, which could not be counted.

Like Qu Zhengchao, many brothers miss the family, but because they have orders, they have not been able to leave and return home. Until more than two months ago, they met Shi lei and his party who asked the local government for help in h province.

Qu Zhengchao said: "So we were sent to help them destroy the petunia cannibals in the county town."

Jing Lin frowned: "The morning glory also looks very fierce." The song alone is superior to them? Although their skill should be good, but the morning glory is already very large, how many people do they have to deploy to destroy it?

Qu Zhengchao said: "We are not unprepared for this. We have two monks who came back with us this time."

Jing Lin: "Brother?"

"Yes." Qu Zhengchao said, speaking of which, he looked a bit serious: "Brother, we can also understand it as a person who practices truth. It was only after contact that I learned that there have always been such people in this world. They are all members of the Xiuzhen family or the Xiuzhen sect who go out to experience. They practice the path of immortality, are unpredictable in accomplishments and have extraordinary skills. In the past, only a small number of people knew them, and they did not completely appear in front of the people until the end of the day. now, almost every province has two or three monks in command, and when they encounter mutating animals and plants that we cannot solve, they will make moves."

Scene in the expression, and Yan Lu looked at each other. It turns out that in addition to a few of them, there are other people in the world who fix the truth.

Qu Zhengchao went on to say: "However, most of these monks are difficult to get along with. If you meet such people in the future, you'd better stay away from them and don't offend them."

When Qu Zhengchao said this, his tone still smacked of sarcasm that was not easy to detect. These monks walk in the world, and they fight the slogan of saving the common people from fire and water. But most of them look at ordinary people with haughty eyes, like looking at ants, and disdain to talk with them. Qu Zhengchao has always disliked such a style of behavior. But because of the skill of those people, what they do is really good for the people, so when talking to these people, even if the other person's nostrils are upside down, Qu Zhengchao turns a blind eye, and at least he has done a good job on the surface.

However, the appearance of monks is generally good.

Yan Fei asked, "Then, do the monks know why this world has become like this?"

Qu Zhengchao nodded: "They have talked about it, as if it was caused by the growth of the five-element spiritual pulse buried in the earth's vein hundreds of millions of years ago and the explosion of reiki."

"Five lines of spirit pulse? Reiki?" In addition to the scene near a few, others are all like listening to the Arabian nights.

"Yes." Qu Zhengchao said, "Do you know about the earthquake in August in I City, X Province more than a year ago?"

"We know this." Because the earthquake disaster was also quite serious, there was news on the TV network every day, and few people would not know it.

Not to mention Jing Lin, his sister's brother-in-law was killed in the epicenter of the site. Now listen to Qu Zhengchao. Is this still related to the five elements of spiritual pulse?

Qu Zhengchao continued: "The earthquake was caused by the eruption of one of the Reiki, but the Reiki did not erupt completely at that time, and the shock was relatively small. Not long after the power failure in the city, there was another earthquake in I city. after that, reiki spread rapidly to several surrounding cities, and the impact was severe. after the baptism of reiki, all animals and plants in I city changed, and the cruelty was much more severe. Since then, earthquakes have also occurred in four other places, namely, the sea area near Fusang country, the city of phil in hot state, the city of kalan in berry country, and the city of k next to your province. After the earthquake in K city, the situation there was similar to that in I city."

So, they all remembered an earthquake in the middle of the night last year, which turned out to be K city.

Qu Zhengchao went on to say: "I heard all these things from some monks. I don't know how they learned them. However, a small number of residents who escaped from I city have changed somewhat in their bodies. Now most of them have joined the Xiuzhen sect. According to them, the mutated animals and plants generally have intelligence and some can still speak. They understand disguise, plot and various mysterious abilities. They are very smart, but this intelligence is used to kill human beings or kill each other to improve their strength. Now city I has become a world of mutating animals and plants and a purgatory field, and most people dare not approach it. city k should be the same."

At this point, Qu Zhengchao also reminded Cao Sanye: "when we left g province, we heard that I city had already gone to a group of monks, all of whom were looking for mutant animals and plants. listen to some monks, these mutant animals and plants will have Dan nuclei in their bodies after a certain stage. Dan nuclear can be used for their cultivation, and any variation of animals and plants, almost any place on the body is useful. The truck that we drove from here has been reformed and its internal structure has changed a little. Some of the materials are made of the skin and bone tendons of mutant animals. Now the market demand for mutant animals is very large. You should watch your mutant animals carefully, don't let them run away, don't hurt people at will, or you will fall into the hands of those who care, and you may not survive."

Qu Zhengchao has come into contact with quite a lot of animals. When he first saw Sanhua after entering the village, he found that although there was hostility in the cat's eyes, it was different from those ferocious mutant animals and plants. It was more docile and willing to be close to others. Its representative temperament was also good.

Like Sanhua, most of them are pets that have been raised by human beings, which are relatively good for human senses, so the threat is not big, and even people help them most of the time. As long as there is no record of hurting people, such animals are forbidden to be captured. There is no killing without buying and selling, but because the market has opened up, some people with ability and ambition can only see benefits in their eyes, and there are also many animals like Sanhua who have been killed secretly.

Jing Lin and others pupil is a shrink, the atmosphere is stagnant, three flowers can understand the meaning of Qu Zhengchao, prostrate on the ground now, at his low roar.

It was not Qu Zhengchao's fault. Cao Sanye thanked him for his reminder and touched Sanhua's head to appease it. His mood suddenly went bad. He has kept Sanhua for so long. even though he thought he could not tame Sanhua, he did not have the idea to kill it. what's more, now that his feelings have come out, he thought bitterly in his heart that if anyone dares to hit his Sanhua, he will definitely not let the other side go.

Jing Lin's mood was also clouded. There were four different animals in his family, all of whom were gentle in character. He thought about the Quack of the waves outside. Jing Lin decided to find it immediately after returning and could not let it run away.

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