Zhong Wei and his son lived in the village. The two father and son suffered too much physical losses before. When they arrived in the village, their mood relaxed and their physical ailments surged. Both suffered a serious illness, especially Zhong Wei, who had also injured his abdomen before. Although the blood stopped, the wound did not heal completely. If the action was a little bigger, it would crack again. Moreover, the weather was so hot that the wound had already started to become inflamed.

Fortunately, there are doctors in the village. Each family has more or less stored some medicine that can be used. It can be exchanged with food. In addition, the food in the village is much better than that during their detention. Although the two are seriously ill, their lives are not in danger. What they need to do afterwards is to cultivate themselves well.

Jing Lin's four and Ma Mingliang's husband and wife, carrying the leaves they had picked before, once again left the village, ready to go to Team Two.

But this time, they were still on their way, and they happened to meet Cao Sanye and others who happened to be carrying a basket.

The two men, one wearing a leaf cloak and the other wearing a grey cloth cloak, all dressed up in a strange way. When they saw each other, they couldn't help but froze.

Later, Jing Lin and his colleagues focused their attention on the three-flower cat, which was also covered with a cloak and only had its head exposed. I didn't think Cao Sanye really tamed the three-flower cat and let it obediently follow him. Seeing Jing Lin, Sanhua Cat took a few steps in situ impatiently because she was not familiar with them. She also lowered her body and grinned at them. Jing Lin noticed that all four claws of the cat were wearing dusty cloth shoes . . .

Cao Sanye came up and said happily, "I was just looking for you when I met you." He pulled on Rajin's cape of leaves."I didn't expect you to find this stuff too. I was just about to send it to you today."

At this point, he put down the basket. only when they saw that he had carried a basket of insulated leaves, did the brothers behind him also carry all this stuff in the basket.

Jing Lin also put down their baskets and smiled, "It seems we want to go together."

Cao Sanye touched each of them on the shoulder: "Good brothers!" With good things, always remember them.

Cao Sanye and his entourage had just left the house before long. It was quite close to the Second Team, so a group of people turned back and followed Cao Sanye back to the Second Team. The second team, like Jing Lin, was covered with insulated leaves on the roof. After everyone sat down, Jing Lin asked them about Sanhua Cat.

At this time, Third Master Cao had already taken off his head. He patted himself on the chest and said, "He caught a piece of meat here. Third Master, I almost died in his hands." If it weren't for scruples about Yan Lu here, he immediately lifted his clothes to let them have a look.

At the beginning, Cao Sanye pulled Sanhua's cat back. In order to tame it, he called his brothers to hunt in the nearby mountains. Even if he did not eat well, he had to take care of the cat's elder sister and give Sanhua time to comb her hair every day. However, the cat is used to being free and easy. Although it is delicious and delicious, it is combed everyday. Later, it gets hot and bathes it every day. But being locked in a cage is not free, and its rebellious attitude is even more serious. It is quite clever, at first for a period of time every day to feed him Cao Sanye tough, meowing every day to let Lao Zi out, after such a period of time, it suddenly quiet, also not fierce Cao Sanye, always take Yin test eyes staring at him.

Cao Sanye didn't realize it. After feeding it for a period of time, he felt that Sanhua was quite honest, and touched its tail and did not fry it. He enjoyed combing it more, so he felt it was time to let it out. Then Cao Sanye put a chain around Sanhua's neck one day and opened the cage.

As soon as he was released, the nature of the three flowers was exposed. He pawed at Cao Sanye and grabbed his clothes and meat together. Cao Sanye's chest was spattered with blood, and he fell down on the spot. Three flowers also paused, but looked at others rushed up, it immediately ran away.

Cao Sanye's brothers were almost scared to death by this change. They quickly carried Cao Sanye, who had blood on his upper body, into the room. Some of them knew how to deal with the wound and cleaned up the wound. Fortunately, although his chest was raw and bruised, he did not hurt his heart. But in this way, when drugs were scarce, Cao Sanye's wound survived because of high temperature inflammation and repeated fever. It was a miracle. It has been kept for more than a month now, but it is still incomplete.

Not long after Sanhua ran away, Cao Sanye called his brothers to look for him at first. After that, he gave up hope of taming him. He just thought that the cat would stop harming people in other villages. I didn't expect that before long, the cat was dirty again at the entrance of the village, with the chain around its neck. This cat has no shortage of hunting ability. It has lived well without Cao Sanye's feeding before, but it looks dirtier than before. The appearance of Sanhua Cat made the second team very nervous for a while. After all, the cat was very vindictive. After Third Master fed it, he did not escape its claws. Later he saw that it could not stand up from a distance, so he relaxed a little. They also got up the courage to unite to see if they could catch Sanhua back. However, when they moved, the cat seemed to be afraid of them and ran away again.

Cao Sanye said: "After listening to the brothers about this situation, I wonder if it was just trying to play games with me at that time. I was hurt because my men were unimportant. My brother ran away because I was very nervous and scared him. After that, I stayed at the entrance of the village every day. I was also reluctant to part with us. I didn't dare to come back if I wanted to."

Later, when Cao Sanye was able to get out of bed, he took the prey his brothers had beaten back and cooked some dried meat every day to feed it at the entrance of the village. At first, when Sanhua saw Cao Sanye, she would turn her head and run away. After several times, she did not run away, and she was willing to eat. At intervals, the two could get along in the shade for a while.

In this way, slowly grinding, just half a month ago, the cat after hurt Cao Sanye, probably watched him feed himself for so long, carding technology is good, also don't abandon it pull BaBa smelly, finally willing to obediently with Cao Sanye back to the village.

Now, the second team, Sanhua, is closest to Cao Sanye. The rest are the only two children in the village. At first, they are interested in licking the hair of the two children every day. However, the barbs on its tongue are too severe for anyone to live with. After being stopped by Cao Sanye several times, Sanhua also knew. But the cat's temperament is also very bad. The other men in the second team sometimes play tricks on him when he is not happy. He suddenly jumps out and throws people down to frighten people. There is no toilet for him. He has to pee in other people's shoes. The plant ash lira in the kitchen is not like a girl at all. Compared with the quiet Mimi, he is a naughty boy.

However, their heat-insulating leaves are also blessed with three flowers, so as to prevent them from continuing their life upside down day and night. The leaves were brought back by Sanhua. He also put the leaves on his head and stayed in the yard with the big sun for a while. He was afraid of the heat, so Cao Sanye noticed it and discovered the function of the leaves.

After they discovered the effect of the leaves, under the guidance of the three flowers, they picked a lot of leaves and came back, leaving a part for the roof, mashing a little leaves and mixing them with water. then they put a piece of clothes in gray-green water, like dyeing. after the clothes have changed color, they fished them out and basked in the sun. then they put them on the body and the leaves directly covered the body with the same effect. after that, they dyed all the clothes and trousers in summer, including shoes.

They also prepared one for Sanhua. Because the ground was very hot during the day and Sanhua only liked to stay in a cool place, Cao Sanye specially made four small shoes for Sanhua so that she could wear them and go out together. Three flowers were not used to it at first and several were torn apart, but Cao Sanye made several more for it. After wearing it for a few days, it stopped making noise.

Since Third Master Cao fell in front of him once and faced him again, his tolerance for Third Master Cao has been very high.

Cao Sanye's injury is now growing flesh and itching. He rubbed his chest with a smile and said, "I lost a piece of meat and got such a big baby, it's worth it." Said, and also spoil rubbed two three flower head, three flower impatiently twisted his head, see twist does not open, to Cao Sanye cast a "really take you can't look", and then don't move.

Today, Cao Sanye insisted that they come down to eat. Since they had three flowers, they had harvested enough every time they went hunting in the mountains, and their living standard had risen by several grades. Although there was less and less rice, there was always no shortage of meat. Now they can catch and live in hunting, and they will be brought back and raised in the village. There will be no problem of wasting because they have killed too many people and cannot finish eating.

Because they came out late and would miss lunch when they returned, they stayed at the scene this time. Ma Mingliang's husband and wife went to talk to Li Guihua, while Uncle Qu sat with Jing Lin, pounding leaves and dyeing clothes. This idea was put forward by Uncle Qu, who also saw it in a book brought back by Cao Sanye. He took the book and showed Jing Lin the book while explaining the steps carefully to them.

A group of people were having lunch when they suddenly heard the shouts of their small partners on duty outside. Everyone immediately put down their bowls and chopsticks and went out of the room.

The little fellow on duty kept rubbing his eyes and said, "Third Master, there is a big truck coming towards us!" Are there any cars these days? He felt that he must be dazzled.

Cao Sanye opened the gate of the wall, and several Jing Lin also stood in the front, looking at the end of the road together.

A large truck appeared precariously in everyone's sight, kept coming here, getting closer and closer, and everyone heard the sound of the car moving.

"It's really a car!"

"Isn't it impossible to drive?"

Cao Sanye, on the other hand, called the big guy seriously: "I still don't know who is in the car and who is in the other side, so I have to take out the self-defense guys."

After hearing this, everyone came to their senses. It was really a car, but it was ordinary people who could still drive these days.

Soon, everyone turned around and went back to the house to get their weapons. Zhao Zhiwen also went back and took out several people's weapons together.

The car stopped ten meters away from them, the co-pilot's door was opened, and a tall, strong man jumped down from above and walked towards this side.

"It's a soldier." Cao Sanye said that because he was once a soldier, he felt very familiar with each other's imposing manner and quickly responded.

Uncle Qu was standing behind the crowd. His eyesight was poor and he was a little far away, so he couldn't see the figure of the person who got off the bus at that time. But when he heard that the other person was a soldier, he was immediately excited and couldn't help pushing through the crowd to the front.

The man who was pushed aside by him also said, "Mr. Qu, what are you always doing in front of us? Stand back quickly." As for the old man in the village, they all respect him very much. They don't allow him to do too much hard work, nor do they allow him to take part in such dangerous activities as hunting. The identity of the person opposite is still unclear. In case of danger, they all advise him to shrink behind the big guy.

The other party was getting closer and closer. Uncle Qu finally saw the man's face clearly. The others did not pull him back. He rushed out of the crowd trembling and rushed at the man. His voice was hoarse."Zhengchao! My good grandson!"

After Qu Zhengchao got off the bus, his eyes were actually searching in the opposite crowd. However, Uncle Qu was not tall and was completely blocked by a group of big masterses until he squeezed himself out. When Mr. Qu spoke, Mr. Qu Zhengchao also saw his grandfather whom he had worried about for nearly a year.

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