Because the centipede ran out, the inner area was already in chaos. Zhong Xiaohui threw the chaos behind him and quickly ran to the place where his parents lived under the moonlight.

There was a lot of noise in the inner area. A wall could not stop the noise in the inner area. All the people who should have slept in the outer area heard the noise and ran out. Zhong Xiaohui didn't leave there for a while. The centipede ran from the inner area to the outer area. The people in the outer area were frightened and fled everywhere. Some people realized that this was a good time to escape. At that time, the whole base was in chaos.

However, this evening, the moment Zhong Xiaohui escaped, his luck seemed to have finally come to an end. The centipede rushed out of the inner area and came straight to him.

Scolopendra is huge in size and fast in speed. It trampled and killed many people all the way. Most of them are the management of the base. They are all the people who listen to the man with glasses and come forward to stop the centipede. Zhong Xiaohui watched the centipede behind him getting closer and closer to him, then looked back at the dormitory that was almost there, resolutely turned the direction and ran to another direction. However, he only ran a few steps, heard the noisy Zhong Wei couple came out, Zhong Wei's wife also sharp-eyed, saw at a glance his son worried for many days.

"Xiao Hui!" Xiao Hui's mother shouted as she ran towards her son, and Zhong Wei quickly followed her.

Zhong Xiaohui ran away just because he didn't want to bring the centipede to his parents' place to avoid hurting them. He knew that the centipede had recognized him tonight. If he was destined to die, it would be good to bring the centipede away to his parents to earn a chance of survival. But how did he not expect that his parents found him directly and ran towards him.

Zhong Xiaohui shouted at that time: "Run!"

But now Xiao Hui's mother also found that the centipede seemed to recognize her son. Zhong Xiaohui shouted as if she hadn't heard him. She ran there faster and watched the centipede's fangs waving behind Zhong Xiaohui. Her body was not as good as that of the former Xiao Hui's mother. She dragged her weak body and suddenly burst into an incredible force. She ran directly at the centipede and hugged the centipede's swaying tail thorn.

"You run!" She said that her desperate face was full of love for her son.

After the centipede was harassed, it turned angrily, and its fangs pierced Xiao Hui's mother, directly piercing her body, lifting her up, trying to get rid of her, but she was tightly hugged by the other party.

Looking at the mother in mid-air, Zhong Xiaohui froze on the spot.

"Mother of the child!" The accident happened suddenly. Zhong Wei slowed down his wife for a while. He watched the accident happen, but he had no time to do anything. He wanted to rush up to snatch his wife down, but the angry centipede, swinging body, and any part of the body were sharp weapons. He couldn't get close at all. His waist and abdomen were even scratched with a wound from the centipede's tail, bleeding profusely.

"My mother was still breathing, but she held the beast's fangs firmly and told me to take my dad and run away." Zhong Xiaohui was already sobbing. "The people in the base fled a lot during the chaos. I watched the man with glasses come over with a huge net. I knew that if I was caught again, my father would be fed to the centipede. I could only take my father and run away. I'm sorry to my mother. I couldn't get her body back!" He will never forget the sight of his bloody mother hanging in the air by a centipede after being pierced by fangs. Zhong Ping comforted him with tears streaming down her face: "It's not your fault. You can live with your father and not waste her sacrifice."

Zhong Xiaohui said to Zhong Ping: "After my father and I escaped from the base, the base was soon followed by people. I took my father and hid in Feiying Mountain near the county seat for several days. Fortunately, I found Artemisia branch 7 inside. Although it became bigger, I recognized it at a glance. I stopped the blood from the wound on my father's abdomen with Artemisia branch 7, so we could live together to see you."

After listening to Zhong Xiaohui's story, the villagers once again found that their village life was a paradise. Without Wang Fa outside, those people were too cruel. They were all compatriots. How could they raise people to feed centipedes?

"What do you do now?" Someone in the village asked Zhong Xiaohui.

Zhong Xiaohui suddenly knelt down to Zhong Ping and his wife: "Aunt, uncle. My father and I are now homeless, and the only one who can take refuge is you. I don't eat much. I will work hard and beg you to take me in!" Then he kowtowed to the two men and turned to kowtow to the villagers.

Many quick-witted people jumped aside and were not used to seeing people kneel, let alone to themselves, and then turned their eyes to the Zhong Ping couple.

"What silly remarks are you making, will your aunt drive you away?" They are all their relatives, and Zhong Ping of course is willing.

Gao Honghai is also a person who is soft-hearted and cares for family ties. He hurriedly asked Zhong Xiaohui to get up: "It's all a family. What are you doing here? As long as your uncle is here, your father and son can't eat without one bite." Then he turned to look at the other people in the village and said nothing.

He is willing to take in his brother-in-law and his son, but based on the secrets in the village, he is very afraid of opposition from some people in the village.

Fortunately, the villagers are not cruel people. The slightly comfortable life in the village makes them unable to do things like from ruin. And the villagers have relatives, who also can't guarantee, then whether their own relatives will come to.

"Just a little." Ma Renshan looked at Zhong Xiaohui and his son and said, "You cannot leave the village at will without the consent of the villagers."

Zhong Xiaohui hurriedly said, "We have remembered." Then and Zhong Wei kept saying thank you to everyone.

When it was confirmed that Zhong Xiaohui and his son were going to stay in the village, many people had not had breakfast this morning, including Jing Lin and Yan Fei. Everyone gave two words of encouragement to Zhong Xiaohui and his son, hoping that they would have a good life next, and then dispersed one by one.

Such as see the fields in the village, Zhong Xiaohui and Zhong Wei stare big eyes at the same time, this just understand Ma Renshan that cannot freely out of the village.

The fields are green and they have not seen such colors in the fields for a long time except in the mountains.

Excited, Zhong Wei grabbed Gao Honghai by the arm and repeatedly asked, "Brother-in-law, am I not dazzled? This is your village?" Said also don't believe rubbed his eyes.

Gao Honghai patted his brother-in-law's thin arm, sighed piteously in his heart, and whispered: "Let's go back and say, let's go home first. You two have been hiding outside for several days and haven't eaten a single meal. The meal is ready at home. Let's fill our stomachs first. This morning your sister baked onion cakes."

Onion cakes, Zhong Xiaohui and Zhong Weiguang couldn't help swallowing saliva. They were kept in the base for so long. They didn't touch any oil stars. During the days when they were hiding in the mountains, they didn't dare to wander around. They were all hiding in one place. When hungry, they ate the grass leaves around them. They weren't poisoned. They were also lucky.

Gao Changhui said to his cousin, "When you come to our house, just stay at ease. You may not be able to live anywhere else, but you can eat enough."

Gao Yalan looked at his uncle, who had completely lost weight and turned into a different kind of uncle, and had cried just now. His eyes were still red at the moment. He also hurriedly said, "Don't have any psychological burden."

Zhong Xiaohui listened and his eyes became red again. He knelt down in the hut just now, actually thinking that the world is not going to work now. The rations for him and his father are a great burden to the family now, but they have no place to go. Before their village, there were relatives from the city who came back to seek refuge. Before the festival, the two families were also in contact with each other. The friendship was also deep. At first, it was good. There was plenty of food, and more mouths were not a problem. Later, when they saw that the fields were not producing, they all panicked. They had to dig and search, and there were more conflicts between the two families living together. As time went by, the former friendship was all rubbed to the last by the frictions, big and small, in life. The people who had to flee to their homes walked away, but the people who defected did not walk. Before they went to the base, there were noisy everyday.

Zhong Xiaohui understands that in this world, the deep friendship in the past is probably not worth a meal. He and his father were also uneasy about whether he lived in his aunt's house or not, but the worries in his heart were expressed by his cousin. Although he could not relax completely, he was deeply moved.

However, despite all this, Zhong Xiaohui still had doubts: "By the way, why did we see all the water when we jumped off the wall?"

"Water?" Gao Honghai looked at him and did not know what he was talking about.

Because they were notified by the villagers, it was not clear what happened to the two fathers and sons before they encountered the magic array. Before anyone else could say it, it was only the illusion caused by the pressure of the two fathers and sons fleeing recently.

Zhong Xiaohui looked puzzled at Gao's family and closed his mouth. He glanced at the green rice in the field and thought that the land could be returned to crops, which shows its magic. The world has changed. The fear of being almost drowned in the water is still there, but as the villagers said, it should be just their illusion.

Whether it's illusion or truth, they are still alive now, so don't think much about the others.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei returned home. The family members were already hungry. At the moment, they were eating tomato fruits one by one. After the land changed, the tomatoes in the yard had ripened before, and the growth speed also accelerated after that. Because tomatoes have aura, Jing Lin prepares one for the little ones every day, and Zhao Zhiwen's family also sends some for Zhao Chenghuai and his wife to eat one each day. Yan Fei's family has it. Yan Fei said there was no need to send it, but Jing Lin still sent some of the past.

A mutant tomato has more than a dozen flowers that bloom at one time and will bloom several times in succession after that, so the output is sufficient for them to eat.

Su Zhen is still waiting to eat chili. He has been waiting all morning. Seeing Jing Lin's two appearance, he immediately "snorted" and left his tail in the chili field. He squinted at Jing Lin and urged him silently.

In the county seat, Captain Qu stood in front of his own house with several teammates, reached out and knocked on the security door, "Grandpa?"

Several times in a row, no one should.

A teammate stepped down from a nearby corridor and said to him, "There is not a single resident in this small apartment building. Many people's doors have been pried open. It looks as if they have all moved away. It has taken quite a long time to move away."

Hearing this, Captain Qu's face sank. He and his teammates pried open the security door and kicked the door open.

The doors and windows in the room were closed and the air was very smelly. Captain Qu waved dust from the tip of his nose and turned around the room. He saw that the room where Grandpa lived was empty with beds, quilts were removed, and many clothes in the wardrobe were gone. The pots and pans in the kitchen were placed in the cupboard, apparently his grandfather moved away.

He saw the coal stove and firewood stove piled up in the house and the soil on the balcony, and his heart could not help feeling sour. He did not dare to imagine how hard his grandfather lived alone after the chaos of the world.

Suddenly, the teammate came to him with a piece of white paper with dust on it and said, "captain! Here is a note!"

Captain Qu took it and saw at a glance that it was his grandfather's handwriting. It said that he followed a small force to the countryside. If he came back and saw the note, he would go there to find him and he would wait for him there all the time.

"Chashanling, Team Two?"Captain Qu folded the note and turned to his teammates."Tell the brothers to prepare for it and ask who knows where Chashanling No. 2 Team is and prepare to go."


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