After noticing this situation, Zhong Xiaohui noticed it. Then he found that these people who left, both men and women, are of better physical quality, which shows that the base is selective in selecting people.

Zhong Xiaohui said: "Among the people working together, I am relatively strong."

However, everyone looked at the thin young people in front of them. In their eyes, the word "strong" was really irrelevant.

After Zhong Xiaohui discovered this, he also began to worry that he would be elected. His intuition told him that this was not a good thing.

After Zhong Xiaohui had such worries in his heart, it was not long before he was ready to return to his place of residence when he was busy. Several base managers said that he didn't have to go back and follow them.

Zhong Xiaohui didn't want to go, he refused, but those people said very strongly that they must go. He only had time to talk to the Zhong Wei couple working in another field, and then he was forced to take away.

The base is divided into inner and outer areas. The outer area is occupied by their working people. It is the former girls' dormitory of the school. The inner area is only accessible to all management personnel of the base. It is the boys' dormitory. The middle is separated by high walls. Zhong Xiaohui was taken directly into the inner area and then put into a dormitory.

In this dormitory, he saw several acquaintances whom he had not seen before. These people were more desperate than before. Seeing Zhong Xiaohui, he also looked up coldly and looked numb.

When a person with abnormal nerves saw Zhong Xiaohui, he smiled darkly: "Another one."

Zhong Xiaohui was at a loss. The atmosphere inside was depressing and lifeless. His face grew ugly and he knew that things were moving in the direction he least wanted.

The dormitory has four walls, one window and one door. The windows are sealed with iron bars and boards. The wooden doors of the dormitory are replaced with iron doors, leaving only a small window above for them to breathe. The dormitory was closed to nearly ten people, all of whom were huddled in the corner. Some did not speak, while others kept talking, but could not hear what they were saying for half a day. When Zhong Xiaohui came in, it was already getting dark, and he also wanted to find a corner to shrink, but before he went over, the people in the corner were very fierce and told him to roll, even the people he knew before. Zhong Xiaohui could only find a corner to sit down casually. After sitting for a while, his stomach began to growl. He was hungry long before he had eaten his meal when he left work.

It was very dark in the dormitory and only dimly visible shapes could be seen around. He sat on the ground with his back against the wall, imagining his previous life. Although he did not say how well he ate, he never ate less at home or at work, and he ate at least one meal of meat a day. Since he came to this base, he can't remember what meat tastes like except gruel or gruel every day.

Just as he was imagining a trance, some people in the dormitory began to cry out in despair, others fought because they were too manic and would not stop beating each other until blood ran out, and there were others beside him shouting and cheering wildly.

Looking at the scene before us, Zhong Xiaohui held his knee and only looked at it coldly. When the dormitory was in a mess, the sound of kicking and stepping suddenly came from outside.

The dormitory suddenly quieted down. Everyone except Zhong Xiaohui began to shrink into the corner. Some people faced the wall and turned their backs to the door. Some people lay down on the ground and curled up into a ball with their heads folded, showing great fear.

Soon, the sound of kicking stopped at the door, and then a light came in. Zhong Xiaohui looked up and saw that his body suddenly froze. He did not dare to move at that time.

Because he could see clearly that it was not a light at all. A ferocious monster's head was stuck in a small doorway. The light was wandering around, but it was actually its two eyes.

The monster's eyes kept spinning around the people in the dormitory, making strange noises from time to time, hissing and terrifying.

Finally, the beam of light from the eye stayed on Zhong Xiaohui for a while. Just when he felt his heart was going to stop, the beam moved away and stopped on a man not far away from him. The man was the one who had just won the fight.

The monster made a noise, and the man immediately shouted, "No!"

The iron gate was opened and the flickering candlelight brightened the dark dormitory. Zhong Xiaohui saw several men standing by the door and a monster with its head held high. The monster was so big that Zhong Xiaohui could not see what it was. Next to the monster was a gentle man with glasses. He touched the monster's head and said to the monster in a gentle tone: "We have chosen our food. Can we go back?"

Two men entered the dormitory and dragged the selected man out, his ears full of shrieks. Before the iron gate was closed, Zhong Xiaohui saw the monster turn and follow the glasses man, dragging a long body behind him.

The sound of footsteps gradually faded away until even the voice of the dragged man could not be heard, and the dormitory was still quiet.

"Is that . . . a centipede?"Zhong Xiaohui opened his mouth, his voice became hoarse due to excessive tension, and his voice was very low, but because it was too quiet, it was so loud that he could frighten himself.

Naturally, no one answered him.

Zhong Xiaohui sat against the wall with his eyes open all night that night. From the man dragged away, he seemed to see the end of everyone in the dormitory, including him.

After that, Zhong Xiaohui was locked up for another few days. New people came in every day. When it got dark, the mutant centipede would come and pick out the food himself.

They are just a group of pigs kept in captivity for slaughter.

Zhong Xiaohui even laughed at himself. Pigs were served with delicious food and drink before their death. These people only had a bowl of gruel every day.

Zhong Xiaohui was very lucky. After he came in, he was not selected by centipedes for several days in a row. From the beginning of despair, he slowly began to feel unwilling.

He wants to escape.

But both sides were sealed off, and finally Zhong Xiaohui looked at the window.

Time is very tight. Zhong Xiaohui started breaking off the iron planks that were nailed together in the middle of the night. At first, the people in the dormitory watched him break off the iron planks by the window. Those who came in earlier than Zhong Xiaohui but were lucky enough to live to this day also just watched with indifference. It is not that no one thought of this way like him, but those iron bars were so tightly nailed that the gaps left could not even be filled with little fingers. It is impossible to open the window with the strength of both hands.

Zhong Xiaohui, however, is very persistent and has been sticking to it all the time. Even the worm still lives in secret. Besides, he is a human being. He still has his parents to take care of. As long as he is not dead, hope will always be there.

Zhong Xiaohui's clinging to life is like a tiny pebble thrown into a pool of stagnant water. Although the ripples are small, they keep flowing. Soon, talented people who had not been locked in for long worked with him. They forced their fingers into the crevice, abraded their skin and flesh, and refrained from saying anything.

By daybreak, a piece of wood had been broken off by them and began to shake. Now, everyone began to join the queue for survival.

In the few days of being locked up, Zhong Xiaohui has learned that no one is watching outside their door, and the people in the base will be brought in only after dark in the evening, and one meal at noon every day will be delivered regularly. Therefore, on this day, everyone hides in the corner as usual except when delivering lunch in the base, and breaks off the metal battens at other times.

After lunch, they broke off the first piece of wood. With a gap, the seals arranged after that will be easier to break down, so the second and third ones will be next. After dark, the escape hatch of the window can already accommodate a thinner person to climb out.

It was getting dark, and the time for the base to send people in was approaching. Because it was all estimated time, Zhong Xiaohui suggested that the escape hatch should be covered first. After the people were sent in today, they would flee again, because there was at least half an hour before the centipede came in, which was enough for all of them to escape from the dormitory.

However, not everyone is as rational as he is, especially when they see the hope of life. His proposal was rejected by most people, and many people began to scramble to climb out. They all wanted to be the first to climb out. For this reason, even those who had made concerted efforts before suddenly began to fight with each other.

The noise was getting louder and louder. Zhong Xiaohui was afraid of being found. He was able to go up and fight for a while and told everyone to calm down for a while. But everyone was like crazy. Whoever approached the exit would be the target of attack.

Zhong Xiaohui can't stop these people, so he can only join the fight for the escape hatch, after all, he wants to live. With his youthful strength, he knocked over several people and was the first to climb out of the escape hatch.

Fortunately, their dormitory is on the first floor, Zhong Xiaohui jumped out directly. As soon as he jumped out, the dormitory door was opened and the base sent people in.

"Someone has escaped!"Some people didn't escape, also hide others, was Zhong Xiaohui beat over a few people, some people are full of malicious blunt base shouted.

There are also people who have seen the discovery and feel that there is no hope of escape. Since they are all dead sooner or later, it is no harm to fight.

Despair was followed by madness. Several people rushed to the base with wooden planks and iron bars they had broken off.

Most of the people in these bases, except for a few, were just ordinary people before. Their force value was higher than that of most of the people in the base only because they were not hungry and had sufficient physical strength. However, now they are facing their death throes, and the battle came suddenly. These people were completely unprepared and caught off guard on the spot.

Others took advantage of the disorder and ran out of the open iron gate.

A sharp whistle suddenly sounded, and a beaten base member curled up on the ground with a whistle in his mouth and blew it with all his strength.

Zhong Xiaohui's heart was not very good. He knew that there was only one entrance from the inner area to the outer area, and the other places were walled. He could only escape from there, and there were people holding hands. The whistle must have alerted the rest of the base, he had to take advantage of the chaos to escape.

Fortunately, now it's dark, no lights, this base is not a formal base, patrol people are few and lazy, Zhong Xiaohui nervously from several people, saw from a distance the wall separating the internal and external areas.

He did not dare to take risks at the door. Taking advantage of the dim moonlight and the surrounding emptiness, he used all his strength to run up, took off one by one, stepped on the wall a few steps, and successfully climbed the wall with both hands.

There was glass on the wall. Zhong Xiaohui's hand was directly scratched with blood. But the desire to survive made him feel no pain. He gritted his teeth and climbed up the wall. When he was ready to jump down, there were also bursts of shrieks in the inner area.

He couldn't help looking back, and then saw several people who had been locked up with him before, rolling and crawling out of the dormitory building under the moonlight, with several members of the base inside.

A centipede followed them, and the bespectacled man flustered and frustratedly ordered the people around him to stop the centipede.

The centipede was huge in size, and now it was frantically attacking everyone except the glasses man. Zhong Xiaohui also saw that the fangs on both sides of the giant jaws of the centipede pierced the body of a member of the base. In the man's unsatisfied eyes, the centipede tore it in half and ate it directly in situ.

Zhong Xiaohui looked at this scene and felt a good feeling of revenge in his heart. If he remembered correctly, it was almost time for the centipede to choose food, but the food escaped.

He smiled strangely and jumped off the wall.

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