Early in the morning, before Jing Lin washed, he felt that the array he rearranged was touched again, and the direction was the entrance of the village.

Yan Fei was cooking breakfast when he heard Jing Lin. He took off his apron and said, "Go and see."

Two people out of the door, all the way quickly to the village, just saw several other early villagers in the village standing beside a fence, under the fence, a middle-aged man and a young man are lying on the ground, hands kept waving, feet also play to play, are screaming for help.

Yan's house is closest to the entrance of the village, and the couple are also there. When they saw Jing Lin and Yan Fei coming, they knew several familiar things about Jing Lin's array arrangement, and knew that the two men would definitely have something to do with the array arrangement. Yan Ruifeng asked Jing Lin, "What are they doing?"

Before Jing Lin could answer, the villagers who heard beside him scrambled: "I don't know. I was just wandering around in the paddy field when the two men suddenly jumped off the wall shouting."

"Our village won't again into the thief? The two thieves looked as if they were drowning."

When Jing Lin was laying out the array, Yan Fei asked about the effect of the array. Those who trespassed by mistake could only see a blind lake ahead. If they jumped down from the fence, they naturally fell into the water in the eyes of the intruders, and the feeling of drowning was also very real, because they could not see anyone else in the array.

On this hot day, I heard the villagers who first found out that the two had been swimming here for quite a while, and they didn't respond when I asked them. The two men are already full head big sweat, his face is also very bad, scene in the fear of let them swim like this again, I'm afraid I have to tired collapse. So when others are not paying attention, the array is removed.

In the eyes of the two men, they saw the original surging tide, bottomless and endless lake water, faded in the blink of an eye, the two men relaxed at once, this relaxation, passed out directly.

The two men did not dance wildly, and several villagers here dared to approach.

One of them stared at the middle-aged man carefully. The more he looked at it, the more confused he became. He couldn't help asking, "Why do I feel a little familiar with this man?"

"isn't it? I also feel familiar, as if I have seen him somewhere. He must be from a nearby village."

"This is Zhong Wei!"At last, someone remembered, "Zhong Ping, her eldest brother, visits our village every year."

People who know him are also surprised, "Gao Honghai his brother-in-law? Isn't that a big fat man?"

"Yes, it is no wonder that I feel familiar but I have not recognized him. If you stare at his face and have a good look, are you very similar to the fat man before?"

"Hiss . . . when you say this, you really look more and more alike."

Jing Lin rearranged the array, listened to their discussion, and said: "Then put the two men into the small room first. We'll see. Could you please inform Gao Family to come over?"

If there was nothing to do, he volunteered to inform Gao's family and the captain's family.

Jing Lin and others carried the two men to the small house built at the front of the village and put them on a simple wooden bed inside. They would be woken up when the villagers came.

Soon, Gao's family arrived, as did Ma Renshan and others.

"Eldest brother! Xiao Hui!" Zhong Ping saw the two men on the wooden bed and tears came out at once. The eldest brother is the only family in her family. In previous years, the two families paid New Year greetings to each other during the Spring Festival. However, she did not go back last year because of the danger. For so long, she had been worried about the eldest brother's family. However, because of the long distance, it would take at least two hours to ride a bike. It was very dangerous along the way, so she did not dare to go back.

Others looked at the thin down Zhong Wei did not dare to confirm, Zhong Ping did not have this worry, after all, his eldest brother, when he was young, also is not fat, and beside his nephew, always won't admit.

The two passed out, but their breathing fluctuated. Zhong Ping felt relieved. She wiped her tears and pinched one of them.

"Water, a lot of water! Help!" Zhong Wei, who woke up from a coma, began to struggle with both hands again. It seems that the illusion of drowning has left him a big shadow. It also proves from the side that the magic array set up by Jing Lin is quite destructive for ordinary people.

Then Zhong Xiaohui also woke up. He didn't cry for help, but when he opened his eyes and saw so many people around him, he was frightened. After seeing the familiar Gao family, he relaxed and cried loudly to Zhong Ping: "Auntie, my mother is gone!"

When Zhong Wei saw his sister, he had already quieted down. When he heard his son crying, his eyes became red and he could not help crying.

This cry is too sad, the people around you by emotional contagion, also follow afflictive.

Zhong Ping held Zhong Xiaohui in her arms and sobbed, "Stop crying and tell my aunt what's going on? Eldest brother, why are you so thin?"

Zhong Wei endured his sore throat and said slowly, "This spring, a group of people suddenly came to our village . . ."

At the beginning of spring this year, they looked at everything in the fields in Zhong Wei and were all very worried. Then one day, a group of people suddenly came to the village, saying that they were from the county seat base, and they came to the village to recruit farmers who were good at farming and college students with relevant experience. At that time, they said that once they entered the base, they only had to manage the fields every day. they could plant things with rich bonuses and would not blame them if they did not plant them. moreover, they could take their families with them and give certificates to the residents of the base when they went there. they could live in different houses and have three meals. when they were sick, they also had free doctors to treat them. At that time, the village was plagued by snake disasters. Every day, many poisonous snakes appeared in the village. Several people were killed in the village. At that time, the village was in panic. These people said that the conditions were also very favorable. Many people were already moved by the principle that entering the base was safer than being in the village. What's more, the villagers were facing the fields from an early age. Apart from the younger generation, there was no one who was a little older but could not farm.

The villagers all want to be simple. Now there is no harvest in the field and the village is not safe. Everyone can hide in the advanced base for a while and return to the same place when the outside is quieter. At that time, everyone was thinking like this, moving the household food supplies and leaving them all in a few days. Zhong Wei and some villagers did not want to leave at that time, but if there were only a few of them in the village, it would be even more unsafe. He also wanted to take his family belongings to his sister's family, but the journey was very long and so dangerous. He was afraid of an accident before he reached his sister's family, so he had to go to the base with the villagers.

Only when they arrived at the place did they realize that the so-called base was only a boarding primary school in the county seat. When they first arrived, those people did give them houses to live in as they said, but no matter the number of people in each household, they were only given a small dormitory. The bed was the original two-storey iron frame bed with only one, and every meal was a bowl of gruel. As soon as the villagers saw that the base was like this, they immediately backed out and all found the people who had brought them and said they wanted to go back.

However, the person in charge immediately changed his face, saying that the base was not where they wanted to come and go, and then he took all the food and daily necessities they brought with him with his thugs, saying that they had paid the entrance fee and room and board fee. There were many people on the other side, all of whom were fierce and mature men. They all resisted, but several of them were beaten and couldn't get up at that time, and the rest were afraid.

However, the base did not allow doctors to come and see the most severely beaten people. Several died after several days of delay. Those who did not die also suffered disabilities. In this way, the next day, in addition to the children and the elderly who can't really move, people who are good at planting crops were brought to the fields reclaimed by the base. Those who are not good at planting crops were ordered to build fences and expand the base site. Those who resist and don't listen will be beaten. They also found that in addition to the residents who defected from the county seat, many people from small villages were also cheated in this way. These people look sallow and are also exploited by the upper echelons of the base.

Entering that base is like entering a cage. You can't get away from it. You have no choice but to obey others.

When the villagers heard this, they were all angry and anxious. The person in charge of the base was also too unethical. He robbed people of food, neglected their lives and banned them.

"Then how did you escape?" Zhong Ping asked.

Zhong Wei took a deep breath of relief, but he did not speak several times. Zhong Xiaohui cried, "Auntie, those people are demons! They not only banned us, but also fed the living to the mutant animals!"

The crowd was shocked: "Feed the mutant animals with the living? !"

Jing Lin asked, "What animal are you feeding?"

Zhong Xiaohui said: "A mutant centipede."

In Zhong Wei, the base where they entered in spring this year, until April, they lived a daily life of getting up early, getting greedy, and not having enough to eat. Because of the double torture of hunger and spirit, all of them quickly lost weight. Zhong Wei, who had grown fat in middle age, was so thin. After the weather warmed up, the base forced them to work in the daytime at first. Later, some people died of heatstroke every day. The base saw too many people dead and changed to work in the daytime and at night. In this way, there were also people who were overwhelmed and exhausted. At that time, dozens of people in their village had already died, including those who died of starvation, those who committed suicide, adults, children and the elderly, all of whom were dead. They should also prevent people they did not know from stealing corpses, because many people were too hungry and ate human flesh privately beyond the moral limit. At that time, it was not too much to say that they lived in hell.

After entering May, a young man whom Zhong Xiaohui met while repairing the fence suddenly stopped coming one day. He thought he was dead, and asked people familiar with him, saying that he had been called away by the upper echelons of the base and had changed places to work.

Zhong Xiaohui was able to shrug off at first, but one after another, he found that every day someone had seen it the day before and suddenly disappeared the next day. The external statements were all called away by the upper class, but when asked, even their familiar families could not find out what they were called away for.

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