On a summer evening, the sun had gone west, and the temperature was not as high as during the day. At the high-speed intersection where the provincial capital entered the county seat, a long line of human figures was slowly coming from a distance. The men and women in the line, old and young, were thin, with weather and frost all over their faces. Their sunken cheeks were full of sunburn, and their colors were deep and shallow. Many people's lips were chapped and moulted.

On the periphery of these people are rows of soldiers dressed in summer camouflage combat uniforms. Compared with those people, they are not much better in appearance, but their clothes are neat, their eyes are firm and their spirits are better.

And behind the team, there are two cars moving slowly, one is a military truck, one is a modified SUV. In this world full of abandoned vehicles and weeds, it is really strange.

Shi Lei led several of his brothers to the front. They looked at their hometown, which was close at hand, and their tired face, which was also full of sunburn, finally showed a relaxed look about to return home. He wiped the sweat off his face, turned around and walked to a soldier in his 30s. he asked, "captain Qu, do you think we should find a place nearby to rest first or go directly to the city?"

The man called captain Qu, looking at the small town in front of him, also saw a nostalgic look in his eyes. he pressed down his inner excitement and said, "which is the nearest base to the county town?"

"It's Fangbei Base." Shi Lei said, "It will take another hour to get there."

Captain Qu said, "I'll ask first."

Shi lei was busy: "er, ok."

Captain Qu turned back to the team, went directly to the back of the team, walked to the side of the SUV, and stood at the back door. At this time, the SUV had stopped because of the stop of the team. The window was closed. He could not see the situation inside. Before he raised his hand and knocked on the window, the window fell down automatically, revealing the face of a young man of about 20 years old sitting inside.

The young man was plain in appearance, but his mouth was smiling and his eyes were mild. He was different from the tired mess of Captain Qu and others. The young man sitting in the car was obviously superior and had an unusual status.

At this point, he asked, "Captain Qu, is this coming soon?"

Captain Qu said with a little respect: "Yes, Master Wei. We can reach a small base in the county town in another hour."

All of a sudden, there was a mocking voice from the middle-aged man in the car: "If you hadn't been dragging your feet for more than two months to save these mortals, we would have arrived long ago."

Captain Qu's eyes darkened, but the look was well concealed by him. His attitude remained unchanged." Master Zhu, please be patient for another hour. In an hour, we will be able to settle down."

The master Zhu disdained to say: "how can we settle in this miserable place?"

Captain Qu did not speak.

Master Wei's mouth was still smiling, but there was no temperature in the smile. He tilted his head slightly and said with displeasure, "Zhu Ren!"

Zhu ren also immediately warned: "Wei Zhen, my master told you to take care of me, not to yell at me and shout at me. don't put on airs at me all day in front of outsiders."

Wei Zhen's face changed, and finally he said helplessly, "They are just ordinary people. We went out to practice this time to help them. Why are you angry?"

Zhu Ren hissed, "My master told me to come out to train myself, not to spend more than two months escorting these worthless mortals."

"You!" Wei Zhen nu way, but think of Zhu Ren temper and backer behind him, finally endure down.

Finally, master Wei said to captain Qu, "take your men and continue on your way."

"okay." Captain Qu replied that his expression had not changed from beginning to end and then turned back to his team.

Some people were closer to the car and heard the debate clearly. Some people looked angry, others were more careful, and some looked at the car with reverence and yearning.

When Shi lei saw that captain Qu had returned, he saw no change in his face and asked, "what did the two masters say?"

Captain Qu said, "Keep moving."

Shi lei several heart is a loose, see all got home, they also really don't want to stay, moreover, he also really don't want to put the people in the car to settle to their own base, although the other party is very capable, but too many superior, Shi lei feel really can't afford to serve.

After a short pause, the team began to head for the Fangbei base in the south of the city.

At this time of the scene, and Yan Fei put them to the mountain during the day to pick the heat insulation leaves and fruit separation, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu beside wash while eating.

"Are you going or not?" Zhao Zhiwen asked Jing Lin and Lin, "I saw that what they caught was the same as before, and it tasted very good."

Yan Fei said, "It's not safe in the mountains at night. How dare they go in when it's dark?"

Yan Lu said, "People die for money, birds die for food."

At the moment, they are talking about the villagers' smear campaign to capture the monkey. Knowing that the monkey is also the pupa of cicadas, it came out earlier than usual this year. Now cicadas have begun to bark during the day. They don't eat this stuff here. They are also their foreign wife, Sun Lili. Their family has the habit of eating this stuff. Two days ago, she went out for a walk in the evening and found a handful of monkeys on the laurel tree of Ma Renshan's family. She took them back and fried them. Now these days, it's good to have some food. Everyone is not picky about food. As for the monkey, the horse family has accepted it without any psychological pressure and loves to eat. The adults and children in the family are greedy for meat, and several men in the horse's family wandered around the mountain edge as it was getting dark in the evening. They would go out for several nights. Then they were seen by Chanzui in the village and joined with their family members. Slowly, more and more people in the village knew about it, and a wave of catching monkeys in the evening started.

Because Jing Lin and Yan Fei have had no shame these days, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu are also busy falling in love all day long, and they only knew yesterday. Zhao Zhiwen is not greedy for that thing. Like Tang Hao's family, they never lack meat to eat now. He is not unable to go with other people in the village. The reason why he encouraged Jing Lin to go is also to make people more lively and interesting.

Jing Lin looked at the insulating leaves around him and said, "Then go ahead and pick up the rest quickly."

Lele listened nearby and said, "Uncle, can I go?"

"Yes." Jing Lin said, Lele is not very active. Daily entertainment activities are either reading books or reading books, which is really boring.

A few people moved faster, and in a short time they picked off the rest of the fruit and packed up the leaves. Jing Lin asked the other members of the family if they wanted to go out to play. Su Zhen thought that she would definitely take a bath when she came back after going out, but looked at the fox beside her and eagerly looked at it, and agreed.

Jing Lin took a bamboo basket and an oil lamp. You led me and I pulled you out of the door. I met other people on the road and greeted each other. Like Jing Lin, I was holding things in my hands.

The villagers learned how to catch the monkey from Sun Lili. Before coming every evening, they would wander around the tree during the day, listen to where the cicada sounded loudest, then remember the place and wrap a circle of adhesive tape around the trunk. In this way, they would know that the monkey was afraid of going out of the hole to the tree in the evening, and they would not be unable to climb up because of the obstruction of the adhesive tape, and they would not be unable to catch the monkey because they knew that the monkey was climbing too high.

Brown and brown scratched the hole with their paws, and then they wanted to eat the found monkey alive without too much mud. Su Zhen hit the monkey on the mouth with her tail. The monkey fell to the ground and Lele picked it up and put it into the basket. By the way, he said to brown and brown, "Stupid brown, there is mud. Please wash it and cook it before eating."

Having been with Su Zhen and Brown for so long, Jing Lin knows Su Zhen's mouth is hard and soft. It does not allow Brown to eat raw food, but it should also be for its own good. Although Brown can't control his greediness occasionally, Su Zhen does not allow it to do things, but it has always been very obedient.

"Brown and Brown probably took Su Zhen as their mother." Yan Fei once said to Jing Lin.

Now the ecological environment is better, cicadas seem to be more than before. A giant tree can hold most of the baskets of monkeys. Jing Lin grabbed the oil lamp at the edge of the mountain for more than an hour, and all carried a full basket back.

When the villagers were almost caught, they all dispersed together and Jing Lin returned home. Lele went out to play tonight and was still very excited when he came back. When Jing Lin was burning the bath water, he still sang the nursery rhymes he had learned before, pulling ducks and trampling on the dance steps. Rarely can he be seen so lively.

Because they knew the monkeys had caught too many, they soaked all the monkeys in salt water and told them, pointing to brown palm, not to steal food, or your Su Zhen sister would beat you again, when they were cleared out in the morning.

Brown and brown listlessly replied.

Lele and the duck have already gone to bed in the room. After several days of acclimatization, now Lele doesn't have to watch over him before going to bed. He can also go to bed obediently and won't have to go through a lot of trouble again.

As soon as Jing Lin went to bed at night, Yan Fei leaned in. Jing Lin hurriedly said, "be honest tonight."

Yan Fei grabbed his hand and touched his little brother. His face was innocent: "Be honest."

Scene in trying to ruthlessly pulled up, but still loathe to give up, a face of black line closed his eyes and went to sleep.

After eating in the morning, Jing Lin and Yan Fei began to deal with the monkeys. They all asked Sun Lili. Although the three baskets of monkeys soaked in mud all night, they washed very carefully so as not to eat and hurt their teeth. It took them more than two hours to clean them up. Then they boiled them in boiling water, left some of them fried, and frozen the rest in the refrigerator.

This is the first time I have eaten monkey Jing Lin and Yan Fei. I think the taste is similar to the fried worms they ate at the beginning, and their mouth is full of meat. Even Su Zhen, who was a bit picky about food in their eyes, ate several, not to mention the little greedy brown worm, a large bowl is not enough for him to eat. It wasn't long since I came to Jing Lin's house. The little guy was no longer the thin and miserable one he used to be. He had more flesh on his body, and the hair he had cut off had grown almost the same. He started to sprout when he saw it.

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