After transplanting rice seedlings, the villagers did not have any leisure time, because they had to grow corn, sweet potatoes, beans and so on. The land where these plants are planted has also been turned over by earthworm babies, and only furrows and ridges are needed.

Sweet potatoes are bred by cutting. Before April, the villagers chose plots to plant sweet potatoes. Because the temperature had just warmed up at that time, the film was covered and removed before the temperature rose. After the temperature rose, everyone was worried about whether the sweet potato would be heated to death, but it still grew normally, which surprised the villagers.

In the village, sweet potatoes are always interplanted with corn. After corn is sown, sweet potatoes are planted again. Before that, the needed sweet potato vines have to be cut out and finally transplanted to soil ridges. As for beans and the like, since the demand for these beans is not much every year, it is enough to just place a circle around the corn field.

When Jing Lin was busy planting corn and sweet potatoes, Zhou Yu stripped peanut seeds. Before transplanting rice seedlings, in order to see if peanuts could grow normally under the high temperature, all the people in the village changed some seeds from other families and went back to try planting. The result was sprouting, but they felt that the sprouts were malnourished and they were afraid of dying in the middle. Therefore, many people in the village gave up planting flowers and all kinds of corn. After all, peanuts used to be planted in the family for men to eat with wine. Now they have no wine to drink, and they feel that peanuts can be saved and used for more practical crops.

Although Jing Lin's three families have planted it, they have not planted much. With the mentality of giving it a try, they can reap the best results. If not, the losses will be small.

Watching the wheat dry and ready for storage, the villagers began to worry about rapeseed.

In the past, rapeseed processing was generally carried out after transplanting rice seedlings, and the rapeseed was pressed into oil barrels in the oil press for storage. They all just pulled the rapeseed to the ground. There were workers in the oil press, and the oil press was also used to press the oil. After the oil was pressed, the money and the cake and fertilizer were pulled away together. But now everything can only rely on artificial, how to make these rapeseed oil, has become a big problem.

In the end, the villagers found a method in the book they had pulled back from the county seat. One of them wrote about how ancient people squeezed oil. This method has been used in some places before, so it is feasible.

The village is going to build an oil press. The selected location is the processing station. There are many empty rooms in the processing station. Just make one room available for renovation.

If you want to make an oil press, you have to go into the mountain to find wood of the right size. The pressing groove must be made of whole wood planing. There must also be wooden wedges, oil hammers, iron hoops for making oil cakes, etc. These are all necessary.

Several elderly people in the village used to work as carpenters to support their families before they switched to brick construction. This was a very popular business in the past, that is, it was slowly discarded by them as the society developed due to lack of viability. This kind of people know more about the wood material, so those who have such experience go to the mountain to find suitable wood and do some work such as iron hoop to the people who are good at this kind of work in the village.

After the suitable wood is found, it must be put in a cool place to dry the water before digging the trough. moreover, fresh straw is needed to make the oil cake. however, the straw of the villagers was harvested last year and will be torn off when it is completely dried. therefore, this year cannot be the same as in previous years. for various reasons, oil extraction has to be postponed until after the autumn harvest, when new oil can be eaten.

Fortunately, the villagers keep a large amount of rapeseed oil each year, which is not enough. Many villagers can eat it for a long time even if they change tens of catties. It is not a problem until autumn.

After all the crops have been planted, the villagers have nothing else to do for the time being except to look at the crops in the fields from time to time.

The calendar turned to June. On that night, Yan Fei stood on the wall hanging the calendar and sketched a picture. Jing Lin wiped her hair and walked over, "What are you looking at?"

Yan Fei lit a spot there on June 10, turned to look at him and said, "your birthday is still four days away."

Jing Lin paused, then looked at the lunar calendar date below, found that it was indeed his lunar birthday, and then smiled, "How do you know?"

Yan Fei said, "I accidentally saw your ID card. Speaking, what gift should I give you for your birthday?"

Jing Lin shook his head: "What gift do you need?" Another year old, there is nothing worth receiving gifts.

Yan Fei, however, leaned close to Jing Lin's ear with an ambiguous tone: "Shall I pack myself for you?"

Jing Lin turned and kissed him on the face, but did not mince his words. "That's a nice gift, so I'll just take it."

Then Yan Fei glanced at Lele who was sitting on the sofa playing with his friends, and looked at Jing Lin with bitterness: "when will you talk to Lele about sleeping in separate rooms?"

Jing Lin thought for a moment and said, "Tell him tonight and let him sleep alone tomorrow night."

Therefore, the joy of having a good time with my little friends came as a bolt from the blue: my uncle wanted to sleep in a separate room with me!

When Lele's parents were still alive, he slept alone after he was two years old. Since he lived with Jing Lin, he has been sleeping together all the time. Now he is suddenly allowed to sleep alone-although accompanied by ducks, his heart is still very lost. However, looking at his uncle's earnest appearance, he also doesn't want to disappoint his uncle. He agreed with a face of unhappiness.

Looking at his pitiful appearance, Jing Lin could not bear it, but Lele is now six years old. without Yan Fei, Jing Lin will let Lele sleep alone until he is ten years old at the latest. he touched Lele's head and said, "if you are afraid, hug duck at night or call Zong Zong into the room to accompany you."

The duck was glad to fan its wings beside it. After that, it finally could climb up to the bed without sleeping on the floor. The fox said that it would sleep wherever Su Zhen slept. Without Su Zhen's sister, even a soft bed could not resist its love for the floor.

The next night, after taking a bath and telling a bedtime story, Yan Fei excitedly pulled Jing Lin into his room and pressed him against the wall to kiss him.

After kissing for a while, Lele shouted over there, "Uncle, I want to drink water." Jing Lin told Lele that if he wants to drink boiled water, he should be called. Lele has little strength and it is dangerous to pour boiled water himself.

Yan Fei and Jing Lin reluctantly separated. Both knew that Lele didn't really want to drink water, but they were not used to being alone in the bedroom and neither would be angry.

In the first half of the night, Lele had to drink water for a while, urinate for a while, and said there were mosquitoes after urinating. He was finally sleepy after killing mosquitoes. Finally, Jing Lin watched him fall asleep and returned to Yan Fei's bedroom.

Yan Fei was still lying on the bed waiting for him when he saw Jing Lin coming in and asked, "Did you sleep?"

Jing Lin nodded: "Sleeping."

Yan Fei breathed a sigh of relief, "finally asleep!" The little guy is a real pain in the neck.

Then he rushed the scene to the bed.

Jing Lin was pressed on the bed by him, and his pajamas were immediately taken off by the other party. Yan Fei wanted to continue taking off his pants. Two people also kiss before, this is going to be honest, scene suddenly embarrassed, pulling his pants don't want to let go, "it's so late . . ."  After what will happen both know.

Yan Fei did not let go when he saw Jing Lin. He knelt three or two times above him and stripped himself of his clothes. His face was not red and he did not gasp: "It is not too late to have a good meal."

In addition to his own body, scene or see an adult man's fruit body, especially Yan Lu that appear special spirit, suddenly saw, scene in straight wait for a while didn't respond to come over, wait until Yan Lu rogue to stand on his hip, scene in just return to absolute being, face suddenly flushed like congestion.

Yan Fei lowered his head to reach his lips and mumbled, "Aren't you happy to open your birthday present in advance?"

Jing Lin was kissed by him and his body began to tremble. his brain was dizzy and he was not very clear. he was still thinking about asking: "do you . . . know how to do it?" Yan Fei had never talked about love before. He knew it for a long time. Both of them were young children. He really didn't know how the man and the man started.

Yan Fei said shamelessly, "why not? I have been thinking about you many times in my mind." On the side of the scene in the body up and down their hands kept playing, while his hands are weak when the pants all stripped. There was not a single piece of cloth left on the two men, and their skin clung to their skin.

After midnight, the goblins in the room were fighting all the time. It was almost dawn before the fight ended because they were tired.

In the morning, Yan Fei went to the kitchen to burn the bath water. without the harassment of Baby Qiu, Su Zhen slept in the chili field. Yan Fei walked past him. he frowned and muttered, "human in heat."

Yan Fei glanced at it and said to himself, "What does the little girl know?"

Su Zhen is simple and the meaning of estrus is very private in human eyes, but it is normal in his eyes. Yan Fei's body smell is too strong, Su Zhen smelled it far away.

After Yan Fei had burned the bath water, Jing Lin also got up and exercised for most of the night. he got up in the morning and practiced for a while. besides his waist was still a little sore, he was in good spirits. After he got up, he also changed the bed sheet and quilt cover to clean up the mess they made last night and wash it off today.

"why don't you sleep a little longer?" Yan Fei took the dirty sheets, put them in the basin for washing pants, and soaked them directly.

Jing Lin said, "I can't sleep."

Su Zhen came out of the pepper field and swam past Jing Lin with a face of "tut tut tut". her little brother was also in heat, alas.

In the next few days, the two men who ate the marrow and knew the taste fought soundly every night after Lele fell asleep. instead, the one who agreed to open the gift was the one who was opened. every night, Yan Fei gnawed all the bones left. he even worried that the two men would die of such nonsense.

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