Qiu babies love to drill into the ground. Along the way, Jing Lin found it disappeared after they walked for a while, and then called it once, it would suddenly emerge from the soil, revealing its white and shiny teeth to show that it was there and the baby would not get lost.

When Jing Lin returned to the village with the baby earthworm, the villagers were basically busy in the fields. Some of them knew the baby earthworm and knew it was very loose. They came to ask if they could lend the baby earthworm to them after Jing Lin.

"I can borrow it, but I have to get 50 kilos of grain per mu," said Jing Lin.

On hearing this price, some people said that it was no problem. They gave more food, but they could transplant the seedlings as soon as possible, which was quite cost-effective. But there are also reluctant to use Zhang kai's cattle. although they are slower, the remuneration is much cheaper. now food is so important that 50 catties per mu is too much.

The people around Jing Lin immediately dispersed much better. The rest of the people registered here successively. Then Qiu babies just had to turn over the soil at the door in sequence.

The three families started from Jing Lin's field, so after the registration was completed, Jing Lin took Qiu Baobao to his field. When we got to the ground, Baby Qiu made a sound like a bird, cocked his head and looked at Jing Lin, like asking: is this it?

"This is the land." Jing Lin said.

Qiu Baobao let out another cry, then plopped into the field filled with water and immediately went into the soil. When it turned over the ground, it was not the same as when it played by itself. When it turned over the ground, it could not see any trace of it at all. When it turned over the ground, it buried its head in the soil and moved forward. It kept arching out the clods. Then it kept shaking around the second half of its body. The clods that it turned over were smashed like this.

When Baby Qiu began to turn over the ground, the people in the surrounding fields came to see the surprise. First, they said with a smile that Baby Qiu turned over the ground like a drill bit. Then they marveled at the speed of turning over the ground. According to Baby Qiu's speed, all the places near the home had to be turned over in half a day, faster than they imagined.

As a result, several of those who were reluctant to give up before were moved again and registered in Jing Lin.

Looking at the earthworm baby turning over for a while, after confirming that there is no problem, Jing Lin greeted the earthworm baby and handed it to Yan Lu, who asked her to take the earthworm baby to other fields. He himself and Yan Fei went to the rice seedling field, pulled out some seedlings first, and when the earthworm baby turned over the soil, they just need to level off the paddy field to start transplanting rice seedlings.

When baby Qiu has turned over three plots of land, it is time for lunch.

Everyone went back to Zhao's house together. Qiu Baobao had just emerged from the field with water on her body. As soon as she entered the village road, she was covered with a thick layer of mud and became a dirty baby. When she got home, Jing Lin took a basin of water and washed it again. As a mutant earthworm, it was not only not afraid of water, but also enjoyed it when bathing it. It was good for Jing Lin to lament that Su Zhen in the home had to be so well served.

In the living room, Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei are putting the food on the table. Qiu Baobao swam into the living room with Jing Lin. When the duck saw it, it shouted at Lele Gaga. The slightly noisy voice scared Qiu Baobao straight to hide behind Jing Lin.

"What is it saying?"Zhao Zhiwen was curious.

Lele said helplessly, "It asked me if Qiu Baobao is Su Zhen's relative." By the way, he pulled back the duck that was still curious to gather around Baby Qiu. He saw that Baby Qiu's eyes were running out of water. If he let the duck pass, he would probably frighten people into crying.

Jing Lin patted Qiu Baobao's big bald head and smiled: "they are just like each other." "

"Ga ~" the duck called again to show that it understood. Then it flapped its wings and walked away uninteresting to the table.

Lele is naturally close to and loves these mutating animals, and many animals seem to do the same to him. when Qiu baobao saw Lele for the first time, he was not very afraid of him. he only looked at him foolishly. then Lele squatted in front of Qiu baobao and stared at each other with small eyes. from time to time, he touched his slippery bald head.

When everyone was eating, Baby Qiu carefully swam into the corner of the living room. It was not long and barely coiled itself into two laps. Then it fell asleep with its eyes closed in the corner, and in a short time it snored.

"What do Qiu babies eat?"Yan Lu glanced at Lele, who was mixing rice with soup for duck, and asked Jing Lin.

"Eat the earth." Jing Lin said that when they left, they also asked Long Zhang about the food for Qiu babies during their work. However, Long Zhang said that they didn't have to worry about this. When Qiu babies were drilling in the ground, one was playing, the other was looking for food by the way. The same was true when turning over the ground. Long Zhang said that Qiu babies had lived for so long and had not been fed specially.

"That's too good to feed." Zhou Yu they listened to all say, and then everyone Qi Qi looked at the duck eating on one side, the rice bowl is much bigger than their bowl, if only with food to feed it, it is the amount of a meal a person a day.

The duck had no idea that its appetite had already attracted the attention of others. It cleaned up the last bit of soup in the rice bowl and came to Lele with the bowl in its mouth, signaling that it needed more.

After the lunch was settled, Jing Lin brought back a bowl of rice for the little fox.

Su Zhen said that she was a vegetarian. In fact, she meant that she did not kill animals, did not eat raw meat or blood, and had obvious changes in size. If she was cooked well by Jing Lin, she would try to lick a few mouthfuls, and most of what she added would be eaten by brown. Su Zhen came to Jing Lin's house for so long and ate more Chinese cabbage.

The omnipotent pakchoi, Jing Lin, has always been very grateful to it.

However, poor brown has been following Su Zhen since she was a cub. Before she arrived at Jing Lin's house, Yan Lu gave her the meat when she was so big. After arriving at Jing Lin's home, several Jing Lin people saw that it was thin. If there was meat in the home, they would cook it for brown and brown.

When I got home, Su Zhen was sleeping in the pepper field. now Su Zhen has been given the control of the pepper scene in the yard. Su Zhen can eat one pepper every day as a reward for looking after the family. occasionally, she will give it an extra one at the scene, which is even a snack.

Since Brown arrived at Jing Lin's home, the chickens and rabbits in the family have suffered from the disease. Brown Brown knows that these are all raised by Jing Lin and does not dare to steal food. He just drools at people every day. Chickens and rabbits are watched like this every day, and his heart is scared to death.

When King came home and heard the chickens screaming again, he knew that brown was crouching by the chicken coop again.

"Brown, brown, eat." Jing Lin put the rice he brought back into the palm-brown individual rice bowl and shouted at the backyard. Soon he saw palm-brown jump in from the outside wall. running all the way ran into the living room and stopped at the edge of the rice bowl. Then he rubbed his knee lovingly.

Jing Lin tugged at his ears and said helplessly, "You don't frighten them any more. You've laid a few fewer eggs these two days. If you do this again, you won't have any eggs to eat." We must raise the brown meat quickly so that it won't always stare at chickens and rabbits.

In the afternoon, Lele went back to her home and stayed with the small animals. Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei also came out. They went out of the field in water shoes and helped to pull out seedlings. Yan Lu still kept Baby Qiu turning over the ground. Zhao Chenghuai and Yan Ruifeng began to level off paddy fields, and Jing Lin's three young men were ready to transplant rice seedlings.

It was the first time for young people to transplant rice seedlings. At first, it either affected the subsequent tillering deeply or floated after a short time. Zhao Chenghuai gave the three people a hand-to-hand instruction. A few people slowly mastered the method and the depth was moderate. All they needed to do was to put a piece of bamboo strip in the beginning of transplanting rice seedlings and then plant the seedlings into a straight line without transplanting rice lines.

In the evening, after eating dinner, Jing Lin took Baby Qiu home. Then, they saw what a real idiot is.

Baby Qiu just entered Jing Lin, still timid, when it saw the plain Jane stand on the mat in the sitting room, Bi slipped and rushed to the plain Jane's side, tail swinging up happily, a pair of black doug eyes almost sparkling light.

Su Zhen looked up and down at Qiu Baobao, looked at its bloated and stubby figure and blackened skin color, and her eyes almost turned to heaven: "whose child is this, so dirty, and she will not wash it."

Jing Lin could not help laughing: "It was born."

Su Zhen gave a cry and then sympathized with her. "Uglier than Quack."

Qiu Baobao didn't feel Su Zhen's aversion at all. She leaned toward it and was pushed away by Su Zhen with the tip of her tail. "I won't play with ugly ones." At the end of the day, the tip of the tail wiped the brown body beside it before retreating.

I didn't realize that I had been reduced to the existence of brown and brown. When I saw that the whole body was dark and I had to gather around Su Zhen, I showed my little fangs fiercely and scared the other side back successfully.

Yan Fei said, "He who does not know is fearless."

If you want to see the fighting capacity of Baby Qiu, you will probably not attack others. Baby Qiu will not die and will also be disabled once its tail goes down.

Baby Qiu was scared by brown and brown, timid whisper twice, shrink in the back of the scene in the motionless, scene where it followed rub where he left, such as the fear of the matter in the past, and leaned his head, continue to stare at plain Jane, tail snapped on the floor, seems to be very excited.

Jing Lin wanted to go into the kitchen to burn the bath water, so he grilled it on the back door frame, revealing half of his head and continued to stare at it. Su Zhen quickly shrank back as soon as he turned back, then slowly moved half of his head out later.

Yan Fei asked curiously, "Speaking, I haven't asked Qiu whether the baby is a boy or a girl."

Jing Lin looked at Qiu Baobao, who had already started the pattern of obscene chi-Han stalking the goddess, and said with uncertainty, "It's a girl." After all, they are so fond of crying. Anyway, all the girls Jing Lin saw crying so much are girls.

Yan Fei was the last one to wash. Jing Lin was washing clothes at the moment. Lele had already finished washing. He was holding a story book to call his family's friends to listen to his bedtime story. Jing Lin heard him call Qiu Baobao. Then he saw Qiu Baobao guarding the door frame left.

When he finished washing and went into the living room to take the clothes rack, he saw Lele's family members doing it round and round. Qiu Baobao was lying not far away, but it didn't listen as attentively as other little friends, and its eyes were more on Su Zhen.

Jing Lin shook his head, heart way unless Baby Qiu later can incarnate into a handsome man, otherwise don't want to close to their home in my life plain Jane ah, plain Jane with white as the United States, the so-called white cover all ugly ah, Baby Qiu if you change color son maybe there is still a chance, at present this whole body dark appearance, is completely out of the question.

When sleeping at night, Su Zhen did not go upstairs. She went back to the hot pepper fields. The reason why she did not like water was because she preferred the heat. Su Zhen did not go upstairs, nor did brown and brown want to. He dragged the mat to the door and slept there at night in the direction of Su Zhen. When Jing Lin saw that it was determined to do so, he did not care.

As for the accommodation of earthworm baby, Jing Lin let it sleep in the living room, but when it got up in the middle of the night, the figure of earthworm baby had disappeared in the living room. Jing Lin asked Brown Brown, who pointed to the edge of walnut tree with his claws. Jing Lin went over and saw a hole beside the tree root. It was supposed that earthworm baby had drilled out from here.

Jing Lin called a few times, Baby Qiu didn't respond, he is not worried, Long Zhang said Baby Qiu nothing like to stay in the soil activities, sleep, too, estimates that fell asleep at the moment so cried no response.

When cooking in the morning, baby Qiu finally came back. His head was enlarged and frightened Jing Lin. When something happened to baby Qiu, how did he explain it to Long Zhang?

Is he touched Baby Qiu's head helpless don't know what it met, he saw Baby Qiu ran to the plain Jane sleeping place, Yan array outside, a mouth, in the scene and plain Jane stunned eyes, a mass of mud was spit out by it, a circle of head and become as big as before.

Jing Lin: ……

Su Zhen looked at the sticky black mud and watched Baby Qiu like a dead fish's eye for a while, then fanned it away with a tail.

Vomit such disgusting things in front of it, provocation! Want to be beaten!

By fan fly Baby Qiu a face of Meng force of looking at plain Jane, and then in the eyes of the water light gathered more and more, scene just cried out, Baby Qiu wow cried out, tears trickling down.

The voice of baby Qiu crying sadly and its bird sound are totally two styles. The latter is coquetry and soft, while the former is hoarse. Other members of the family who were still asleep were woken up by its crying. Lele ran out barefoot, seeing baby Qiu crying so sadly, hurried over to comfort it.

Yan Fei, who was busy in the kitchen, hurriedly took a basin and put it under Baby Qiu, catching the tears. It's really like the earthworm baby crying like a flood, not catching a big wet area in the backyard.

Baby Qiu got hit, sad ah, but in the scene they also don't understand Baby Qiu beside Su Zhen spit mud, hurriedly let Lele to ask.

Then Lele asked and came up with an answer that made everyone laugh and cry: the black mud it spit out was the food it found specially and brought back specially for Su Zhen.

It is pleasing Su Zhen.

However, Su Zhen is not an earthworm. She does not eat mud, so she does not know, nor do Jing Lin. So this time, Baby Qiu was beaten for nothing.

"Who will eat such disgusting things!" Shouted Su Zhen.

"Wow!" Baby Qiu, who cried harder, said I ate.

Seeing Qiu Baobao's posture of flooding was out of control, Jing Lin hurriedly said to Su Zhen, "please coax it."

Is Su Zhen such a loving snake? At least it is not on the surface. However, seeing Baby Qiu crying so hard and beating others himself, he was actually a little weak and reluctantly said a deceptive word: "I have taken the black mud for your white teeth." This is probably the only advantage of Baby Qiu in Su Zhen's eyes.

Then Qiu Baobao stopped crying immediately and looked at Su Zhen with a belch of tears.

Su Zhen immediately said solemnly, "But I don't like black mud." It's very difficult to accept it. Looking at it like this means that you still want it to eat. This mud is sticky and disgusting, but it is still spit out from its mouth. It is sticky and sticky. I don't know how much saliva it is stained with!

Seeing Su Zhen's angry posture again, Jing Lin and Yan Fei, as parents, hurried out of the roundhouse. Yan Fei dragged Qiu Baobao into the living room, while Jing Lin coaxed Su Zhen, who had a smelly face, into the walnut tree with a shovel. As for the black mud, Lele was sensible enough to shovel it.

The small disturbance passed like this. Jing Lin was very worried that Qiu Baobao's working mood was not high because of the beating in the morning. However, when he came out of work, his working efficiency was still so high. By this evening, Jing Lin's three families had all been turned over by it.

In the next few days, Qiu Baobao helped other people to turn over the soil, ran out every night and wrapped a lump of mud with her mouth in the morning, all of which were gifts for Su Zhen. Su Zhen was disgusted by it, but she was also afraid of its crying work. She hid her face and let Lele pile under the walnut tree in an instant. For this, Su Zhen ran back upstairs to sleep again. Every night when listening to stories, Su Zhen was definitely the one farthest from Baby Qiu.

After all the families in the village who need to borrow Baby Qiu to turn over the ground are gone, Baby Qiu should also go home.

The others in the village were all told to use the old grain and not unwilling to use the new grain for Long Zhang's food. However, when there was no summer harvest in the neighborhood, they brought out the new grain to attract people's attention. The family sold out all the wheat last year, and they exchanged it for new wheat, which was enough for the reward.

On the day of leaving, Qiu Baobao has been turning around Su Zhen. Su Zhen's mosquito-repellent incense eyes are almost turned out by it and cannot be fanned by a tail, because the other party will definitely cry. The magic sound will pierce the ear. All members do not want to feel it any more.

Qiu Baobao's actions are not strictly observed. They are all anxious for it: Qiu Baobao, give up. You and Su Zhen have no results. Regardless of your different varieties, even if you are a black snake, you will be rejected by Su Zhen as long as you touch a black one.

In their plain Jane's eyes, it is the most beautiful in the world. Without it, it is definitely not worthy of it. Fortunately, the duck did not know this idea, otherwise it would definitely have to fight with Su Zhen. after all, in the duck's eyes, he is the most beautiful.

When leaving, Baby Qiu turns back three times at a time, drooping his head and feeling sad. The only members who stayed at home were those who shook their hands and called Qiu Baobao to come and play when they were free. Su Zhen's heart was completely relaxed, and this cry baby was gone.

Long Zhang didn't see his baby for many days. He just wanted to die of it. As soon as he met, he hugged his mouth and called out to the baby. You lost weight, you became black, and he also gave Jing Lin several flying eye knives. However, he also expected the Baby Qiu to spend more time in Jing Lin Village, so he did not worry about its safety except missing Baby Qiu.

After the baby earthworm was sent away, the transplanting work in the village continued. Those who don't want to use earthworm baby to turn over the ground, Jing Lin's seedlings are almost finished, and many other people's land hasn't been turned over yet.

The cattle of Zhang Kai's family were also very tired during this period of time. They had no rest during the day. Zhang Kai was afraid of exhausting his cattle. He served them delicious and delicious food every day. He worked for three days and had a rest for one day, which was also regarded as the high-level treatment of cattle.

When all the people in the village had transplanted the seedlings, the small dishes in Jing Lin's house's wall also changed dramatically.

The first is the walnut tree. It is almost June. The walnut tree has already lost its fruit. Because it is the first time to bear fruit, Jing Lin will take a look at it every day after the walnut tree blooms. The walnuts bearing fruit before are the same as the walnuts Jing Lin has seen before. They are small green fruits. But now, half of the fruits on several walnut trees have turned brown, and the other half are still green.

Jing Lin has been observing the walnut tree carefully since it was found to be abnormal. Almost every day, more walnut fruits turn brown.

Then came the ganoderma lucidum, tomatoes and peppers in the field. the ganoderma lucidum turned red, and its aura was more gentle. the tomatoes all matured overnight. the fruits of the peppers changed from long strips to round balls. according to Su Zhen, the quality of the peppers was better. Jing Lin also picked a few pepper seed powder and tasted the pepper seed powder. under the condition that the taste was fresher and more fragrant, it also increased the aura he could feel.

And chives and pakchoi taste better. The quality of all the crops has basically improved again, but the reason for the change of these crops has not come to Jing Lin's mind for several days. Yan Fei speculated whether the reiki caused the secondary variation until Lele suddenly said doubtfully that the black mud he had piled under the tree was gone.

Yan Fei asked, "Is it black mud brought back by Qiu Baobao?"

Lele nodded, "Yes. If Su Zhen doesn't eat it, I'll shovel it all and leave it here. it was a big mess before, but now it's gone."

After Qiu Baobao left and was busy recently, Jing Lin didn't stay at home at all. They went out in a hurry in the morning and took a bath and rest when they came back at night. They didn't pay much attention to their vegetable garden.

After Lele said so, Jing Lin thought, indeed, the land under the walnut tree has not changed much. It is as flat and brown as before. The black mud accumulated here before Lele disappeared. Is it because the land in the yard has been absorbed that all crops in his small courtyard have changed like this? And they are all developing in a good direction. What exactly is the black mud that Baby Qiu found?

It was not until this time that Jing Lin reacted. As a mutating animal, Qiu Baobao takes the things in the soil as food, and the food that can be seen by it is definitely not * * food such as rotten leaves.

It turned out that the black mud stained with earthworm baby that they had been disdainful of before was still a baby that could make plants mutate. If I had known, I would have let it spit more. They would never have disdained it.

In order to test the change of the land, Jing Lin dug out a small pile of soil from the vegetable plot and went to the field to dig out a small pile. He planted pakchoi in each pile. Both piles were equipped with a magic array.

The effect of the absolute spirit array and the collective spirit array is just the opposite. The collective spirit array gathers reiki and the absolute spirit array isolates reiki. Jing Lin just wants to see what changes can take place in this changed land under different circumstances.

Four days later, the mutant small mound of Jueling array was arranged, and Chinese cabbage grew normally, while the ordinary small mound of Jueling array was arranged. Chinese cabbage had no movement and dug up the soil. The seeds had no difference from when they were just planted.

After that, Jing Lin conducted many experiments again, and finally proved that even if there was no aura, crops could still grow with the variation soil that absorbed black mud.

Later Jing Lin and Yan Fei also discussed, if Qiu babies eat black mud at ordinary times, and they please Su Zhen and are willing to take out these things, then as Long Zhang and his son, the masters of Qiu babies, have they received more black mud, and have they discovered the role of the black mud for such a long time?

Meanwhile, in the basement of Long Zhang's house, the baby earthworm with its head enlarged was spitting out a mass of black mud, which Long Zhang was good at. After the baby earthworm vomited clean, Kong Lung touched its head with praise. Then they watched Long Zhang put the mass of black mud into the water, mixed it into mud, and poured it evenly into a newly paved mud field. After pouring all the remaining drops, Long Zhang and Longgang carefully planted some seeds together.

When the two father and son were busy, they had no idea that their biggest secret of survival had been leaked out by their big treasure, which made Jing Lin and Yan Fei guess.

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