Su Zhen felt great resentment because she took two baths a day. unlike in the mountains, in the mountains it can slide on the grass. in this village, when it slides on the ground, it will be stained with dirt and ashes, which is much dirtier than in the mountains. He took a bath when the scene was dirty, and Lele read story books every day and read them to ducks. Su Zhen listened to them once and was very interested in Lele's story. So the next day when the scene was near they wanted to enter the mountain, he spread them out on the mat. He couldn't go anyway and urged Lele to tell it a story.

The villagers went into the mountain to pick the leaves, and the others had to go to Ma Renshan's house to separate a layer before they could carry them home. Jing Lin and Yan Fei could move directly to their home. Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei helped to pick the fruits.

Everyone thinks about sustainable development, and pays great attention when picking, trying not to hurt these plants, but only picking mature ones. Because of the large number of leaves, each family finally picked enough leaves to cover the top floor of their own house, and some families had more.

In addition to the scene in the last leaves they picked back before finishing, before they picked back were Zhou Yu two people finished. Jing Lin and Yan Fei went back and carried the leaves on their backs. They also took the film, covered it with a layer of leaves, covered it with a layer of film, and then pressed it with bricks, so that they were not afraid of blowing the leaves away.

It was still hot during the day, but because of the leaves on the roof, the house began to cool off after eating at night.

This evening, all the villagers had a good sleep for a long time.

There are people in the village who sew the extra leaves into cloaks. When they go out, they wear them outside. When they go back, they can take them off. It is cool and convenient. Others saw it and sewed one like that. There are also three people in Jing Lin. Zhou Yu sewed them and had hoods.

Almost everyone in the village has such a cloak, and then they can go out in broad daylight when it is hot, looking at vegetable fields and wheat fields and rape fields.

Wheat has entered the late stage of grain filling, which is the critical period to determine the future yield, so everyone goes to the field more diligently.

It was also because everyone ran to the fields frequently that everyone was spared the disaster of no wheat harvest.

Because the wheat field actually appeared variation midge!

Midge insects like cold and fear heat. It is reasonable to say that in such a hot day they basically sleep underground. But unexpectedly, this hot weather, but let the dormant part of the direct variation. No variation of midge, size is very small, can directly into the wheat shell to suck wheat juice lead to blighted or empty shell. However, the mutated midge has become the size of a butterfly and its whole body is red. Almost all of the wheat grains it has stopped on have been sucked out.

These midges seem to appear overnight, in groups of hundreds. When the villagers found out, less than half an acre of wheat in the family had already been damaged, and the family was the Wu Daxing family.

At that time, after lunch, Jing Lin was teaching Lele to read at home. The other members were sitting around listening. Then suddenly, they heard the noise in the village. There were loud voices everywhere.

Jing Lin went out of the house and saw many people running into the fields with bamboo sticks and brooms.

Jing Lin called a person casually to ask what was going on, but the person could not explain clearly. It seemed that wild birds had come to eat wheat. The number was large, and all the people in the village came out.

Hearing this, Jing Lin and others hurried home to take out the bamboo pole and ran with Yan Fei into the field.

When I got closer, I saw a group of red things flying everywhere over a wheat field in Wu Daxing's house. They said it was a wild bird, but in fact it was a kind of insect I had never seen before. Many people in the village were standing under it waving bamboo poles, and many of them had already been shot down.

The place where Jing Lin stood was exactly the half of the wheat field that had been destroyed. He looked at the wheat shells that had become empty inside, and then at the insects that had been knocked down. He found that its mouthparts were very long, and several pieces were combined into one piece. When smoking, these mouthparts would be separated like octopus tentacles. The bird pecked the wheat grain one by one, and the worm was equivalent to several bites of a bird, much more frightening than the wild bird.

More and more people joined in and laid more and more worms. These worms watched as they could not eat and lost so many members. They seemed to have heard the order and swarmed up into the sky. Soon they could not see the figure or where they were going.

Experienced old farmers in the village watched the insects that were knocked down together, and finally came to the conclusion that these should be evolved midges, except for their size and mouthparts, which are similar in appearance to midges.

Midge used to be a worldwide pest. In winter, it lay dormant underground. When the weather got warmer, it began to emerge and emerge and began to damage. It had a great impact on the wheat yield. If it was light, it would reduce the yield, while if it was heavy, it would not. Today, if it weren't for the timely discovery and the sucking speed of these mutant midge insects, few of the wheat in the village would have been successfully harvested.

Although the midge worm has been driven away temporarily, with the wheat field in front of the Wu Daxing family, everyone is afraid to leave the field and wander around in their own farmland. These insects fly silently and mysteriously. They only make obvious sounds when they eat wheat grains. However, it is almost too late to catch up when they hear the sounds. In this way, the wheat of several people in the village was damaged by one or two points this afternoon.

Some people look at it like this, but no one will absorb light in a minute, and then let them suck it like this, and in a few days the wheat fields in the village will have to be sucked to the last particle! The villagers did not dare to leave rashly while guarding the field, but they had to eat, drink, scatter, sleep and rest, and could not just keep on doing so. Therefore, an emergency meeting was held directly in the field. Just like the fence, each family has at least two people, two shifts in the daytime and two shifts in the evening, patrolling the fields in turn and asking everyone to find ways to get some nets out. It is unrealistic to kill these midges with bamboo poles alone. It would be much easier if there were nets.

Zhao Zhiwen's family did have a net, but the hole was so big that it could not close the worms. Zhou Yu took down the sweaters that the family could not wear, made up several net pockets and tied them to one end of the bamboo pole. It was still very good to attack the worms.

Nearly 50 people, divided into two groups, may appear one thousand after their wheat was smoked in the heart imbalance and blame others not with all one's heart, so each family will be divided into two places in different groups, when patrolling in their own territory that together, Jing Lin home this time is still only him, Yan Fei home he and his father came out, such as who can't endure, Yan Lu to help the top for a day or two, Zhao Zhiwen home just he and his father, draw when Jing Lin and Yan Fei are drawn to the night shift group, Zhao Chenghuai is also night shift, Zhao Zhiwen and

As for the shift change time, there are no clocks or the like now. We can only estimate the shift change time after daybreak and before nightfall. Each liner is worth seven days. This evening, night patrols began to work in the fields.

Dinner was cooked by the family and they took it directly to the field to eat. They also prepared food and water to eat when they were hungry in the middle of the night. Lele and duck went to Zhou Yu's side. Su Zhen was not familiar with Zhou Yu, and Zhou Yu was also afraid of it. Jing Lin let Su Zhen take the fox to look after the family at home. the reward was a mutant chili every day. Su Zhen agreed happily.

It's hard to patrol at night. There are so many fields in the village. Twenty people are distributed around the village. They have to walk around at any time. The ridge is not wide and uneven. Everyone walks very carefully. When midge appears, they have to run quickly and carry oil lamps. Many moths fly around them and rush at their faces. It's really hard. Jing Lin felt that he had killed more moths in one night than he had seen in a summer.

Because of Jing Lin and Yan Fei's divine knowledge, if the midge happens to be within the scope of their divine knowledge, then they will soon shout to others in the past, and can successfully prevent the midge from sucking wheat. they can basically cover several midges with a net each time and are severely trampled to death on the spot.

At the end of the night, everyone was too sleepy, yawning one after another, but they dared not fight any drowsiness. Maybe if you narrow down a little, there would be no wheat left. The loss was too great. At the back, many people said that they wished to cut bamboo sticks to prop up their eyelids.

Very not easy to stay up until dawn, this night wheat total lost more than three points, they killed more than one hundred worms.

During the shift change, Zhao Zhiwen brought Jing Lin's breakfast directly and said that he had already fed his family's sony pictures animation. He also gave them a pot of hot water, which was just right for them to use at the moment. Yan Ruifeng, too, brought Yan Fei a bucket of porridge with a thermos bucket and several steamed meat buns.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei ate dinner and took a bath, and went straight into the room to sleep. It's not very hot in the room now, they have returned to their rooms from the living room.

Sleep till noon, Jing Lin they had a meal, taught Lele to recognize the words for a while, Yan Fei also taught Lele several new moves, saying that there was no time to look at him for the time being because of the reversal of work and rest, so he should not slack off.

After learning about the situation at 3 pm, Jing Lin and Lin started to prepare dinner. They didn't eat it when they were ready, but put it in the pot to heat it up. Then they went back to sleep. When they woke up, it was almost time for shift change. Then they had dinner, took the snack, sent Lele to Zhou Yu, and went to the field again.

The following days were the same for the villagers. As time went on, they became more and more handy in dealing with the midge. Hundreds of worms could be wiped out every day, so less and less wheat fields were damaged.

During this period, the cherries planted by some people in the village have already yielded results. The cherries are small in size, the taste has not changed, and they are very sour. It is not as good as the fruit they picked from the leaves. The villagers have changed less, and Jing Lin ate a few of them, which others gave him generously.

At the end of April, the midge was almost out of sight, but the wheat harvest was approaching, and everyone dared not really relax. Anyway, it was not too bad these days, and the night patrol was the same as before.

On May 1 Labor Day, Sun Lili's stomach began to ache.

At the beginning of the shift arrangement, Ma Chunjian was the night shift signing, but he still had a big belly, Sun Lili, so his eldest brother Ma Chunkang offered to let him work on a day-to-day basis to take good care of his wife.

When Sun Lili gave birth, Zhao Shaogan's wife and daughter helped deliver the baby. When delivering the baby, Ma Chunjian was watching beside Sun Lili, watching Sun Lili cry in pain as he followed.

At last, Sun Lili gave birth to a girl, but Chen Xuefang was delighted. There are already two mixed boys in the family. She has been looking forward to Sun Lili's baby giving her a lovely granddaughter, but she didn't think it was.

A small life was born in the village. Those who had good relations gave gifts. Those who did not have enough went to see it and said some nice words.

When Sun Lili was pregnant, the village began to harvest rape and wheat.

Because of the high temperature of the weather, rape was pumped too fast and its yield was affected, but it was not damaged by pests. Cutting rape must be done when there is dew in the morning, so that explosive pods are not allowed. The harvested rape is threshed at the highest temperature of the day without any machine. This year, the old hand-held farm tools from previous years were turned out, the rape was placed on the sun table, flail was waved to thresh the rape, and the exposed rape was lightly beaten by the flail, and all the black rapeseed ran out.

This kind of work is physical and tiring. Of course, harvesting wheat is even more difficult.

Fortunately, they have this insulated leaf, otherwise the summer harvest would have to be carried out at night.

Because of last year's crop of rice harvest, everyone is quite skilled in wheat harvest this year, and they have not said that they will cut their feet from time to time, and the speed is much faster. The three families received it together, one after the other, and the food was prepared together, Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei.

Because of the timely discovery of midge, Jing Lin's three families had the best harvest in the village, losing more than 100 catties, while other families lost almost 2 to 3 hundred catties. However, compared with last year's rice, this year is a bumper harvest.

Although they prefer to eat rice, flour is not the staple food, but flour is more full than rice.

It's all manual harvesting. The summer harvest is over. May is already half over. The wheat straw in the field is completely sunned in one day. After the wheat straw is transported back, the wheat ears falling from the wheat field will be picked up again. Then the stubble will be burned to make fertilizer, and the burnt grains that have not been picked up can be picked up to eat.

The fish pond opened its gate and put water in the field. The village was ready to transplant seedlings.

At that time, Zhang Kai's cattle became the most popular in the village, and everyone had to rely on it to cultivate land.

Many people learned wisdom this year and went to Zhang kai's house early to wait for the cows.

On the contrary, Jing Lin did not go. He and Zhao Zhiwen in Yan Fei's episode left the village carrying a bag of last year's Chen Mai. They did not dare to use the car for fear of getting a flat tire. What are the three going to do? Go to Long Zhang and ask his family to borrow Qiu Baobao.

Long Zhang said that the speed of earthworm baby turning over the ground can be fully understood in an hour per mu, and he can remember it very clearly.

The weeds on the road couldn't bear the direct heat and many withered. After passing through Xie Jia Village, I saw that their fields were soaked with water, and there was also plant ash inside. They have not been out for nearly two months, so they do not know the situation in their village.

Jing Lin knocked on Xie Shugu's door. It took a while before someone came to open the door.

When Xie Shu opened the door, his face was sleepy. He was still holding an umbrella. He saw several people standing outside the door dressed in leaves and a pair of primitive costumes. Instead of laughing, he was surprised: "How dare you guys walk outside in this sun?"

Then hurriedly let three people into the room, don't be sunburnt.

They followed him into Jing Lin, but they were not afraid of being exposed to the sun. Instead, they were not in good spirits when reading Xie Shu, so they should not be exposed to the sun again.

After putting down the wheat for a while, Jing Lin sat in Xie Shu's living room. Xie Shu asked them, "where do you go in broad daylight carrying things?"

Jing Lin said, "Go find Long Zhang." Seeing that the others did not come out, Jing Lin asked Xie Shu, "Where are the others in your family?"

Xie Shu said, "I've been working in the field all night and I'm sleeping now."

"Do you all work at night? I see that your fields are soaked with water. Is it time to plant rice? What about the wheat before?"

"Where else is there any wheat?"Xie Shudao, "After the temperature rose, I was sunburned in a few days. It has withered in the field for a long time. I changed rice seeds with you before. We tried to breed seedlings before. Although it grew slowly, it finally grew. Now it's time to transplant rice. everyone has burned the wheat in the field to make fertilizer and brought the water from the river up to soak in the field. it's too hot to get off the ground during the day. people in the village go out only at night. all work and rest are reversed and the day falls at night."

"Is there much water in the river where you draw water?"Yan Fei asked.

The water in the two ponds in their village can only be maintained by the array before the scene is near. It rained for several days in March for such a long time. It was sunny at other times and the temperature was high for such a long time. I don't know what happened in other places.

"The water is almost bottoming out." Xie Shudao said, "If it doesn't rain again, we will plant this rice and it is estimated that it will also be killed by drought."

When leaving Xie's house, Jing Lin told Xie Shu about their leaf cloaks and asked him to look for them in the nearby mountain forest. Xie Shu gratefully agreed.

The scenery on the road was a little confused. Because of his array, the living conditions in their village are very good. He also wants to help Xie Shu, but Jing Lin knows them well but does not trust them.

Yan Fei saw what Jing Lin looked like when he was wandering away from the sky. he soon knew what he was thinking. he said, "don't think about it, Lin. we are not strong enough now. behind us, there are families who are more difficult to survive than us."

The most unpredictable thing in this world is people's hearts. He doesn't want or want Jing Lin to take risks because of his soft heart.

"I know." Jing Lin said that only seeing their life difficult, and he has the ability to make them live better, but because of their own reasons and keep silent, it will inevitably make him feel guilty.

But compared with the safety of the family, this sin is still insignificant.

Soon arrived at Long Zhang's house, Jing Lin knocked directly on his closed iron gate.

This road can see that there are fewer and fewer traces of people's lives. The sound of knocking at the door is not too loud, but it also sounds a little empty around.

"Who?"With a swish, the curtain on the second floor above them was pulled open, revealing Long Zhang's face.

Jing Lin looked up and said to him, "I have brought you food."

"There is no such thing as a free lunch." Long Zhang said, did not come down to open the door.

It is not normal for foreigners to be unprepared these days. They have only seen it four times this time and only know it well. Jing Lin said, "Just open your mouth if you want it."

Long Zhang snorted softly and looked at them out of the corner of his eye."It's time to plant rice these two days."

Yan Fei laughed: "It seems that you also know our purpose."

Long Zhang said, "My baby hasn't been idle in the past two days. An acre of land weighs 50 kg. I don't want to borrow it without it."

Zhao Zhiwen said: "It's so expensive that I can't borrow so many cows from other people's homes."

Long Zhang cold hum: "don't borrow to pull down, just let my baby rest."

Yan Fei was busy: "Borrowing, why not?"Can cattle and babies compare in speed? They borrow efficiency and efficiency is time.

Then Long Zhang and his father came out with the scales in their hands and said as they weighed, "Don't try to fool me with a lack of weight and a lack of weight. My baby is going underground. How big is an acre of land? If you come back and tell me that the number of acres does not match the grain you sent, then don't open your mouth."

"Aren't you coming with us?"Yan Fei asked.

Long Zhang counted the scales on the scale and did not lift his eyelids: "What am I doing? My baby knows the way very well. If you want to catch it and not return it, just let it grind its teeth." Is his baby so easy to catch? Besides, the people in Jing Lin's village are the best group of people he has ever seen in this world. The complexion is ruddy and muscular. The first time a fat man in his village saw him like that, he was fatter than before. The living standard is so good. Can there be any problems in the village? There are many secrets in his own family. Compared with his neighbors, his family is in heaven every day, so he does not open the door to let them in.

Besides, although these few people have little contact and are as sensitive as him, they are not bad. He can still believe the baby following them. Although he said he was not afraid of what they would do to the baby, in fact he would follow other neighbors to borrow the baby these days.

After the fire in the fields of Jing Lin's Caicun village, they could not see what shape they had taken before. Before, they were still thinking about how to prevent Long Zhang from entering their village, but now Long Zhang could not take the initiative to say so. Jing Lin felt relieved.

But also quite suspicious of his attitude.

The food brought back by Jing Lin was not enough for Long Zhang to say. The rest, Long Zhang promised to wait for Baby Qiu to come back and make up for it.

Qiu Baobao met Jing Lin several times and became familiar with them. When she left with them, she did not cry or shed tears. Otherwise, Jing Lin could not coax them.

After Jing Lin left, Long Zhang also closed the door and went in.

The houses around them are very similar, with four buildings and walls. Long Zhang and his father carried several bags of wheat into one of the rooms and saw that the furniture and floors in the room were all gone. Instead, a square pit appeared with stairs extending to the bottom of the pit. Long Zhang and his son went down the stairs. As they went down for more than a minute, the space suddenly became spacious. A very spacious basement appeared in front of the two of them, with oil lamps hanging around, illuminating the space.

I saw that the basement was filled with dozens of vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, shallots, etc. Some were very energetic and some looked malnourished. If they saw the scene, they would be absolutely surprised, because many of the vegetables grown in the basement were not successful even if they were blessed by the spiritual array. Moreover, the lettuce, peppers and tomatoes were neither the same appearance as before nor the appearance after the variation of his own, and seemed to have become another variety.

Long Zhang put the wheat in a corner, clapped the dust on his hands, and said to his father, "although the wheat is hungry, it is too troublesome to grind now. this time we have received so much wheat, when shall we move a stone back and let the baby do a stone mill to grind it."

Kong Lung said, "Why don't you just find two pieces? I received 20 jin of rice before and I have to grind it."

"Well, let's have two." Long Zhang nodded.

The two men walked around the basement, looked at the vegetables in each small piece, and then left the basement.

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