The big white snake was carrying the two grasses it brought: "Where is my baby planted?"

Jing Lin asked it, "What kind of grass is this?" Can shine, a look is not every product.

"Baby." The Great White Snake said, then put the grass on Jing Lin's hand and motioned him to help it plant it.

It seems that it only knows that the grass is a treasure but it doesn't know what kind of treasure it is. Jing Lin found a plot of land beside Ganoderma lucidum and planted it.

Seeing the ganoderma lucidum, the big white snake was surprised and said, "ah, that four-legged monster baby."

The four-legged monster in the White Snake Mouth is undoubtedly the leopard. The prospect is approaching. They saw the little fox in the leopard's territory. The little fox and the big white snake are together. It is impossible not to know the existence of the leopard.

The big white snake was only surprised for a moment. It seemed that it only cared about its treasure. Ganoderma lucidum had no attraction to it. It looked away at one glance and then entered the living room.

Seeing that it was getting late, the big white snake, after wandering around the living room, asked Jing Lin, "little brother, where do I sleep?"

"Go upstairs." Jing Lin said, "Bring the little fox."

There are still a few empty rooms upstairs, which are often cleaned in the clean and sanitary scene. The mattress is covered with dust cover. The big white snake can go up and take it off directly and sleep.

Jing Lin took two new members upstairs. On the way, because it was too difficult for the little fox to climb the stairs, Jing Lin was holding the upstairs. Then the big white snake climbed into bed directly and coiled itself into a circle. The little fox put down the cloth bag, got the permission of the big white snake, and jumped onto the bed, lying on the edge of the bed corner.

After the two were settled in, Jing Lin finally could sleep peacefully. Several people slept until dawn, when the ice melted and they woke up.

When he got up, the little fox was crouching on the stairs on the second floor looking at them. when he saw Jing Lin awake, he went to lie down at Jing Lin's feet, revealing his flat belly, and looked at Jing Lin with ingratiation. So Jing Lin understood, this is hungry.

The replanted pakchoi has grown up. Jing Lin picked some for the little fox and watched him devour it. Obviously he was hungry. Jing Lin left half of what he had given him upstairs before he finished eating it. It should be for the big white snake.

When Jing Lin was preparing his meal, the big white snake and the little fox came down. He was still holding on to the big leaf, followed by the little fox.

Lele now practices daily under the guidance of Yan Fei. Yan Fei takes the duck's butterfly hairpin and gives it the rust on it. by the time everyone starts to eat breakfast, the butterfly hairpin has been worn by the duck around its neck, holding its head high and looking very proud.

The big white snake, unlike duck, likes to eat human food. It hates it very much. When Jing Lin eats, it wanders around the pepper fields and drools at them. By the way, it takes care of its baby. The little fox greedily wants to gather around Jing Lin and is dragged back by it with its big tail. It also honestly stays beside the big white snake and occasionally looks at Jing Lin's table.

Jing Lin estimated that the little fox did not eat enough and gave him some cabbage, which were all vegetables grown under pure aura. The seed of Chinese cabbage is the seed that grew from pure nimbus. The nimbus content is the highest among many vegetables in the village. It is also ok for the fox to eat this completely.

After dinner, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu, who heard that a talking snake had come to Jing Lin's house, arrived at Jing Lin's house with a parasol. Yan Lu was still carrying a bag containing several tomato fruits.

Yan Lu said: "I finally didn't wait for nothing. I got up this morning and dropped a lot. I can eat one every day." As long as there is ice, this tomato can grow all the time regardless of the season and has no worries about fruit.

Jing Lin received Yan Lu's fruit, left one out, and put the rest in the refrigerator at home. As long as the fruit is kept in an icy place, the nimbus in the fruit will lose slowly and can be preserved for a longer time.

Jing Lin divided the fruit he purposely left into four portions, one for Lele and duck, and one for each of the two new members of the family.

Lele and duck are fine. Recently, the fruit has matured a lot. Both of them can eat one each day. They are not so greedy. The big white snake and the little fox can't do it. The little fox quickly grabbed the small piece of fruit that was handed to its mouth and ate it. The big white snake also forgot its reserve and swallowed it without spitting.

Zhao Zhiwen looked at several animals in the living room and felt as if he had followed the zoo. "Didn't you say there was only one snake? This fox looks familiar. Is it the one we have seen before?"

Jing Lin: "Yes."

Yan Lu said: "I gave him a few pieces of dried meat. It seems that he has not improved in hunting since then. I feel that he is thinner than before."

After Yan Lu finished speaking, the little fox who ate his share of fruit licked his mouth and walked beside Yan Lu, rubbing her leg lovingly. it seems that he remembered Yan Lu.

Yan Lu did not abandon its dirty hair and scratched its chin. Then she heard a snort of cold from the big white snake beside her. The little fox hurried to her side and stood.

"Is it humming?" Yan Lu looked at the big white snake and asked Jing Lin them. In fact, she used to be quite afraid of snakes. Later, she saw more snakes in the mountains and ate snake meat. Gradually, she became immune. At the moment, she saw the big white snake. Although she still had goose bumps, she looked at it a few times and thought it was quite beautiful.

Yan Lu asked, "What is its name? Has it been named?"

"It is." "I haven't taken it yet," said Jing Lin.

Yan Lu enthusiastically said, "Is it a white snake or a girl? Shall we call it Su Zhen?"

The result was rejected by big white snake Gao Leng: "The family has a name. It's Xiao Bai."

Hearing the big white snake speak, Yan Lu was completely excited. she felt that the world is really amazing now. the snakes all spoke, "how ugly little white is, Su Zhen is the goddess in the hearts of many of us. what a nice name it is."

"Goddess?" The big white snake cocked its head to Yan Lu and vomited a snake letter, a little curious.

"Yes, the goddess, who is beautiful and immortal, is loved and worshipped by many people."

"Do I look good?" The big white snake asked Yan Lu.

"Of course you look good."

So the big white snake nodded reluctantly: "well, then you can call me Su Zhen."

Look at the big white snake that obviously proud but pretended to high cold appearance, scene in several are going to laugh to death.

Then several people named the fox brown.

At noon, Jing Lin said he would take a bath for both of them. Su Zhen didn't want to touch the water, but her body was stained with mud. She was forced to press in the bathroom by Jing Lin and brushed the scales from the beginning to the end of her body. It looked whiter indeed. Yan Fei washed brown and combed his hair while washing it. Some hairs were tangled together and could not be combed. Yan Fei had to cut them off. After washing, Zong Zong hair was pitted and looked uglier than before.

Then she was rejected by Su Zhen.

Yan Fei scratched the crestfallen fox: "If you keep it for a month or two, you will be beautiful."

When Su Zhen took a bath, the leaf on her head was put aside by Jing Lin, and was propped on her head curiously by Lele. The leaf on her head was a garbage shovel that turned upside down and wouldn't fall off. Lele was dangling around with the leaf.

Su Zhen saw Lele like it and did not get back his "hat" from him. She gave it to him generously.

When Lele took a nap at noon, he put the leaves on the ice next to him. When he got up, the ice on their side of Jing Lin had almost melted, while Lele's piece still had more than half.

Now, everyone discovered the difference between the leaves.

Yan Fei stood in the yard with the leaves on for a while, surprised and said: "This leaf can isolate heat."

Previously he and Jing Lin looked at the leaf except for its strange shape, and the color was just ordinary green. after taking it to his hand and looking at it at the moment, he found that there were actually two sides of the leaf color. the side touching the scalp was green, and the one exposed should be gray, but its gray was covered with a layer of tiny green fluff.

At present, if you don't wear a sunshade in the sun during the day, you will feel your head baked in the stove. It is slightly better to have a sunshade, but wearing this "hat", you will not feel any heat on your head, and the temperature felt elsewhere is still very high.

In the living room, Su Zhen and the fox were lying on the mat laid by Jing Lin. Jing Lin took the tree leaf and asked, "Su Zhen, where did you get this leaf?"

Su Zhen spread out the whole snake on the mat, lifting and releasing its tail comfortably. Hearing this, she said, "I picked it casually in the mountains." Once he went out to look for food for the little fox. Suddenly it rained. The rain fell on his head and he felt very uncomfortable. He casually picked a large leaf and put it on his head for several days. After that, he often wore it.

Yan Fei said, "Can you still find the place where this leaf appears? Can you take us?"If this leaf can really isolate heat, they will not say, it has ice in itself, and the temperature is high, so they don't worry too much. But if the others in the village say so, they need it very much, and they can't wait until the wheat is harvested, and they can only go out in the evening.

Su Zhen saw that Jing Lin needed this kind of leaf. Although they were lazy, they did not refuse. She immediately came out from the upper reaches of the mat and said, "Then I will take you there." Dare to drill directly into Yan array, plain Jane completely afraid of the sun, swim directly to the door and wait for the scene to open the door.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei went out with Su Zhen, carrying basket weapons and umbrellas. The little fox wanted to follow, but Jing Lin didn't agree with them. Lele also took the little fox and let him stay. The adults in the family had to do things, and the children just had to stay at home.

Su Zhen's way into the village was at the foot of another mountain. The two followed Su Zhen all the way up. Because they have never been to this scene, the animals are obviously more than the mountains they went to before, but along the way, Su Zhen is really like what it said, vegetarian, pheasant hare running past its eyes, it doesn't bother to look at it, but see some strange flowers and plants that will circle around twice, some will be lost after seeing it, some will be uprooted by it to let the scene be collected by it. When Jing Lin asked him what the flowers and plants were for, he said they were for food, for himself, and for the little fox.

Although he always looks like he hates the little fox, he will never forget the little fox.

Entering the depths of the mountain forest, Jing Lin found that the route Su Zhen took them along was parallel to the route they had taken to the mountain before, because they also passed through the small lake in the mountain forest.

It took quite a long time for Su Zhen to take off that leaf. He can no longer remember the specific location. He only remembered the general route. The two followed Su Zhen around in the woods for at least two hours. Jing Lin and Yan Fei were all sweaty. Although the trees in this mountain forest were huge and open, they could not hold the weeds, could not bask in the sun, but it was very hot. Both of them regretted forgetting to bring fans.

However, as she walked along, there began to be a faint sweet smell, which was very similar to honey. As Su Zhen walked slowly into the room, the smell became more and more thick. At last, the whole body was full of sweet fragrance, and Su Zhen, who was walking in front, stopped.

"I found it." Su Zhen swam forward, then stopped in the thick leaves and turned to look at them.

At this moment, they also saw clearly that the front was full of plants only up to their thigh height, and the leaves of these plants were all supported on it like an upside-down garbage shovel.

Su Zhen took off a leaf and handed it to Jing Lin. then Jing Lin discovered that there were still a few thumb-sized red fruits around the petiole. Jing Lin touched it. the texture was soft and the fingers were still stained with sweet fragrance. it seemed that the fragrance was from the fruit.

All of a sudden, the leaves in the middle of this piece of plant were moving and Jing Lin and Yan Feigang were on guard-


Looking ugly and dirty, but especially familiar with toad jumped directly to the feet of Jing Lin.

"Quack?"The two were surprised and did not expect that they would always Quack outside here.

Jing Lin said: "No wonder I clearly released my divine knowledge and found nothing unusual." Now Quack can jump with all his strength out of his mind.

Su Zhen saw Quack, and her eyes were bright with disgust."Gee, what an ugly four-legged monster." Hurriedly swim to the side for a distance, the toad colorful, less than one over ten thousand of its skin color beauty.

Quack does not return home all the year round. In such a hot weather, he was once worried about whether something would happen to him. He happened to meet him here and was very happy to see him."Quack, will you come home with us later?"


I don't understand toad's language, but Jing Lin saw it didn't move, so I guess he promised to go back together.

Yan Fei has put the basket down now, picked a leaf and put it into the basket, with the fruit in his hand. He handed the fruit to Quack and saw that Quack had eaten it, which meant it could be eaten.

Su Zhen said beside, "When I passed by, they were all still with small flowers."

At that time, the fragrance was not as strong as it is now, and it remembered the fragrance, so when the fragrance appeared when looking for it, it looked for it along the fragrance.

Under these leaves, all have fruits, only some are red, some are white, hard and hard, which should be immature. Before they pick the leaves, they pick the ripe ones. They didn't pick much either, mainly because they had to experiment. After filling their baskets, they went back along the original road.

Before going out of the woods, Jing Lin and Yan Fei didn't use umbrellas, with a leaf on their heads, two arms wrapped around each other, and one piece hanging behind their chests. then they appeared in the sun and came home all the time. they only had a little sweat, which was similar to the feeling they felt when they stayed beside the ice.

"Good stuff." Yan Feidao, this is called the road of heaven without end. This is the magical place of nature. It is a place of mutual restraint. Seeing that it is too hot to bear, there are leaves that can be insulated from heat.

The two sorted out the leaves and fruit. When the fruit was soaked in water and washed, Jing Lin ate one and found that it tasted a bit like grapes. The taste was very sweet, like honey but not greasy. The fruit had seeds similar to apple seeds.

At present, Jing Lin divided the fruits into half and distributed them to other members of the family. Half of them were frozen. It was still comfortable to eat ice in such a hot day.

In the evening, the Jing Lin family went out of the door. Su Zhen and the little fox were also taken out by them. As a member of the family, the villagers should always know their existence, otherwise it would not be good if they were injured by mistake.

The road in the village was not smooth after the destruction of vegetation. Many places were covered with yellow mud without cement layer. After the sun exposure, the road was covered with dust. Su Zhen swam across the road before her body was washed white. It was not long before her body was covered with a layer of dust, which made her very angry.

When the villagers saw the snake, they didn't stop screaming. The little snake gave them goose bumps. The serpent only gave them a stronger feeling. When the prospect came, they told Su Zhen that it was not allowed to talk in places with outsiders. He felt that although the snake was arrogant, it was really simple and fooled her for almost minutes.

They went directly to Ma Renshan's house. When they arrived, the door was half open and the whole family was sitting in the living room with a fan in each hand. They slept in a daze. Jing Lin knocked at the door, and everyone woke up immediately. When they saw Jing Lin and Yan Lu coming, Ma Chunzheng was making them hurry into the room and sit down. Their attitude was very attentive.

Jing Lin they entered the room, Su Zhen poked around behind the Jing Lin, suddenly saw a snake head, Ma Chunzheng just hanging not scared down.

"Don't be afraid, he is new to my family." Just for fear of scaring the Ma family, Jing Lin didn't let Su Zhen come in directly. After telling them to let them see Su Zhen, it was better to have a psychological preparation. Unexpectedly, Ma Chunzheng was still startled.

Su Zhen saw Ma Chunzheng was a face of ghost expression, boring to retract his head, turned to see far to come over to other villagers, pointing at it, more not happy, cold hum 1 followed scene in the house.

In the room, Ma Xinxin, her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law have been scared into the room. Ma Chunzheng's father and son are still outside, but they are both a little far from Jing Lin.

Jing Lin sat still and pressed on to watch the fresh Su Zhen everywhere in the family's house. Yan Fei showed Ma Renshan some leaves he had brought out and said, "This is my Su Zhen-oh, this big white snake-brought back. We found that the gray one can insulate heat and it takes quite a long time. It's so hot now that everyone probably can't sleep well. If you spread this leaf on the roof doors and windows, I think the house will be much cooler."

"Really?"Ma Renshan couldn't help secretly looking at Su Zhen, groping for the leaf in his hand, dark circles under his eyes were dark and heavy."Is this leaf really as magical as you say? Where did you pick it? Is there a large quantity?"

There are about 20 households in the village, and the amount needed to paste the roof doors and windows is not small.

Yan Fei said, "A lot of them are wider than the folded ears in the mountains."

"Is it far away?"Ma Chunzheng is asking, if not far away, he would like to go and pick it back now. His family is going to collapse because of the heat. His house is under the osmanthus trees. His uncle's house is really hot. As soon as he enters it, it looks like a stove. In the past few nights, both families have moved out their beds and slept under the trees. Especially his cousin's wife, Sun Lili, turned yellow with heat and was very depressed. He was afraid that something would happen to her when she was hot. The family fanned her.

Yan Fei said, "It's quite far." It's evening now, and when we arrive at our destination, it's getting dark, "let's go early tomorrow morning, and later you will inform the villagers and tell them to go and pick them."

Jing Lin added: "There are fruits in this leaf. It tastes sweet."

Hearing this, Ma Renshan said hastily, "Well, A Zheng, go and strike the gong." He turned to look at Jing Lin and Yan Fei, with less obvious relief in his eyes. he said, "you can think of the villagers, and I am very grateful to you. It's not easy for you to go to the mountain first. I'll tell the villagers later that you've worked hard to find this thing, and then the leaves and fruits you've picked back will be given to you one layer by one according to the previous rules."

"Then trouble the captain." Yan Feidao, he had this idea, but Ma Renshan first he took the initiative to speak.

The gong has already sounded. Those who followed Jing Lin and they came directly asked Ma Chunzheng what he was about to inform. Those who followed Jing Lin and they mixed several times, and believed that they were close to each other, came to Jing Lin and asked them for news, and took a look at Su Zhen by the way.

Zhang Kai said: "Apart from Tangge's family in our village, your family has the most mutating animals. This snake is really beautiful."

Some people are afraid of snakes, others like snakes, especially Su Zhen, who is pure white in color. If it weren't for Su Zhen's unwillingness to let him touch it, Zhang Kai would have wanted to touch it twice.

However, Su Zhen is a girl, and Jing Lin is not willing to let adults like Zhang Kai touch Su Zhen at will. Fortunately, Su Zhen loves to be clean. Zhang Kai looks dark, and she is rejected by Su Zhen at the first sight.

The evening is the time for everyone to take part in the activity. The osmanthus trees in front of Ma Renshan's house are tall and cool. The evening is cooler than other places. In recent days, many people like to come here to hide from the cold. At the moment, when they hear the gong, everyone appears at Ma Renshan's house faster than ever.

At the moment of gathering in the village, the leaves brought by Jing Lin had been wrapped by Ma Chunzheng with ropes on his bare arms and thighs in shorts. Everyone looked at his strange appearance and wondered what imprison he was selling.

In fact, Yan Fei felt that it was not very reliable to rely solely on what they said. He wanted to get another layer of harvest, so let Ma Chunzheng feel the magic of this leaf in advance.

Ma Chunzheng was four wrapped in leaves. Not only did he not feel muggy, he felt that these places were indeed extremely cool. He just tied up four leaves and listened to his father with other villagers. After Ma Renshan explained the role of the leaves and got Ma Chunzheng's affirmation, everyone stared at Ma Chunzheng with bright eyes.

Several people who had good relations with him also rushed up to pick up the leaves on him and wanted to feel them in advance.

At last Ma Chunzheng shouted, "Don't chop it! If you break the leaves, you can compensate!"

That a few people didn't stop.

Ma Renshan said: "This was found by Jing Lin and Yan Fei when they entered the mountain. According to the old rule, people who want to go together tomorrow will still register with me, and when they come back, they will count the number with me. No matter how much they harvest, they will have to be divided into layers."

Zhao Shaogan took the lead: "No problem." Their home has been so hot and foolish these days that it is absolutely desirable to have a good sleep.

"Who wouldn't agree?" Li Feiyu, who has become the number one fan brother of Jing Lin and Yan Fei, said the second time, "as long as I can get a good sleep, it doesn't matter if all else is given." Then he was pinched by his mother secretly, and his tears came out in pain.

Of course, there is no one in the village who does not agree with it. Who calls somebody else two skills? If you have the ability to enter the mountain with two people and find something similar to magic, you can also divide yourself into one more layer.

The villagers can't envy it.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei didn't call Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu this time, but the two will receive no less, and Jing Lin will certainly give Zhao half. Yan Fei is no exception. he lives with Jing Lin and his share is completely unnecessary.

Finally, Ma Renshan concluded the meeting with a sentence: "Everyone go back and get ready. Everyone will go early tomorrow and return early when the weather is getting warmer."

Back home, Jing Lin looked at Su Zhen, who had changed from white to dusty, and gave her another brush in the bathroom.

In order to compensate Su Zhen's injured heart, Jing Lin picked a black mutant pepper with long thorns for Su Zhen to eat, and finally let it not angry with Jing Lin.

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