With the temperature and height, the villagers also took the time to start raising rice seedlings. It's so hot now that the film-laying step is completely eliminated. People used to use seedling raising trays before, but now they don't have them. After the seedling raising fields are finished, the rice seeds soaked in water with white breasts and broken breasts are directly and evenly sprinkled in.

In order to prevent the young seedlings from dying in the sun, everyone carries water to irrigate the seedlings every day when it is getting dark. Some people also put up shelves above the seedling fields and cut down branches with dense leaves to prevent the seedlings from being directly basked in the sun.

During this period, Jing Lin put up a law to make the village rain twice while it was dark.

Then he found that the vegetables in the village vegetable plot had changed differently because of these rains. The high temperature weather had no effect on them at all. Green onions, which are cold-resistant and heat-resistant, have become more and more wilting even with the blessing of the spiritual array. After each rain, they will recover some spirit. There are also those like mutant tomatoes that have completely changed their normal habits, but themselves are parched by the high temperature. For example, the chili grown by the villagers is useless to cool down because of rain. They were sun-dried in two days. Only Jing Lin is still alive to test the mutant chili planted in the vegetable plot. In addition, many of the earlier green beans of the people in the village were also burnt to death.

Many people came to Jing Lin to ask for pepper seeds, but Jing Lin did not have many seeds left, so only a few people who spoke first were given some. Gao Honghai's family was one step late and had no hope. I didn't think Jing Lin had left them for his family earlier.

After all, at the beginning this chili was all taken from Gao Honghai's house. Jing Lin forgot who would never forget his house.

In the evening, the villagers were busy working in the vegetable field. Some of them directly pulled out the seedlings that had not been saved and replanted other heat-resistant plants, such as cowpea, etc. Some of them were still busy building shade sheds for the vegetable fields with the mentality of saving them again.

Several people were also present in Jing Lin. Yan Lu, who had great strength over there, did not need Yan Fei's help in his work. Yan Fei, together with Jing Lin, pulled back the ripe peas in the field. coriander and chrysanthemum, which had already sprouted and blossomed, had to be kept for a while because they had to be planted. after the seeds had been planted, all the land was used to grow cowpeas.

Some people in the village also planted a lot of loofah, cucumber and eggplant, etc. Although these varieties changed to be very difficult to eat last year, there are now few dishes and there are only a few that can be eaten and can be planted alive. These seeds are wasted when they are kept and a small piece of them is set aside for the family to continue planting.

High temperature weather has an effect on crops and on their cultivation. However, this effect is beneficial.

Just like before, when the rising sun rises every day, the aura will carry purple air. Now Jing Lin cultivates every day when the weather warms up, the aura will be mixed with a trace of red, which will become scorching when it invades his eyebrows. The first time he grabbed such aura, Jing Lin's eyebrows seemed to be on fire. He persevered with pain. Now he has become accustomed to the burning sensation, and as he gets used to it, the sensation becomes weaker and weaker until it no longer affects him.

Jing Lin also looked at the big black-bone fish that was closed to the outside world. When the time came, the big black-bone fish was not half floating on the water surface as usual. Now its whole body sank to the bottom of the water, and it was black. Because of the three rains, the water in the two ponds was not much less, which reassured Jing Lin.

Jing Lin has been sleeping in the living room for several days. They are fine. Like the rest of the village, they basically moved the bed out of the room to sleep for so many days. There are no mosquitoes in their village. They don't need mosquito nets when the bed is moved out. They sleep directly at the baby's breath. It takes them a long time to fall asleep. The whole village has black eyes under their eyes every day.

In the evening, Jing Lin said to Yan Fei, who shared a mat with him, "Tomorrow evening, go to visit grandpa and his family's grave. You too."

Qingming Festival has passed, but I was busy tidying up the rice fields and clearing up the vegetable fields before. I really didn't have time. Now I am a little free, and Jing Lin remembered it.

Yan Fei said, "Well, together."

The next evening, the two took Lele to the grave slope in the village. They didn't burn paper either. They just cleaned up the weeds around the family's grave and piled new soil on the grave. Yan Fei kowtowed with Jing Lin and was regarded as meeting Jing Lin's parents.

On his way back, he saw Zhao Zhiwen wandering around the door with a basket. There was still water falling in the basket. At the moment, a pile of water was all around him. Jing Lin called out to him and asked him, "What are you doing here?"

Zhao Zhiwen said: "Ouch, you two are back. I'm almost baked into a human being." The evening temperature is low, which is only relative to the daytime. The temperature is no different from the hottest time in previous years.

Zhao Zhiwen shoved the basket into Jing Lin's hand."My mother's green ball, stuffed with mushrooms and minced meat, is iced."

Yan Fei was holding the key to open the door, while Jing Lin took the basket and thanked her, "I've worked hard for her."

Zhao Zhiwen motioned with his hand: "Why are you so polite? All right, I'll go back first."

Zhao Zhiwen hurried away, unwilling to stay outside for a while. Jing Lin they entered the room, the room is always with ice, so I feel chill upon returning home. Now they all don't like to bother cooking. The other day they made a bunch of dumplings while they were free during the day. They were all frozen, and their mouths were full of dumplings these days. This green ball is made of wormwood and flour. A faint scent of wormwood is not greasy to eat. It can be eaten after steaming. It happens that dumplings are tired of eating for a change.

After eating dinner and taking a bath, it has been dark for quite a while, but the moonlight is bright, and you can see each other clearly without lighting oil lamps in the room. A few people can see the stars in the sky outside when they lie down with their heads toward the front door of the living room. Don't say that although the weather is bad, the night sky is very beautiful every night. It feels like I haven't seen the beauty of the baby's breath for a long time.

Just when both of them were going to fall asleep in a daze, Jing Lin suddenly woke up.

"What's the matter?"Yan Fei sat up.

Jing Lin said solemnly, "The magic array has been broken, and the array eye on the other side of the vegetable field has been destroyed." This magic array has his consciousness, which he can feel when touched and destroyed.

Although the medium-order magic array set up by Jing Lin is not a powerful array, it is not the average person who can break in. Who would break into the village on a bad night?

The two men immediately decided to go and have a look. They woke Lele up and sent him to Zhao Zhiwen's house. They told the duck to watch out and then walked to the vegetable plot.

Before they reached the vegetable plot, they saw a large, thick and long white snake burrowing through the pepper fields he planted.

The big white snake heard their footsteps and immediately lifted up its prostrate body and looked at them. Only then did the two of them see clearly. The large white snake-head was still wearing a large leaf, like a hat.

The leaves covered the eyes of the big white snake. It bent its tail and carefully pushed the leaves back to the top, revealing its big head with a point in the middle.

Both Jing Lin did not dare to rush in the past. Since this snake can break through the magic array, it is not an ordinary snake at first sight. On the contrary, the big white snake first shrank back and then stopped after swimming towards them for some distance as if it were curious.

Jing Lin immediately put on a defensive posture, but seeing the snake looking at Jing Lin, they suddenly began to speak: "How are you, little brother?"

Timid, delicate, with pure curiosity.

Calm as scene and Yan Fei, now the expression on their faces is almost cracked. This is even more shocking than when I knew that the big mullet could communicate with people with divine knowledge. No one could have imagined that a snake with a snake letter actually spoke and had a delicate voice.

When the big white snake saw that the scene was approaching and they did not speak, it swam a little closer to them. its tail rolled up a low mutant pepper seedling and stretched it to the front of the scene. it asked, "this grass smells good, can I eat it?"

It is cooked by itself.

The Great White Snake was already very close to both of them. Yan Fei leaned close to Jing Lin's ear and whispered, "What do you think?"

Jing Lin looked at the red vertical pupil of the big white snake in the moonlight. Its eyes and voice only gave people a curious feeling. Jing Lin said, "There is no hostility."

The big white snake ignored Jing Lin and waved its tail tip."Can't I eat?"

I've talked to the big black-bone fish several times, and talked to the big white snake. Jing Lin also got used to it very quickly. He said, "If you want to eat . . . eat."

Then in front of the two men, the big white snake suddenly opened its big mouth and tried to swallow the seedling in one bite, but in half, it probably felt that it was too ferocious and destroyed its image, and closed it quickly. Then it turned its head in a direction, and when it turned back again, the pepper seedling on its tail disappeared.

Wiping his mouth with the tip of his tail, the big white snake commented, "The taste is good. Whether it is a seedling or not, its quality is still a little poor."

However, it said so, but slowly lowered its tail, and then swam around the remaining pepper seedlings, apparently trying to pull out one.

This is an experimental product specially planted by Jing Lin. It cannot be eaten completely. He asked hastily, "That . . . how did you get in?"

The big white snake snorted, "of course, it came in through the array. the array here is no longer useful to me."

That is to say, the magic array was indeed destroyed by the big white snake, and it had tried to enter the village before, but was blocked out because of insufficient strength.

The tail of the big white snake sways and sways. Seeing Jing Lin eyeing up its tail all the time, it can't help but curl up its tail in dismay. It seems that it is no good to eat another seedling.

Yan Fei, who had been silent for a long time, thought of the security problem in the village and asked Big White Snake, "Do you want to come into our village again?"

What is strange is that the big white snake, which has a friendly attitude towards the scene, has turned a deaf ear to Yan Fei. after listening to Yan Fei's words, he snorted, "I want you to take care of it."

Yan Fei smokes the corners of his mouth. He is the "little brother" to Jing Lin and "wants you to take charge" to him. He is also a human being. Why is there such a big difference in treatment?

The big white snake swam to Jing Lin's side and said coyly, "This place is much better than the place I used to live in. I want to live here in the future, little brother, shall I go with you?"

Yan Fei rebuffed: "Not good." This snake can speak human language, coy, is it still necessary to take a personal form or something one day, then he can't stand to talk coy at Jing Lin, and still "shall I go with you?" Ah? What a feather! The tone of rushing to lover is several meanings.

The big white snake glanced at him: "I didn't ask you." Then looked at the scene in miserable.

Seeing Yan Fei's displeasure, Jing Lin took him by the hand and said to the big white snake, "I don't know whether you are a good snake or a bad snake. I still have family. I'll take you home. what if you hurt them while I'm not paying attention?"

The big white snake hurriedly said, "of course I am a good snake! I do not kill anything except flowers and plants. I have been a vegetarian for a long time. I also love small animals, I, I also love clean!" The big white snake counted his merits against Jing Lin desperately, and finally, fearing that Jing Lin would not believe it, he turned several times in front of Jing Lin to show him his clean body.

Look at the appearance of the big white snake in a hurry, Jing Lin actually believed it, because this snake really has no hostility to them, and its taste is really clean, completely different from the variation leopard caught before. The leopard has been stained with blood, and it is easy to distinguish between the two in Jing Lin's eyes.

Jing Lin said: "You want to stay, it is not impossible, but what do you eat?"

"I eat this!" The big white snake didn't recognize the meaning of Jing Lin's words, and its big tail excitedly patted the hot pepper fields and pointed up at the hot pepper seedlings quivering.

Jing Lin: "But I can't keep you for nothing."

"Then, then . . . how can you not raise me for nothing?"

Jing Lin said: "If you live in, then you can't destroy the array I have laid out." He pointed to Yan Fei. "This is my partner. You can't be so cruel to him and my family and friends. You can't be cruel because you would scare them."

Yan Fei raised his eyebrows proudly at it. Before all the conditions were settled, the White Snake looked very weak gas. Yan Fei's pride was so arrogant and provocative in its eyes that it tolerated, "I am not, not fierce."

"If you can do this, you can come with me."

The big white snake was excited again. "Yes, I can do it."

Jing Lin raised his eyebrows. "Then you can go back with me now."

"That's true!" The big white snake swung its tail. "Can I move first?"

Jing Lin didn't know what else the big white snake could have, but he nodded and said, "Remember, when you come back before dawn, the villagers haven't seen you yet. Be careful not to frighten them." Frightening them is still the second thing. In case they are stimulated to do something again and hurt each other as a result, it is not good, "Can you remember my taste?"

"Remember, I'll find you after the smell you left."

Jing Lin nodded and remembered it, so he wouldn't have to wait in the same place. he said to the big white snake, "then go back and move."

The big white snake walked away joyfully, touching each pepper seedling with special joy.

Yan Fei looked at the big white snake and asked Jing Lin, "do you really let this snake live in?"

Jing Lin said: "You may not feel it. It has a similar smell to the big mullet." Associated with the big black-bone fish said the dragon, look at the big white snake head bulge, it is not difficult to infer the nature of this fish after a snake, big white snake breath is not as pure as big black-bone fish, but it can speak, big black-bone fish still can only divine communication, visible big black-bone fish strength is still under the big white snake. This big white snake has a simple temperament. Keeping it by his side can prevent it from turning into a fork. Can he remember the blood python in the mouth of Cao Sanye in the county seat? Even people eat it. It is also a snake. Of course, he doesn't want another snake to eat people in the place where he lives in the future.

He also looked at the pepper seedlings and did not know what the difference was. He was able to attract the snake.

Yan Fei was a little depressed. "He has been playing coquetry to you."

This is vinegar from a snake.

Under the starlight all over the sky, Jing Lin kissed his mouth: "It's no use playing coquetry again. I don't like snakes. I only like you."

"Well, you can only like me." Yan Fei hugged and kissed Jing Lin and wanted to withdraw. The whole family stayed together during the day and came out to work together in the evening. He only dared to secretly make out with Jing Lin at night while Lele and duck were asleep, fearing to disturb the two. He did not enjoy himself at all.

Yan Fei endured the discomfort of his body and whispered softly, "Otherwise, let's go home for once."

How hard must it be to hold back before making such a proposal, Jing Lin smiled: "I don't want to be so heavy-mouthed." It was too heavy to fight in the field for the first time, "and we've been out for so long, so we should worry if we don't go back to yuyi Lele."

Jing Lin did not agree, Yan Fei could only continue to endure. For the first time in the wild, they were really wronged. He gave Jing Lin a good kiss. "When will you sleep with Lele?"

Jing Lin said: "Wait a little longer." Accompanied by ducks, Lele can already sleep alone, but it will be difficult to adapt at the beginning. However, he can't sleep with Lele all the time. First of all, he should sleep separately from his parents when he is so old. Second, he is afraid that Yan Fei will hold back the fire for a long time.

The two went to Zhao's house to pick up Lele. Zhou Yu and them stayed up all the time. seeing the two returning, they quickly asked, "what's the matter?"

"A snake broke in." Jing Lin said.

"What about snakes?" Zhao Zhiwen asked, he wants snake soup again.

"I moved." Jing Lin laughed: "That snake will live in my house, just like the big mullet in the fish pond. It is also not very good-tempered. Don't mention snake soup or anything in front of it in the future."

The animals that can be looked at and kept by Jing Lin are generally good animals. Zhao Zhiwen is extremely envious: "Why can't you see which animal has come to me?"

It's getting late, Jing Lin they left Zhao home, a few people didn't sleep for a while, they heard the knock on the door.

The big white snake moved back.

Jing Lin opened the door, and the big white snake standing at the edge of the door was holding two white-light grass in its mouth. When it saw Jing Lin, it nodded at him, and Jing Lin let it in sideways. I was just about to close the door when I heard the sound of "dong". something hit the door panel and made a meowed sound.

Dabai put down the grass and looked back and said, "ah, that, my belongings are still behind."

A thin little fox, carrying a large tattered cloth bag on its thin body, saw Jing Lin open the door and shouted at him twice. He walked longly and difficultly toward the inside. Its limbs trembled and it would fall in an unguarded moment.

Yan Fei saw the little fox and said, "isn't this the little fox he met when he was fighting a leopard?"

Jing Lin said, "No wonder I feel familiar. I remember it when you said it."

The big white snake entered the room and put the grass in its mouth on the tea table, just opposite Lele and duck sitting on the sofa in Jing Lin's arms.

"Hi, human cub." The big white snake said hello to Lele in a reserved way, then looked around at the duck nearby and immediately said, "White-haired monster with flat mouth."

"Ga?" The duck was staring at the two little grass with coveted eyes, and when it heard this, it looked at the big white snake with an incredible face. It suddenly bounced off the sofa. You long, thin worm, do you want to fight?

When Jing Lin entered the door, he heard the sentence "white-haired monster with a flat mouth". he immediately lifted his forehead and looked at the ducks as if they were fried and ready to fight. he quickly went up to appease it and turned to the big white snake and said, "you should be polite and friendly to them."

The big white snake snorted unwillingly, picked up the grass and walked to the back yard. As soon as it got to the back yard, it exclaimed, then put down the grass and went to drill in the Yan array.

"Don't go in." Jing Lin had no time to stop it. The temperature inside was very high. The big white snake would be scalded if it rushed in.

However, Jing Lin looked down on it. As soon as the big white snake entered, it swam around happily like a duck to water. It also stared at the blackened chili and drooled from time to time.

Yes, it was really drooling and it wiped with its tail.

Jing Lin called it: "You come out first and explain to me what happened to this little fox."

The big white snake left the array step by step and turned back three times. then he looked at the small fox, which was surrounded by big guys in the living room and was trembling with fear. he wondered, "I raised it. why?"

Seeing that the little fox was still carrying his baggage, he said hastily, "Put down the bag."

The little fox obediently walked to the front of the big white snake, crouched down, put down the bag, and opened the cloth bag with its claws. The already worn cloth bag was even more broken. Jing Lin knew why the bag was so broken.

The big white snake looked at the little fox's opening of the cloth and turned to Jing Lin and said, "I have brought you a present."

Glancing at the others in the room, he said, "of course, you have some."

Yan Fei gave it a cold look and said it was not rare. The duck stood with him and was bitter with him.

There was another little friend in the family. Only Lele looked very happy, as if any animal with a good appearance was good-looking in his eyes. He now surrounded the big white snake, looked at its white scales and said, "You are so beautiful, can I touch you?"

The big white snake looked at the human cub hesitantly, seeing that he was clean and smelled good. then it nodded proudly, "yes."

Then Lele touched it carefully twice, looked up pleasantly surprised and said to his uncle, "It's so slippery."

Although Lele's expression was still MengMeng's, Jing Lin felt that he didn't even look at it, because Lele acted like an idiot, whose object was not a little girl but a snake.

Before the fox caught the cloth bag completely useless, it was finally opened, revealing all sorts of things inside: spoons, glass fragments, marbles, crystal necklaces, rusty butterfly hairpins, mobile phones with broken screens, etc. A lot of things were either colorful or glittering.

"This is for you." The big white snake put the necklace in Jing Lin's hand, then pushed the marbles to Lele, gave the rotten mobile phone to Yan Fei with a face of black line. The rusty butterfly hairpin was curled up by it with its tail for a long time, and finally handed it to the duck, who took it with a face of disgust.

After delivering the gift, the big white snake quickly asked the little fox to pack up the rest of it. The little fox, like a conscientious younger brother, fiddled with the rest of the things together with its claws, reluctantly put them into a cloth bag, and was carried on its back again.


A changed little iron fist leaked out of the cloth bag. The fox quickly grabbed it in his mouth and continued to stand where he was.

After distributing the gifts, Jing Lin finally asked him again, "Do you have this little fox?"

"Yes." The big white snake said, and then complained: "it eats too much, I can hardly afford it."

Jing Lin looked at the little fox with few meat on him."How did you raise it?"Can keep it so thin.

"Eat grass and flowers." The Great White Snake said, "He followed me as a cub and asked me to go out every day to find food for him. It's very tiring to raise him."

The little fox whined bitterly.

Yan Fei smoothed the tangled hair on the fox and said, "I have pity on you." The world is so big that it is pitiful for a fox to follow a vegetarian snake.

However, if there were no snake, perhaps the little fox would have starved to death long ago. After all, they have seen all the stupid things it hunted.

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