"Have you washed it?" Zhou Yu saw the two men come in, and his attention was still on Lele. He just looked up at Jing Lin and asked, "What do you want to say?"

"Lele?" Jing Lin said, "You and ducks go to the yard to play."

"oh." Lele replied hesitantly, took his toy and duck and went out.

Jing Lin pulled the door of the living room, leaving only a crack, then turned and looked at the people in the living room. He and Yan Fei didn't speak, the atmosphere began to quiet, in addition to Yan's family, everyone else felt something was wrong, Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai also had to look at them seriously.

Jing Lin raised Yan Fei's right hand and said, "Zhou yi, Zhao Shu, I'm with Yan Fei."

Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai and Zhao Zhiwen directly meng, two old man eyes staring at the scene in the and Yan Lu hold hands together, mind at the moment haven't react scene in what meaning is said.

Zhao Zhiwen responded the fastest. He "ceng" once stood up from the sofa and stare big eyes. "What do you two mean?"

Yan Fei said, "What do you and Lulu mean at present, and what do I and Jing Lin mean?"

Zhao Zhiwen continued to stare: "Are you two also in love?"

"Yes," said Jing Lin.

To everyone's surprise, in addition to Zhao Chenghuai still didn't respond to come over in the circle, Zhou Yu was one of the most calm of several people, surprised to return to absolute being soon after.

Zhou Yu asked, "When did it happen?"

"It's been a long time." Jing Lin said, "aunt Yu, uncle Zhao, in my heart I have always regarded your parents as my relatives. Yan Fei and I are serious. I want to live with him in the future. like husband and wife, I hope to be recognized by your parents."

Zhao Chenghuai sat there staring blankly from left to right. "This? What do these two children mean?"

Zhou Yu's face was sad: "Ah Lin, how can you let me and your uncle Zhao account with your dead grandfather? when he left, we promised to look after you for him. What do the villagers think of you like this? What do you think of Lele?"

Jing Lin said: "Are people in small villages still less impressed with me? In the future, there will only be one more article. I don't care about it. As for Lele, Yan Fei and I will do our best to protect him."

Yan Fei pleaded, "Aunt Yu, Uncle Zhao, I am serious about Jing Lin. I want to be with him all my life. Please help me."

Zhou Yu turned to the Yan family couple: "your son wants to be with a man. why don't you talk? It seems that you already know?"

Yan Ruifeng and Zhou Feifei crustily skin of head to nod, two people wry smile unceasingly, talk, say what? They said that they knew their son liked men and allowed him to hook up with Jing Lin. They took a good child along this road, so you can help them?

Zhou Feifei blushed and said: "A Lin is a good boy. Our Yan family is sorry for him." She remembered the years after Yan Fei came out with them. Zhou Feifei really drained all the tears she could shed in her life. No one wanted her children to go this way. It was their selfishness to drag them to the scene.

Zhou Yu although expression light, but she has actually been this a few people head ache with anger, she took one look at now still holding hands stood together expression firm scene in and Yan Lu, Yan Lu she contact for so long how many also understand, know this person is a uncompromising, and scene in her more understanding, the in the mind has made up what attention, it is impossible to change.

So thinking, her heart was sad, so good two young players, how by accident to gather together. She rubbed her aching forehead and waved weakly, "Let me think about it."

After all, she is not Jing Lin's blood relatives. There are opinions and suggestions, but they cannot really control his thoughts. They cannot intervene in his decisions.

Zhou Yu looks pale out of the living room, at a glance to see the yard is timidly looking at his Lele.

Zhou Yu touched Lele's little face and left Jing Lin's home without saying a word to Zhao Chenghuai.

Lele hurriedly ran into the living room, holding Jing Lin's calf, and asked him quietly, "does grandma not agree that my uncle should be my aunt?"

"I will agree." Jing Lin said.

Zhao Zhiwen still had some doubts that his buddy was with his future brother-in-law. Yan Lu rubbed his big head and pulled the man away.

Zhou Feifei said to Yan Fei with red eyes: "If you dare to be bad to Ah Lin in the future, I will definitely not spare you."

Yan Ruifeng said to Jing Lin, "Ah Lin, my Yan family owes you." However, they were too selfish when they were parents. Yan Fei said that Jing Lin was the one they allowed him to approach. in private, he still thought that if Jing Lin was with his son, he would have a companion when he was old. This is immoral.

Seeing the couple's guilt towards him, Jing Lin said warmly, "Don't say that. I am with Yan Fei. It's your wish."

If there were no Yan Fei, Jing Lin would be sure that he would be like this in his life. he would lead a simple life, but with Yan Fei, his life would be more colorful and life would no longer be a backwater.

"ah." Yan Ruifeng tangled sigh, the son's life event is solved, he and his wife in the mind to be easier, but zhao, Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai there must blame the couple, two people still have to go to make amends.

Zhao Jia, Zhao Chenghuai sat in a chair and sighed. Zhou Yu, who was sitting opposite him, was tired of hearing, "will you shut up?"

Zhao Chenghuai said: "I am not tired of this, Ah Lin is good, how can I be with a man, this is going to be poked in the spine."

"Who dares!" Zhou yuhuduzi was very successful. "if I heard him, I could tear him up!"

"Alas!" Zhao Chenghuai can only continue to sigh.

Zhou Yu, however, looked a little dazed. She said, "Laozhao, you may not know that there is a man in my family who is about my age. When I was a child, everyone called him Xiao Ya."

"smiles send us light?"

"Yes, because he was born like a girl. People don't call him by his name, they just call him Xiao Ya."

Smiles send us light likes to play with a bunch of girls from an early age and behaves like a girl very much. Zhou Yu and smiles send us light play well. smiles send us light always says that he is a girl. don't you think when he is young, when he is old, his abnormal behavior always causes others to laugh at him. many people say that he is sick. At that time Zhou Yu also gradually alienated smiles send us light because of other people's pointing fingers. Because of all this, smiles send us light without friends, and everyone including his family disliked him. At that time, they were poor and had no books to read. In addition to working or working everyday, smiles send us light alone in the village every day. Just let it be, some people even come forward to humiliate smiles send us light whenever they see them.

Later, rumors began to circulate in the village that smiles send us light likes men. Every day someone went to smiles send us light's house to scold him, calling him shameless, disgusting and abnormal. Gradually, smiles send us light went crazy.

The last time Zhou Yu saw smiles send us light, the 16-year-old smiles send us light was dressed in a tattered cotton-padded jacket, winter shoes are not worn, long hair, with a red cloth, crazy ran past her with a smile.

Zhou Yu didn't catch up. On the same day, there was news that smiles send us light threw himself into the river. When the villagers salvaged smiles send us light in the river, she went to see it. All of them looked like watching the scene of bustle. Even smiles send us light's family members swore at the river and said that if they finally died, their faces were relaxed. As family members, they had been ridiculed by the villagers because of smiles send us light's problems. Smiles send us light's death, which represents the end of this ridicule. They finally looked up and became human beings.

Zhou Yu once laughed at smiles send us light, but when smiles send us light was salvaged, Zhou Yu couldn't help crying. She thought, smiles send us light's death, is caused by all hands, whether to insult laugh at him, or look on coldly, they are all executioners, they pushed smiles send us light into the river.

"after all these years, I will never forget smiles send us light's face with eyes closed." Zhou Yu's voice was hoarse." Ah Lin and Yan Fei are different from smiles send us light. They were very excellent people from an early age, but they are still like this. Like smiles send us light, they are not wrong in themselves. They can not understand, disagree with, but cannot criticize too much."

When smiles send us light was protected by his family, other people, even if they didn't like him, wouldn't dare to bully him and abuse him so blatantly. with family protection, smiles send us light wouldn't go crazy and die.

So at the sight of Jing Lin and Yan Fei standing hand in hand, she instantly thought of the smiles send us light that rumors like men. All the intensified invective came at a time when this rumor appeared in the village.

At that time, many people were ignorant. Now, with the development and opening up of the times, people's thoughts have become very open. For example, in the past, children born out of wedlock were to be spurned. Now, many families insist on the principle of not getting married without having children before marriage. However, many people in such villages have not heard of homosexuality.

Zhou Yu was afraid, afraid that Jing Lin and Yan Fei were also wronged by smiles send us light when they were found, but things had already been settled and could not be changed. So as a parent, she could do her best to protect them.

Home is not a battlefield for abuse and tear, but a haven for fatigue and rest after leaving the battlefield, and a place for family members to comfort each other.

Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai relieved each other. Now the world is in turmoil and it is too late to work on their own lives. Who still has so much free time to point fingers at others? Both Jing Lin and Yan Lu in their family are capable people, and they are relied on for their harvest several times in hunting. It is too late for the villagers to curry favor with each other. How dare they really say anything?

Zhou Yu told Jing Lin to think it over. Jing Lin gave them time. after breakfast the next day, he sent Lele to Zhao. the two of them did not appear in front of them. Zhou Feifei and Yan Ruifeng went to Zhao's house early and made amends.

Zhou Yu was enraged by the couple's concealment, but the son taught by the two was really outstanding. Jing Lin was with him. In her opinion, the best thing was Lele. She had been worried about what to do in case the girl who got married after Jing Lin didn't like Lele. Now with Yan Fei, this situation does not exist. And listen to Zhou Feifei said Yan Fei came out of the house in the past few years, the in the mind is love dearly Zhou Feifei, if come out is Zhao Zhiwen, Zhou Yu know they will still agree, but absolutely not so well.

April 1st, April Fool's Day.

In the morning, Jing Lin woke up from a deep sleep. His quilt was like a stove. He turned to look at Lele's profuse sweat. He had kicked the quilt away. The duck beside the bed was still lying on the ground, spread out its wings and slept uneasily. It called twice carefully from time to time, like talking in a dream.

There was a knock on the door outside, Yan Fei was up, "o Lin, up? It's very hot today. It's not normal."

Jing Lin wiped his hair and sweated his hands. When he got up and opened the door, he saw Yan Fei standing outside in his vest, his face and forehead covered with sweat, and he looked like he was awakened by the heat.

Jing Lin said: "It won't be like last year's sudden drop in temperature, but it will be summer today."

Opened the door of the sitting room, immediately a heat wave hit, the sun outside is fierce, scene in the adapted to dare to open your eyes. The sun is scorching the skin and it is boiling hot. The temperature is so high that Jing Lin estimates that people with poor health will faint if they stand under the sun for a while.

"Uncle." Lele came out barefoot. He was wearing fur slippers last night, but now he can't stand them any more. He pulled his sweaty pajamas, "It's so hot, I want to take a bath."

"I'll boil the water." Yan Fei said that he also felt very sticky and uncomfortable.

Jing Lin observed that the spirit of Chinese cabbage in the front yard was good. The mutant chili in the back yard was itself in the Yan array. The temperature was much higher than the current temperature. Other things like scallion and so on did not work, and the leaves began to droop. The mutant tomatoes in the ice array are no different from those before. When Jing Lin observed, several ripe fruits fell from the tree.

"It's so hot, I don't know if the crops in the field can stand it." Jing Lin, worried, opened the back door and looked at the nearby wheat field. Indeed as expected, the leaves rolled up flagging.

However, although it was so hot in the morning, Lele still carried out more than an hour of training. Although he had a bitter face, he persisted. After the training, he took another bath. This time, the trouble of boiling water was avoided. Jing Lin installed an iron basin of water in advance and put it in the sun. When Lele needed it, the water had become a little hot.

Jing Lin let Lele and duck stay in the house, and Yan Fei and himself went out under the sun umbrella to have a look.

When they walked in the sun, they felt as if they were in a steamer, sweating all over in less than a minute. The Yan family that the two went to first met Zhao Zhiwen who came out with an umbrella on the way.

Zhao Zhiwen complained loudly from a distance: "This weather, I don't want people to live." In such a hot day, it is too hot not to wear clothes, but it must be worn, or you will get sunburned accidentally.

Jing Lin asked, "is aunt Yu and uncle Zhao all right?"

"Not bad, fans can't stop anyway." Zhao Zhiwen said, "I'm not worried about you, so I came out to have a look."

The three of them went to Yan's house together. when they arrived, Yan Lu was sweeping the living room floor with a broom. the living room in his house was just a common concrete floor, which was covered with ash every day. Yan Fei asked her what she was doing sweeping the floor. She said she had cleaned it and was lying on the floor to cool down.

Because of the heat, Zhou Feifei was not in good spirits. Yan Ruifeng danced with a fan to fan the two and said, "I am going to put water in the two big pots and lie down."

When Yan Lu saw Jing Lin, she threw the broom at him and took him by the hand, pleading, "elder brother Lin, do you want to set up an ice array for my family? it's too hot. I feel like I'm going to suffer from heatstroke."

"The lowest temperature in the array is also several tens of degrees below zero, so you can't stand it any more," Jing Lin said helplessly. There is no heating here, even if you hide in bed and hold a warm water bag.

"Then you can arrange a bigger ice array for me. Can I freeze some ice to cool down?"

"This is no problem."

In order to take ice conveniently, Yan Lu directly took a large iron basin in her home and let Jing Lin arrange a matrix in it. she immediately poured water into the basin. after the water quickly freezes, she then buckled the iron basin into another large iron basin with gloves. even if the hard ice was taken out, she filled the iron basin arranged in the matrix with water to continue making ice.

Yan Lu moved the iron basin to the middle of the living room and put it there. she took a chair and sat down beside it, feeling the chill coming out of the ice and enjoying her face: "comfortable!"

Zhou Feifei and Yan Ruifeng, who sat around the ice, also had a relaxed expression on their faces.

"thanks to Ah Lin." Zhou Feifei said, "If it weren't for this ice, it would be so hot in the future, and I don't know how to pass."

Arriving at Zhao Zhiwen's house, Zhou Yu watched Jing Lin and Yan Fei with the same warm and affectionate attitude as before, which made both Jing Lin relaxed. According to the law, Jing Lin also arranged an ice array for Zhou Yugu, and then went back with Yan Fei.

At home, Jing Lin first froze the ice cubes, put one piece beside the chickens, and prepared two pieces for themselves. Then he took out the mat he had collected last year and washed it.

So hot, lying quietly is torture, not to mention doing things, washing a mat to wash the scene in the full head big sweat, Yan Fei is not easy, he is sorting out the living room, the air conditioner up a bit, and then wash the scene in the clean and quickly dried mat spread to the floor of the living room, with several people's pillows on it, each with a piece of ice on the side, the rabbit in the home were moved to the living room, and then the three of them were each holding a book to pass the time.

However, to their surprise, the most heat-resistant duck in the whole family was a duck with feathers. No ice, everyone can't stand the heat, just like people who have no matter son, it is still running around the room, scampering excitedly.

It was so hot at noon, cooking was even more torture, and a meal sat down like a shower.

In the evening, the temperature dropped a little bit, but it was not the degree to dare to go out casually. They went to the field to see Jing Lin and found that many people in the village were out at the moment.

"Dead, sun dead." When the scene came to his wheat field, he passed through his wide-mouthed field and saw him standing beside Tian Geng with a face of despair, looking at all the withering wheat in front of him.

Everyone who heard it didn't have any idea to comfort him. The big guy's fields were all in the same situation. He watched the pregnancy begin. If there was such a strong sun again, it was estimated that the village would have no harvest.

The field was full of sighs and curses of the villagers.

Fortunately, even if it was so hot, there was no heatstroke in the village.

In the evening, Jing Lin opened the doors on both sides of the living room, and Yan Fei slept directly in the living room with Lele. Yan Fei still had leisure to freeze some small ice cubes, then wrapped them in clean cloth with hammer chop suey and poured jam for ice drinks.

Jing Lin dug up a spoon and ate it, sighing, "I think you will enjoy it in the village."

After eating the ice drink, Jing Lin began to study the array. This time he studied the hurricane array and the pouring rain array in the natural array. In such a big sun, crops will not be sunned to death, but will also be killed by drought. It is also good to arrange the two arrays so that the next rain in the village can be relieved by blowing air.

After the battle array was completed, the scene was arranged at the last moment. I don't know how much the rain will reach. The hurricane was barely at the bottom, certainly not lower than level 10, but I wasn't sure, so I first experimented in cabbage fields.

The hurricane array that Jing Lin arranged first has been tried twice. Jing Lin successfully arranged the array. Ten percent of the array started to blow strong winds in the cabbage field. Almost instantaneously, all the cabbage in the field were followed up and rotated violently with the wind in the array.

Jing Lin hurriedly removed the array, and the Chinese cabbage over the array fell to the ground with a crackling sound. The leaves were everywhere, not a single one was complete. It can be seen that the hurricane array is useless to the village, and the crops in this field are not wanted.

Jing Lin continued to arrange the downpour array. The array was set at 10%, and the downpour fell from the sky, which was similar to the summer rainstorm. Jing Lin calculated it. In this way, the field could be completely wet for most of the night, and the big sun in the future would not be afraid.

The array was removed. Jing Lin and Yan Fei slept very late this evening. It was already midnight after the two men finished arranging the array in the dark. Ten percent of the array, two people are also in the array. Fortunately, they brought their umbrellas with them in advance so as not to be soaked in water. They walked home on the muddy ground and slept for several hours. They had to remove the array before dawn.

The rain has made the villagers feel much better. The temperature has dropped so that they can fall asleep. Apart from that, more than half of their worries about the fields have been removed. It has seldom rained in this place since it became abnormal last year. From last year to now, it has only rained four or five times. It is really rare for them.

Before daybreak, Jing Lin removed the array. When he came back, Yan Fei had already made breakfast while the weather was cool. Jing Lin was not busy eating either. He lost all the duck rations last night. Now Jing Lin quickly replanted it.

After the busy work, the sky was completely bright, and the temperature slowly increased again. Jing Lin didn't go anywhere in their home.

Just stay at home for a few days, the temperature has been eerily maintained at such a high level, everyone said it is estimated that it will not fall until autumn. Big guys grow vegetables and pick vegetables, they all get up early or just before dark before they dare to go out. After a rain, the fields in the village were blessed by a gathering of spirits. When the temperature was too high, they rolled up their leaves, and at other times they looked like they were thriving.

Soon, the wheat in the village began to ear out, and the rape all blossomed. The green one, the yellow one, and the view of the farmhouse were very beautiful.

Zhou Yu gave Jing Lin a lot of wax gourd and pumpkin seedlings, which were all cultivated by mutant seeds. Because the vines of these two plants are very strong, the meat is delicious, and the seeds inside are even more delicious, Zhou Yu left many seeds last year. This year, all of them have sprouted, and many have been sent to Jing Lin and Yan's family. Perhaps it was a mutation. The sudden warming of the weather has no influence on these two plants, but it can be planted directly and safely.

The author has something to say: Xiao ya's story is true . . . what happened here is that he and my mother are of the same generation.

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