Lele gave a loud cry and was so surprised that the two people who had been held together in the living room separated instantly. Then Jing Lin and Yan Lu heard the sound of slippers kicking and stepping in the room. Lele was about to come out.

This kind of feeling like cheating embarrassed the two, and in distress situation.

Before Lele opened the door, Yan Fei gave Jing Lin another quick kiss before releasing him. his eyes lingered on each other's red, swollen and moist lips, regretting: "it seems that it is no good trying to fool hooligans at present."

As long as Jing Lin didn't sleep separately from Lele for one day, the two of them don't want to finish the matter.

With a click, the door was opened. Lele leaned out of his pyjamas with a small head. duck duck above him also stretched out his head. the two looked at the two adults standing in the living room doubtfully together. "uncle, why don't you come in?"

Generally speaking, unless Lele fell asleep while listening to the story, otherwise, when Lele entered the room, Jing Lin would enter immediately, so when he saw Jing Lin there was no movement, Lele, who could not stay in bed alone, got up.

"Ga?" The duck curled its head. Yes, why don't you come in? People are still waiting for you to practice.

"ahem." Jing Linqing coughed, "My uncle just had something to discuss with my non-uncle, so I was a little late."

"Is that all discussed?"Lele said that he was still upright and would come out of the room to accompany him if Jing Lin said he did not have him.

Lele's innocent eyes embarrassed Jing Lin. He said uneasily, "Well, we've already discussed it." Then he turned around and smiled at Yan Fei. "Then I'll go first."

"Good night." Yan Fei said, then looked at the two by the door: "Good night to you too."

"Not my uncle. Good night."


After entering the room, Jing Lin watched Lele crawl into bed and drill into the bed. Tonight, he did not have the mind to practice either. He sat beside Lele and hugged Lele, who was drilling into his arms.

Jing Lin called him: "Lele?"

"hmm?" Lele, who was ready to sleep, opened her eyes, blinked and looked up at her uncle.

Jing Lin asked him, "Lele, do you know about falling in love?"

Lele said, "I know! Uncle Zhiwen is in love with Aunt Lulu, isn't it?"

Jing Lin had a black line. He was ready to explain it to Lele. Unexpectedly, Lele knew about Zhao Zhiwen and Zhao Zhiwen. "Where did you know that?"

"Listen to grandma said. Grandma said they would get married when their love affair was over."

Well, when Jing Lin has something to do, Lele follows Zhou Yu. It is normal to hear from her.

Jing Lin said, "will you not be happy that your uncle will fall in love with your non-uncle?"

"ah?" Lele surprised, suddenly sat up from the bed, stare big eyes looked at Jing Lin, "that you want to get married? We will have a baby when we get married. After we have a baby, will you continue to be happy?"

In the scene to continue with black line. He touched Lele's head, soothed his momentary worries and explained to him clearly: "We are both men and can't give birth to a baby. The baby in the family will only have Lele and will only be good to Lele."

"Ga?" Duck probe.

Jing Lin touched his head: "Well, you are also a baby and will be good to you."

Hearing this, Lele and duck were relieved.

Lele asked again, "will that not be my uncle's good to you?"

Lele usually follows Zhou Yu and listens to a lot of gossip. He knows that many people will get married after they fall in love. Marriage means that they will be a family after they get married. Some people will beat their wives when they get married. Although both uncles are male, he does not know who is the wife for the time being, and although he also likes non-uncles, non-uncles are taller than his uncles. In case of later fights, uncles will suffer. Of course, his heart is biased towards his own uncle, so he felt that he must ask clearly, if not uncle is not good to his uncle, don't they two fall in love.

Jing Lin rubbed his soft hair and unconsciously brought a pleasant smile on his lips."He will be very kind to my uncle in the future."

Hearing this, Lele said, "If that's the case, then you two will fall in love."

"But, don't you feel strange that my uncle and he are both men?"

Lele was at a loss: "Can't two men fall in love?"

Jing Lin laughed. He looked at the door and said, "Of course, as long as you like."

"Is there any problem?"

So Jing Lin shook his head: "No." He thought Lele was still young, and he could only explain the affair of two men falling in love to him when he was a little older.

Lights out and goes to bed. In the dark Lele suddenly looks up and asks Jing Lin, "Uncle, do I have to change my name to Uncle and Aunt?"

"er . . . if he doesn't mind, he can do it," Jing Lin said.

"oh." Lele went to bed at ease, ready to ask tomorrow.

Next door, Yan Fei, who listened to the conversation between the two people with his divine knowledge, sobbed helplessly at the corners of his mouth. Well, if Lele is willing to accept his "aunt", the called person will have a piece of meat, which is completely OK.

So the next morning, Yan Fei, who taught Lele to practise martial arts, felt today's Lele wasn't paying attention, and from time to time he glanced at him with strange eyes.


Yan Fei was about to ask him to stop. If he had any questions, he said, he heard Lele give him such a tentative call off guard.

"Mmm." Yan Fei responded naturally.

The scene in the kitchen making breakfast with a ladle couldn't help laughing aloud.

Yan Fei looked at him with a serious face. Lele looked blankly at his uncle who was laughing, wondering what he was laughing at.

Jing Lin finally stopped laughing, patted Yan Fei on the shoulder to comfort him, then lowered himself to Lele and said, "Lele, you'd better continue to call him non-uncle. he is a man and his aunt is very strange."

In Lele's little head, the family is made up of a man and a woman and a baby or two babies. The man's name is father and the woman's name is mother. He has never seen a combination of two men and a baby. He thinks a father and a mother can't work with his uncle, so he scratched his head and said, "I feel strange too."

Finally, I said that I would call it what I used to call it and what I will call it later.

In this way, the love affair between the two people is a clear path here in Lele. As for the others, Zhao knows nothing about their affair, and Yan's family does not know that he has confirmed the love relationship.

Yan's side to say, Zhao's side, have to find a time to talk well, after all, Zhao's wife is a very traditional person, male and male love this thing, it is estimated that two people haven't heard, as for Zhao Zhiwen, estimates that also didn't think the best buddy will find a man to live in the end.

After that, Jing Lin did not have any spare time. They all went to the rape field. Some rape bloomed too early, which would affect the yield of rape seeds. At this time, it was necessary to artificially "castrate" it. The tender stems that had sprouted could be removed, allowing it to continue to grow normally. The picked rape moss was also a delicious food and could be preserved as pickles.

March 27th, February 19th of the lunar calendar, is Lele's 6th birthday.

Jing Lin drew a circle of the day on the collected calendar very early. Zhou Yu and his wife also remembered Lele's birthday and asked him a few days ago. Jing Lin said that the three families had a meal at his house and should celebrate Lele's birthday.

On the 27th, after breakfast, Jing Lin and Yan Fei went to the bamboo forest in the village with a hoe and basket, ready to dig out some bamboo shoots. Winter bamboo shoots are difficult to dig, and bamboo shoots are springing up from the ground at this time of year. Therefore, it is easier to dig without looking for them. It is only necessary to distinguish good bamboo shoots from bad ones and selectively dig them. It is impossible to dig bamboo shoots that grow at the right time. This will easily affect the replacement of the old and the new and will have an impact on the growth of bamboo forests in the future. Moreover, when digging, it is best to dig the kind that only shows a sharp corner. Yan Fei had no experience in this, but Jing Lin did. He followed his grandfather to dig many times when he was a child.

The bamboo forests in the village are all planned and can't be dug from other people's territory, only from one's own home. However, if the bamboo shoots found are not in the bamboo forests of any family, they can be dug.

There are traces of digging and refilling in the bamboo forest nearby. It seems that they are not the only people in the village who come to dig bamboo shoots.

Yan Fei's family also has bamboo forests, but he hasn't come back for so many years. He has been hacked and reused by others in the village before. Now that his family has come back, no one has come to hack his family again. Therefore, there are three places where the two of them can dig today.

The two dug up more than half of the basket and stripped the bamboo shoots they needed today directly in the bamboo forest. The rest were taken back to prepare for each family to share some. Before returning home, the two also went to the big mullet and went to it to ask for some fish.

From a distance, the big black-bone fish smelled the familiar smell of the two men. it said, "you came at the right time. I am worried about how to say to you that I will close the door, and it will take at least three months to wake up."

Jing Lin could not help but ask: "Do you have any influence on our village when you close the door?"

"There must be some influence." Big mullet said, "In case there is any dangerous intelligent creature near your village, if there is no threat to me, then I may not wake up and have to rely on your own prevention."

"Then I know." After all, Jing Lin has little hope of keeping the big mullet in the village. Now the effect of the retreat is similar to what he expected, so he didn't feel how sudden it was. Only then the village's prevention will be strengthened even more.

After the big black-bone fish had finished his work, when he heard that Jing Lin was here again to beg for fish, he suddenly grunted angrily: "Nothing goes on the Three Treasures Hall. Apart from asking me for fish, can you think of me at other times?"

He said this as if he were a heart breaker. Jing Lin said helplessly, "if you don't say so, don't you get close to your territory if you have nothing to do?"

The big mullet whined and let Jing Lin know at once that this is a guy who is full of duplicity. He said not to come, but actually he has been expecting him to come. At the thought of this, Jing Lin felt a little guilty. The big black-bone fish would be lonely if it stayed in this fish pond all day.

With this conversation, Jing Lin thought that he would come to talk to it every few days when it was not closed.

Carrying fish back home, Zhao family has come over, all in the kitchen, Zhou Yuzheng frozen pheasant hare meat into pieces, Zhao Chenghuai beside peeling peas, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu went to pick rape moss, everyone helped to get food, noon scene in the kitchen.

"Ah Lin, your walnut this year may bear fruit." Zhou Yudao.

The few walnut trees that nearly covered Jing Lin's backyard now have green leaves and are full of flowers. Because the walnut flowers are one by one and hang there like caterpillars, Lele does not call them caterpillar flowers, but caterpillar flowers, the world of children. He believes that what it is is, just as he does not believe ducks are geese.

"The fruit trees in the village this year should all bear normal fruit." Zhao Chenghuai spoke.

Most people in the village plant a few fruit trees in front of and behind their houses, like the cherry, plum and peach trees planted by some people in the village. If it were in previous years, it would have blossomed now, but this year it is still just budding. However, it is also fast to watch. I believe that with a few more big suns, these fruit trees will all enter the blooming period and the scenery in the village will be more beautiful.

Everyone chatted. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu came back in a short time. Yan Ruifeng and Zhou Feifei also came. They also brought Lele a birthday present, which was made by the couple according to a work completion book brought back by Yan Lu these days. It was a foldable and three-dimensional paper merry-go-round.

Although it was made of paper, the merry-go-round also looked very strong and could rotate. Lele, who received the gift, was so happy that she thanked the couple and took the duck to the tea table in the living room.

Almost at lunchtime, all the dishes were on the table, including braised chicken with bamboo shoots, braised chicken with bamboo shoots, steamed fish, boiled fish, dried pot rabbit, roasted green pea meat, roasted chrysanthemum, spicy roasted rape moss, and preserved ham. Each dish was packed in two portions, filling the table. Jing Lin also steamed egg custard for Lele's birthday cake.

After the meal, everyone helped to serve the dishes and refused the help of others. Yan Fei and Jing Lin tidied up the dishes and kitchens. Jing Lin asked everyone to sit down for a while. he had something to say later.

Zhou Feifei couple did see something, two people excited at the same time also implied worried looking at beside amuse Lele Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai.

"Are you sure you want to talk about it later?" In the kitchen, Yan Fei confirmed to Jing Lin as he handed him the plate.

Last night, Jing Lin said that he would inform the Zhao family about them during today's Lele birthday. Yan Fei doesn't really agree with it. This is a good thing for the Zhao family. At first glance, they may not be able to accept it. Compared with such directness, Yan Fei is more inclined to reveal it slowly in front of them, allowing them to have a guess. After time fermentation, they will report it again and it will be easier to accept it.

Jing Lin said, "Let's talk about it today. They will know sooner or later. They are my family. I don't want to sneak around with you under their noses. It's not easy in the world now. I want to appear in front of people openly with you every day in the future."

The aboveboard first step, of course, is to obtain parents' consent and support.

In this hectic kitchen, both hands are still stained with the foam of detergent. Yan Fei's heart pounded again when Jing Lin suddenly got up with the declaration. While everyone was in the living room, Yan Fei closed the kitchen door and pressed Jing Lin on the door panel, which was a fierce kiss.

Jing Lin also responded warmly, climbing Yan Fei's shoulder and letting him open his teeth to invade and mop up. The two men were tightly stuck together. With the deepening of the hot kiss, they both rubbed each other's bodies unsatisfied, temporarily relieving the burning desire in the body but unable to be satisfied.

For a long time, until they were almost unable to breathe, they finally let go of each other and hugged each other quietly for a while before continuing the unfinished work, and then went out of the kitchen like the rest.

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