This is not the first time that Yan Lu has seen Jing Lin in such a shady way. After Jing Lin was embarrassed, he soon calmed down and gave Yan Lu a sidelong glance: "Are you a hooligan?"

He is also a man, ok, to like people play rascal-scene in although haven't played, he felt it is just like that, once born, twice cooked . . .

Hearing this, Yan Fei couldn't help laughing: "well, I'm waiting for you to play rascal with me."

Almost everyone took the condom. Some people saw that Jing Lin did not move and teased him if he was embarrassed. Cao Sanye even stuffed a box into his hand, leaving Jing Lin speechless. It was also necessary to get some food for the change, but he did not return it.

Almost everything on the list can be found here, except for some medicines. Zhao Shaogan, a doctor, followed in. Under his guidance, everyone basically changed some. The quantity was not large, because it was too expensive.

After they had collected almost everything, the seeds they needed were brought along. knife elder brother was standing by with a mechanical scale.

The packing of seeds is quite miscellaneous. There are several kilos in small bags, and there are also dozens of kilos in bags and in bulk. Jing Lin they all tend to change into small bags. After checking the bags and seeing that the bags are not unpacked, they are all weighed.

Then everyone took the goods to the entrance of the base and weighed the grain brought by Jing Lin on the same scale. Because there is no electronic computer, need people to convert, knife elder brother there are a few college students, scene in their side is he and Yan Fei, the rest of the people also silently counting in my heart.

After confirming that the exchanged seeds and grain weights are correct, the exchange quantity of other items will continue to be calculated.

After more than an hour's busy work, the two parties paid for each other's goods and the transaction ended smoothly.

The seeds were all exchanged in a unified way. Jing Lin borrowed the scales of the base, divided the village and Cao Sanye, as well as Long Zhang and his son and Xie Jia's village, and took their own things back.

After returning to their village, Jing Lin went to Zhao Zhiwen's house. Zhao Zhiwen is connected to Ma Mingliang's house, and the space is more spacious. The main reason is that Zhao Zhiwen's house in the village has a mechanical scale, which is much easier to weigh.

The seeds were unloaded in the front yard of Zhao Zhiwen's house. Ma Renshan sat beside the scale with the registration list of grain and seeds, reciting the name of a family. Next to him, several younger generations carried the corresponding amount of seeds exchanged by his family onto the scale. After checking, they signed and took them away.

As for other exchange items, they are collected in the courtyard of Ma Mingliang's home, and the person who entered the base before them is responsible for them.

As the only family member in the village, Zeng Jian'er, she changed seeds this time. everyone saw that she was a single old man and could not participate. Ma Chunzheng came to tell her yesterday evening. he took the food she handed in and helped her to change some seeds. he also came to receive it at the moment.

After losing her son, she is more independent. She used to take the initiative to talk with the sisters in the village. Now she is told that she usually does not go out. Like at the moment, she is only standing on one side and does not participate in the discussions of the people around her.

At the sight of Zeng Shener, Jing Lin's strange feeling came again, which made him frequently sweep in the direction of Zeng Shener with god's knowledge, but somehow he was discovered by Zeng Shener. When he swept again, Jing Lin could only embarrassedly stop this move. However, he was even more curious. To know his divine knowledge, apart from Yan Feiyan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen, no one else in the village could sense its existence. How did Zeng Jian'er, a thin old man who looked ordinary, find it?

Don't aunts have any hidden skills? In short, there is something odd.

By the time the villagers had collected their belongings and dispersed, it was well past lunch time. Although they felt hungry, they felt relieved. This time they went out to exchange, they basically exchanged for the necessities. Although there were not many, they could also keep the villagers going for a while.

Yan Fei returned to his home for lunch, while Jing Lin stayed at Zhao Zhiwen's home to settle his lunch before returning.

When eating, Zhao Zhiwen said that he was fine in the afternoon and wanted to enter the mountain. Jing Lin also had this meaning, because there was no meat in the house. So he divided into two groups after the meal. Jing Lin went home to put things in. Zhao Zhiwen went to Yan's house to inform the brother and sister.

Jing Lin had just returned to the backyard when he saw several ripe tomatoes falling from the tomato field. He happily went up and picked up all the fruits and counted them. This time, six were ripe at one time, and a dozen were still hanging on the tomato tree. The time of fruit hanging was about the same. It was estimated that they would be ripe in a few days.

Put the tomatoes on the tea table and prepare to eat in front of the mountain later.

Jing Lin unloaded half of the seeds in the car, and the other three came over and all came to help. After that, everyone sat on the sofa to rest. Jing Lin took out a kitchen knife and a plate. After washing the tomatoes, he scratched them on the plate, each into four pieces.

Yan Lu saw the red tomatoes on the tea table at first sight after entering the room. The last time she heard his brother describe the taste of mutant tomatoes, she had been reading them, and she had missed the taste of ice cream for a long time. After Jing Lin drew a sign to eat, she reached for a small flap.

Before I could eat it in my mouth, the fragrance of fruits with air-conditioning came to my nostrils. The flesh was cold, soft, fragrant, sour and sweet. If only in this way, it is just ordinary fruit that can be eaten as ice cream, but the pulp still carries aura. Yan Lu feels warm and comfortable after eating one mouthful, and feels more energetic after eating.

Other people feel the same as Yan Lu, everyone has a fruit quantity, everyone sat on the sofa without saying a word, and soon ate up their own share, rubbing their stomachs one after another still wanting more.

They ate four of the six fruits, and the remaining two were just one for joy and duck, one for Quack and one for parents.

If you still want to eat, you have to wait for the next wave of fruit to mature.

Everyone sat on the sofa for a while, then Jing Lin picked up his home self-defense tools and four people entered the mountain.

Other people from the village also entered the mountain. Vegetables and fruits were nothing. The last time they came back from the scene, they beat a leopard, which made many people greedy. When they were free, many people got up the nerve and started to run into the mountain.

Li Feiyu just followed his family to dig out the broken ears. When he saw the scene approaching them, he immediately had the cheek to smile happily.

They didn't say anything in Jing Lin. Last time, Li Feiyu gave him a small bag of stones, which he used a lot. It's nothing to take him to hit some prey. It's all villagers. Help each other.

When they entered the mountain, they took Li Feiyu along the route before. A few people stopped at the small lake. Then they lay in ambush in the weeds for more than three hours. Every time a flock of birds appeared, they could always lay down a few, and pheasants and hares. The harvest was not small in the afternoon.

Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen's prey were all killed by them at one fell swoop. After returning, they must deal with all of them. Now the heat is getting more and more unbearable. Jing Lin discovered the new function of the ice array and arranged the ice array for both families. Zhao Zhiwen's family has a refrigerator, but Yan Fei's family does not have it. He arranged it directly in a storage box.

Yan Lu was extremely happy. With this array of ice, she can make her own popsicle if she wants to eat ice.

After leaving Yan's home, Jing Lin had just arrived home when Zhao Zhiwen brought a handful of noodles rolled out by Zhou Yu, which was enough for them to eat for three nights. Now they have to eat noodles themselves, which is too much trouble to make, so now Jing Lin seldom eats noodles and usually rice at night.

The chrysanthemum in the vegetable field is about to blossom. Jing Lin and Yan Fei picked a handful of food they could eat before they began to deal with the game they had returned today.

Yan Fei said: "I'll bleed the prey, you boil the water." Hot water is needed to depilate pheasants and wild birds, which is easier and cleaner than bloodletting. Yan Fei let Jing Lin go directly.

If the prey is not bled before being killed, it will affect the taste of the meat, which is very fishy and not delicious, so this step is necessary. He and Jing Lin hit back the prey, because the technique is accurate, the strength is moderate, basically just knocked the animal dizzy, halfway back awake, Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen not line, two human way is very big, a stone is a hole in the past, bloodletting this step is done in advance.

Jing Lin also went to help after burning the water. After pulling out all the hairs that needed to be plucked, they took the straw matches and went out of the back yard fence door to burn the place where the torches had not been pulled out. Then they began to dispose of the internal organs, leaving everything that could be eaten behind. After cleaning, they took out some of the pickles and fried the noodles to eat later.

The pheasants and wild birds were disposed of, and the four rabbits were also disposed of. All of them were put into the refrigerator and quickly frozen.

At this time, it was almost dark. Jing Lin lit the lamp, and firewood was in the stove. He washed chrysanthemum nearby. Yan Fei put on an apron, fried the entrails under Jing Lin's guidance, and then boiled the noodles again.

Lele should already be hungry, biting the raspberry fruit specially left for him by the prospect Lin, and wandering around in the kitchen with duck, looking at the scene Lin for a while, looking at the pot for a while, or smiling at Yan Fei, and by the way, Doby duck.

Yan Fei took a piece of newly-filled viscera with chopsticks, blew it cold, and fed it to Jing Lin's mouth: "try it and see how my craft is?"Yan Fei used to cook instant noodles and frozen food himself at most. When he came here, his father basically cooked for him and his mother helped him. When he came to Jing Lin, he cooked dishes because he was good at cooking. He washed dishes and he really didn't cook much.

Jing Lin opened his mouth to eat, chewed twice and then gave him a thumbs-up sign."Not bad, just a little more salt."

Yan Fei tasted it himself and found it was a bit salty, but if you eat noodles with noodles, you can lighten the taste of noodles and it should be ok.

Yan Fei said, "When I practice more, you can eat my fried dishes every day when you are free."

"Then I'll wait."

As usual, a pan cooks noodles and a pan burns water. After eating, Yan Lu washes the dishes, Jing Lin bathes Lele, then Yan Lu washes again, and finally Jing Lin burns his own bath water. A pot of hot water can only be washed by two people.

Although I brought back a lot of books yesterday, I still want to hear Yan Fei's bedtime story every night. After listening, Lele took the duck to sleep with satisfaction after peeing before going to bed. Jing Lin was also going to return to her room, but Yan Fei held her back.

After watching Yan Fei wait for Lele to enter the room, he gently closed the door and then turned to look at him. his eyes lit up under the dim oil lamp.

Jing Lin looked at him puzzled: "What's the matter?"

Yan Lu near scene in, almost with him, let scene in the subconscious hind legs, and then immediately be Yan Lu took waist, let two people's body completely stick together.

Yan Fei whispered: "I am still waiting for you to play rascal with me."

Hearing this, the scene in the immediately heart, but also embarrassed. Remembering what he said during the day and looking at Yan Fei's expectation, the two men quietly stared for a moment, feeling the atmosphere was ambiguous and sticky.

Scene in the bent lips, at the moment of Yan Lu bowed their heads, also meet up . . .

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