When Jing Lin returned to the village, it was getting dark. Before returning to their homes, Yan Fei said to them, "I don't mind if you exchange meat, rice or coarse grain, but vegetables, even if they are dried, don't show the varieties."

The normal growth of crops is the biggest secret in their village now. Every family in their village has saved at least tens of catties of dried vegetables. Because the village is not short of food now, it is hard for everyone to exchange food for dried vegetables. Yan Fei has to remind everyone seriously.

In the future, the dried vegetables sent by Ma Mingliang couple to the 2nd team are basically dried turnips, weighing several kilos at a time. The external explanation is that they were saved last spring. Because of the lack of delivery, it can be fooled, but if everyone took dried vegetables for this food change, it would be easy to find something wrong.

"You must rest assured that this will bring disaster to the village. We are not so stupid and will never say anything."

"Yes, if anyone talks about it, then don't blame everyone for ignoring years of friendship."

There were even people who said, "The fish in Zhiwen's fishpond have been hungry for a long time."

The thought of those ferocious mules who saw human blood in the fishpond made everyone's back cool.

At last, many people came home with a chill.

Yan Fei didn't go back with Jing Lin. He went back to his home first and helped to prepare the things to be prepared tomorrow. Then he went back to Jing Lin's home with the cart book. While Jing Lin waited for a while at Zhao Zhiwen's roadside. After Zhao Zhiwen returned to bring Lele, he didn't go home.

When Yan Fei entered the door, Jing Lin had already unloaded the book and was taking out the relatively large scale at home. he looked at Yan Fei entering the door and said, "it's just right to be back. later, help me carry out the weighing of corn and wheat in the warehouse."

Jing Lin's house has a total of more than 7 mu of land. After the summer harvest, he plans to leave 3 mu to grow rice. The others will grow peanuts, corn and soybeans, while the vegetable plot will not move. This time to change seeds, rice, like most people in the village, he does not plan to change all conventional rice seeds. He only plans to change a dozen catties to come back and plant seeds for the coming year, while the rest will change hybrid rice seeds. This will not only ensure the harvest of grain in the autumn, but also ensure that the planting in the coming year will not worry about the source of seeds.

There are also corn seeds, and they are not prepared to change the corn seeds that can be retained. The yield is not high. Therefore, he needs to change more. An acre of land must have at least 5 catties of corn seeds. And the exchange price is also written on the white brand. It is estimated that it is only divided into seeds like rice seeds, so the price is the same as that of conventional rice seeds.

Peanuts and soybeans don't need to be changed. People in the village have been keeping them for a long time. Zhao Zhiwen's family didn't grow peanuts last year, and soybeans only grew a little bit. However, some people in the village grow a lot, so they can change them when the time comes.

Hearing Jing Lin's call, Yan Fei had no time to unload his books and went to help Jing Lin carry out the wheat and corn. Zhao Chenghuai gave Jing Lin's house 500 catties of wheat when he came back before. He did not move at all. After the corn harvest, he also gave him 200 catties and did not move after pulling back.

Jing Lin plans to unfreeze the nearly 20 kg of meat left in the refrigerator and exchange it for seeds. The reason why they are so willing to part with or use it is because they are close to the mountain and want to eat meat. A trip to the mountain is fine. This 20 kg of meat can be exchanged for 10 kg of conventional rice, then 120 kg of wheat for hybrid rice and 120 kg of corn for corn seeds. Another 80 catties of corn and 20 catties of wheat were weighed to make up 100 catties for other things.

So many things, tomorrow have to use Yan Lu family carriage to share, but also to go to one more person.

The two men were busy for more than half an hour. After confirming that the quantity was no problem, they loaded the things onto the truck body and pulled them away tomorrow.

When considering what to eat in the evening, Yan Lu came with a curtain of dumplings, saying that Zhou Feifei had made them, so that they could taste her craft.

Yan Fei smiled at Jing Lin and said, "You have a good luck to eat. My mother can't do anything else in the kitchen, but dumplings are the best." Of course, what he didn't say was that the preparation work before making dumplings, such as dough rolling and stuffing mixing, was his father's job, and his mother could just get started.

After Yan Lu left, Yan Fei went to the kitchen to work. Jing Lin picked the cabbage and onion, and after washing the dumplings, they were already in the pot.

The dumpling stuffing is leopard meat. The fragrance floated out after a short time, and there was a slight fluctuation of aura. Originally, the dumpling stuffing was not very hungry, and the greedy person suddenly ran out after smelling the flavor. Lele, who was very happy because Jing Lin had brought back a cart of books, was reading a picture book and duck on the sofa. After smelling the fragrance, they stopped reading the books and ran into the kitchen.

Jing Lin's stove is relatively high. Lele still misses her feet when she wants to look into the pot, while the duck beside her is half a head higher than the stove easily, which makes Lele envious. He poked and prodded the duck, motioned the duck to squat down a little shorter, then climbed up the duck's back and held its slender neck to look into the pot.

Yan Fei fanned the two men's faces with the fragrant wind with his hands, and then he saw two expressions showing enjoyment, which provoked him and Jing Lin to laugh.

Jing Lin also set up firewood in another pan that used to burn bath water. He looked up at the two staring at the dumplings by the stove without blinking. He knocked on the duck's head: "There are not many dumplings. I can only give you two a taste and some soup."

"Ga." Duck said it doesn't matter, Chinese cabbage is also delicious, and it is also good to eat that.

In the evening, Jing Lin sat on the bed to practice. Since the duck's claws were too sharp, Jing Lin did not have so many sheets destroyed by it, so the duck had been squatting on the bed for a long time while Jing Lin was practicing.

Jing Lin's mental skill has been trained to the third level of Gankun. After entering Gankun, he not only has a sharp ear and a clear eye, but also has an increased sense of god. The meridians in the body are wider and wider. The aura that used to wander along the meridians was initially as small as hair, and now it is as small as iron wire. Moreover, the daily constant reiki erosion has made his body more harmonious. Although his explosive force is not as good as Zhao Zhiwen and even worse than Yan Lu, none of them can capture the movement of the surrounding things.

Only the later he practices, the slower the progress will be. However, the scene is not urgent. The more so, the more he expects what will happen to his body when he enters the final TELD Chapter.

The next morning, everyone gathered at the entrance of the village. First, they reported the names of the seeds they wanted to exchange. Ma Chunzheng wrote them down one by one on a piece of white paper. Then they checked with each other. When they saw that no one secretly took the dried vegetables out, they left the village at ease. After gathering with Cao Sanye and others, they went to the county seat.

Today, Yan Ruifeng drove the carriage with him. He did not have to use his own strength, but he was also relaxed.

Dawn base patrol or the two men, pull the food to come over to the scene in them, so wait outside for a while, then knife elder brother came out, call a person to check some of the food they brought, see there is no mixed with soil sand, etc. , just call them to want to exchange the number and seed categories, and then let the scene in the sent ten people out, follow them into the base to take things, no variation of animals.

At last Jing Lin and Yan Fei went in, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu stayed. The other eight were Cao Sanye and his two brothers. Jing Lin's village had several people who had experienced things when they fled from the outside and Long Zhang. Tang Hao with Mimi, Baby Qiu followed Long Zhang's father, Kong Lung, also stayed where they were. With these two mutant animals, some people outside the base had bad thoughts and only dared to think about them.

After entering the base, there was a small world. Like Jinhe Town, except for the roads that had to be left, all the other places were covered with mud. The lawn and flower beds in the school were all transformed into vegetable fields, and many people were busy in it.

There are four teaching buildings in Shuguang Middle School, which have been transformed into accommodation places. Clothes and bed sheets hung outside the windows can be heard from time to time.

Dawn Base is located in a teaching building on the inside. Different brands are hung in front of each classroom, such as rice noodles area, vegetable and fruit area, sauce area, liquor product area, clothing product area, etc.

Before they came in, Jing Lin always thought that they had to take everything they wanted to exchange from Shi lei. but when they entered these divisions, they found that each division had one classroom, but the goods in it were in the charge of different owners. Only after careful inquiry did I know that these people basically came here with their wealth. As long as you can guarantee to pay the basic rental fee to the base every month, you can do whatever you want with your own things.

Moreover, they put things here. The quantity of goods bought and sold is registered by a special person every day. After work, there is a special person to take care of them. In the evening, there is a special person to patrol. The base is not allowed to steal. Once anyone is found to have committed theft, the whole family will be implicated if one person makes a mistake, and all of them will be driven out of the base directly.

The one who brought them here was knife elder brother. The Scar man spoke little and didn't talk to them all the way in. As the management of the base, he didn't introduce the situation of the base. His character was very dull. He said to them, "You should first select the other things you want to exchange. I have already sent someone to prepare the seeds and come here to examine them later."

Then he took his brothers to one side and watched Jing Lin's ten free activities, but he kept an eye on them at any time. If Jing Lin made any mistake, he would rush up with weapons.

All the things we changed were quite miscellaneous. All the people who came in were men. Seeing Ma Chunzheng's list of ladies' underwear, they couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

Jing Lin changed a lot of sugar, salt and, uh, underpants. He also changed a few. It was Yan Fei. He took several boxes of condoms in front of everyone. Those who came in were basically married and occasionally needed to live a husband-and-wife life. If he was not careful, it would be difficult to handle. They all learned Xi Xi ha ha that Yan Fei took one box and two boxes.

Some people still think Yan Fei has foresight. Even if he does not have a girlfriend now, it is very good to prepare this thing first.

Yan Fei smiled, thinking that I have no girlfriend but I have a boyfriend.

However, when the scene was approaching, the tip of my ear suddenly turned crimson and my face burned up.

Taking advantage of people's inattention, Yan Fei approached Jing Lin and whispered with a smile: "We will definitely need this for our future life."

Jing Lin glared at him.

Yan Fei touched his nose: "If you stare at me like this again, be careful that I go back to play rascal at night."

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