The experimental middle school, renamed Shuguang Base, has lost the electronic retractable door at the entrance and the guard room. The walls on both sides have been blocked, leaving only one gate in the middle. The wall should be relatively wide because there is a patrol person standing on each side of the wall.

Seeing Jing Lin's presence of so many of them, the two men were immediately alarmed.


Yan Fei stepped forward and answered, "We are villagers nearby. I heard there is a small base here. I came here specially to ask if there are any seeds in your base that can be exchanged."

One of them answered, "Please wait a minute." Then he told another person to watch this group of people and turned himself down from the wall.

During the ten-odd minutes they waited in Jing Lin, they met a group of people who went out to return to the base. These people either pushed or picked them up and brought back a lot of mud. All of them were sweating and exhausted. When they saw Jing Lin, most of them looked at them in silence with hostility in their eyes. Only two or three of them were purely curious.

"Are these people also coming to Lord Shi?"

"No, they look much better than us."

"Look at the back, two mutant cats. Who are they? They look great."

"Judging by their good looks, they are definitely better off than us." Some people admire the echo.

About 20 people came back, besides those with mud, there were several responsible for defense. The rest of the patrol saw that the foundation had come back and quickly opened the gate to let them in. When the others entered, the defense was at the back to guard against the sight of them.


The door closed again.

After waiting for a few more minutes, the man who had left before finally came back. Along with him, there were several tall and strong men, one of whom had a scar on his chin. Jing Lin heard the man call him "knife elder brother".

There was no expression on knife elder brother's face, because the scar looked a little fierce and his eyes were a little cold. But when he saw Mimi standing in the crowd and the three-flower cat tied up and thrown in the car bucket, knife elder brother's eyes narrowed. He stood on the high ground and looked at Jing Lin and asked, "Are you changing seeds? For what seed?"

Yan Fei said: "Rice seeds and corn seeds, does rice have regular rice?"

If it can be changed, some people in the village certainly hope to change conventional rice. Although the yield of conventional rice is lower than that of hybrid rice, the annual output has been increasing over the past few years. The most important thing is that conventional rice can be retained for cultivation, so that seeds need not be worried about in the future.

Hearing this, knife elder brother said: "Conventional rice is exchanged for 2 kg of meat, vegetables for 3 kg, rice for 5 kg, coarse grains for 8 kg, and hybrid rice for more than half."

In the past, conventional rice was cheaper than hybrid rice, but now it is the other way round.

Jing Lin asked the old farmer in the village before they came. Two catties of hybrid rice per mu was enough, but conventional rice had poor tillering, and it used nearly ten catties per mu. People who originally wanted to change conventional rice all hesitated at the number. Every household in the village has no less than 5 mu of land, so it's too painful to have to hand over so much at once, since it has to cost at least 200 kg in exchange for grain.

Of course, not everyone in the village wants to switch to conventional rice either. There was a period of time before when they stopped growing, which left a shadow in their hearts. The yield of conventional rice was not as good as that of hybrid rice. They were afraid that if they continued to reduce production like last year's autumn harvest, they would really have to stop. Therefore, less than half of the people are willing to switch to conventional rice, while the others all want to switch back to hybrid rice once and for all.

Yan Fei asked again, "I don't know what else in your base can be exchanged?"

Then he saw a subordinate beside knife elder brother, hanging down a piece of white wooden board from above. All the people walked over and looked up. They saw a lot of things listed on it, ranging from furniture to spoons. They were closely arranged according to the amount of exchange.

Ma Chunjian needs baby milk powder and diapers, etc. These are all available. The price is good, but it is not very expensive. There are also sanitary napkins for toilet paper women.

It seems that Shi Lei moved all his supermarkets here.

They all found what they wanted. Finally, they estimated that it would not be enough time to run back and forth again today. So they said to Brother Dao that they would bring things to exchange tomorrow.

The people who left Dawn Base, looking at the early night, were unwilling to lie down here and get nothing, and then wandered around in a safer place around the county seat. However, they walked several streets in a row. Wherever they could go, people from other parts of the county could naturally go. The shops selling food were not mentioned. They were all ransacked. Only a few lucky people found something to eat and others could only watch. And the clothes shops and shoe shops that passed by were littered with only a few plastic models with broken arms and legs, leaving nothing behind.

People who come here to collect materials should be plucked from the wild goose.

As they continued to walk down the street, some people did not want to go, saying, "let's go home. we've been wandering around for most of the day. we haven't got any hair."

"I remember that all the shops in the street ahead sell mobile phones."

Ma Chunzheng said: "There is another bookstore, I remember. It is quite large. Last spring, Shin Shin and I bought Shin Shin fairy tale books once."

Because of overgrown weeds, many buildings have been destroyed. Their appearance is very different from before. Many people work outside all the year round. They are not very familiar with some road buildings in the county seat. Without the directions of the road signs, many people cannot tell which is which.

Hearing the book, several people's eyes lit up.

"Go for a walk, let's go and have a look. It's also good to be able to move some books back. We were bored to death last winter without watching TV."

"Who is not?"

"Don't be too happy, look at the miserable situation of those shops before. I guess there is nothing left in this bookstore. People can wipe their bottoms after moving back to see it."

In fact, they finally got lucky today. Apart from being damaged by plants, the bookstore was full of books.

After Li Feiyu entered the bookstore, he picked up a book that had been unpacked because it had been opened in the air for most of the year and had a slightly broken cover. When he turned over the book, he found that it was actually a real novel. He was immediately happy and had some pastime to pass the time. As a result, before he could see a few eyes, he suddenly felt something crawling over his instep. He immediately jumped aside with a loud cry.

"What the hell is that?"

The words sound just fell, he saw a palm-sized brown beetle ran out from under the bookcase, and then was next to Mimi a paw press, immediately was shot.

"There is more!" Zhao Shaogan, who was right next to Li Feiyu, was also yelling. He smashed the book according to the beetle. However, he missed the target, but this one was still shot dead by Mimi.

One after another, more than a dozen of them ran out from under the bookcase one after another. Several of them died under Mimi's paw. The rest were killed on the floor by Jing Lin and Yan Fei with stones. The others also started work, but just like Zhao Shaogan, they could not do it on time. Several of them were almost climbed by beetles.

Because Mimi couldn't watch what was shot dead, everyone gathered around the sides of those killed by Jing Lin and studied for a while. Zhao Shaogan said, "This is a cockroach. It's mutated."

Yan Lu turned over one of the dead cockroaches with an axe, and saw that the cockroach had a very sharp mouthpart. If it bit her, it would definitely not be easy to feel pain, let alone whether it was poisonous.

"I said that there was nothing left in this other store, and there were so many books in this store that no one had touched them. it seems that people who wanted to search for them did not dare to come because of the cockroach."

Everyone agrees with this statement. If they hadn't had Mimi, Jing Lin and Yan Fei, these cockroaches wouldn't have been easy on them.

After waiting for a while and seeing no cockroaches running out, everyone took the trouble to continue reading books and moved what they needed to the car. Jing Lin also arrived at the bookstore, only to realize that although there is no need to go to school now, Lele's education still cannot fall behind. he moved a lot of reading materials suitable for Lele's study to the car. Yan Fei and them also helped him to move, not only for Lele, but also for the published novels, recipes and handmade books. There were so many of them that the last bookstore was not enough for all of them.

However, in this way, their village has textbooks for every grade from toddlers to high schools, and there is no shortage of college students in the village. When they return home, they have to put the teaching of children in the village on the agenda.

After moving the book, they walked the whole street again. Except for this bookstore, all the others really sell mobile phones. Although it is useless for them to hold this thing, some people still have room in the car bucket anyway, holding the idea that throwing a mobile phone can also be used as a hidden weapons. They can take as much as they can without taking it for nothing.

Although I didn't collect what I expected, but this is also a full load, looking at the time is about the same, down the street can already see morning glory in the middle of the street can't continue to walk, everyone is ready to go home.

On their way back, they passed through the street where Sanhua Cat was captured, and Jing Lin met a dozen people who were also riding their cars.

When they saw the captured Sanhua cat, they all stared at them with wide eyes. One of them, a chubby young man, exclaimed, "You have caught this cat."

Yan Fei asked, "Is there a problem?"

"No, no, no . . . no problem." The young man shook his hand quickly and then looked at him with admiration: "but you are so good." You know, at the beginning, anyone who came here and wanted to go deep was more or less driven by this three-flower cat, and some people died in its hands.

Because they didn't know each other, Yan Fei didn't mean to talk much. after nodding to the person who spoke to him voluntarily, Yan Fei was ready to pass by them to see how they wanted to continue walking down. he reminded the young people: "three more blocks down, we met a dozen mutant cockroaches there. if you want to go, be careful."

The kind reminder from the stranger seemed to move the young man very much. He looked at Yan Fei gratefully and said, "I know, thank you for reminding me, and be careful when you go back."

After Yan Fei's shadow was not seen, those behind the youth asked, "Zehua, are we still going down? Most of the things around here have been searched by the people at Dawn Base, and there are also cannibal cockroaches down there."

The young man named Zehua shook his head and said, "No, those people have only pulled a cart of books back. We can't find anything useful when we go. Let's go back today."

The questioner also said: "alas, where else can we find things in the county seat now? there are also places occupied by man-eating flowers. I don't know how long we can stay in the county seat."

This is an increasingly serious topic, we also don't want to mention more, corrupt mood, the man also only complain about the two sentences in the closed mouth, followed the youth left here.

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