In one corner of a street in the north of the city, suddenly there came the roar of wild animals. At a distance from there, the members of various small forces nestled in other corners of the county seat heard the sound, and they all shuddered subconsciously. This is the sound of the three-flower cat. Their memory of the sound is fresh. The sound carries with it the anger of the invasion of the territory. They silently thought, don't know which unlucky person broke in by mistake.

Some people may have seen the fighting between the two tigers on TV, but it is certainly not as shocking as being there. It was a collision between force and force, full of blood, violence, barbarism and savagery, giving people a strong visual impact.

After encountering the three-flower cat, Mimi confronted the three-flower cat for less than a minute before everyone took a defensive stance.

"Do you want us to do it?" Tang Hao, as the host, seemed confident of Mimi's fighting capacity, but Jing Lin asked. He took out a handful of stones to prepare, which had not been used up before entering the mountain.

Jing Lin several actually good, they leopard met, although the three-flower cat size is a little bigger than the leopard, but also not for fear, is that many villagers and Xie Jia village for the first time with people more afraid.

Tang Hao said: "Let's help from the side. Mimi can't be bullied by it. We'll do it when it can't beat us."

In that car, young Long Zhang was coaxing his Baby Qiu, touching its slippery head and saying, "You can't hide behind me all the time. You have so little courage. If I'm not around you in the future, aren't you easily bullied by others? Good boy, go quickly. My father and I are here to cheer you up. The best thing is that you can't beat and run back. Anyway, there are so many people here and everyone is protecting you. Don't be afraid."

Baby Qiu with a pair of Doudou eyes, now it has a bubble of tears inside, it shook its tail, meet the young encouraging eyes, and then suddenly opened its mouth and began to cry, crying while sliding into the battlefield of the two mutant cats, tears still big drop, in the eyes of the people surprised, Baby Qiu slipped in after a tail jilt, severely whipped on the back of the Sanhua cat, and then slipped to the side, continue to cry, such as Sanhua cat again entangled by Mimi, etc

The sound of the crash made everyone present feel pain for the three-flower cat.

In this way, the Mimi, who had been playing hard with the three-flower cat, had the help of Qiu Bao, who poked east and stabbed west, and the agitated three-flower cat was beaten more and more, gradually losing ground.

And Long Zhang close to coax Baby Qiu just now he heard loud and clear Yan Lu smoke corners of the mouth, such variation of animals, who dare to bully it in the future? This is not a joke.

I cried as if I had received a great injustice. It happened that I laid hands on him very hard, just like people saw cockroaches. I cried and cried that people were so afraid of this thing. I held my slippers and beat him to death several times. What does it cry about, should the one who meets it cry?

Long Zhang said, "It's just a matter of courage. Just practice more."

On the scene, Cao Sanye turned his eyes back and said admiringly, "It is good to have mutant pets. Just call them up and don't have to do it yourself."

Jing Lin and Yan Fei frowned with no trace. They did not agree with Cao Sanye's pure use of pets as thugs, but they did not say anything.

Long Zhang was also very unhappy when he heard this. he glared at Cao Sanye, who turned his back on him. seeing that the white cat was about to be subdued by Mimi, he called back Qiu Bao: "baby, come back."

"breaks down . . ."  Baby Qiu cried and ran back, also don't know it is an earthworm which so many tears, tears like a line hanging on Doudou eye wash down drip. After returning to Long Zhang's side, he wept and rubbed against Long Zhang's arms. He was terrified and in urgent need of reassurance.

It's really violent and cowardly.

Long Zhang also hugged it like a child, patting its little head. when Baby Qiu finally stopped crying, his clothes wet with tears began to drip. however, he did not knit his brows. after wringing the water, he continued to care for his Baby Qiu.

Three-flower cat was nipped in the throat by Mimi and pressed to the ground. There were many scratches on her body. After being whipped by Baby Qiu, she must have been hurt, but she could not see it under her fur. Of course Mimi was also hurt a lot, especially because she was all pure white. During the process, she rolled around on the ground. Mao Mao was dirty and dark, and looked even more flustered than Sanhua cat.

After a battle, Sanhua Cat was already exhausted. With Mimi's help, everyone tied Sanhua Cat together.

Cao Sanye has always been greedy for Tang Hao's Mimi. He immediately discussed with Tang Hao and Long Zhang and said, "How about giving me this three-flower cat? I'll exchange the goods with you." Because only the two of them contributed to subduing Sanhua cat, Cao Sanye did not ask others' opinions.

As for the others, it is a blessing not to be injured by the Sanhua cat, and the question of belonging is indeed beyond their reach.

Jing Lin disagreed: "Third Master, this Sanhua cat may have been a stray cat before. It is very wild. Even if you change it back, it will not be easy to tame."

Don't hurt yourself instead of catching your pet.

"Take your time." Cao Sanye didn't care. Now the strength of the world is the foundation of living. With the addition of Sanhua Cats, their small power will be strengthened a lot. For this reason, the Sanhua Cats will have to give it a try.

Long Zhang doesn't matter, he has Baby Qiu is enough. Although he has just called Qiu Baobao to fight, it is really for the good of Qiu Baobao. Qiu Baobao is like a family in his heart. He does not like the way Cao Sanye looks at thugs. The three-flower cat can only be subdued by Qiu Baobao and another mutant cat. Cao Sanye, an ordinary person, would not be able to taste good fruit for a while if he changed back. He thought like this, instead, he hoped Cao Sanye would change the three-flower cat back.

Then Long Zhang said, "I don't care. I'll change it if I want."

Tang Hao also said: "Then change." There are already four mutant cats in his family. Although all of them take care of their own food, they really don't have the energy to bring another one back to raise, especially if the cat has not been tamed.

As for killing this Sanhua cat and eating cat meat? People really hadn't thought that with Mimi, the cat nearby, they wouldn't be able to open it.

After Cao Sanye and his brothers carried the three-flower cat into the cart, several people went to the street where the seed store was located.

The streets were overgrown with weeds and vines, and no one came out to look at the noise of the fight between Mimi and Sanhua cat. At the moment, they entered the streets, and no one was seen poking out from the buildings on both sides. It is conceivable that all the people in this street moved away from their homes, leaving no one behind.

"Where have all these people gone?" everyone asked curiously.

Cao Sanye said, "I fled, and there are several other schools in the county seat. Most of the people who did not flee went there."

This street has traces of being searched. Also, it has been in chaos for such a long time. Forces large and small in the city must have searched all the places they can go to once. The seed store is no exception here.

I went into several stores in a row, but I didn't find any seeds in them. Even several stores selling medicine were completely ransacked.

Everyone was disappointed and afraid of returning empty-handed.

As a result, they were really afraid to come and do whatever they wanted. When they had finished wandering the street, they found only a few bags of vegetable seeds left in the haystack.

"What should I do now?"

"Very not easy to come in, the result is nothing."

Yan Fei thought for a moment and said, "The seed thing will be mentioned later. Let's go to the surrounding streets and see if we can find something else." As for the residential buildings on both sides of the street, he did not want to go up. everything in the street was ransacked, and there must have been nothing left in the house.

But after walking all the streets around, the storefront on the street was cleaner than that in the seed store, and there was really nothing left.

The morning passed and nothing was found.

They arrived too late. The territory was not searched before Sanhua cat came. The former territory of Sanhua cat was occupied by morning glory, which meant nothing.

"Let's eat first." Yan Fei suggested, "discuss it after eating."

Every time we came out, we would prepare at least three days of dry food. By noon, we would just find a place to sit and solve our lunch listlessly.

Jing Lin and Cao Sanye sat together, eating and discussing.

Jing Lin said: "Mr. San said that many people in this county are concentrated in several schools. should we go to each of those schools to ask?"

Yan Fei asked, "Which school is the nearest to here? What's the character of the leader?"

Cao Sanye took a sip of water and answered, "The nearest one is Shuguang Experimental Middle School. The leader is Shi Lei. He used to run the largest supermarket chain in the county. Although businessmen are very profitable, I have been in touch with others twice after they went through trouble. Is it not bad?"

Then they asked Cao Sanye other forces he knew from the county seat.

There are three good secondary schools in the county town, namely Dawn, Fangbei, Chengguan, a secondary school, and four primary schools that used to have good teaching quality, but these are all floating clouds now.

Cao Sanye has only been in contact with Dawn, Chengguan and vocational middle schools, and the leaders of other schools have not been in contact with them. The former is not bad, while the others are not clear. However, the county seat is so big, and Cao Sanye has been wandering in the south before, and he has come into contact with some people from other forces. As far as he is concerned, the leaders of several other schools should not be of good character.

Dawn is closest to here, so after dinner, everyone discussed it and went to Dawn Experimental Middle School to have a look.

The street where they are now is still some distance from Shuguang Middle School. It took us about half an hour to reach the gate of Shuguang Experimental Middle School.

"Dawn Base?" Looking at the place that should have been the school signboard was replaced by four square wooden signboards, everyone was a little shocked.

Cao Sanye said: "Last time I came to Shuguang Experimental Middle School, I changed to a base this time. It seems that Shi Lei is ambitious."

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