Early in the morning, they practiced kung fu with Lele. After breakfast, Jing Lin took a hoe and carried the basket to the field.

As the weather gets warmer, the weeds in the field are growing faster and more. In the past, everyone could buy some targeted herbicides to spread. Now there is no place to buy them, and only manual weeding is needed. The villagers have been busy in the field for several days after eating. However, if the livestock and poultry in the pulled-back weeds family want to eat, some of them will be left out, and the rest will basically be composted in a place in their own fields. Now there is no place to buy fertilizer, and the villagers can only find their own way to compost.

The wheat in the field has already entered the jointing stage, and will soon start booting and heading. At this time, the field needs a large amount of fertilizer. Some people need top dressing in Abel Tamata. Some people weed in the field. Some people pour manure from their own latrines into the field. The taste is indescribable. In the back view, several people dare not go out at all without covering their noses and mouths. They have the illusion of being in the manure pile when they sleep for several days.

After finishing his work in the field, it was time to make an appointment with Cao Sanye. This time 45 people went to Jing Lin village, and rice seeds should be collected when collecting materials, because after April, seedlings will almost begin to grow. All the seeds planted in the village are hybrid mid-season rice and cannot be retained. They need to buy their own seeds for breeding every year. Also, corn seeds sown after summer harvest should be prepared.

Ma Chunjian was worried before. His family Sun Lili will have a baby at the end of April. There is no milk powder in his family. Although he can drink breast milk, Sun Lili people are thin and cannot guarantee that the breast milk after childbirth will be enough for his children.

There are children to wear clothes also need to be prepared early in the future, his family's children's clothes is not worry, the village said that the newborn baby should wear old clothes, so his eldest brother and younger son was born wearing the eldest son, Ma Xinxin childhood clothes are kept, no matter Sun Lili gave birth to boys and girls, at least three years old clothes are not sorrow, but also can't always wear old clothes. There are also things like diaper rash that he wants to collect. Babies are prone to get sick if they neglect a little. This medicine should also be prepared. Besides, his family is numerous and consumes everything quickly. The household articles used in the past are almost used up, especially sanitary napkins used by women in the family. This stuff is really indispensable.

When Jing Lin asked the villagers if they would like to go out to collect materials, he was the first to stand up, which was just like sending pillows to sleep.

Many families in the village are similar to Ma Chunjian's family. Some people used less toilet paper because they ate all the food at that time. This is constipation and pain. It is also painful to run the toilet every day. There is no toilet paper. The amount of toilet paper used by many people every day is stipulated. Therefore, everyone is also very happy to participate in this trip.

A large number of people in the village were going out. Jing Lin left the ducks with Lele and them. Tang Hao took the couple's Mimi and the three kittens stayed in the village to take charge of the village's defense.

Jing Lin and Cao Sanye agreed to stay at the former fork in the road. this time he still brought out 50 brothers and the others stayed in the village.

After entering the section of Xie Jia village, I saw that villagers standing or squatting in the fields on both sides of their village were weeding in the fields. Jing Lin's huge motorcade of nearly 100 people attracted everyone's attention when it appeared. Several people threw down their hoes and ran straight at them regardless of whether they would trample the newly sprouted wheat seedlings in the field.

Zhao Zhiwen laughed: "It's their brothers again."

Who is not Xie Gu brothers.

Xie Shu and Xie Yan both looked hungry and yellow, looked malnourished and lost a lot of weight. They shouted at them and ran, while his family ran after them.

When they came near, Cao Sanye asked, "Good eyesight. How do you know it's us?"

Xie Shu gasped and smiled: "If there is such a large motorcade around here, it can only be you. I have been waiting for you for a long time." After the Spring Festival, Xie's family had eaten almost everything else in the village except the main food. They had been looking forward to seeing Jing Lin live here, so that he and his eldest brother could go out with him once and somehow find something to come back.

Zheng Xiaohong, a female doctor who worked with Zhao Anguo in the township health center, also came with her family. Her eyes swept past several of them who walked in front of the scene, staring at Yan Lu for a long time. When Yan Lu couldn't help frowning, she took it back in embarrassment.

She stared at Yan Lu, in fact, there was no malice. Compared with the people in their village, these people looked really good, especially Yan Lu, who was ruddy and white, with moist eyes, and she was very beautiful. If she stood with the girls in their village, she did not know how many streets to dump them. Before the troubled times, Zheng Xiaohong also paid great attention to her own maintenance. She used to listen to peers praising her skin as good and young. However, due to worries and toil in her life, she looked more than ten years older than before in her 30s.

Zheng Xiaohong recollected his thoughts, smiled at Zhao Shaogan, the only acquaintance inside, and then asked Jing Lin, "Can we go with you?"

"yes." Jing Lin said, "We will wait for you for five minutes and go back to pack."

And Cao Sanye set up a few people in the background and said, after Xie Gu village may bring a few people, Cao Sanye also have impression on Xie Gu several people, nature is not against it.

Smell speech, Zheng Xiaohong smiled happily, handed the hoes to the parents behind him, told them to take good care of their eight-year-old son, and then ran home with her husband, Xie Gu brothers, too, also ran back to prepare, there are several people who went to look for bricks and cement with Jing Lin before them.

Some people in the field went back one after another, but most of them were still hesitating in the same place. All the people in Jing Lin's view had a face of dishes and not many spirits in their eyes. They could only shake their heads helplessly in their hearts.

In less than five minutes, Xie's family members who wanted to go were all ready, and not everyone had tricycles, like Jing Lin and Cao Sanye's men. many of them were pushing their own carts to follow the large army. Xie Gu also has several people like this. Xie Wen used to cook a banquet for a nearby village. There are electric manpower tricycles in the family. In the Zheng Xiaohong family, grandpa used to send the children to school and pick them up. There is also a small tricycle with a small hopper. However, if you take a few more bags and stack them up, you can also hold a lot of things.

When everyone had assembled, they went on to the county seat.

On the way, I also met the young man with the mutated earthworm who had seen one side before. when he saw them, he stood at the window on the second floor and waved at them all the time. he said to himself, "master, take me one?"

Cao Sanye replied, "Keep up with me and take care of yourself."

The boy turned around and disappeared. A minute later he pushed the tricycle out of the house, followed by his father. The bucket was carrying the mutant earthworm, which was half standing with its body hiding behind the boy and looking toward this side.

The first thing they went to was a seed store that they had visited once before when they were gathering things. There were shops selling all kinds of seeds on both sides of a street, hoping to find them there.

On the bridge into the county seat, everyone found that the man-eating morning glory, which had not been seen on the bridge before, could be seen directly this time.

Yan Fei looked solemn and said, "This whole county will be its territory in the future. At this rate, it will continue to expand to the surrounding villages and towns."

But even if I know, all the people present are powerless. The ferocious man-eating morning glory has been seen before on their way to Leiming Mountain. They are all ordinary people. It is wishful thinking to destroy the morning glory.

We only hope that this morning glory will expand at a slower rate, or it will be destroyed by the god of heaven.

The seed store is on the north side of the city, still some distance away from the place where morning glory has expanded, but unfortunately, when hearing the name of the street where the store is located, Cao Sanye did not look good.

"It was easy to say that it was not within the territory of the Three-Flower Cat, but now the Altair is expanding its territory, and the Three-Flower Cat will certainly move outward. It may now be occupied by the Three-Flower Cat."

Everyone knows that cats are eccentric. They all say that cats eat mice. In fact, most of the mice caught by cats are thrown away after playing. How bad is the personality of the three-flower cat? Jing Lin learned from Cao Sanye that they could be caught alive and killed even if they passed by.

However, this time round, we can't flinch. We have returned without seeds. Then what they plan to eat in the coming year in the second half of the year is a very serious problem.

Li Feiyu said, "What are we afraid of? We still have Mimi, the three-flower cat is a cat, and our Mimi is also a cat." In Li Feiyu's eyes, Mimi used to fight against the big crocodile is very powerful.

"Yes, yes." Gao Changhui echoed, "Maybe they can be friends, then Sanhua Cat will not do anything to us."

Everyone is looking at Mimi, which is a bit fanciful, but all the people present are expecting it. Some people even think Mimi is a beautiful female cat. The fur is so beautiful. I don't know if I can hook up with that three-flower cat with the beauty.

However, it does not seem to have occurred to everyone that what if Sanhua cat is a female cat?

Then everyone went to the seed store with this strange attitude, but before they reached the street, Mimi, who had been quietly walking beside everyone, suddenly ran to the front of the crowd and made an ambush alert gesture. her throat growled and stared at the front motionless.

The crowd was scared to stop.

Then suddenly I saw a three-flower cat about the size of Mimi slowly coming out of a shop in front of me. The tricolor cat's hair color is black, yellow and white. The hair color above the nose is half black and half yellow. Amber eyes stare at them with fierce light. Like Mimi, she issued a low warning to them.

Very unfriendly.

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