In the morning, the first thing Jing Lin did was to see the ganoderma lucidum. seeing that it was as bright as yesterday, he knew that transplanting had no effect on it. then he went to wash with ease.

Yan Fei has already prepared breakfast in the kitchen. When he first returned to the village, Yan Fei could not use a wood stove to light the fire. Now he is extremely skilled in this skill.

"Good morning." Yan Fei leaned against the door to chat with Jing Lin.

Jing Lin, who had toothpaste bubbles and was not easy to talk to, smiled at him.

After a quick kiss last night, the relationship between the two became more intimate than before.

Jing Lin finished gargling and said: I'll call Lele up."

It was agreed to teach Lele to practice martial arts. Naturally, he cannot be allowed to sleep in every day as before. Lele was called out of his warm bed by Jing Lin, and looked like he was staring at me. but the little guy didn't cry. he also remembered the heroic words he said before.

The candidate to teach Lele is naturally Yan Fei. After all, he also taught Jing Lin's fighting moves.

Lele's body has been modified by reiki and has good coordination. he has also learned a basic movement in a good manner. although he shakes his body a little, he will soon be able to hold it steady. he practiced for more than an hour. although he was sweating, he did not shout tired. this performance made Yan Fei and Jing Lin very satisfied.

After breakfast, Jing Lin pulled up the meat that had been sealed and hung in the well and saved last night. These were all the 20 kilos of meat that were going to be sent to Cao Sanye. Jing Lin's family had not had time to deal with the meat, so he came back to get it after going to the second team.

This time, it was the same people who went there last time. There were several Canadian couples in Jing Lin. In addition to delivering meat to Cao Sanye and his family, Jing Lin also took some dried vegetables stored during this period. The mushrooms and raspberries picked earlier were similar to those of Jing Lin's husband and wife in Ma Mingliang, but only in a smaller amount.

When they went out, Jing Lin saw that there were many weeds in the wheat field. Many people were pulling weeds in the field with baskets. Out of the door, the feeling is different again. Spring is coming and the temperature is getting warmer. It is the time for everything to recover. The weeds on the road are not managed or trampled by many people. They have grown much taller.

Out of the village, the fields they saw along the way were not only weeds but also weeds. They got off the bus and looked at the fields. They found that the wheat seedlings were long, but very sparse, and they were a big section shorter than the wheat seedlings in their village. They all appeared to have just emerged from the fields after warming up. The higher the temperature was in the future, the wheat that had not undergone vernalization basically could not ear and blossom. This year's summer harvest, the wheat production was greatly reduced or even stopped.

As they were about to reach the second team, Jing Lin met a group of green bugs blocking the middle of the road. The number of these insects is very large, like cabbage caterpillar, but much larger than cabbage caterpillar. Each insect has a middle finger that is thicker than thumb. The grass stuck on the road makes a fine raindrop-like sound. They eat very fast. In less than one minute, they wipe out a large area. Wherever they climb, the grass almost has no roots left.

Zhao Zhiwen looked over along the bare ground and pointed to the right: "Look at these fields, they have eaten up everything inside."

On the right is the farmland from which these insects climbed onto the road. Jing Lin several of them got out of the farmland and walked along the eaten farmland. They found that these insects were eating straight ahead with their heads closed. They could not even find any green in the farmland they passed through, which was even more terrible than locusts.

"Kill them all." Yan Lu said that these disgusting insects do not know how many crops will be damaged when people do not pay attention to them. Since they have seen them, it is better to eliminate them as early as possible.

Zhao Zhiwen said: "This worm looks very fat, so killing it would be wasted. Just catch it and take it back to see if the chickens in the house eat it or not. The hens are laying eggs, and make up for it."

A few people together, also ok, is the trouble point. Free up a bag, fold the branches of the roadside as chopsticks, and several people bent over to catch worms on the road.

This group of insects, at least five or six hundred, in addition to Liu Suqin because the insects are too dense was too scared to close, several other psychological quality is very strong. It took several people more than half an hour to catch and install all the worms they saw, and then checked nearby to see if there were any fish that had escaped, before they started on their way again.

The second team's wall has been built. the latosolic red iron gate is locked. one of Cao San's men is standing on the tower of the two-story building inside. he knew Jing Lin. when he saw them, he turned to the inside and shouted loudly, "San ye, Jing Lin they are coming."

In a short time, Cao Sanye, who came after hearing the news, opened the door. When he saw that Jing Lin was riding a car and there was something in the car bucket, the smile on his face became more brilliant. He called on several brothers to help Jing Lin ride the car in and accompanied Jing Lin to talk.

Jing Lin said: "There are meat and vegetables in the car. The big bags are for you and the small bags are for Uncle Qu."

Cao Sanye laughed: "Don't worry, without me, the brothers wouldn't have moved the contents of the car."

"Where's Uncle Qu?"

"and aunt Li are frying worms."

"Fried bugs?" In the scene several people were surprised.

While talking, Jing Lin saw many people pulling grass in the fields on both sides. At this moment, Jing Lin suddenly smelled a smell of meat.

"Is this the smell of the worm?" Yan Lu said that they were all a little skeptical.

Cao Sanye smiled without saying a word. He led several people to the place where the big pot was usually cooked in the village. The closer he got, the stronger the meat aroma was. When he got outside the kitchen, he saw Shunzi carrying out an iron basin filled with golden fried things with long middle fingers. The meat aroma was continuously emitting hot air from the basin.

Still steaming in the iron basin, Cao Sanye took off his gloves and squeezed a root without fear of scalding. He took a bite in front of several people, ate it in his mouth, and motioned several people in Jing Lin to try it.

It doesn't matter to them if they can't eat the dead. They pinched one root and took a bite one after another. The taste is scorching and crispy. The more they eat, the more chewy they are. They have a strong chicken flavor. They taste oily and very appetizing.

"Oh, delicious!" Zhao Zhiwen took one root after another, and so did the others.

"What kind of worm is this?" It's not strange to eat worms. When people saw a novel animal and plant in the big food country in the past, the first thing they considered was whether they could eat it. Is it good? How to eat?

Cao Sanye said, "I just got it out of the field. You can finish it first, then I'll show you."

A golden worm swallowed up with a few bites. Everyone followed Cao Sanye into the kitchen. Then they saw Uncle Qu burning fire and Li Guihua pouring a small basin of green meat worms into the oil pan.

Seeing the familiar meat worm, Jing Lin felt a little queasy in a few moments. This is not exactly the same as the worm they just caught from the road.

Zhao Zhiwen pinched his neck, a face of uncomfortable appearance: "this thing can eat? Isn't it green water when it steps down?" Zhao Zhiwen also played the cabbage worm when he was a child, and it was green water and so on when he stepped down. What kind of meat was there?

Uncle Qu saw Jing Lin and heard Zhao Zhiwen's words. He came over and explained, "It's just that the skin is green. In fact, it's all white, fleshy and high in protein."

"Yes, we thought so at first." Li Guihua stirred the worms in the pan with a spatula and said to several people: "This is still too much for Shunzi's greedy meat. He was hit by mistake. Otherwise, all the worms caught in the village would have been thrown away. It's really uneconomical."

There are so many fried worms, enough for everyone to eat for many days.

Yan Fei accepted it quite quickly. As long as he didn't blow it himself, it wouldn't matter. He asked Cao Sanye, "Where did this worm come from?"

"Ran in from the outside wall." Cao Sanye said, "The wheat in the most marginal fields in the village has been eaten up. Fortunately, it was discovered early."

"We also caught some on the way. These insects are quite harmful."

Cao Sanye snorted and laughed: "No, so I'm going to take my brothers to the fields outside the village tomorrow to look for more. It would be better to catch some more. It will not only protect the crops from being harmed, but also fill everyone's stomachs. It is the best of both worlds."

"That's a good idea." Scene in a few laughs.

After a few jokes, Jing Lin returned to the topic, "How is your village wheat seedling?"

Cao Sanye and others smiled and looked grim. He shook his head: "I don't think so." Now the wheat in their field was planted by the villagers of the second team before. They took over the village and the field was under their control. I thought that I would wait for the summer harvest when I had a field, and everyone was very happy when they had hope in their lives. I didn't think that the wheat had never grown before the winter, but now it's a rash move, but the situation is not good either.

"What about your village?" Cao Sanye asked.

Jing Lin nodded vaguely and said nothing. Cao Sanye thought their village was the same, and patted him on the shoulder comfortingly.

At noon Jing Lin still didn't stay here for lunch, but they let Li Guihua help fry out the worms they caught. Cao Sanye accepted the food Jing Lin gave twice. Naturally, he had to repay them by dividing a pot of golden and crisp worms for Jing Lin to take away. The Ma Mingliang couple also had a share.

When he left, when Cao Sanye learned that Jing Lin had given him leopard meat and fresh wild fruits, he admired them even more. leopard, if he took his brothers to encirclement and suppression, he could never guarantee that everyone would survive. I didn't think the three big men plus one girl and two animals had done it. the fighting capacity was really tough.

Jing Lin said to Cao Sanye and Qu Ye who came to see them off: "you should eat less meat, drink more soup, and it's okay. you should eat half of the fruit at a time, especially Qu Ye. you'd better eat half of the meat at first."

Cao San and Qu did not understand: "Why?"

Jing Lin naturally said he didn't know either, and then told them that if they ate too much, they would easily be full and couldn't sleep. "No harm was found anyway, just eat less." Specific, it is not good to explain to them.

"By the way, we are running out of supplies. We plan to go out soon. Do you want to go?" Cao Sanye asked.

Everything else is fine, but this toilet paper is really in short supply.

"Yes, there may be a lot of people in our village going together."

"This is fine." Cao Sanye doesn't care. The most important person is alive. If there are more people and less materials, they will collect more times.

So he stood at the door, and several people made an appointment to meet at the appointed place.

When I returned to the village, the two pots of fried worms only had a little temperature. Yan Fei tasted another one and found that the taste was not much different from before. They did not become soft and crisp.

Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai are pulling grass in the field with Lele. They saw several Jing Lin just after they entered the village. The prospect of leaving is approaching. They said they would come back for lunch, so the couple have been waiting here and will go home together.

Just pulled out two baskets of grass. Zhou Yu put the grass in Zhao Zhiwen's car bucket. Lele climbed into Jing Lin's car bucket. The duck didn't follow him today. When Jing Lin and them left, the duck was still asleep and Quack was watching.

Yan Fei returned home, leaving half of his fried worms at home and carrying the remaining half to Jing Lin's house.

Jing Lin had just parked the car when Yan Fei entered.

Jing Lin said, "I'm going to the fields to pull peas back. will you go?"


Yan Fei went into the sundry room, took out the basket and carried it in his hand. He took Lele to the field.

Seeing the situation in the fields in the village, Jing Lin's mood is not very good. if all the crops this year are like those outside the village, what will those people eat in the future? However, Jing Lin's strength is really weak. If he reveals his ability to the outside world, he will certainly be coveted by people with ulterior motives. Everything can only wait until the summer harvest comes. Then, according to the situation in their village, we will see if we can do anything.

In the vegetable plot, Jing Lin saw that there was not much tender pea pods. Many peas were bulging. He and Yan Fei picked many pods and went back. Then they peeled off the shells and prepared to cut some meat and fry tender peas at noon. Then they fried a plate of Chinese cabbage, cold mixed with a folded ear root, and finally loaded with a plate of fried worms.

After the lunch, Jing Lin and Yan Fei picked the raspberries before they started to deal with them.

These raspberries have been picked for so many days because of their weak aura. Although the aura has lost a little, it still looks very fresh. There were too many fruits, and there were at least 20 catties left in the family. He had planned to make fruit wine before, but it took a long time to wait if he wanted to drink. He decided to make jam. Just like the jam in the family, Lele was fed a little bit every day, so little by little was almost finished, and the raspberries were ready and could be connected.

In the afternoon, Jing Lin was busy making jam in the kitchen. Yan Fei took out the remaining broken ears. the mud on them had already been removed. he soaked them in a basin and washed them for half an hour. Later, I took out the leopard meat, and also took out several packets of salt, ready to spread it evenly and make it into cured meat again.

"Without a refrigerator, it is too difficult to save some meat, and the salt is consumed too quickly." Yan Fei said.

Jing Lin was washing fruit when he heard a flash in his head. He dumped the water drops on his hands and walked out of the kitchen and stared at the mutant tomato whose fruit was about to mature.

Yan Fei looked at him and did not react at first. Then he followed Jing Lin and stared for a while. Suddenly he reacted.

"Cold Ice Array!" The two men said in unison.

Jing Lin immediately drew a series of signs of ice, and then pasted them in his refrigerator, which he had not used for a long time. Yan Fei put the cut leopard meat into it, and then he saw that a layer of ice was formed on the meat at a speed visible to the naked eye. in a short time, all the meat was frozen.

I didn't expect Fuzhen to be useful for life. Both of them were pleasantly surprised by this unexpected discovery. In the future, no matter how much meat there is, there will be no need to save it or eat bacon every day.

After nearly three hours of busy work, the two finally finished their work and went upstairs to train. This time they brought Lele with them. After more than two hours of training, the sky began to darken. Jing Lin cut off a piece of meat left by Yan Fei. Yan Fei washed the pot and added water to rack the wood to stew the meat. The two sat on the sofa in the living room, chatting idly.

After stewing the meat for more than two hours, it was probably too sweet. The duck that slept for a long time smelled it and finally woke up.

As soon as the duck woke up, its Quack made the room look particularly lively. This time, like the one showing off its wings, it put its head in front of several people and quacked them to look at it.

Jing Lin touched his head and replaced it with a white feather, which was supposed to be the place of sarcoma. The feather just grew out a little bit and could not be seen without careful observation. However, when it grew out completely, the duck's color value would surely rise to another level.

When it was Yan Fei's turn, Yan Fei touched it, and then said, "it's quite good. the duck is looking good again."

The duck's ostentatious display is to let everyone boast that it is beautiful. Hearing this, the duck jumped around happily in the room, then rushed to the front of the Quack who had kept it for so long, and gagged a few times.

Well, it must be laughing at Quack's beauty again.

The soup was stewed. The duck had not eaten for so long and was probably hungry. Jing Lin had prepared the duck's food, so he filled it with half a basin of rice at night, poured several spoons of soup on it, and a big spoonful of meat. He also prepared a plate of Chinese cabbage, some fried insects and a few raspberries for it to eat until it had a full meal. At last, he ate up and lay on the sofa while Lele rubbed his stomach for Yan Fei to tell a bedtime story.

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