With a roar, the leopard pounced on Jing Lin and opened its mouth to bite his neck directly. Yan Fei three people rolled to the side, the scene in the back to hide, raise my hand in front of blocking the leopard's attack.

A strong force hit, Jing Lin was knocked out, his back rubbed on the ground and skidded off for a long time before finally hitting a huge piece of wood to stop.

Yan Fei hurriedly asked, "Are you all right, Lin?"

"nothing." Jing Lin said that he shook his hand and got up from the ground, feeling that his whole hand was numb. If it weren't for the defensive symbol, he would never have been able to carry the leopard's blow. Even if he hadn't been hit by internal bleeding, at least his hand would have been bitten off.

The leopard failed to strike and became even more angry. Before Jing Lin could stand up completely, he jumped at him again.

At the same time, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu lifted the slingshot design. Although their slingshot is larger than ordinary wooden slingshot due to their own strength, it is still wooden. Even if stones are added with attack symbols, hitting the leopard does not cause any substantial damage to it, and can only disturb its attention. Quack is closer to Jing Lin. He crouches in place, sticks out his long tongue and licks it at the leopard. Then he licks back a pinch of yellow hair, which he spurns out quickly. The duck fluttered its wings and pounced on the leopard. Its sole was extremely lethal. It slipped over the leopard's back and left several blood marks. The leopard ate pain and growled. Its muscular body kept shaking. It turned around in the air and bit the duck. The duck fluttered its wings to avoid. The leopard grabbed its right wing and only heard it shout. It was thrown out by the leopard. It also tore off several feathers. The duck has always been fond of beauty. Its wings were even prettier and looked at those pieces in the air every day.

Jing Lin was knocked out by the leopard once again, his head was knocked to the ground and he was dizzy. He was attacked five times in a row by the leopard. The defensive symbol on his body collapsed just now. He hurriedly took out the previously drawn defensive symbol from his pocket and took another one in his body. Then he wanted to think, and took two more pictures of the leopard in his body. Seeing that his repeated attacks on Jing Lin were useless, he gradually became anxious.

Yan Fei raised his slingshot to shoot. I didn't think the slingshot in his hand could not bear his strength this time. He snapped it in two pieces! With a low curse, he took out the cactus sting weapon. In order to hold the cactus conveniently in their hands, they specially embedded the cactus thorn into the wood and made it look like a dagger.

Zhao Zhiwen's slingshot has also cracked. He changed his whip. Since the whip was made, Zhao Zhiwen has never had a chance to use it. However, he usually places an object specially to practice his timing. Therefore, the whip is obviously more suitable for him than the slingshot.

Jing Lin took three defensive symbols in his body, obviously feeling the strength of defense has increased. I didn't think this symbol could be superimposed. The book did not say that he had not tested it before. This was an unexpected discovery.

Holding the weapon, Jing Lin confronted the leopard again. The leopard looks carefree, with shiny fur and powerful limbs. As it moves, its skeletal muscles keep showing attractive lines to the public. Jing Lin did not pay attention to its S*x, but it was obviously a muscular man or king kong Barbie in the animal kingdom.

Cats are super resistant to death. Jing Lin only caused a few small wounds in his body during the confrontation and struggle before him. However, his physical strength kept losing time and again. He didn't want to escape any more. He took off his thick cotton-padded clothes that were in the way and only wore a thin knit shirt. When the leopard once again hit, Jing Lin took the initiative to meet it.

Footsteps set foot on the earth, Jing Lin jumped off and jumped directly onto the leopard's back. He bit the weapon in his mouth. He bent over his hands and grabbed the leopard's fur with great force. He almost cut off his short fingernails, and his legs were severely clamped. Despite how the leopard struggled, Jing Lin firmly grabbed it on its back.

Yan Fei looked at the scene as the leopard was beating and bumping. The whole heart seemed to be gripped tightly. Taking advantage of the leopard's attention on the scene, Yan Fei rolled forward a circle, and the cactus thorn just stung the leopard's hip.

Leopard eat pain roar loud, turned to bite Yan Fei, Yan Fei quickly hide, have a defensive operator, leopard did not cause any harm to him, just by the strength of the attack severely hit out, back burning pain.

The duck still remembers the revenge of plucking its hair. It flew up without saying a word and gave the leopard a hard grasp on the hip. This time it brought down two pieces of meat directly. It did not love to fight. After the success of the blow, it immediately jumped away and dodged the leopard's attack.

Because Jing Lin was on the leopard's back, the leopard was moving all the time. Zhao Zhiwen was not good at the timing of the live target and did not dare to throw the whip easily. He was anxiously waiting for the opportunity. Yan Lu has changed into an axe. When she saw the leopard facing away from her, she rushed up to sneak attack. Unexpectedly, the leopard suddenly turned around. Yan Lu was hit red-handed. However, Yan Lu didn't respond to Jing Lin's back when she was hit. She gave the leopard a hard push with her reflective hand. She was strong and the leopard was pushed out directly.

"Ah Lin!" Yan Fei made an anxious noise and ran to the general direction of the leopard's fall.

However, when the leopard was about to fall to the ground, Jing Lin seized the opportunity and, before being thrown out, took down the weapon he bit in his mouth and stabbed the leopard in the throat.

"Ho!" Leopard angry roar for this, fell to the ground and then got up to pursue the flying scene, only to find a hind leg was Quack unexpectedly with his tongue. Quack pulled to his side, the leopard was dragged for a small distance, the leopard turned to bite, Quack hurriedly loosen, and took a pinch of hair, spit it out.

At this time, the public is no longer passive, leopard has been flanked by all sides.

Blood trickled down from the leopard. The cactus thorn under Jing Lin thorn stayed in its throat and was not pulled out. It quivered with its breath. As long as it breathed, its throat would ache violently.

It wants to escape.

Jing Lin seemed to see its intention and reminded the crowd: "It cannot be allowed to escape."

Leopards are extremely wild, their relatives do not recognize them, they are extremely difficult to tame, and they love to bear grudges. This time they have taken away the ganoderma lucidum and have done such harm to it. If it runs away, it will come back sooner or later for revenge.

Leopard is some distance away from several people. It slowly retreated warily and then suddenly turned and ran down the hillside. However, at this time, a whip came close behind him, caught him on his hind leg, yanked him back, and stopped him from running down the slope.

The leopard's hind legs kept shaking, trying to break free from the shackles of the whip. Its claws gripped the ground and struggled forward, leaving deep footprints on the ground.

In the rear, Zhao Zhiwen's arm trembled, the veins stood out on his neck bulged, and he gritted his teeth to tug of war with the strength of the leopard. Yan Lu saw this and hurried over to help. She only pulled, and half of the leopard that had disappeared under the hillside was dragged back.

Jing Lin took out a handful of thin cactus spines. As soon as the front half of the leopard came up, he quickly swung out a root and hit the joint of the leopard's front paws. He has a very good accuracy. The thorn itself is hard and sharp. With the addition of an attacker, he is directly stuck in it, limiting part of the leopard's mobility. Yan Fei followed his example and once again restricted part of the leopard's mobility.

At this point, Yan Lu grabbed the leopard, Zhao Zhiwen took out the net made of vine ropes and put it under the hood of the leopard's body. Finally, he successfully caught the leopard.

Jing Lin pushed away Yan Fei who wanted to come forward to replace him. The battle was started by him and should have been ended by his own hands. He walked to the leopard's side and looked at the leopard, which was tightly bound by the net and trampled by Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen but could not struggle.

It shows its sharp fangs and growls threatening the scene. Its glazed eyes are full of anger, hatred and unwilling.

At the sight of this scene in the eyes look colder than it is, raised his thorn, thorn down again.

After the leopard's death, Jing Lin and four other people took a rest in the same place. Just now, it was about life and death. Tension has replaced all emotions and feelings. After a big war, when we relaxed, everyone felt hungry and stopped to take out the prepared dry food to supplement our strength.

During their meal, probably because of the ganoderma lucidum, many small animals kept appearing and began to surround them. however, the body of the leopard, the owner of this site, was still left nearby, so they coveted the ganoderma lucidum but did not dare to come forward.

Jing Lin saw squirrels, turtledoves, wild ducks, rabbits, snakes and other wild animals in these animals, as well as all kinds of wild birds parked in the surrounding trees, as well as all kinds of small reptiles and insects, so dense that they couldn't eat well, so they had to cram some dry food into their mouths, lift the leopard and prepare to head home.


The familiar cry sounded uselessly, and everyone saw the thin fox before. When the fox saw that they were carrying the leopard, his eyes were staring straight and his big yellow eyes were full of disbelief.

Jing Lin followed them all the way down the mountain. Many animals followed them, making anxious noises from time to time. The fox followed them for a while and finally stopped hesitantly. Yan Lu looked back at him and saw that he was so thin and pitiful that he couldn't think of catching deer before. It was stupid to have so many animals smaller than him around and didn't know how to do it.

She took a few pieces of dried meat from her family and threw them accurately in front of the fox. This time she was clever and grabbed the dried meat and ran away without looking back.

Yan Lu pie pie, turned to keep up with the scene in them. The closer we get to the foot of the mountain, the fewer animals will follow us until we are going down the mountain. There are not many left. Zhao Zhiwen turned around and shouted a few times, and all of them were scared away.

They entered the mountain in the morning and returned at one o'clock in the afternoon. But in such a short period of time, I actually beat back a leopard.

When they entered the mountain in the morning, some villagers wandering in the field knew it, and when they fought with leopards, the cry was loud and the villagers heard it. many people were worried about looking at the direction of the mountain. the Zhao family and Yan family were even more worried. they stayed at the edge of the mountain early.

When they saw Jing Lin, they carried a leopard down. They did not see the joy of meat, only worried.

Zhou Yu got a fright when he saw the leopard, and his face turned white. She only saw this thing on TV, and took Lele up, worried about several people, "how did this thing come back? Are you not injured?"

Jing Lin laughed: "I was hit a few times, and I may have worn some skin on my back."

Zhao Zhiwen comforted: "I just stood there and shook my whip. They made me strong." Zhao Zhiwen was right in saying this. Among several people, the whole process was really his easiest. He and Yan Lupi did not lose a piece. Jing Lin was the target of the leopard and was the most injured among several people.

Zhou Yu was so angry that he hit him several times: "How dare you say that?"

Zhao Zhiwen hurriedly ouch ouch to call a few times, the grandiose acting provoked several people laugh.

Zhou Yu asked Yan Fei and Yan Lu again. The two families took care of each other for a moment. Then they carried the leopard home in the envious eyes of the villagers who rushed here.

"Good boy, how awesome!" Zhao Shaogan walked beside Yan Fei and Jing Lin, and heard that more than half of the leopards were shot down by Jing Lin. Zhao Shaogan was greatly admired.

Zhang Kai said, "Our predecessors have beaten tigers with wu song. Today, our village has a scene in front of a leopard."

"Don't say that, it's do or die. I can't do it alone," Jing Lin said.

Everyone naturally knows that many people in Yan Fei's three fighting villages have seen it with their own eyes, such as Yan Fei's flexible skill and Yan Lu's great strength. Zhao Zhiwen can smash the skull of a mouse with his bare hands. Without the company of four people, the leopard cannot be beaten back.

"Duck." Lele walked beside her two little friends and looked at them with concern.

The duck feather was torn off several pieces by the leopard. At this time, looking at the small owner's caring eyes, he felt extremely wronged and took his body to rub Lele for comfort.

"Blow it for you." Lele blew a few breaths at the duck's outstretched wings like a family adult coaxed him, "so it doesn't hurt."

"Quack." Quack opened his mouth, revealing a piece of his red tongue, reminding the little master that he had also contributed today and that his tongue was painful and needed comfort.

Lele blew twice at its big mouth without discrimination.

On the way, Mimi came out with three kittens. Four big cats pushed their way through the crowd, almost touching the scene before leaving. They cried out one after another, their voices sounding very loud.

Tang Hao laughed: "This is because you came back from beating a leopard and asked for food."

Asking for food is certain, but Jing Lin realized that the food the four big cats were asking for was not leopards, but ganoderma lucidum in his waist pocket.

Leopards were carried to Zhao Zhiwen's house, and almost all the people in the village came running, three inside and three outside, blocking Zhao's house. Everyone is very envious, but no one has any envious heart. After all, leopard is not a chicken or duck, and the average person is dead to the end. No one really calls back like them. Even the Wu Daxing family, which has always disliked the Zhao family and the Jing family, did not say anything sour.

This leopard is close to 2,000 catties. Jing Lin is prepared to set aside 1,000 catties to sell to the villagers, leaving 20 catties for Cao Sanye's side, and keeping the rest for his family to eat.

During the treatment, many people in the village started to help. During the incision, they found a small stone, the size of a green thumb, in the heart of the leopard, still shining faintly.

Zhang Kai's hands were still stained with blood. He washed the stone in the basin twice and handed it to Jing Lin. "Jing Lin, what do you think this is?"

As soon as the stone was taken out, the four big cats, which had been lying lazily around, stood up at once. Quack and duck, who were playing with Lele, also crowded in and all looked at the stone with coveted eyes.

The shining stone is amazing, even at night, but it is daytime, so the light is obvious, and the impatience of several animals makes everyone surprised.

Jing Lin took the stone in his hand and felt it for a moment. He found that there was a lot of aura in it, but it was also full of other forces, which made it very complicated. Looking at some eager animals around him, Jing Lin handed the stone to the duck. The others just wanted to grab it, but the duck swallowed it quickly.

The four big cats purred and watched the stone swallow by the duck. They all cried anxiously. Quack also jumped around Jing Lin. Jing Lin touched the big cat's head one by one, finally patted Quack's head and said to it, "don't worry, I'll give you something to eat next time."

The duck that ate the stone gave a loud Quack when eating, unlike the Quack when gloating or showing off before, the sound was comforting and the impatient Quack suddenly quieted down. The duck pushed its way out of the crowd and followed.

Seeing this, Yan Fei said, "I'll go and see."

Quack entered the living room, then climbed into the chair and fell asleep. Quack jumped into the chair next to it, stared at it, and seemed to be watching it.

See two didn't fight, Yan Fei smiled and turned back to the scene.

As a younger generation, Li Feiyu has read Xiuzhen's novels. When he saw the stone, he put aside the plot in his mind. When Yan Fei returned, he was listening to him ask Jing Lin, "Is that the so-called monster beast Neidan?"

Jing Lin certainly did not know, but he agreed with Li Feiyu's statement and nodded: "Maybe."

Yan Fei said: "Whether or not they like this kind of stone, eating it should be good." He pointed to the four big cats who were a little frustrated because they did not eat the small stones.

As it gets dark, all the meat is cut up. Pork cost more than ten yuan a kilo before the chaotic times, but now food is more expensive, so after several discussions at the moment, Jing Lin has decided on a kilo of meat and three kilos of rice, or a kilo of meat and four kilos of wheat and five kilos of corn coarse grains.

Food is expensive, but under the condition that there is no shortage of food, meat is what everyone wants to eat now. The price is not in cheat people either. The villagers came back early to get food and lined up, hoping to get meat soon.

People thought that carnivores such as leopards, which often run, have well-developed muscle fibers, and their meat must be fishy and hard. They didn't expect that after cooking for two hours at night with fire, they were very fragrant, their meat was not stuffed with teeth, and their meat was very tender. Many people regretted that they had changed less.

They all ate in Zhao's house. when the broth was boiling, Jing Lin smelled the aroma of the soup and felt a faint spiritual force beating inside. when eating, Jing Lin reminded them not to eat leopard meat again when the four elders had almost eaten it.

"Why?" Yan Ruifeng loathe to give up chopsticks, he just saw a piece of meat was Yan Lu clip away, also stared at somebody else.

Yan Fei took a big bite defiantly and stared at his father chewing and chewing.

Jing Lin looked at the father and son's animal and said with a smile: "This meat is a bit too strong for you. It's not good to eat too much at once."

So Yan Ruifeng understand, seems to be similar to the raspberry fruit. So he reluctantly put down his chopsticks, then picked up the bowl and said, "Can I have some soup then?"

"If you don't want to sleep at night, drink less," Jing Lin said helplessly.

So several elders at the table picked up the bowl and began to fill it with soup. The meat was too delicious and the soup was not inferior. They had not eaten enough yet. A few more sips of soup were barely enough. Sleeping was not a big problem.

While they were eating, the duck was sleeping all the time. Lele gave up without waking it. However, he seldom ate the Quack of what they cooked and ate a lot of leopard meat.

After the meal, Jing Lin and Yan Fei took the sleeping duck home and put it into Jing Lin's small bed in his bedroom. The bedside table was not big enough for the duck to squat.

Lele and Quack looked at the duck. Jing Lin and Yan Fei went out of the room.

Jing Lin took out the ganoderma lucidum and took it off for so long. it was still like the one just picked. it was like a small gathering of spirits. the surrounding reiki was continuously absorbed by it, which benefited Jing Lin. however, under the careful feeling of these reiki, it was slightly different from the reiki Jing Lin usually felt. these reiki were more gentle.

Jing Lin originally wanted to try to eat after picking it back, but suddenly he thought that the leopard had kept ganoderma lucidum for so long knowing it was a treasure. does this mean that the ganoderma lucidum itself is not fully mature and it is not time to eat.

So Jing Lin found a good place in the backyard and planted ganoderma lucidum.

Today there was a big war, everyone felt dirty. After taking a bath, Jing Lin and Lin both stripped to the waist to wipe their backs.

Yan Fei was hit by a leopard today and his back was skinned. If there is no defensive symbol, at least a few bones will be broken.

Jing Lin's injury was even more serious. There was hardly a good piece of skin on his back. A piece of blue and purple was red and swollen. It was pricked in Yan Fei's eyes, making him stand out all the more.

Yan Fei was bored in his heart and gave Jing Lin some medicine. The two had to nurse the rabbit. Today, four parents did all the nursing during the day. They were not as strong as Jing Lin and Yan Fei. In order to hold down the mother rabbit, they simply wasted their old nose.

Yan Fei is not in a very good mood at the moment. He has not been gentle with the mother rabbit. The mother rabbit is struggling in his hands. Yan Fei threatened, "Move again, or you will be stripped and eaten!" It's impossible to eat. They still have to keep the mother rabbit to give birth to babies. It's just a scare.

The mother rabbit was frightened and did not move.

Two people instantly black line, early know frighten it once so lovely, then they would have done so.

Jing Lin put the little rabbit on the mother rabbit's stomach. seeing Yan Fei's face was pale, he asked, "why are you suddenly unhappy?"

Yan Fei looked up at him. "You are so hurt."

Jing Lin recognized the heartache in his tone. He was silent for a moment and suddenly said: "Also, if you have so many back injuries, I will not be happy." Just as Yan Fei worries about him, he does not want Yan Fei to be hurt so much.

In fact, when the leopard stared at him today, he was very lucky. Fortunately, ganoderma lucidum was installed on him before.

As a man, he wants to protect the friends he cares about and the people he likes.

This is the first time to say something like this from Jing Lin's mouth. Yan Fei stared at him for a while, then tilted his mouth and suddenly he felt better.

There were only them and a group of rabbits in the living room, so Yan Fei did what he always wanted to do. He leaned over and kissed Jing Lin.

The touch on his lips was soft and hot. Yan Fei kissed him and left immediately. then he stared at the changes on Jing Lin's face.

Jing Lin was surprised for a moment, then his heart jumped wildly. He looked at Yan Fei's affectionate eyes and wondered whether this was his first kiss or whether he was burning with someone he liked.

This evening, the two men could not practice and sleep. They slept in their own room and used divine knowledge to peek, like seed of love's boy.

Also unable to sleep were the vast majority of people in the village who burned pancakes on their beds all night. Can't ah, eat too much meat, was full of spirit all night.

When the villagers were worried and couldn't sleep, in the depths of the mountain forest, the little fox, who had been given several pieces of dried meat by Yan Lu during the day, lay prone at the entrance of a cave, where silvery white light streamed out faintly. The little fox turned his head and looked at the hole for a while, then at the outside. His green and faint eyes were swaying with his shaking head. His two front paws stepped on the meat, adding one of them from time to time, but he was not willing to eat.

The little fox has been lying here for a long time. When it is almost asleep, there is a rustling sound around.

The fox woke up at once, raised his head and stared at the direction of the sound.

Suddenly, a large white pointed head emerged with a small bulge in the middle. Then the head kept sliding forward and slid toward the fox.

A big white snake.

The little fox suddenly jumped up from the ground and ran to the big white snake, jumping around it, making a very happy sound.

"Oh, you are quick to go away! What should I do if I get dirty?"

Slightly abandon the delicate female voice sounded around.

The little fox cried two times in frustration.

The big white snake slipped into the silvery white light hole. as it passed through the pieces of dried meat, it turned to look at the little fox and spit out the snake's letter: "is this for me?"

The little fox jumped up and down, pawing the meat toward the head of the snake.

The big white snake licked some of them with the snake letter, "you still have some conscience, and I still remember the reward after eating so much white food." Its voice is still very abandon, but there is still a little imperceptible joy inside.

He glanced at the little fox with a few ounces of meat and said graciously, "For the sake of the dried meat you gave me, let's go into the cave and sleep tonight, but don't fart again. You stink!"Then he grabbed the dried meat from the little foxes and went into the cave.

The fox also grabbed the piece of dried meat that he had licked countless times and ran into the cave.

The author has something to say: the play is not well written . . . this TELD Chapter is a bit cruel. some cherubs said not to kill leopards, and I hesitated, but I set it as a modern world of truth-fixing. this world is not only inhabited by people, but there must be demon-fixing, etc. truth-fixing resources rob each other. most people and demons can coexist, but more can't coexist. leopards are the kind that I set to be unable to coexist, so it can only end like this . . . by the way, everyone must cherish small animals = =

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