The lower down, the lower the weeds around, many of which were gnawed by animals. When they got close to the lake, the ground at their feet began to get wet and they stopped at the lake.

Looking at the messy and fuzzy footprints of animals by the lake, Jing Lin knew that many animals came here every day to drink water. he said, "this should be the only water source in this mountain."

In the distance, a group of gray wild birds crashed and stopped on the lake opposite them, as if they were not afraid of the view.

Yan Lu took out a stone, pulled open the slingshot and pointed it at the nearest wild bird. After aiming, she shot it in the past. Yesterday afternoon, Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen both had a surprise training on slingshot shooting techniques. The hand feel was already on the table and the timing was also available. The pebble directly hit the wild bird's body, and fell to the ground on the spot without any response.

The other wild birds were so frightened by the sudden situation that they ran away without taking any more water.

Zhao Zhiwen rushed over to help carry the prey and smiled, "It's quite a good start." This gray wild bird is large in size and weighs at least 5 to 6 kg. It feels all muscular.

Yan Lu looked at the spot where she was aiming and shooting just now. A small blood hole appeared there. She raised her eyebrows and was satisfied with the lethality she had caused: "All of them have been scored." In this troubled time, the more lethal the shots are, the more intimidating they are to others, the greater their chances of winning, and the greater their chances of surviving after encountering dangerous animals in the mountains.

The slingshot of the first size, coupled with her strength, is no longer a fruit thrown casually, but a stone with an attacker added. This power is really unusual. It is no wonder that this wild bird died without a cry.

There are indeed many animals on the lake. From time to time, they can hear the rustling sound from the grass nearby. However, their main purpose in entering the mountain is not to hunt but to investigate, so they didn't stop at the lake much. Yan Lu tied up the wild bird and hung it on a rope around her waist. Several people went around the lake to continue walking in the distance.

During this period, there were more and more birds passing by, and many of them stopped on the huge trees they passed by. There were so many large bird nests on them that people looked greedy. If it weren't for the huge trees being too high and too big to climb up, Zhao Zhiwen would have slipped away from the trees and dug out the bird nests.

Yan Lu said, "It will take another month or two to dig out the eggs. With so many bird nests, we will have to find a way to do something to climb the tree."

This tree is so big that you can climb it even if you dig a hole in it. It is too harmful to the tree. This method is not feasible.

They walked along that route and found that there were fewer and fewer animals running around, except for the sound of birds singing in the distance, and there was silence all around them. This situation makes the scene in several slowly alert.

As he passed a slope, Yan Fei took the grass and trees almost as tall as him and walked cautiously, reminding the people behind him: "Watch your feet, there are more stones here."

Scene left behind Yan Lu, he just took a step forward, suddenly stopped again.

"What's the matter?" Zhao Zhiwen behind him asked.

Jing Lin turned to look at a high slope on the right and said, "There are obvious fluctuations in spiritual power."

Yan Fei and Yan Lu turned and walked back a few steps. Yan Fei asked, "do you want to go up and have a look?"

"Go." Almost without much hesitation, Jing Lin nodded. In addition to the fluctuation of spiritual power, there was also a strange attraction that attracted him. This attraction has been urging him to pass.

Quack, as a guide for several people, jumped in the direction of Jing Lin with a jump. It was fast and left only a few faint shadows for Jing Lin. The slope of the high slope is a bit long, and several Jing Lin came back half way up and stopped in front of them to prevent them from going up.

Jing Lin frowned: "what's on it? Is it dangerous?"

"Quack." Quack stood still.

However, the closer to the hillside, the greater the attraction for the scenery and the stronger the fluctuation of spiritual power. he thought for a moment and asked Quack, "do you think the above things can be beaten by us?"

Quack round big eyes slipped around several people, finally hesitate, get out of the way.

Jing Lin touched Quack's head, turned around and told Yan Fei three, "everyone be careful."

Yan Fei clenched his weapon: "You too."

Several people continued to walk forward. As they were going uphill, they found a pile of animal feces under a huge tree. Some of them had been killed and others looked fresh. Judging from the ball trail, the animal was not small.

This made Jing Lin hesitate. The attraction to him ahead was great, but it was totally inferior to the lives of his friends.

Yan Fei said, "Go on, isn't that why we entered the mountain?"

They entered the mountain to investigate, in fact, is holding if there is really any danger of large wild animals, can destroy or destroy the good, mountain scenery in the other side there is no magic array arrangement, but even if the magic array is arranged, sometimes also can't help but want to sneak into the mountain villagers, if again only like big mullet god of intelligent animals, scene in the middle of the current can decorate magic array may not be able to resist.

Yan Lu also said: "elder brother, we all have the defensive symbol you gave us. you said that this defensive symbol has been upgraded to a higher level and has more effect. don't worry."

Zhao Zhiwen said, "Let's go. We're halfway there."

So Jing Lin lifted his foot and continued to walk. Several people climbed for another five or six minutes and finally climbed the hillside.

Is almost a hillside, surging spirit force, even the weakest perception of spirit force Zhao Zhiwen have obvious feeling, not to mention in the scene, he felt that the whole people are surrounded by viscous spirit force, more comfortable than being in a poly spirit array.

A few people at that time a little stare blankly.

However, Jing Lin soon returned to absolute being. He looked at the source of the fluctuation of spiritual power. It was a small glossy ganoderma growing on the root of a giant tree. It was red all over, shiny like a layer of paint, and was still surrounded by a hazy red mist. The mist quivered and seemed to be breathing. With this "breathing", the surrounding aura poured towards it, and the attraction to the scene came from it.

There is no other vegetation around it except that giant tree. The ground is pitted, but there is a slightly flat ground beside it.

Yan Fei walked over and looked at it. he frowned and said, "there is a lot of hair falling here." What animal should have slept here?

Yan Lu exclaimed, "This glossy ganoderma is so beautiful." Her mother used to buy ganoderma lucidum once in a while, so Yan Lu knew it was ganoderma lucidum at the first sight.

Zhao Zhiwen also said: "It's all glowing. It's a treasure of genius."

Jing Lin also stepped forward at this time. he knew this place was better not to stay too long, so he lowered himself and pulled out the ganoderma lucidum roots with his gloved hand. he put it in a pocket tied to his waist and said to several people, "let's get out of here first."


Suddenly, a dog-like cry startled several people, and then they saw a fox with red fur and thin body leaping out of the side, shouting at several people maliciously. The cry was from it.

We didn't expect to meet that stupid fox here. Seeing that it is so fierce, but it looks like a bully, and everyone is not afraid.

Yan Lu also covered her heart, which had just been startled, and said, "You are a fox. What kind of dog do you learn? Are you wrong in your breed?"

The fox did not understand what people were saying and still shouted at them, but still did not dare to come up.

Jing Lin several people don't think this territory belongs to it, the hair on the ground and the hair on its body are not the same color, they all want to get out of here quickly, so they don't care about it and will go down the mountain.

However, not far away at this time, suddenly there was a roar of fury from the wild animal. The fox uttered a cry of fear, dropped Jing Lin and ran away. Soon it disappeared.

The beast roared all the way and ran to this side. As it came closer and closer, the four finally saw what it was.

It's a leopard.

It is not wise to run down, it somehow is still a piece of flat ground, almost at the same time, four people back-to-back defense, Jing Lin and Yan Lu changed into their own melee weapons-the new cactus thorn weapon with an attacker, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu strength, skill is not as good as his two, is in the periphery with a slingshot ranged attack.

Duck and Quack, seize the time to sneak attack, play at will.

Soon, the leopard completely appeared in front of several people, its sprint speed is not slow, see the scene in the several of them, is almost directly jump jump up. Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen have been aiming at it with slingshots. When they saw the two shooting out at the same time, they failed to hit each other. The leopard changed its direction in the air and hid in the past. But also because the leopard did not continue to jump over, but jumped to the other side, assumed an attacking posture and stared at them angrily.

Yan Fei looked grim: "It seems that this ganoderma lucidum is regarded as everything."

Not all novels are written. beside some genius treasures, there are often spirit beasts guarding them. if you want to steal food from the spirit beasts, you have to kill the spirit beasts. Today, they broke into the leopard's territory and stole its things. To it, they are a group of hateful thieves.

However, if it is an ordinary animal, it is only a leopard, which will eat people before the chaos. In front of this one, it is estimated that I left temporarily because I needed to eat. There was a lot of blood on the side of my mouth, and I didn't know what I was eating before.

This Ganoderma lucidum looks extraordinary. Looking at the amount of excrement before, this leopard has been guarding this Ganoderma lucidum for a long time, which makes it even more impossible for the leopard to get this Ganoderma lucidum. No one can guarantee that it will develop in a more ferocious direction after eating this Ganoderma lucidum. For the sake of the villagers nearby, it can only cut off all bad possibilities before they sprout.

Lingzhi Jing Lin was installed. The leopard made a circle around several people. The last pair of fierce eyes stared at Jing Lin.

Seeing this, Jing Lin said in a low voice: "it's after me. I'll deal with it. you should also be careful to avoid it."

The other three nodded cautiously.

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