In the evening, Jing Lin sat on the sofa and drew a vanity symbol. The streamer of vanity symbols flashing beside him already had a thick stack, which was placed on the tea table. Yan Fei patted the painted vanity symbol on the stones he found, and also took a lot of cactus thorns. Several slingshots and close-quarters weapons including Yan Lu's big axe were also placed here, and Yan Fei slapped on the vanity symbol that increased the damage.

At this moment Lele leaned close to the two and looked at Jing Lin. "Uncle, Lele also wants to go."

"Where to?"

Lele said, "Go to the mountains with you."

Jing Lin smiled and said, "I'm afraid this is not yet possible. Lele is too small."

Lele looked at the duck and Quack in the room with a flat mouth. He couldn't beat the duck. The only thing he could beat was Quack, but he didn't Quack far.

Yan Fei said instead, "This is our negligence. When we come back, we can put the agenda of teaching Lele to practice martial arts on the agenda."

Lele's eyes brightened. Every time his two uncles went upstairs to practice fighting, he wanted to follow them very much, but he was driven down every time. The attack in the middle of the night, although my uncle was seriously injured, but one person knocked down so many bad people, Lele has always wanted to be as bad as my uncle and can protect my uncle in the future.

After drawing a character, Jing Lin stopped and turned to look at Lele. "It's very tiring and painful to practice martial arts. Is Lele not afraid?"

"Not afraid!" Lele shouted to show his determination to practice martial arts.

Although there are reasons for mental skills, the world is unpredictable, and Jing Lin doesn't know whether he can live to die of old age. He will leave Lele one day. He would like to protect Lele under his wing all the time, but teaching people fish is not as good as teaching people to fish. Before he thought that Lele would follow him to practice fighting, but he was always afraid that he would suffer hardships. Such a small child should have a happy childhood.

Now Lele offered and Yan Fei agreed, so Jing Lin promised Lele: "when my uncle comes back from hunting, I'll start teaching you. then don't cry bitter and tired."

He doesn't allow Lele to form such a bad habit when doing things halfway.

Hearing my uncle's promise to teach me how to practice martial arts, Lele immediately became happy: "Lele promised not to cry hard and tired."

After the agreement was made, Jing Lin continued to draw the symbols. He is now very handy in drawing the symbols of the void. Because of his talent, it is very easy to grab the aura around him. Now he is almost caught with his hands. He drew more than 30 symbols of the void at one breath tonight and feels that he can still draw for a while.

The next morning, several people gathered at Jing Lin's home after breakfast.

Yan Fei and Jing Lin came out of the room with their backpacks on their backs, looked at their sister and Zhao Zhiwen, who were already standing in the courtyard, and asked, "Have you brought everything?"

Zhao Zhiwen shook his backpack and said, "It's all packed."

Yan Lu also raised the large slingshot in her hand.

This time around, they went in from the mountain behind the big mullet and then went down the steep hillside.

Yan Ruifeng couple and Zhao Chenghuai couple also came over, duck and Quack will follow Jing Lin them today, so Lele later have to go back with Zhao Gufu wife, yan's family and Zhao Gufu wife with Lele sent several people to the foot of the mountain stopped.

Zhou Yu said worriedly, "You must be careful in there. If you encounter anything severe, you will run right, you know?"

Zhou Feifei said to several people: "Take care of each other."

Lele's mood is not very high. My uncles are going to enter the mountain again. Lele's heart is also worried. Besides, the duck is not with him today. All the uneasy little expressions are written on his face.

Jing Lin touched his face, and then they turned and walked to the mountains with Yan Fei until they could not see the figure of Jing Lin, and the two big men went back with Lele.

Jing Lin they entered the mountain and walked all the way to the medlar forest, sliding down from the side. They turned around the place where they found the footprints before and went on after seeing that no new footprints appeared around them.

Yesterday afternoon, Zhao Zhiwen found an old elder who used to wander into the mountain in the village, asked him about the terrain inside the mountain and made a simple map. The scenery is close to several mountains around their village, and the other side is close to Jinhe Town. It is the widest mountain forest in this area. The peaks are rolling and the terrain inside is also uncertain. Almost all of the older generation who have entered the village before are gone, and most of the other elders also walk around the mountain. Jing Lin several are not familiar with the mountain forest, took the map into the mountain, but because of the overgrowth of vegetation there is not much reference value at all, they can only make a mark all the way to remember the terrain, they all follow the flat place to the low slope, they want to find out if there is water in the forest, where there is water there will certainly be animals.

Quack walked at the front. He often ran around. I don't know if he has been here, but when Jing Lin let him go to the place with water, he always took them with him.

The more you walk in, the more animals move around. overhead, birds fly by, clattering, often frightening several people. Some branches of grass and trees are crawling with strange insects, which are colorful and look at the goose bumps.

Zhao Zhiwen has become coarser and coarser in skin since he practiced mental skills. However, as he walked down the road, his face was scratched by vegetation and he could not bear it. It was either painful or vexed. He once again pushed through the weeds on his face and complained, "The vegetation in this place is even crazier than that in the outside."

Jing Lin frowned: "It's a little too high." We can't expect quacks and ducks to make our way forward. Yan Fei is the top one. at first he could still show his head outside. now the weeds around him are higher than he is.

Even if he and Yan Fei both let go of the divine knowledge and kept walking in such a close space, the in the mind is also a little uneasy.

Slipped down a short-distance slope, although there are vegetation covering eyes, but from the foot feeling, the terrain began to flatten out. Several people looked around and they had already entered the innermost part of the mountain.

Quack suddenly stopped, croaked in a low voice to the front, then turned around and looked at the scene in them.

Jing Lin looked, "There is a small lake in front."

It is not accurate to say that the lake is just a small concave area caused by the terrain. The area looks as large as a few minutes. The water vapor in the mountain is heavy, and when it rains, it will easily fill up with water. The vegetation around the lake is quite small. From time to time, some birds of white, black or gray color come to the lake to drink water. These birds are very big. If they are close together, they may be about the same size as ducks.

Jing Lin watched the birds fly back and forth for a while. Zhao Zhiwen could not help but ask, "Do we want to go and have a look?"

Yan Lu was suddenly uncertain. "Is that a deer?"

Several people looked down her line of sight and saw a group of animals bigger than calves approaching the water source. Everyone has been practicing mental skills for so long, and their eyesight has improved. Although they are a little far apart, they can barely see clearly. The animals have white spots on their bodies, and some have long horns on their heads. They look like a group of sika deer, with seven or eight of them.

"Are there really deer?" Zhao Zhiwen licked his mouth. The other day Jing Lin said that those unknown sounds were like deer, but it was really deer.

Zhao Zhiwen wanted to eat venison and urged Jing Lin, "Let's go down quietly and see if we can hunt one." He stepped forward, but the duck stuck in front of him and gave him a contemptuous look.

At this moment Yan Fei patted him on the shoulder and pointed him in a solemn direction, "look at that bush."

Then Zhao Zhiwen looked carefully and suddenly exclaimed, "What is that?"

The whole body of the thing was fiery red, and it was carefully hiding itself behind the small bush. Jing Lin didn't find it before they came, so it had been lurking there before Jing Lin came. At the moment, it suddenly rushed to the herd of deer who were drinking water with their heads bowed down by the lake, targeting at the smallest deer among them.

At the sight of biting, the fawn suddenly lifted up and kicked, then the attacker was kicked away and fell into the grass for a long time without any movement.

The attacked deer ran back to the deer herd, raised its head and shouted in the grass. Then the whole herd began to cry, just as Jing Lin heard that day.

Yan Lu showed an incredible expression and said, "have these deer become fine? How do I feel they are laughing at the attacker?"

Zhao Zhiwen turned to look at her with a black face: "I feel the same way."

The herd of deer laughed at the place and left the place slowly. It took a while for the raider to reappear in their sight. It should have been kicked badly and hurt badly. A big fluffy tail flicked feebly behind him and limped away from the lake.

Depressed, pitiful.

At this time, everyone also saw the true face of the attacker, who was a fox.

"There is a fox again." Zhao Zhiwen doesn't understand. They don't have good foxes here in the south, do they?

Yan Lu said: "This is probably a stupid fox. He dares to catch deer. He is so much bigger than it. He is lucky not to be kicked to death." Don't foxes eat hamsters, chickens, birds and so on, and they catch deer and get kicked so badly, no wonder they are laughed at.

Jing Linze said: "Foxes are carnivorous canids, but they occasionally eat grass. I think the footprints in my ears are probably left by this fox."

If so, it would be a relief to them all, as long as it is not a jackal or a wolf.

Everyone stood and watched for a while. Yan Fei said, "let's go, let's go down and have a look, be careful."

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