Looking at Lele riding on the duck's back, Yan Fei and Jing Lin were both in distress situation.

The duck didn't feel unhappy. It was stunned for a few seconds and then took two steps in the same place. Like its owner, it felt quite novel. Then the interest came up, and he fluttered around the room with Lele on his back.

The room was full of happy voices of joy and ducks.

Yan Fei and Jing Lin, who wanted to stop them, went with them when they saw the two little ones having such a good time. The little rabbits in the family were fed once when they left this morning, once when they came back at noon, and now they have to be fed again at night.

After feeding the rabbits, Yan Fei went to burn the three men's bath water. Jing Lin found a cardboard box to put the fruit in, with mud in the folded ears. he put it away for a while before washing it. the mushrooms stayed in Zhao's house and let Zhou Yu help him bask in the sun during the day.

Later the scene was carrying oil lamps to the backyard to watch the mutant tomatoes.

The tomatoes that have been harvested before are now darker in color, which is very similar to the color of the fruit they dropped at the beginning. I believe that they will be harvested in a few days due to the blessing of the array. As for the newly planted tomatoes, the stems have been pulled up quite high and should be about to bear buds.

As for the mutant chilies, the color slowly darkened from red, and a fine layer of black prickles grew on the surface. The black chilies haven't been picked in Jing Lin yet, and I don't know what kind of flavor the chilies seeds in it are.

The next day, I had to pick the fruit in the middle of the prickly berry bush. In order to avoid being pricked, I went to find some thick old coats in the sleeping prospect. Yan Fei was taller than him. In his coat, it looked short and a little tight. However, I had to make do with it. I just had to wrap it with rags where I couldn't cover it.

Like Jing Linyan and Fei, the others in the village all turned out thicker clothes to put on, even though they could not be tied, even if they were too hot after wearing them for a long time.

When pushing towards the middle, everyone was careful not to trample on the branches of raspberries, otherwise it would affect the results of the coming year.

Today, some people stayed here to pick fruit, while others went to another direction to find mushrooms. This time they did not go in. Yan Fei took them into the scope of knowledge of the big mullet. There were no pheasant hares. It was also good to pick more mushrooms back.

In this way, I was busy for another two or three days, the fruits were picked up, and the mushrooms from nearby areas were also picked up almost as well. The gouqi head and ears were only delicious when they were fresh, so everyone agreed to go out and pick them together after everyone finished eating.

Yan Fei took Yan Lu to Zhao's house to call Zhao Zhiwen and returned to Jing Lin's house together after dinner that night.

Jing Lin didn't come back for long. After the bath water was burning in the pan, he lit the oil lamp and selected the seeds of Chinese cabbage in the living room. This pakchoi is blessed by the spiritual array and can grow up in a day or two. It is the most cost-effective vegetable and is also the main food for ducks and two rabbits in the family. Therefore, the replanting of Jing Lin has never stopped. The prospect of buying back Chinese cabbage seeds has long been exhausted. These are reserved. As long as the array is removed to allow Chinese cabbage to grow freely for a few more days after it stops growing, Chinese cabbage will start bolting and flowering after losing its pure aura blessing, and will begin to grow in a few more days.

Seeing Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen coming, Jing Lin stopped and said, "It's so late, why are you here at this time?"

Yan Fei sat down beside Jing Lin and said, "I have something to discuss with you."

"What is it?"

Yan Fei said, "I want to go to the mountain."

They have been entering the mountain every day these days, but Yan Fei is definitely not talking about this mountain at this time. Jing Lin thought for a moment and said, "do you want to go inside? Where were those cries that day?"

"Yes." He and Jing Lin both have divine knowledge now. When he enters the forest, he can let go of the divine knowledge and guard against any sudden situation at any time. Moreover, the four of them are all very good at their skills now. On that day, he wanted to go in and have a look after Jing Lin who said that those sounds were like deer.

There are those footprints, also don't know what animal, don't go to investigate, always feel uneasy.

"Don't you call the others in the village?" Zhao Zhiwen said.

"If you really meet anything, those people might even distract us." Jing Lindao, this kind of situation can be seen from the last time he killed crocodiles, and his array cannot be used openly with those people.

"I agree with that." Yan Lu said that even if there were any severe things encountered and no one else was there, they would be able to get away more smoothly.

"Then when shall we go?"

"Wait another two days." Yan Fei said, "We can prepare weapons again, such as long-range attacks, slingshots and stones, with Lulu's strength is very good, but I'm afraid your slingshot is not as good as usual, you may break it if you don't pay attention to it, and the timing is also very close, so we need to step up training in these two days."

Yan Lu picked her eyebrows, and when she is strong, her brain hurts a lot.

Everyone discussed the mountain-entering operation two days later until very late. Yan Fei and Jing Lin sent the two out of the door, while Yan Lu was sent home by Zhao Zhiwen.

The next day, Yan Fei went to Li Feiyu's house and replaced the pots of mutant cactus in his backyard with grain.

Li Feiyu's cactus plants grew wild that night and became tall and big. The thorns on his body were as long as chopsticks. They were sharp but hard to feel. If the thorns were removed, they would also be a good weapon.

Li Feiyu did ask Jing Lin what he was doing when he changed. Yan Fei did not elaborate with him, but told him later.

After returning to Jing Lin's home, Yan Fei broke off a piece of rotten plastic basin that he had found out specially. It was already filled with soil. He inserted the broken cactus to see if he could live.

Then he went into the kitchen and took out a kitchen knife. He carefully removed the cactus thorn. Needless to say, the cactus meat was tender, but the thorn was really hard. After removing one, Yan Fei cut it with the back of a knife, leaving a white mark. He took it in his hand and tried to see if it could be broken from the middle, so that the sucking strength was not broken. It is estimated that it is still possible for Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu to try.

The other two parents naturally knew about Jing Lin's four plans to enter the mountain. Zhou Yu didn't quite agree with them, but Yan Ruifeng and Zhao Chenghuai thought it was good for young people to be energetic. in this troubled time, only such people can lead a better life in the future. so Zhao Chenghuai even found out the fishing net of his family and let Jing Lin bring it with them when they entered the mountain. later, they thought that the fishing net was not necessarily strong, and they made up a net of vine ropes collected in the future. it wasn't too big, but they had to catch Mimi and Mimi.

Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Luze went to the edge of the mountain to find suitable branches to make slingshots for several people. Now they can only make do with wooden ones. If they want to use strong ones, they will have to find or find someone to do them. They will have to find materials to do them. They cannot be made in a day or two.

Finally, I cut down four suitable ones for several people. Zhao Zhiwen took some food and went to Zhao Shaogan's house, where he worked as a doctor. Maybe there is a kind of high-elasticity hemostatic latex tube in the house, which is more durable than car tires.

They are lucky, Zhao Shaogan's family is really a lot. But Zhao Shaogan didn't want anything from him. He gave him a hand and said, "Are you going hunting?"

Zhao Zhiwen laughed: "Just to play."

Zhao Shaogan said: "If you need me to speak, just say it." Now the most powerful young people in the village belong to Zhao Zhiwen. Zhao Shaogan knows that his skills in legs and feet are not enough in their eyes. Zhao Zhiwen is also courageous and good to the villagers. Every time he goes out with them, he always gains some. Therefore, doctor Zhao, who does not need to be seen and has a family to support, still hopes that they can call him for something. It is not much to ask and it is very satisfying to eat some meat residue.

Zhao Zhiwen said, "I can't forget the younger brother. The family is still busy, so let's go first."

When several other people were busy, Jing Lin was the most leisurely one. He studied scribbles in the living room.

This time he is not studying matrix symbols, but individual finished symbols. He took a fancy to an attack bonus attack character, these characters need vanity scribbles to complete. He asked Yan Fei to send a few detached cactus spines, then wrapped one of the cactus spines with the completed vanity offensive paper, and then, together with the other spines, threw them at a simple target on the wall.

Thanks to the cultivation of mental skills and the assistance of divine knowledge, Jing Lin now throws stones, which are basically 100% accurate, and cactus spines naturally stop talking. He stood on the side and looked. The thorns all pierced the target and went into the wall. The depth of penetration was almost the same, but the only one that blessed the attacker's paper went directly into more than half of it.

Looking at the small holes in the white wall, Jing Lin touched his nose. I didn't expect the cactus thorn to be so hard. It seems that he can't stay in the house if he wants to practice shooting targets later, otherwise his house is not enough for him to toss about.

It took a few men a day to finish the weapon, because there was no guarantee that they would come back on the day when they entered the mountain, so the next day they made some rice balls, dried meat and several cups.

In the afternoon, the four of them finished their battle exercises on the top floor of Jing Lin's house. When they got down to the first floor, Lele came back just after riding a duck. Two of them followed by the Quack of the waves outside everyday.

Since finding that the duck can carry itself, Lele has always wanted to climb on the duck's back. This feeling of rocking the boat makes Lele's children unable to stop. Fortunately, the duck does not reject this and is quite willing to play with its little master. Because the duck's fighting capacity is tough, with it accompanying Lele, Jing Lin can already rest assured that Lele is wandering around the village alone. Now the duck can run fast with Lele on its back, and Jing Lin is even more relieved.

Quack was brought back by Jing Lin, and I don't know how they got in touch. Quack, who is always out of sight, can always call back as long as the duck comes to the scene. Of course, it's not the last time Quack took revenge on himself for a few days.

Neither Quack nor duck lost their battle effectiveness to any of them, so this time they entered the mountain and decided to take both.

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