"This impression is like plum blossom, like what animal?"

"I feel like a cat."

"This forest is so deep, can it be a wolf?" This is a villager who cannot distinguish the footprints of felines and canines.

"We have no wolf here. None of the jackals have seen one."

"I haven't seen that big crocodile before then, why would it appear on the mountain again and call us to meet it?"

As soon as you said a word to me, everyone started the discussion and couldn't guess what it was. In previous years, it would be nice to find pheasants and hares in their mountain forests, but after all, the situation is special now, and it is not surprising that suddenly there are many things that were not possible before.

Gao Changhui said: "Whatever animal it is, don't eat people again. Let's dig out the earbuds quickly."

"Yes, yes, it must be dangerous to see footprints."

They had come out in the afternoon, and it was getting late at the moment. They went down the mountain before dark and dug as much as possible.

Yan Fei and Jing Lin also returned to their original positions.

Yan Fei asked Jing Lin, "What animal footprints do you think they are?"

"It's from Canidae." Jing Lin said that cats have pads on the soles of their feet. They walk without sound and their paws retract. However, canine claws cannot be retracted. Walking on smooth ground will make a sound, and it will slip even faster. The footprints left on the ground also have sharp claws.

The footprints left a slightly clearer shape, which the villagers did not notice because they saw little. A few of Jing Lin's footprints could be seen with a little care, but it's really hard to guess what animal it is, but its size is not small.

We also need to pick other ones. We don't dig too much and we can't eat them for a while if we dig too much, so the focus is still on the raspberries and mushrooms. It took about half an hour to dig, because almost every family came with at least two people, so every family dug more than half of the bags, and the few also weighed five or six catties.

"Go up." Yan Fei said that although it was empty below, the light would be darker because of the branches on the hillside, and it would not be safe to stay.

When everyone was pulling the vegetation on the slope to climb up slowly, suddenly there were loud and indistinct animal hisses in the distance behind.

"My mother!" The sound scared his big mouth, and his foot slipped and he put his foot on his son Zhang Kai's face. Zhang Kai's nosebleed suddenly came out, and tears and water all came out in pain.

"My father, spare your feet!" Zhang Kai was still holding the bag in one hand. His nose was bleeding and he couldn't cover it. He could only hang up his head in tears and wait for his father to climb up and put down his things to meet him.

The cries of unknown animals continued in the distance, one after another.

We climbed up the slope with all hands and feet at an accelerated speed. We were relieved when we all succeeded in climbing up. Looking at the distant mountains, we were afraid of one thing, but we were curious about what animal it was, "What animal's cry is this?"

"I don't know. I've never heard of such a thing."

Jing Lin said uncertainly: "Sounds like the cry of a deer." When Lele first arrived at his side, he took him to the zoo several times in order to make him happy and saw sika deer. Therefore, he was somewhat impressed by the sound. At the beginning, he was a bit low and hoarse. At the back, his voice was sharp and high.

"Deer?" Li Feiyu smashed his mouth. If it was really a deer, there would be more meat. Grab one and eat it for many days.

Yan Fei knew what was going on in his head by looking at his expression. he raised his hand and patted his head. "even if it is a deer, you have to come another day if you want to catch it, and also don't know what animals were in those footprints."

Li Feiyu wu wear the back of the head bitterly oh.

The sound was far away, and after picking medlar heads for a while, they went back with their belongings. Soon arrived at the raspberry fruit, everyone rushed up to grab a good position, because the raspberry fruit cluster has thorns, the periphery is the best to pick, wait until the periphery is finished picking, you have to start to think of some way to go inside to pick.

A pheasant suddenly appeared and ran past Yan Lu's feet, who was picking fruit. she had no stones in her hand. looking at the pheasant getting further and further away from her, she directly grabbed the fruit just picked from her hand and hit the pheasant. then she saw that the pheasant was hit by the fruit in an instant, and was suddenly hit a long way.

People who saw this scene all opened their mouths. They are not the kui is a strong girl. A fruit is worse than a stone.

"ha ha!" Yan Lu ran over to lift the pheasant and waved it in his hand. Seeing that the pheasant did not respond to the appearance of complete fainting, he shrugged his shoulders, wiped the fruit pulp on the pheasant with weeds and put it into his pocket.

In fact, Jing Lin has been holding stones in his hand. The reason why he didn't shoot them is that Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen have been looking for pheasants to practice their hands all the way. His intention is to shoot pheasants if they haven't been hit when they run out of the range he can attack. Yan Lu is going to shoot them when he throws fruit.

Jing went over to see Yan Lu put the pheasant in and said, "I think the chicken's entrails have been broken by your fruit."

Yan Lu laughed: "For the first time, I am not sure about my strength. I will try more later."

Zhao Zhiwen didn't come. He hasn't been playing among the four. He is beside him to cheer himself up. Unfortunately, there were probably too many calls back in the morning, and there were not many wild animals around in the afternoon. At the moment, I have been squinting at the movement of weeds around me.

The bag of pebbles Li Feiyu gave Jing Lin was useless this afternoon.

After more than an hour's work, dozens of people picked all the places outside the raspberry bushes that could be picked. As for the middle one, they had to pick it tomorrow. This time, many people picked nearly two bags, and a little more than one bag. It is also possible to take it back to make jam or fruit wine.

On the way back to pick mushrooms, we will save those that Mimi has eliminated and can't eat, and the goal will be clearer. When picking mushrooms, everyone is just like robbing them. They can be dried and preserved if they can't eat them for a while. They all want to pick more. The places they pass by are just like locusts crossing the border.

After picking all the way to the foot of the mountain, many people have almost only one foot left free, shoulder-resistant, carrying a lot on their back, and some people still carry a bag with not much in their mouth.

Among a line of people, it belongs to Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu's basket is the highest. Several hemp belts are placed on the basket one after the other. They walk with extra care. The things on the back of the legs are swaying with each other. Jing Lin and Yan Fei follow behind the two. They look at them all the way and worry about them. They are talking and laughing with ease.

All the people went to Ma Renshan's house with their belongings on their backs, and according to the previous register, they weighed one by one. Then they separated one layer of harvest and piled it aside. After all the weighing was finished, they were distributed to the people who went in the morning.

In the morning, the group of people saw more and more things to be sorted out, and their eyes ran out one after the other. After carrying their own things back, they returned with empty baskets and bags.

"that morning trip was a real bargain." Zhao Shaogan filled the bag with fruit while others chatted.

Zhang Kai said: "I think our village must continue this tradition in the future. If we eat more meat at the beginning, the people behind will have motivation." With motivation, they can pick more things, and they can also divide more.

Although some people feel distressed to split out so much at once, they think that what they split out is not as much as what they get in the end, and the way they get it is safe. They are content with the status quo and think of something good next time. They will probably choose this way.

Jing Lin several things back, home Zhou Yu has killed pheasants stew, arrived in Zhao, the smell of chicken tangy.

"It was the reason why I didn't eat lunch. I felt very hungry all afternoon and I felt I could eat three bowls tonight." Yan Ruifeng put things in one corner of the room, rubbed his hands and walked into the backyard.

In the backyard kitchen, Zhou Feifei was sitting in front of the stove warming himself. Zhou Yu was tearing the mushroom strips and saw Zhao Zhiwen's folded ears. he was delighted and said, "wash them with water. tonight there is a cold dish. there is still a small piece of bacon left in the house. you can make a pea pod to fry bacon later."

Lele ran around carefully with the cleaned raspberries. Duck chased him and clamored for food.

Zhou Yu knew that Lele could eat as well as Jing Lin even if he ate raspberries, but he still ordered: "Lele, you should eat less and drink chicken soup at night."

"Grandma I know." Lele answered, then stopped to feed the fruit to the duck.

The duck is too high. Lele has to lower his head before he can eat the fruit.

In the evening, the dishes are cold-mixed folded ears, pea pods fried bacon, dried chili stir-fried Chinese cabbage, oil stir-fried mushrooms, all in sufficient quantity. The last large pot of wild chicken soup stewed with mushrooms, accompanied by fresh rice and stuffy white rice, is not to mention appetizing. After the chicken soup is drunk, there is still enough in the pot. If not, go directly to the big pot in the kitchen.

After the meal, everyone sat in their chairs and rested. Yan Ruifeng said, "it is good to eat like this every day."

Zhou Feifei said: "Not every day, once in a while is good."

Zhou Feifei, as a city girl from an early age, has hardly suffered much. When she was young, her family spoiled her and grew up. After she married and had children, her husband and children spoiled her and grew old. Her family's care for her really didn't make her realize how difficult this world is. However, although she didn't realize it, she also knew it, so she cherished the present day more than before. She didn't want to eat as much as she could and dress as well. Being with her family and the United States was the most important thing.

Rest enough, Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei cleaned up the bowl and chopsticks kitchen, Yan Fei let Jing Lin wait here for a while, he returned the things to help him back, and the three went home together.

Jing Lin agreed to take Lele and play with Zhao for a while.

Home, what a beautiful word. Before that, when talking about going home, I thought only of the deserted rented house and old house where he and Lele were staying. Now there is more severe punishment, as if everything is different.

Yan Fei came back soon to help Jing Lin carry things. duck walked around in front of Jing Lin with his chest propped up, saying that he could also help to share some.

Jing Lin looked at its large board, which was not inferior to ostrich's size. Despite his doubts, he placed a sack of mushrooms on its back in the duck's fiery gaze. He watched the sack twist and twist as it walked, but it never fell down. Finally, he let it back successfully.

At home, the duck tilted and put the bag into the living room.

Lele, who stared at it strangely all the way, suddenly grabbed its neck, stamped her calf on her thigh, and then straddled the duck's back. she was extremely flexible and made one move at a time. before everyone could react, she cried excitedly: "duck, you are so strong that you can carry me!"

The duck, who was stunned by his little master, said: "?"

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