One of the most difficult families in the village was so choked by Ma Renshan that others only dared to suppress their opinions and expressed their agreement.

"Since everyone agrees, I'll make a deal here first. When I come back, everyone will go down the mountain together. Those who didn't go in the morning, regardless of the number of households, will count with me first. Then I'll divide one floor and give them a unified share." Then he took out a notebook and waved it, "everyone who didn't go this morning should register with me."

There are too many people, so I remember wrong. It is still the safest way to register with real names, so as to avoid default.

In order to protect the interests of those people in the morning, Ma Renshan felt that he had broken his heart.

After everyone had registered, Ma Renshan remembered his name and carried the basket on his back and set off with the large army.

On the way up the mountain, Li Feiyu ran to Jing Lin and showed Jing Lin a small bag that he had been carrying all along. He smiled pleasantly: "Elder brother, there is a small pile of sand and gravel in my yard. I found these specially at noon. They are absolutely moderate in size. They are certainly more convenient for you than clods."

Jing Lin took one look inside, small stones the size of a thumb. They were really handy in his hand. He looked up at Li Feiyu and picked his eyebrows.

"Hey hey." Li Feiyu had the cheek to say with smile, "You have caught pheasants or hares later, can you share one with me?"

The others also leaned in and said, "Yes, yes, Jing Lin, we won't take it for nothing this time. We'll exchange things with you. Can we not?"

Jing Lin did not refuse or say yes, but said, "Wait till I call."

Of course, some people want to fight by themselves. During lunch time, they quickly made a simple slingshot with Y-shaped branches and discarded tires not used in the home. Most people played it when they were young, so they can get started. As for whether they can fight or not, it depends on the individual.

Along the way, we saw the most wild mountain fungus, because of its large size, large number and enough people present, but because we still had to go in, so many people decided to pick it again when we came back, but there were also some impatient ones, too busy picking it and keeping up with the large army, so we didn't pick much, but we were very tired.

When we passed through the raspberry bush, everyone knew that it was edible. Many people wanted to taste it and threw it into the basket to eat when they were busy and hungry.

Zhao Shaogan warned: "Don't eat too much of this stuff. It's very strange. Eating one is like eating a meal. Don't hold on until you can't move. Then we'll take all the good stuff."

Some people didn't believe it and didn't listen to the advice. They tasted very good, and they couldn't wait to eat the second one. As a result, before the second one was finished, the feeling of fullness suddenly came, and half of the food in their hands was neither thrown nor thrown.

Zhang Kai hissed, "I told you not to eat at random, lest we pit you." When he left Tang Hao's house at noon, he did not refrain from eating one at that time. As a result, he only ate a little for lunch. Although he was still full at the moment, he always felt something was missing when he ate less. This kind of feeling was quite uncomfortable.

However, although I am not hungry after eating inexplicably, I have no other problems. I just need to eat less after the big deal. As for not eating it, it is impossible. After all, raspberry fruit tastes good, and after eating it, my body is warm and comfortable.

Follow the signs all the way, and the last place to arrive is that small piece of medlar forest.

As soon as they arrived at their destination, everyone put down their belongings and began to pick them. Of course, medlar is not something everyone likes to eat, like Yan Ruifeng, but Zhou Feifei and his two children can eat it, so he will also help to pick it. Many people do not like food in their families. They take an optional attitude and do not pick it as attentively as others. They jump around the medlar forest, hoping to find something to eat.

Gao Changhui's family doesn't like this. In the morning, his family picked the least medlar and the most mushrooms. In the afternoon, his family of four also came out. His sister Gao Yalan was wandering around nearby, looking in all directions, and didn't pay attention to his feet. Unconsciously, he came to a little place inside. Unexpectedly, he suddenly stepped into the empty space with one foot. With a cry of "ouch", he rolled into the grass.

"Lan Lan!" Gao Changhui, not far from Gao Yalan, saw his sister disappear as soon as she rolled. Her face changed. She rushed over and slipped at her feet. If she hadn't caught the medlar bushes around her, she would have nearly rolled down. However, as a result, her hand was badly pricked by the branches of medlar and her blood was taken away.

Everyone saw the sudden situation here and came up one after another. Everyone pulled Gao Changhui up and looked down one after another.

Who would have thought that there was a deep pit on this side that was not short and surrounded by vegetation, so it could not be seen. Gao Yalan was wearing a pink cotton-padded jacket and fell into a deep pit. It was quite striking in a pile of green. Fortunately, there were a lot of vegetation on the edge of the deep pit. When Gao Yalan fell into the pit, it was slowed down by the vegetation. There was no big deal. It was a sudden fall that made him dizzy.

Sweet Tang stood at the edge of the pit and looked down. Seeing Gao Yalan rising from the ground, he quickly asked, "Sister Lan Lan, are you all right?"

"it's all right." Gao Yalan straightened her hair disturbed by vegetation. She also had some bruises on her face. They were all scratched by vegetation. It was a little painful, but it was not a big problem.

Zhong Ping was almost scared to death. She also didn't understand what happened to the brother and sister she gave birth to. The elder brother had little courage when he was young, while the younger sister was bold and careless. Instead, she was more like a boy and didn't let their husband and wife worry about it since childhood. At the moment, seeing that her daughter was fine, she hurriedly said, "climb up if you are fine. grab these branches and weeds and climb up."

"Here we go." Gao Yalan replied, but did not move. Instead, he walked around in the same place for a few rounds. Then he looked up and grinned at everyone. "I think you should come down. There are a lot of broken ears!"

Almost none of the people here do not like to eat peanuts. There are also some people in the village who grow them, but they all grow less. Most people want to eat or go out to buy them. The most common way to eat is to boil water for a while and then take it out and put chilli oil in it.

The roots of the folded ears are buried in the ground and must be dug with hoes. The villagers' self-defense tools are mostly hoes, which is convenient.

Gao Yalan, a little girl, was courageous enough not to be afraid of standing alone. She also shouted to Gao Changhui, "Brother, throw down my hoe and drop a bag by the way."

Zhong Ping was so worried that she simply slipped down with her hoe and bag and taught her daughter, "Why don't you say you're not afraid? You can't go up first, you have to force people down."

Gao Yalan was not afraid of her mother's chanting. She took the hoe and bag and smiled. "What's to be afraid of? I can run fast. Besides, there are so many people on the top that you won't just look at it. Look at how spacious it is down here. What can be seen from a distance."

After Zhong Ping went down, Gao Honghai's father and son also quickly slipped down the edge, thinking of the following broken ears, Jing Lin followed them down.

All the people who came last went down.

At the bottom, they realized that this was not a pit, but rather a hillside. Because the mountain was relatively steep, there was no time to buffer people. When they got down from the hillside, it was level ground. The reason why they didn't see it before was entirely due to the visual impact of vegetation of different heights. Looking at it from above, I don't think so. When I get to the bottom, just like what Gao Yalan said, the space is very wide.

Zhao Zhiwen peeled off the weeds and looked at the folded ears that he was stepping on, and said, "This is a bit too much."

"I like this." Yan Ruifeng laughed, picked a place with a hoe and dug it up.

Jing Lin brought sickles and wood knives. Zhao Chenghuai took one when he came out this afternoon. He was the only one who could dig at the moment. Yan Lu was still holding her own axe, which was even more difficult to dig, but she was strong and made good use of her ingenuity. She shoveled the axe flat into the soil and was no slower than her father.

There are only a few people with hoes in the village. after all, the family has two hoes. many people use shovels and wood knives as hoes without hoes, just like Jing Lin. some even use them directly, pulling and digging. fortunately, the land is soft and the hands are still easy.

The area of this piece of wild origami root is not small. Judging from the scattered excavation area of their crowd, it is at least an acre in size.

Tang Hao and his daughter and wife dug beside them in Jing Lin. The couple dug, and Sweet Tang straightened out the earbuds and put them into bags. Tang Hao said, "I really don't know if I'm here. I didn't know so many treasures in the mountains until I came."

"Yes." Tang Yunyan said, "I don't know how long such a big piece of broken earbuds has been here. In the past, villagers seldom entered the mountain and didn't find it."

"If it had been discovered earlier, there would not have been much left." Zhao Zhiwen said. The cheapest time to lose one's earbuds is two or three dollars a kilo. If the villagers want to find this wild piece, they will probably dig it up and sell it. Like when they dug, not all of them were pulled out, and some roots were specially left in the soil, waiting to sprout again.

"This is not right!" On the other side, suddenly someone cried.

"What's the matter?" The three brothers of the Ma family, who were close to each other, passed by, and so did Jing Lin.

"Look." The speaker pointed to the piece next to him, "These weeds have obviously been eaten by something."

When you look at the piece he pointed at, you can see that the grass is different in height and height, and many branches and leaves have been gnawed away, leaving only a bare pole standing there. If you look carefully, the gnawed marks are old and new, and many of them seem to have been left over from these two days.

Yan Fei crouched down and peeled off the leaves of the folded ears, and found the hoof marks of animals in the shape of plum blossoms. Because the land is soft, these marks are quite clear.

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