Lele sat at the door with her chin propped up by her hand and looked at Jing Lin in the direction they left in the morning, so as soon as several figures from Jing Lin came back carrying things, Lele jumped down from the chair and ran excitedly.

Jing Lin took off his gloves and pulled a handful of his fluffy hair. when he found that his hair should be cut again, he asked, "have you been waiting for my uncle to come back?"

"Yes!" Lele took his hand and tossed it.

Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai, who heard the news, came out. Zhou Yu said, "He has been sitting there waiting for you to come back for a while before you went out."

Lele said, "It's very dangerous outside now. I'm very worried about my uncles." Then he glanced at Yan Lu, the only girl among the four, and added, "and aunt lulu."

Yan Lu took off her gloves early. Hearing Lele say this, she was happy at once. She pinched her face with both hands. "We Lele are really angels warming our hearts."

After spending a few minutes in the Zhao family, Yan Lu and Yan Fei went back with their belongings behind their backs. Jing Lin stayed at the Zhao family for lunch.

Zhou Yu rummaged through the contents of their baskets and bags and said in surprise, "What are so many things?"

Zhao Zhiwen said: "We have just picked a little and returned. There are many things on the mountain. We will inform the villagers when we return and go back in the afternoon."

"I will go that afternoon." Zhao Chenghuai said.

"Yes." Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen have no objection. Even if they are there, it will be no problem to protect Zhao Chenghuai.

"These mushrooms are so big, can you eat them?" Zhou Yu exclaimed as he took out the contents of the basket.

Jing Lin said: "I can eat it. I brought it back after Mimi saw it."

Jing Lin found a basin, poured out all the raspberries in the bag, washed one and took a bite of it in his hand. The taste was soft, the pulp melted at the entrance, the juice was very sweet, it had the unique fragrance of fruit, and it was not greasy to eat.

And, there is a faint aura into his body, soon scattered in his meridians.

Jing Lin looked inside, found another one that was not soft to knead, washed it clean and took a bite. Then she found that the taste was a bit sticky and she needed to chew to swallow it. The taste was not so sweet, but it was totally different from those soft ones. Compared with the previous one, Jing Lin preferred the present one on her hand.

However, probably because the latter is not fully mature, the pulp contains less aura than the former.

Jing Lin washed several soft fruits for Lele and Zhao Chenghuai to taste and one for duck.

"Delicious." Zhou Yu ate two in a row. "This is much better than apples." As a family stock of fruit, apples are actually not very popular with many people.

Lele stood beside Jing Lin, covering her small belly after eating one, and said in surprise, "Uncle, the belly is warm."

Zhao Chenghuai frowned on one side and said, "I feel almost full after eating such a small one."

Zhou Yu also said, "Yes, it's strange. If you don't say I didn't realize it, I feel I won't have to have lunch later."

Picked raspberries contain trace amounts of reiki, which, like mutant tomatoes, are different from other crops grown in the Ringing Array. The two contain more reiki than the crops grown in the Ringing Array. Zhao Chenghuai, the crop in the Juling Array, ate it. Although most of it tasted better, it was difficult for them to feel it directly because the aura was too scarce. To achieve the effect of strengthening body constitution, they also need to take it for a long time.

Like raspberry fruit, because there are more reiki, people who have been in contact with reiki in Jing Lin can feel it when they eat it. As ordinary people, Zhao Chenghuai and his wife will feel more obvious. The satiated state is actually that the reiki entering their bodies cannot be absorbed by their bodies before they can be directly integrated into abdomen like their practitioners.

Although Lele didn't practice, his body was different from Zhao Chenghuai's, so he just felt warm and full after eating one.

The fruit is delicious, but after eating one or two, one or two of them will be satisfied, which is still a bit scary for Zhao Chenghuai and his family.

Zhou Yu was worried and asked, "Ah Lin, is it all right to eat this fruit?"

Jing Lin smiled and said: "no problem, you don't worry, just wait until evening. There are still many fruits on this mountain, which should be preserved for a period of time. You and your uncle will share one of them every day, and this will not happen today."

"That's good." Jing Lin said, Zhao Chenghuai two relieved.

As early as lunchtime, Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai, who felt full, did not have to eat lunch, but Jing Lin still had to eat three. Let Zhao Chenghuai and Jing Lin pick up the things they picked up together, Zhou Yu picked up half a fir and went into the kitchen to make lunch for the three of them.

Zhao Chenghuai poured the medlar head onto a bamboo sieve, pulled it apart with his hand and looked at it, saying, "This medlar head is quite clean. Wash it and you can eat it." Zhou Yu used to go to the fields every spring to look for wild medlar growing on the roadside. Many of the picked medlars were infested with insects. It took him more than half an hour to wash them, which made them very difficult to eat.

Zhao Zhiwen said: "There is still a big piece on the mountain. It is tall and tender. Everyone has picked a lot of it. My mother likes to eat it. When she goes there in the afternoon, you can just stare at it and pick it."

Jing Lin also said, "We also saw a piece of wild bracken, the kind you can eat. But I heard that eating too much is not good, so everyone did not pick it."Pteridium aquilinum is sold in all the stalls selling cold vegetables and marinated vegetables in their town. Zhou Yu also bought it to eat before. later, when he read the news, he said that he could not eat more of it. after that, he didn't buy it again.

Zhao Chenghuai also understood and nodded in agreement: "That thing should be eaten less."

Zhou Yu stuffy a small pot of white rice, also too lazy to deal with other ingredients, with half a piece of fir, made three dishes, a dry stir-fried fir, and then a cold mix, and then made soup with fir, the same ingredients have different tastes, weight, enough for two big boys and a child to eat.

Although their stomachs were full, it always felt strange not to eat at noon. Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai prepared bowl chopsticks for themselves, added a little rice, tasted the taste of the mutant collybia, and put down the chopsticks.

Zhou Yu said with great regret: "This tastes really good. It tastes much better than the fungus I have eaten in my impression. Unfortunately, I can't eat it with my full stomach."

Zhao Zhiwen laughed: "Just picking it back in the morning is enough for us to eat for several days. Today we have brought back so many pheasants. In the evening, Mom, pick up a stew and put more chicken fir in it. You can eat whatever you like."

Zhou Yu laughed and said, "I'm even more greedy because of what you said." So he picked up a piece of chicken fir with his chopsticks and bit it slowly in the bowl. It was better to try it.

After lunch, I set aside another basket for Zhao Chenghuai to use. One person also took an extra pole and several ropes in his hand. If there were too many things to prepare, he would bring them back with his pick.

I guess everyone who went out in the morning had a good meal. The gong of Ma Renshan's family rang and several of Jing Lin went to the meeting with their equipment.

At this time, Yan Fei's family just arrived at Zhao's door, and Yan Ruifeng and his wife followed. Yan Ruifeng carried a basket and went up the mountain in the afternoon. They were afraid that Zhou Feifei was not safe at home alone, so they let her come to Zhao's family to play.

Farewell to the family, a line of people walked to the horse's house.

Zhao Zhiwen rubbed against Yan Lu and saw that she had not only a pole in her hand, but also two more sticks. She asked curiously, "What are you doing with this?"

Yan Lu gesticulated for him and said, "I have great strength. with these two sticks, I can put them into the basket to support when I come back in the afternoon, and many bags of things will be put on."

Zhao Zhiwen clapped his thigh. "Ah, this is a good way, why didn't I think of it?" He went back to his mother Zhou Yu and asked her to find him two long sticks as soon as possible. He is also very strong now. Although he is nearly as strong as Yan Lu, it is still possible to carry more.

Yan Fei stood beside Jing Lin and said, "My parents ate fruit at noon, but they didn't eat anything."

Jing Lin smiled: "Zhou Yi and Zhao Shu are similar. Their bodies are not as good as ours. Tell them to eat less every day now. Take your time."

"Well, I understand this and have already told them." Yan Fei said.

Now the villagers will arrive in ten minutes when they hear the gong. When Jing Lin arrived, he saw that all the people who went in the morning had increased their members and equipment and wanted to pick more things to come back.

The Wu Jianxiong family came out dressed up like everyone else in the village.

In the morning, the families that divided Jing Lin and Yan Fei to fight their prey gathered around them to greet them as soon as they saw Jing Lin coming. They were much more enthusiastic than before. Jing Lin several also calmly replied, the more you treat them like this, then what happens in the future, the more they have a say, what they say will be more effective.

Although it was not intentional, it was also intentional.

Everyone was busy picking things up the mountain. Ma Renshan told the villagers who had not been there before what those people wanted to convey in the morning.

Some people have no opinion, naturally some people have a big opinion.

Liao Shufen was the first one to stand up against it. She did not want to say, "The things on the mountain are not yours. Why should we give you a layer of what we have picked back?"

Ma Renshan did not give her face at all, and looked at her coldly. "It's really not theirs. Your family doesn't want to go. You can go separately after entering the mountain. You go to find yours. They pick them, but don't wait for those who go up the mountain and have no face or skin to follow, just want to pick up the cheap."

In front of so many people, Liao Shufen was said to be ashamed and skinless. Liao Shufen's face flushed bright red. She wanted to brush up her sleeves and scold the street on the spot and was pulled by Wu Meili from behind. Although she is not smart enough, she is not as brainless as her mother, thinking that a few curses will help when things happen. The current captain is not as dispensable as before. Ma Renshan now has a much greater voice in the village than before. Otherwise, he would not have gathered at his house for a meeting whenever there is something in the village. If he opens his mouth and does not let his family follow him, his family will not dare to go anywhere else. It is foolish to watch others move things to their homes in large piles, and finally he will not say it himself, and things will not fall at all. At the moment, he still wants to quarrel with others.

Wu Daxing also glared at Liao Shufen with a straight face, feeling that Liao Shufen was particularly humiliated at the moment. Wu Jianxiong stood idly by, watching Jing Lin being surrounded by a crowd of people to please him, especially disdainfully rolling his eyes over there.

Wu Meili saw her mother shut up and stood up to make amends. He smiled and said, "Those things were found by people who came to the mountain in the morning. It's only natural to give them a floor. Our family has no problem."

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